First Love From Silhouette

First love From Silhouette – Ultimate page – Book covers – Book Descriptions – Dorothy Francis , Janice Harrell, Doreen Owens Malik, Veronica Ladd , Caroline B Cooney , Winifred Madison , Marilyn Youngblood , Janice Harrell , Helen Cavanagh , Becky Stuart , Carrie Lewis , Jeffie Ross Gordon , Nicole Hart , Rose Bayner , Judith Enderle , Cheryl Zach and more!

First Love from Silhouette
After years of cornering the romance market for
adults, Silhouette decided to horn in on an up and
coming market for young adults in the 80’s and
created the First Love from Silhouette series.
Packaged in standard paperback, they featured glossy
photo covers of a typical teenage couple snuzzling
amid a phony or real backdrop, hopefully mustering
a vibe of what corresponded inside. Their unwavering
trademark was a tiny cameo, in the top lefthand
corner and spine, of a silhouetted couple gazing
at one another in anticipation of a kiss. Another
trademark, which changed slightly after the first
six books, was the series heading, written out in
script along the top where it looped into a large
white oval frame over the photo cover linking
with the bottom message- immodestly but accurately
declaring it to be America’s Favorite Teenage Romance.
At four books published a month they had to be doing
something right!
First Love from Silhouette is basically what
you might categorize as a thematic series – and
like most thematic series they each have sets of
unwavering rules.

Most thematic series, unlike
regular series, are disconnected from each other –
whereas Sweet Valley High counts on character
recognition, reaccuring places and linking
storylines , anyone picking up a First Love is
basically guarenteed the story will be different
, the characters fresh ( with one acception ) ,
the acception to the rule is that Thematic series
often generated favorite characters ,
favorite writers demmanding a series’s within a
series. First Love from Silhouette was happy to
comply they even set the miniseries apart by
adapting the lacy script framework of their
heading to read A Blossom Valley book for Elaine
Harpers popular series , A Hart Mystery for Nicole Hart
collection and A Kellogg and Carey story for Becky
Stuart ( a.k.a Stuart Buchman ) dynamic duo.

One reason for First love’s success was that the
publishers always had their pulse on what was
important – the readers.
The backs of the books were filled with pages of
checkmark order forms , deals that included
sending away for free books to read for a month ,
subscriptions that had the books delivered right
to your door every month like a magazine subscription
or more acurrately book of the month club ,
and even promoted upcoming books with teasing blurbs
to stir the bookworm within which also promoted loyalty.
Best yet they wanted to know what you , the reader
thought and felt – albiet the information they sought
seemed routine – a quizola questionnaire at the back
of a book with stuff like how many First love books
have you read including this one – Circle – ( offering
the numbers 1-9 or more ) , What influenced you to
buy this book – 1. cover 2. Title 3. Back cover
description 4. Recommendations 5. You buy other
First Love Books. More elaborate brain-picking
appeared with questions asking you to check off
items that best describe the book with 25
possibilities ranging from Easy to read to difficult
to read , realistic characters
to heroine too juvenile/silly/weak. To keep the
join-the-club-like atmosphere they offered
special gifts , send aways for sterling silver
bookmarks with their trademark silhouette logo
and a contest that could put a reader on the cover
of one of the novels!

Amid all this flurry of packaging and
marketing one has to wonder if the stories are any good?
– the answer is yes! The writers are top notch
( and eventually went on to find sucess in adult novels )
with such varying backgrounds that the exotic
locations described in the stories are given
a geniune believability not achieved in many
other series books. Out of 236 books their are
103 writers! That’s a lot of variety! And
interestingly enough some of them are men. Here’s
some other surprises you might not
have discovered with First Love – a handful
of books are written from the boys point of view
, a couple heroines have disabilities , one popular
heroine Vonnie battled diabetes in a series
within a series , while quite a few books
included intrigue , mystery and murder. Here’s
a quote from a page entitled readers comments
in the back of one First Love novel – Before
reading your books I felt that reading was a
bore and a plain waste of time. Well, your
terrific books proved me wrong. Thanks a lot!
High praise and the perfect declaration for
anyone that has a favorite First Love book!

*** Most of the descriptions are taken from
the book blurbs on the back cover or from
the upcoming write ups in fellow monthly books
– I will try and fill in the blanks as some
covers are missing and some descriptions
are missing. If you want to help please drop
me a line in the comments with a missing blurb
or even a rough description or just let me
know which was your favorite First Love.
Thanks for looking! ***

1. New Boy in Town – Dorothy Francis – 1981 -Resenting
her parents restrictions Stacey Hipner creates a web of
deception with the new boy Garr Garwin but is she really
interested in him or merely creating her own independence?

2. Girl in the Rough – Josephine Wunch – 1981 -Kate’s life as the brainy
big sister of the adorable , popular Mimi wasn’t easy but all this changed when
Kate took up golf.

3. Please Let me in – Patti Beckman – 1981 –
Melissa Johnson always dreamed of being in with the most
popular crowd. When Greg Scott , hero of the high school
football team , begins to date her , she feels she has really
made it.

4. Serenade – Adrienne Marceau – 1981 – ? cover hints at a music theme

5. Flowers for Lisa – Veronica Ladd – 1981 – Lisa
Kelly’s interest in flowers earns her a summer job at Rick
Brewster’s father’s florist shop. She is thrilled when she
and Rick start dating but she worries that the relationship
is only a summer fling.

6. Kate Herself – Helen Erskine – 1981 – Kate Flemming has always
been the insignificant middle sister. That is until Ross Barrow the most popular
boy in school asked her out.

7. Songbird – Carrie Enfield – 1981 – – Tammy
Hastings has never felt she was especially good at
anything. That was before Jeff Berger asked her to sing
with him on Talent Night. Over night she became a star!
Soon Jeff became the center of her life. But she had to
learn you can’t always command love – sometimes you
just have to let it happen.

8. Special Girl – Dorothy Francis – 1981 – There was something
special between them Pete Karmer told Vonnie Morrison. And that made
moving to a new town easier. This time Vonnie was determined to be
outgoing and friendly. But her determination to hide a part of her life
caused misunderstandings and ,worse yet , threatened to break up
her first real romance.

9. Love At First Sight – Elaine Harper – 1981 –
New girl in town Janine Anderson has no way of knowing
that she’s just flipped for the most popular boy in school ,
football star Craig Matthews who dates the beautiful
cheerleader Stephanie Quayle. As an afternoon job throws
them together Janine wonders if she can remain just friends.

10. Please Love me Somebody – Maud Johnson – 1981 – When
Julie Talbott father dies it brings about some unexpected changes moving
to another state , starting in a new school and having to make new
friends. But Julie’s shyness is mistaken for snobbery and when she attempts
to launch a campaign to get boys to notice her she discovers popularity has
it’s problems as well.

11. It’s my Turn – Eleni Carr – 1982 – Debbie
Koster had it all , best friends , great teachers even her
own art stuido at home. But now her parents are
separating and Debbie will have to tranfer to a school
in New York City!

12. In my Sister’s shadow – Genell Dellin – 1982 – Denne Drake’s
older sister Alicia had everything.She was beautiful , popular , and talented.
Denne could never measure up. How can she compete with glamorous
Alicia for the most perfect boy in the world.

13. Sometime my Love – Oneta Ryan – 1982

14. Promised Kiss – Veronica Ladd – 1982 – This would be
the best summer ever the summer she would campain for Country
Harvest Queen, just as her mother and sister had done before her.
Karen doesn’t want to be Harvest Queen, though no one will listen
to her but Roger, an outsider, who’s new to town. All her friends
think Roger is weird, but Karen knows better. She knows that she
has finally found the boy of her dreams.

15. Summer Romance – Rebecca Diamond – 1982 –
Louise takes a job as art counselor at a summer camp and
finds that the job involves more than teaching art to kids
when a handsome counselor dares her to shoot the rapids
with him.

16. Someone to Love – Ann Bryan – 1982 – To live in a
scenic resort should’ve been seventh heaven to Julie, but when
she finds herself snowed by the wrong guy, her troubles begin.
Would she ever find someone to love?

17. Golden Girl – Helen Erskine – 1982 – Tobey
begins to doubt the love of her boyfriend, Kirk, when he
becomes involved with her friend, Virgie, who nurses Kirk
while he is in the hospital.

18. We Belong Together – Elaine Harper – 1982 –
Whenever Cassie and Eric got together incredible things happened ;
arguements , misunderstandings , problems. But Cassie’s father had
always told her :find what you want and go after it! Well, now she
had found it : a super-gorgeous guy with blonde hair and dark eyes.
Occationally, parents have the right idea…

19. Tomorrow’s Wish – Oneta Ryan – 1982

20. Say Please! – Dorothy Francis – 1982 – Cleaning the
science room aquarium seemed like a funny way to get to know a
boy , and anyway , Pam was too shy to take advantage of the
situation. When Steve dropped off a newspaper clipping the next
day, Pam hoped he was expressing at least a casual interest in her.
Then Pam joined the Camera Club and they took some beautiful pictures
together. Now Steve would focus on the right subject – romance!

21. Teach Me to Love – Wendi Davis – 1982 – Can
a girl admit to being a brain? You better believe it! Laurie
Anderson finds out that it is not only possible , but fun,
to combine love with honors.

22. That Special Summer -Deborah Kent – 1982 – Marcy
thought that summers at Lake Marinac were the best part of living
there. How else would she ever have met Roy, the best looking
guy in the glamorous summer crowd?

23. When September Returns – Mcclure Jones – 1982 –
All of Joanne’s friends encouraged her to date other guys but
she couldn’t. She had falled for Tim…Tim with his blonde hair
and crooked smile, Tim who called her gorgeous. She knew she
had another year of school, while Tim was a senior in college.
She knew that he took out other girls during the week. She had
seen him flirt. But she was his Saturday date- she was special
to him.

24. Dream Lover – Constance Treadwell – 1982 – A
luxurious cruise with her father , the skipper and the skipper’s son
Michael was supposed to give Lisa a chance to sort out just who
she was: Daddy’s grown up daughter or mother’s little girl. But one
look at handsome Michael was enough to make Lisa forget about
figuring out her life for a while. As the sleek sailing boat Dream Weaver,
sliced through the clear Gulf stream waters toward Grand Bahama
Island , Lisa wove her dreams into a romantic reality.

25. The Personal Touch – Caroline Cooney – 1982 –
Was Tim really an acronym for Terrible Infuriating Monster?
Sunny was convinced that it was. Every single summer of her
sixteen years Tim and his rich , snobby parents returned to
Sea’s Edge to make her life miserable. Now he was here again!
It was bad enough having to work afternoons and evenings
while everyone else was at the beach and dating. It was
worse yet not to have a cute boy to hang out with , but to
have Tim back again was the last straw – epecially now that
he had grown up to be tall , husky and totally adorable.

26. A Time for Us -Oneta Ryan – 1982 – This year, Michele
told her friends, she was determined to be a different person. She
would change her name, be more outgoing, get more involved. She
didn’t realize that there was one special guy who didn’t feel any of
these moves was necessary – he had loved her from the start.

27. A Secret Place – Dorothy Francis – 1982 –
Even if you have lots of friends and a horse of your own,
when you lose the boy you really like, it’s not always easy,
sixteen year old Shay told her best friend. But life has a
funny way of working out – especially when a really cute
guy appears from nowhere to sweep you off your feet
and onto his prancing charger.

28. Lessons in Love – Tracy West – 1982 – The party was
an unqualified success! And the best part had been lithe, handsome
Mark James who had tumbled into Netta’s life and was now doing
flipflops in her singing heart. Would he juggle it as expertly as he did
those oranges? She didn’t care! She wanted to remain forever
suspended before those laughing dark eyes. First African-American

29. For the Love of Lori – Veronica Ladd – Andy
and Lori neighbors and friends since kindergarten. They
had never imagined that anything could come between
them. Yet when they exchange their first kiss, everything
changed. Would they ever be friends again? Or should
they chance the bittersweet adventure of first

30. A Boy to Dream About -Lisa Quinn – 1982 – From
the moment the dynamic young actor, Casey Dewitt , stepped on
stage, Michelle fell under his spell. She was sure his golden hair
and turquoise eyes would forever enchant her. At last she had met
the boy of her dreams.

31. The First Act – Ann London – 1982 –
Gerry’s starring role in the school play gave her a chance
at fame and fortune. and when her friend, Artisto, champion
goalie of the hockey team, encouraged her to take a long
shot, she knew she just had to try it.

32. Dare To Love – Nancy Bush – 1982 – When life
seemed to be passing her by, mild mannered Abby decided it was
time for a drastic change. The result surprised everyone, and most
especially dark eyed David who never expected to meet SUPERWOMAN.

33. You and Me – Maud Johnson – 1983 – If Robin
Miller hadn’t been late leaving school, she might have
missed seeing Eddie Fielding… and her whole life would
have been different. They had gone to grade school and
junior high together. Then he had moved to another
part of town. Now he had entered her life again and was
leaning out the car window. grinning at her in his
heart-melting way. Now that they were old enough
to date, would he ask her?

34. The Perfect Figure – Josie March – 1983 – Gliding
over the ice always made Molly feel as though she were in a special,
beautiful world. While turning and spinning, she could forget
everything: family problems, bad days at school, her annoying lack
of self-confidence, and the fact that she had reached the ripe old
age of fifteen and was still afraid of talking to boys. When she met
Greg Banyon and he encouraged her to enter a prestigious skating
competition, her life changed. She discovered that problems don’t
melt away when you block them out. Sometimes you just have to
get out there and meet the challenge.

35. People Like Us – Barbara Haynes – 1983

36. One on One – Pam Ketter – 1983 – You’re definitely
in this year! So everyone told Jana Seabrook. And it was wonderful
to be one of the most popular girls at Gold Coast High – the hit of
every party , a school leader, an academic whiz and a member of
the in crowd. Then along came Brian Baylor, the boy from typing
class, the boy with the sensitive eyes who could understand
thoughts without words – dreamy Brian , who wasn’t in but was
tall, dark and handsome! What more could a girl ask for?

37. Love-Note – Jessica Howell – 1983 – When
stardust gets in your eyes you can’t see the real person.
Barbara was so entranced by the image of Tim, the
popular and handsome basketball star and class president,
that she couldn’t see beyond the glitter. Luckily for her,
Sandy “the mad doodler” of her homeroom, had designs
on her. He would give her back her sense of
perspective. Together they would make a perfect

38. All American Girl – Vanessa Payton – 1983 – Can
Caroline enjoy sports, get good grades, be the popular girl her
mother wants her to be and keep up her exciting new romance with
Mark?… Something had to go and she certainly hoped that it
wouldn’t be Mark.

39. Be My Valentine – Elaine Harper – 1983 –
More about the character from LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT
( BLOSSOM VALLEY ), and especially Janine’s old admirer,
Todd Roberts, once the class cut-up who radically
changes his lifestyle when he meets the beautiful
Heidi under unusual and romantic circumstances.

40. My Lucky Star – Becka Cassiday – 1983 – A big house
to manage and a bratty little brother was not Stacy’s idea of a fun
summer – until she hitched her wagon to a star and blasted off to
a romantic adventure!

41. Just Friends – Dorothy Francis – 1983

42. Promises to Come – Genell Dellin – 1983 – What do you
do when you meet a guy and can’t get him out of your mind? What
do you say when you fall for him and your brothers have told him
things that make you sound like a gawky boy. How do you act…
when you really want him to stand up and take notice. Should you
experiment with make-up? Wear fancy clothes? Flirt outrageously?
Give up jeans , climbing trees and playing shortstop? Only Tiffany
Taylor knows for sure!

43. A Knight to Remember – Pam Martin – 1983 –
She loves competitive horse riding , he’s terrified of horses
was there relationship doomed from the start? Maybe that
cute but arrogant new stable boy is her real knight in shining

44. Somebody like Jeremy Vaughn – Bea Alexander – 1983 –
The world was a stage for Jeremy Vaughn…From the first moment
Sharonhad met Jeremy she had known he was extraordinary,
different from the rest of the crowd, someone who would have the
power to confuse her with new ideas, open up new horizons. When
he turned out to be her leading man in the school play, she knew
that her life would be totally changed. What if he didn’t remember
her outside of rehearsals? What if he should call and ask for a date?
What if he…? An awful lot of questions came to Sharon’s mind
whenever she thought of someone like Jeremy Vaughn.

45. A Touch of Love – Winifred Madison – 1983 –
When her mother took on a handsome new boarder, a
young medical student, Karen decided that he should
be the love of her life. She had to learn for herself that
there are many different ways of loving.

46. Sealed with a Kiss – Wendi Davis – 1983 – Leslie was
determined to be true to her old boyfriend even when she moved
to another state and started in a new school. But foxy Mark
Spencer had other plans for her, and it was becoming more
difficult every day not to fall in with them.

47. Three weeks of Love – Patricia Aks – 1983 –
When Beth toured England with her high school madrigal
group, she fell head over heels in love with a dashing
Cambridge student. But would she ever solo in his heart?

48. Summer Illusion – Marilyn Manning – 1983 – Libby was
sure that she had landed the perfect job. She had been hired as an
usher at the summer theater where Nick Gantry was starring. Now
all that she had to do was convince him that she should be his
off-stage leading lady.

49. One of A Kind – Brady Brett – 1983 –
Everyone thought that Sherrel and Fran were as alike
as two peas in a pod. That is, everyone but handsome
Kurt who had seen from the start that Sherrell was an
interesting and unique individual.

50. Stay Sweet Love – Fran Fisher – 1983 – Island girls
usually never again hear from their summer sweethearts after the
ferries had carried them to mainland. Only Ellen knew that Rob, her
first sweet love, would return to her as surely as the tides washed
in and the moon rose.

51. Prairie Girl – Barbara Coy – 1983 – Stephanie
hated moving to her grandmother’s isolated in Oklahoma.
That was before she fell under the spell of rolling mountains
, and windswept prairies, before she met a tall, dark-haired
boy as rugged and exciting as the vast country she grew
to love.

52. A Summer to Remember – Carol Robertson – 1983 – Fun
filled weeks at fire island…the best looking guy in the summer crowd
as a tennis partner..would it be a love match or just a passing game?

53. Light of my Life – Elaine Harper – 1983 –
“Lucille means Little Light,” David explained. Lucille
didn’t care. She was upset because she hadn’t been
given a part in the school play. Now she would have
to settle for a job behind the scenes working on the
lights. All the action would be on stage without her…
or so she thought. To her surprise, she found the
switch more of a turn-on than she could have ever
imagined…especially when David spotlit her in their
own romantic drama. Now real life would be an
electrifying experience!

54. Picture Perfect – Carrie Enfield – 1983 – Click! She
had done it again! Almost everyone wished pesky Liane with her
candid shots would learn the proper way to take pictures – of
subjects carefully posed who always looked their best. Only
handsome Alan appreciated Liane’s knack for capturing the right
moment and encouraged her to improve her technique. Was it more
important to be popular or to follow her heart? She knew the answer!
Instamatically , she zoomed in on a relationship that would soon
develop into a perfect picture.

55. Love on the Run – Leslie Graham – 1983 –
Katie discovered that running with Brian was different from running with anyone else. There was a oneness about them. They shared the elation and joy of it just as they shared so much else. For Katie had found out that she could tell Brian how she felt about so many things – her future, her dad, her pleasure in running, her mishaps in Woodlands Park – experiences and thoughts that she had never told anyone else.
Couldn’t he see that she had fallen in love with him? Would the great Brian Foster, president of the senior class, track star, and straight A student, fall for an insignificant fifteen-year-old sophomore?

56. Romance in Store – Elaine Arthur – 1983 – Carol had
always been attracted to blond, handsome Gregg, the charismatic
swimming star of Deerfield High. It was true that he never
understood her more serious side, but what did that matter
when they had such a good time together and all her friends envied
her for being his girl. But when she finds success working in Hammonds
department she might have to choose between career or romance.

57. Some day my Prince – Veronica Ladd – 1983 –
All her childhood Maude had told herself fairy stories in
which she had starred as the beautiful princess. The prince
had been a shadowy, nameless figure. Now that she has
finally met Ashley, would he fulfill the role she has dreamed
for him?

58. Double Exposure -Laura Hawkins – 1983 – How could
she have ever stirred up such a hornets’ nest? Andrea asked
herself. She had annoyed the coach, enraged the principal,
alienated her friends, and family. Had she also lost the guy she
wanted to impress?

59. A Rainbow for Allison – Maud Johnson – 1983 –
Now that Kirk had appeared, Alison’s babysitting job had
definite possibilities – that is if they could ever be alone
together so that she could explore them. Or was he
being purposely dense?

60. Alabama Moon – Brenda Cole – 1983 – It was bad
enough to have her parents divorse. It was worse yet to be shipped
out to her Aunt’s remote farm in Alabama. Why then did it turn
out to be the very best summer in Stacy’s life?

61. Here Comes Kary! – Mary Jo Dunne – 1983-

62. Secret Admirer – Carrie Enfield – 1983- Jenny’s hospital
duties as a new candy striper had not been too serious so far – until
she met blue eyed Bryan as he was being wheeled into X-Ray. But it
was not his broken leg that upset her, she knew it would heal quickly.
It was the possiblity of her own broken heart as she had to choose
between Bryan and steady boyfriend Steve.

63. A New Beginning – Oneta Ryan – 1983-
A book ahead of it’s time the theme is soccor and Holly
heading for a soccor scholarship.

64. Mix and Match – Winifred Madison – 1983- twins!

65. The Mystery Kiss – Elaine Harper – 1983 –
Polly had been famous as a fortune teller ever since
grade school. How come that the spirits couldn’t or
wouldn’t tell her who had stolen that electrifying kiss
from her on Halloween night?

66. Up to Date – Beverly Sommers – 1983 – No senior ever
falls for a junior , Wendy’s friends informed her when she told them
that she was sharing, of all things, a sewing machine with a cute
guy in home ec. Wendy didn’t agree, and, fortunately neither did Rick.

67. Puppy Love – Janice Harrell 1983 – It
was that certain summer when Brenna’s parents kept
bugging her about deciding on her plans for a future
career. It was the summer that Brenna had firmly
decided to do basically nothing – until her yard was
over flowing with all the neighborhood strays and she
decided to form the Dog Protection Society. It was
also the summer that Brenna fell in love with Simon ,
her brother’s best friend , who had a nasty habit of
regarding her as a cross between a dog-sitter and a
little sister. Would Simon ever understand that
dog days were only the prelude to romantic nights?

68. Change Partners – Sharon Wagner – 1983 – When Kerri
moved to a dude ranch in Montana she learned there was more to it
than helping to care for the guests and learning to ride. Two handsome
guys were determined to rope her in. Which one should she choose?

69. Advice and Consent – Bea Alexander – 1983-
Lori was Ms. Lonelyhearts of Lincoln High. All of her classmates
came to her for guidance and counsel. How could she straighten
out every one eles’s love life but not her own?

70. More Than Friends – Becky Stuart – 1983 – They came
from different worlds. Neal was the richest girl in town. Rick was a
poor boy who worked in his father’s garage. How could he ever tell
her that more than anything he had ever wanted in his life, he
wanted to be more than a friend to her.

71. That Certain Boy – Doreen Owens Malek – 1983 –
When Gaby first fell in love with Heath it was pure happiness.
But soon their relationship swept them into deep waters.
Could she cope with her new found tumultuous feelings
and still be friends with that certain boy?

72. Love and Honors – Oneta Ryan – 1983 – When Susan
heard that she had earned a place in a special program for the
gifted, she was horrified. She knew her friends would consider her
weird and she worried about keeping up with the work. Before long
she found out that she was truely gifted…in a new and exciting
sense of the word.

73. Short Stop for Romance – Elaine Harper – 1983 –
When shortstop Celia meets Mark Maxwell , she decides it’s
time to stop playing the field.

74. A Passing Game – Beverly Sommers – 1984 – from the
cover looks like tomboy Tobey is off to prove whatever you can do
so can I in the girls-playing-football genre.

75. Under The Mistletoe – Michelle Matthews – 1984 –

76. Send in the Clowns – Marilyn Youngblood – 1984 –

77. Free as a Bird – Josephine Wunsch – 1984 –
It was the toughest job ever – Why, oh, why, Debbie
wondered, did she have to give up her carefree summer
to slave as a junior hostess in a rustic summer hotel?
The hours were horrendous. Her feet were killing her.
The lake was too cold for swimming. She was definitely
not a country girl, or so she told Tom, her friendly
co-worker. Had he known all along what she had
only suspected: that it was high time she left the
family nest, that she needed to explore and discover,
and that it was just possible that she liked him more
than a little?

78. Bittersweet Sixteen – Nancy Bush – 1984 –

79. Larger Than Life – Brenda Cole – 1984 –
Josh had made up his mind! Though barely seventeen,
strapping Josh McClaine, a new boy in Haywood High,
had already made a name for himself as a star football
player. Determined to win an athletic scholarship, he
readily agreed to weekly sessions with a student tutor.
He planned to concentrate on football and his grades.
The little spare time he could find would be spent doing
the odd jobs he would take to eke out his family’s
modest income. There was definitely no place
in his life for a girl friend. Those were his plans .. .
right until his first lesson with Michelle.Girls! How
could they throw a guy off base so quickly?

80. Endless Summer – Rose Bayner – 1984 – Sarah had
carefully planned her escape! At last she had the chance to flee
“Deadsville” and her parents and enjoy the most wonderful summer of
her life. She had found a baby-sitting job on her own and would soon
be taking the ferry to Setawket, a glamorous social resort for the rich
and fashionable. What a lot she would have to write about in her future
best-selling novel! She was sure it would all be gripping story material.
And she was right. Especially now that she had met the perfect hero.

81. The Mockingbird – Becky Stuart – 1984 –
She would be famous!Patsy was thrilled to be in Greenwich
Village for the summer. It was a place where people filled
with magic lived, writers and actors and painters. And as
an usher in the renowned Altree Theater, she would be a
part of it all. She had even found the perfect hero for the
play she was writing, Brad Henshaw, a rising young actor.
For a while, all went according to plan. New York
was everything she had ever dreamed. She knew her play
was good: the setting and plot worked; she had caught
the witty dialogue and sharply satirized her characters.
The only problem was: Had her talent for mimicry
separated her forever from the boy she had grown
to love?

82. Kiss me Kit – Dorothy Francis – 1984 – Fishing in the
Florida keys. Fishing for romance?

83. Where the Boys Are – Doreen Owens Malek –
1984 – She had fallen in love with him. When Cassie
wasn’t in school she worked at a local Fort Lauderdale
restaurant right across from the beach. Every spring
semester break the streets were flooded with
vacationing college boys. To the town, they
represented profit. To Cassie, they only meant more
work. Her mother had warned her too many times
about their attitude toward local girls. Cassie had
been determined not to get involved with them. But
Tay was different. She knew he was a good person.
She thought he cared about her. How could she be
sure her mother was wrong?

84. Sunny Side Up – Francis Hurley Grimes – 1984 – Breaking
away! When Diana was first assigned Pat Atherton as a partner in her
wacky sociology class, she was ecstatic — until she found out that
their relationship would revolve around a project involving a raw egg!
Suddenly Diana’s world became a scrambled mess. Her mother objected
to Pat, a surfer who tracked sand into her clean kitchen. Diana’s grades
weren’t up to her father’s standards. Even her friends were sure she’d
abandoned women’s lib to date an old-fashioned boy. Only Pat
understood the real Diana. He knew that she had to break out of
her shell in order to enjoy all the excitement life had to offer.

85. In The Long Run – Bea Alexander – 1984 –
He had to find out! Why didn’t boys fit into Ginny Morgan’s
plans for success? Craig Walsh was running after Ginny,
but she was only interested in crossing the finish line in
the Chambersville Long Run. Despite Craig’s persistence,
Ginny was always one step ahead of him. After an
unusual first encounter, Craig became Ginny’s running
coach, but, much to his disappointment, that was all.
How could he persuade her to let him do more than
just stand on the sidelines?

86. The Boy Next Door – Marilyn Youngblood – 1984 – It
was asking too much! Carol had just learned that a total stranger
was coming to stay. Her mother explained that the girl was a distant,
orphaned relative and should be regarded as one of the family. When
she arrived, Carol hated her on sight. She was too beautiful . . . too
talented . . . too self-assured. Carol knew that she was expected to
show this unwelcome intruder around school, introduce her to all her
friends, share her parents and beloved twin brother with her. Was it
really necessary to share Marshall, her almost boyfriend, too?

87. Enter , Laughing – Ellen Leroe – 1984 –
She had never told anyone..Blaney Wilder had been
known as the class wit for years. She had really enjoyed
making all the kids in Balboa crack up. She was a good
student, the perpetually cheerful sophomore class
president, a popular leader. Although she seemed to
be on top of the world, deep down she was confused.
She had always been afraid to show her classmates
her serious side, afraid that they would laugh at her
for all the wrong reasons. Most of all, she was afraid
to reveal her own feelings, especially now that she
had met Josh. Would he love the face behind the
comic mask, the warm, responsive girl hiding inside
the clown’s disguise?

88. A Change of Heart – Roseanne McKenna – 1984 – It was
most definitely the pits! Channing had moved to a new neighborhood.
She had been transferred to a new school. She had been forced to
leave all her old friends and familiar routines. Her widowed mother had
acquired a dominating new male friend who seemed to be running their
lives. Worse yet, he had an attractive son, Rod, another Mr. Know-It-All,
who appeared to be cut from the same cloth. Why couldn’t they leave
her alone — vanish from the earth, never to be seen again? How would
she ever get this bossy boy out of her hair — and out of her heart?

89. Bunny Hug – Elaine Harper – 1984 – She
was leading a double life! Everyone thought it was cute
that fifteen-year-old Robyn had been “engaged” to
Charles Butler since the age of three. He had proposed
to her before a birthday party and she had accepted
on the spot. They had been constant companions ever
since. Their parents, their friends, and even Robyn
herself had always thought of them as a couple. But
now an Easter bunny had brought Marty Martinelli into
her life. He had to be the most adorable guy in Blossom
Valley High! She had fallen head over ears with him!
How would she ever break the news to their parents,
their friends, and, above all, to Charles Butler?

90. Surf’s up for Laney – Claire Caldwell – 1984- Everything
was Going Swimmingly! Laney was the first to admit that it was
pretty awesome living on the edge of the continent. Just the same,
she couldn’t help thinking that it was a long way from her old home in
Massachusetts. Sometimes she found it complicated to adjust to the
California life-style. School was okay, and she had her music to keep
her company, but it wasn’t until she met Doug that she learned to
appreciate the true pleasures of California living. Surfing was the
greatest. It was truly the sport of a king. And who better to share
those waves with than Doug? There was only one problem: Did this
handsome prince recognize his surfer girl? Would Laney ever be his

91. Rx For Love – Leslie Graham – 1984 –
One summer…When Lisa took a job at the Children’s
Hospital she found it involved more of a challenge
professionally and personally than she had anticipated.
Being a Spanish interpreter involved her with the patients,
forcing her to discipline her emotions and encouraging her
to develop new skills. Then there were her new friends
on the staff — most especially Elliot, a glamorous
older medical student, and Billy, a popular co-volunteer.
Both had made it clear that they admired her. She
knew which one her heart had chosen. Now . . . if
only she could make it work.

92. Just the Right Age – Louise Chatterton – 1984 – It
wasn’t true! Linn was not interested in boys. She couldn’t help it
if they stared! Why did Grandma blame her? Why should she have
to move away from her grandparents’ farm, the only home she’d ever
known? But Grandma insisted that Linn had reached the point in her
life when she needed her mother. Yet after she moved in with her
mother, the same old problem cropped up again — boys, boys, boys!
Of course she wasn’t interested, or was she? Now that she had met
Steve, she wasn’t so sure. Maybe boys weren’t so bad after all…?

93. South of the Border – SueEllen Holland –
1984 – They had exchanged pictures! Artis felt as if she
had been a Mexican woman in a former life. The sound of
a Spanish guitar, the smell of hot chiles, the sheen of
hammered-silver jewelry — all these seemed to strike
a chord deep within her. And now that she had found a
pen pal, the dark and handsome Manuel, she knew her
fate was sealed. Soon she would go on a trip to Mexico
and she would meet him in person. Manuel would be a
link with another world, the world she had to make hers.
“Adios, mis amigos Americanos! Hola, mi amor!” She
could hardly wait.

94. Lead on Love – Nicole Hart – 1984 – Anne wasn’t at
all sure she was going to like her new life. She had moved from
busy New York to live with her mother and stepfather in Virginia. She
knew that her mother was very happy , and her stepfather wasn’t a
horrible person or anything, but she still felt strange. Having to adjust
to a new school and new friends wasn’t going to be easy either,
especially when she found out that everyone’s main interest was
horses. Horses! She knew nothing about them and wasn’t sure she
wanted to. Did that mean that her handsome neighbor, Matthew
Goulden, would think her a silly fool? Somehow, she didn’t think so…

95. Heaven’s to Bitsy – Janice Harrell – 1984 –
He just wasn’t her type! At least that’s what Bitsy kept
telling herself about Stu Shearin. There were so many
reasons why they were not suited: he was a senior, while
she was a lowly junior; he was a big name on campus,
while she was only a feature writer for the school paper;
he seemed to be involved with a sophisticated girl friend;
he was too macho; he was always making inappropriate
jokes; he drove too fast. . . .He had at least ten or
twelve major faults. She knew it. Yet the better
she got to know him, the more she liked him. It was
getting to be a problem.

96. Research for Romance – Erin Phillips – 1984 – The age of
innocence. Becky loved working in the library — She loved books and
she loved to read. She had a fantasy that some good-looking guy would
come into the library and fall madly in love with her. He would be looking
for books on literature or maybe modern architecture. After Becky had
helped him find his books, he would say, “You are so smart . . . and so
beautiful.”The only problem was that so far the only males who had
ventured through the doors were either over sixty or under ten. Until
one Saturday afternoon ..

97. Land’s End – Becky Stuart – 1984 –

98. One of the Guys – Kathryn Makris – 1984 –

99. Written in the Stars – Andrea Marshall –
1984 -Kate is told by a fortune teller that she will have
the best year ever. She is also told that the special boy
in her life will have the initials HS. Only problem is that
the boy she likes does not have those initials. Everything
else is coming true – should she believe in her fortune or
go for the boy she loves?

100. Head in the Clouds – Carrie Lewis – 1984 – Suzie is
terrified of flying and to conquer her fear decides to learn how to fly
with the help of her great aunt and a gorgeous young instructor. Maybe
this will give her the courage to set her apart from her siblings! However
will Suzie’s fear cloud her first romance?

101. Fireworks – Elaine Harper – 1984 – A summer
sizzler! Patti and Spencer light up the sky with their romance!

102. Side by Side – Martha Mason Humphreys – 1984 – Carrie
had made up her mind that over the summer she would make friends
with the right crowd; did all the right things; went to the right places;
snagged the most eligible boyfriend. When the fall rolled around she
would definitely have an okay senior year. There was only one problem.
Dan, the obnoxious boy whom her father had hired to help him out at
the arcade. In no way did he fit into her plans. How would she ever
get him out of the way? And more puzzling yet, was she really sure
she wanted to?

103. After Midnight – Marilyn Youngblood –
1984 – Liberty meets a mysterious boy who is very
different from the other boys. However, she has reason
to suspect him of arson but can’t help liking him does he
feel the same way? And is as guilty as he looks?

104. The Frog Princess – Cheryl Zach – 1984 – Kelly feels
like an ugly duckling in her new school. From the first day she is
targeted by the popular crowd who make her the butt of their jokes.
When one of them nominates her for class president as a joke , she
is just as surprised as they are when she wins. But should she resign
as an ugly duckling or keep the position, celebrating the fact that
she has turned into a confident swan?

105. One for the Road – Caryl Hansen – 1984 –
Nine short stories featuring love of course!

106. The French Summer – Tessa Kay – 1984

107. Handle with Care – Andrea Marshall –
1984 – Jamie is tired of her steady boyfriend Eric’s bossy
ways. He doesn’t seem to like anything she does and
that includes her new job at the Pampered Pet store
which takes up a lot of her time. He’s even jealous of
her handsome co-worker a college freshman and a new
project she has taken on – trying to teach a wicked ,
young parrot to talk! Not just for school but for her
personal satisfaction. Jamie is at her wit’s end would
Eric ever simmer down or should she attempt to fly the

108. The Look of Love – Veronica Ladd – 1984 – Kenneth
was a famous model…an actor…but Tamara wanted to know more.
Who was the person behind the handsome face that smiled at her
from all the ads? What lay behind those eloquant eyes that met hers
from every teen commercial? Was he a spoiled brat? A heartless flirt?
An arrogant chauvinist? Or was he only a lonely boy who needed a
friend? Now that she met him, she had to find out. Too long he had
haunted her dreams; now he was disturbing her life.

109. Snap Judgement – Marilyn Youngblood –
1984 – Katherine ( kiki ) is helping her uncle at his
photography shop on the beachfront not a bad spot
for focusing in on all the gorgeous guys! Especially
when she sets her sights on the new lifeguard. But does
he feel the same way? Maybe she’s overlooked the
photobuff in the wings.

110. Call of the Wild – Carrie Lewis – 1984 – At the tender
age of fourteen Annie had firmly decided that she preferred Monopoly
to fishing , a bubble bath to swimming , soap operas and junkfood to
roughing it and camp cookouts. How could her father have enrolled
her in program Upward Reach, a six week trip in the rugged California
mountains? Soon she was fishing in streams , scrambling up mountains,
kayaking down rapids. How could anyone find pleasure from such
experiences? Well…there are a number of ways: enjoying the
countryside;learning more about nature; developing new skills
…And possibly …just possibly having a friendly, handsome guy
just the right age give you pointers.

111. The Girl Inside – Judy Baer – 1984 – Becca
needs a change , in fact a life change. She finds the
opportunity at the local fitness club and even gets
herself a job there. To top it off she meets a cute guy
and gets embroiled in a mystery.

112. Once in California – Becky Stuart – 1984

113. Season of Mist – Doreen Owens Malek –
1984 – What was the mystery that surround Tom like
the autumn mists? How could Cory love a boy whose
lips told her he loved her but whose eyes held secrets.

114. Courting Trouble – Nicole Hart – 1984 – When a convicted
murderer escaped, Hallie and her friends are involved in a dangerous
chase. Would they catch the suspect? Or had they themselves become
the hunted? – A Hart mystery.

115. Secrets – Judith Enderle – 1984 –
Everyone has secrets, Buff told Cara, but could she
ever share hers with him? What would he do if he found
out she had been lying to him all along?

116. Wishful Thinking – Barbara Haynes – 1984 – Who
could have guessed that an injured cat would introduce Laura to
the love of her life. Now he would have to notice her! Or was it only
wishful thinking?

117. Turkey Trot – Elaine Harper – 1984

118. See you in July – Barbara Steiner – 1984 – Was Ron
really bad news? Everyone but Mollie thought so. He was on probation.
He’d been mixed up in a grocery store burglary. Her mother called him
that boy. Her best friend advised her to find another boyfriend. But
Mollie sensed that beneath Ron’s cool exterior he was hurting and
wouldn’t let her share his pain. Would he ever let her in? Or would he
remain locked behind his own wall? She had to find out for herself.

119. Don’t Fence me In – Brenda Cole – 1984 –
Amy was furious! A horrendous idea that’s what it was!
A new stepfather! Life on an out-of-the-way ranch! An
unknown stepsister, probably a drip! Demeaning chores!
And now this totally tiresome boy who did nothing but
fight with her! As soon as possible she would dump the
whole operation and go back to the city to live like a
civilized person with her grandmother. But Derek had
other plans , and Derek was a pretty stubborn guy …
He also happens to be tall, dark and surprisingly
persuasive – especially when he intends to lasso
a pretty girl.

120. The Magic Circle – Dorothy Francis – 1984 –

121. Christmas Date – Elaine Harper – 1984 –
They had the knack! Everyone said so. The Triple A
Dating service was the talk of Blossom Valley High.
Run by the Norwood triplets, Amy , Adam and Arthur,
it was a thriving business that got dates for everyone
but themselves. They had all agreed not to mix
business with pleasure. Secretly, Amy was
dispappointed about this. She had her eye on Jack
Anderson, who appeared to be turned off by the
whole enterprise. Yet she and Jack seemed to hit
it off so well, sharing school projects in science class
and taking long nature walks. Would Jack ever make
a move? Hadn’t he realized that the only date Amy
wanted to arrange was with him?

122. Lovetalk – Joyce McGill- 1984 – When Jennifer
agreed to tutor David Hough, she was sure that he was, as
everyone said, the class “dummy.” Now she wondered, could they
all have been wrong? For a number of reasons, she found the
possibility disturbing.

123. Give and Take – Ellen Leroe – 1984 –
Very liberated Dani was confused. She had always
believed in the equality of the sexes, share and share
alike, in an honest and open comradeship. Now she
had fallen for the biggest macho jock of them all,
Chris Braddon, star athlete and scholar, idol of all the
girls at Sequoia High. Never would she stoop to being
the willing-slave-to-man her mother was! Nor would
she try the manipulative games her flirtatious sister
recommended! Yet how could she be like her boss
— a strong woman — and still attract Chris?
It was all a puzzle.

124. Sugarbush Spring – Virginia Smiley – 1984 –
As an only child living in Vermont with her parents and
grandmother, Suzie had not found her life particularily
exciting. But all that changed one snowy night when
the wind blew in a handsome stranger.

125. Summer of my Independence – Rose Bayner – 1985

126. Between the Lines – Dorothy Fischer – 1985

127. A Patch of Black Satin – Jeanne Cheyney – 1985 – Becky
finds more fame that she ever dreamed just by choosing to grow
blackberries for her 4H project. She even gets noticed by Alan
Connor, who she has admired from afar. Does he like her for her or
for her berries? Or could he be looking for a companion for his
widowed mother by befriending Becky and getting to know her
single father?

128. Secrets in the Garden- Janice Harrell – 1985

129.The Ghost of Gamma Rho – Elaine Harper – 1985 –

130. Nightshade – Jesse Osborne – 1985 – To
be honest Miranda only joined the Tennis club to be close
to Kyle – Kyle with his intense blue eyes, his fierce
competitiveness , his sense of fair play. He was every
girl’s dream, and most especially Miranda’s. Now that
she was reaching her goal, a terrible fear was clouding
their sunny relationship. Could it really be true that the
evil threatening her entire family was as near as her
next-door neighbor? And that even with the best of
intentions, there was little that Kyle could do to help.

131. Waiting for Amanda – Cheryl Zach – 1985

132. The Candy Papers – Helen Cavanagh –
1985 – To market! To market! That’s where Candy was
going. To Mr. Otto’s market, that is, to start her
part-time job. Her snobbish mother disapproved: “You’ll
meet all the wrong people there!” Her father lamented:
“My little girl may be in danger!” Her best friend whined:
“You’ll never have time for me now!” Could Candy go
against all of them? You bet! And it turned out to be
the best decision of her life – especially when she
met Larry Eagen, who from the start appeared to
think that everything she did was A-okay.

133. Manhattan Melody – Marilyn Youngblood – 1985 –
New York! New York! City of bright lights and shinning dreams. And
it was all there, waiting for fifteen year old Ariel to conquer. She
was enjoying professional school. She was making new friends and
was improving her art. She had even recieved several calls for
auditions and had a good chance of landing a lead in a foreign film.
The only problem was Jesse, irresistible, temperamental Jesse, who
seemed to think a star should twinkle only for him.

134. Killebrew’s Daughter – Janice Harrell – 1985

135. Bid for Romance – Dorothy Francis –
1985 – Vonnie had persuaded her parents to allow her
to take a summer job in another town. She wanted
her independence and she wanted to prove to her
family she could handle her diabetes without
supervision. She quickly learned the responsibilities
of the job. Her health regime was no big deal. And
she was having a ball meeting new friends and
developing new interests and skills. There was
only one problem : her personal life. Was it possible
to really like two guys at the same time? Would she
be betraying Pete by going out with Chuck?

136. The Shadow Knows – Becky Stewart – 1985 – Sonny
was the man of the house after his father walked out seven years
ago, but he starts searching for him after he starts having nightmares.

137. Lover’s Lake – Elaine Harper – 1985 –
For some time now, popular and pretty Chrissie had
been dying to get Adam Norwood, brightest of the
Norwood triplets, to notice her. And now she had
the opportunity. She had persuaded her parents to
allow her to invite him, his sister and her boyfriend,
for a romantic weekend in the Sierra’s where
Chrissie’s family had a vacation house. It was the
perfect setting : beautiful scenery , a lake
for canoing and fishing – surely he would fall under
her spell. It was certainly worth a try.

138. In the Money – Beverly Sommers – 1985 – Let other
girls play the dating game, think only of boys and clothes and
pretend they liked football, dance up a storm – Mickey had more
in her gourd. With the money she’d made selling her computer
game to a company, she planned to buy a house all her own.
Now all she had to do was convince her parents and deal with pesky
Danny Flynn, who seemed to be bugging her all the time. She found
that she could handle her parents, but Danny that was another
story. Why did he persistently feel that he knew all the answers?
Worse yet, how come she found herself occationally agreeing
with him? It was all very unsettling…

139. Breaking Away – Josephine Wunsch –
1985- When Carrie’s father was indicted for embezzeling,
her whole world changed. Her parents sold their large,
comfortable house and moved into a ramshackle house
on the outskirts of town. The girl whom she considered
her best friend turned against her. She had to switch
schools, and her English teacher seemed to have a
grudge against her. Her academic future was in
danger. Even the boy she loved was involved
with someone else. Why, then, did it turn out to be
such a banner year? Could it possibly have been
because Carrie refused to be beaten in war – or in

140. What I know about Boys – McClure Jones – 1985 –
Because she always had the answers, the girls from the dorm came
to Greta for advice and support in matters of the heart. She knew
everything about boys, she told them: how to attract them , how to
evaluate them , which ones to date. Hadn’t she studied the subject
for most of her life in the latest periodicals and books? How did it
happen, then, that she had picked a guy with the very qualities she
had warned her friends to avoid in a man? Had she been wrong all
these years, or was it merely time to do some in-the-field research?

141. I love you more than Chocolate –
Francis Hurley Grimes – 1985 – Kerry wants to be like
all the other girls in school , dating and having fun
rather than just being known as a superstar swimmer.

142. The Wilder Special – Rose Bayner – 1985 –

143. Hungarian Rhapsody – Marilyn Youngblood –
1985 – Though it was hard to leave the boy she loved,
fifteen-year -old Ariel knew that going to Hungary
and filming on location would be just the kind of boost
her budding acting career needed. True, it was hard to
leave Jesse, but she was sure that absence would only
make their hearts grow fonder. Of course, that was
before she had met exotic, dark-haired Jan, the
young Hungarian translator and interpreter for the
crew. Should she put a lock on her heart? Or did the
country of love have no boundaries? She would
have to focus her attention and zoom in before
the moment escaped.

144. Country Boy – Joyce McGill – 1985 –

145. Janine – Elaine Harper – 1985 – Everything
had changed for Janine and Craig now that baby Timmy
had arrived. Janine hadn’t yet recovered her full
strength, and the moving and readjustment to Blossom
Valley were taking their toll. Taking care of Timmy
was exhausting, and Janine sometimes felt isolated
from her former classmates. So much was happening
so fast that she even occasionally wondered if she
had not been somewhat hasty in falling in love at
first sight. Especially now that they had had their
first real quarrell.

146. Call back yesterday – Doreen Owens Malek – 1985 –
Maria hadn’t wanted to give up her summer job in California and
come to New Jersey to keep house for her great aunt. At first she’d
been bored and restless. The she began to be troubled by dreams-
dreams so disquieting that they took over her life. And when she
met Mark, she began to wonder which was the dream and which
was the reality. How could she ever tell him her suspicions –
especially now that she found herself falling in love with him?

147. Why Me – Beverly Sommers – 1985

148. Meadow Wind – Katrina West – 1985

149. Off the Hook – Rose Bayner – 1985 –
There are plenty of fish in the sea! Or so Annette had
told herself when she’d broken up with Todd, her old
boyfriend, when she’d left for Ocean City. She planned
a great summer, meeting new friends, exploring new
possibilities. How could she ever have guessed that
Todd would show up as the drummer of a local band?
Or that he would have miraculously changed into a sexy,
glamorous new Todd who had every girl in town after
him. And even more distrubing – that her own heartbeat
was accelerating to the rhythym of his drums?

150. The Heartbreak of Haltom High – Dawn Kingsbury – 1985 –
Rush had always been a ladies’ man. One look at his sexy grin and girls
couldn’t leave him alone. They fell for him like ninepins. Love ’em and
leave ’em was him motto … until he met Aubrey, who appeared from
the start to be surprisingly oblivious to his charm. At first intrigued,
then irritated and finally driven crazy, Rush finally had to admit that
at long last he had fallen in love. How would he ever win this
maddeningly indifferent beauty? He had tried all his wiles in vain. It
was really getting to him…

151. Against the Odds – Andrea Marshall – 1985 –

152. On the Road Again – Miriam Morton – 1985 – It was
every girl’s fantasy – and Galen’s heartbreak – to be taking a six-week
tour with the Harper River Band, an up-and-coming country rock group.
Yet Galen was miserable winding her way through the Southern states
with four wild guys and her father, the owner and driver of the deluxe
celebrity bus. Her father’s lifestyle had ruined Galen’s family. She was
sure of it. In no way would she ever enjoy an exhausting tour with
such crazy musicians – even though one of them was perhaps the
most interesting and talented person she’d ever met.

153.The Phantom Skateboard – Elaine Harper –
1985 – Ordinarily cautious Anne thought that it was high
time to add a little excitement to her life, so when she
found strange goings-on at the old Westbrook mansion,
she decided to investigate. Her curiousity led her straight
to Gary Westbrook and into more trouble than she had
bargained for. When Gary became a suspect in a bizarre
murder, she knew she had to help him. How could she
prove him innocent when all the evidence pointed to
his guilt.

154. One in a Million – Kathryn Makris – 1985 – When a
charismatic stranger strolled into the background of a movie Erin was
filming , she knew she had found a star. But did this mean outside the
movie as well?

155. A Civil War – Beverly Sommers – 1985 – Annie didn’t
want to be carried back to old Virginny! It had been okay for her
childhood summers, but to spend a whole years in West Virginia
enrolled in some hick school and living in a backwoods cabin was not
her idea of a blast. Most of her girlfriends had grown up to be silly and
boy crazy. The only unchanged person was Raney. He was as hateful
as ever. Only now he wasn’t pushing her in poison ivy , or throwing
her doll in the creek; he had developed more sophisticated methods
of torture. How could she show this lowdown critter what she really
thought of him?

156. Fortune’s Child – Cheryl Zach – 1985 – Melissa Abbott was
pretty, rich, smart and popular. Tank Robertson, superjock and glamor
boy was crazy about her. Why wasn’t she the happiest girl in the world?

157. Journey’s End – Becky Stuart –

158. Free Spirit – Katrina West – The Average
girl would have probably have been ecstatic to have her
mom marry a famous and popular DJ and to move into
a reputedly haunted old mansion, but Kara was finding
the experience unnerving. Not only was she having
trouble with her new stepfather, but she was also
beginning to feel that there might be truth to those
ghostly rumors. To top it all, Reid, the boy she loved,
was quite obviously more interested in tracking down
the ghost than in pursuing a romance.

159. Sugar and Spice – Janice Harrell – 1985 – Now that
Fran has actually achieved her heart’s desire and is dating dreamboat
Steve, why was she bored out of her squash?

160. The Other Langley Girl – Joyce McGill – 1985 – For years
Beth’s pretty and popular older sister had been her role model. How
could Beth cope with the discovery that her sister was not quite as
perfect as she had imagined?

161. A Chance Hero – Ann Gabhart – 1985 – A chance
encounter. What was it about the Chance Woods? The local gossips
said that just to walk in them was dangerous. Not many ventured into
their depths. There were too many stories about people who wandered
in and never came out. That would never happen to Shane. He knew
the woods like the back of his hand. He would see to it that it wouldn’t
happen to Jackie. He would make it his business to protect her, to see
that no harm came to her. Yet what he found there changed his whole

162. Riding High – Marilyn Youngblood – 1985 –
The wheel of fate had turned to bring Gabrielle and Angelo
on the same biking tour. Would they get their romance in
gear or were they riding for a fall.

163. Blue Ribbon Summer – Nancy Morgan – 1985 – Walter
Humes would become a man of the world when he visited France. He
would speak the international language with poise and ease. At least
that had been the original idea. Now he wasn’t so sure…

164. On the loose – Rose Bayner – A spoiled teenager spends
four months in France during an exchange program and learns about

165. Blue Skies and Lollipops – Janice Harrell – 1985 – When
Trish agreed to follow her parents’ suggestion and transfer from
Millville High to snobbish Westover Academy, she didn’t tell them the
real motive for her compliance. How could she admit to them that the
only reason she was taking such a radical step was to avoid seeing
her old boyfriend trailing his new love? Now she wondered if she’d
made the right decision. Not only was she having problems with her
work and a disagreeable teacher, but her personal life was taking a
very surprising turn. Had she jumped out of the frying pan only to
brave the fire?

166. And Miles to Go – Beverly Sommers –
1985 – Sandy had been fourteen years old when Tom
had first seen her streaking by him on the track. He
couldn’t get her off his mind. He plastered his bedroom
walls with newspaper articles about her and framed
pictures of her. He daydreamed about her all the time.
When he finally got to meet her, his happiness knew
no bounds. But now that he was dating her and even
occasionally getting to kiss her, he still didn’t feel he
knew her. She was maddeningly elusive. He knew he
had a one-track mind, but what choise did he have.
He would have to stay in the running until he caught
up with her.

167. Blossom into Love – Norma Jean Lutz – 1985 – Latina’s
plans for a fun social summer have gone awry. This turned out to be
a blessing in disguise, especially when she got to know Tully.

168. Birds of Passage – Miriam Morton – 1985 –
Tavia had a chance to live out her fantasies when she
took a glamorous holiday cruise. But would Hall fly away
when their ship came home?

169. Orinoco Adventure – Elaine Harper – 1985 – When
Juanita heard the charismatic Tom Goulding describe the Community
Health program, she was determined to join the group – even if it
meant traveling to the wilds of Venezuela.

170. Video Fever – Kathleen Garvey – 1985 – Who would
have guessed that when arch enemies Nell and Daniel were forced
to collaborate on a video project they would zoom in and focus on a
very personal script?

171. Write on! – Dorothy Francis – 1985 – Vonnie was
moving again. It was always a heartache and challenge. This time
she was less concerned about her diabetes, for she had picked up a
new exciting skill. She knew it would be of help in setting new goals
and making new friends. Sure enough, she did okay in work. She had
no problem making friends. She was even dating the campus big shot,
Randy Morrison. But something was bothering her. Who was leaving
those threatening notes in her locker? An old girlfriend of Randy’s? A
jealous would-be boyfriend? The class nerd? She would just have to
find out.

172. The New Man – Carrie Lewis – 1985 – In spite of himself,
when Rick Masterson decided to compete for the Young Miss Homemaker
Award, he became the model for the liberated man. Heidi was not
surprised. She had known the real Rick all along.

173. Someone Else – Becky Stuart – 1986 – “No matter how
happy you are you always want to be someone else,”Mrs. Brinks had
explained to Kellogg and Carey shortly before her mysterious
disappearance. The thought returned to haunt them. Where had she
gone? Had she been abducted? Had some long-lost lover returned to
claim her? Or was she simply wandering around New York, old and
confused, trying to remember who she was now and who she had once
hoped to be? Well, Kellogg and Carey would find her, even if they had
to comb the entire city. For wasn’t this the setting for adventure and
the season for a miracle?

174. Adrienne and the Blob – Judith Enderle –
1986 – Adrienne was happy that she had been accepted
in an exclusive summer biology class. She was sure it
would be stimulating, and she looked forward to doing
the independent research. She had certainly not
expected Tuck to be part of her program, especially
since he hadn’t even signed up for the course1 Now
she found that he was very much involved, not only
with the research, but also in her personal life. In fact,
together they made an incredible discovery, which
changed her immediate future and could very well
rock the entire scientific world.

175. Blackbird Keep – Candice Ransom – 1986 – Holly knew
at once that she never should have agreed to visit her uncle. His
house was too spooky, and its inhabitants even weirder. Would Kyle
help her unravel the mystery, or was he working against her?

176. Daughter of the Moon – Lynn Carlock – 1986 – From
childhood, Mauveen had known somehow that she was “different.”
Should she listen to the ancient ancestral voices, or should she follow
the promptings of her newly awakened heart?

177. A Day in September – Joyce Davies – 1986 – When Kim
Webster heard the sound of her alarm she had already been awake a
long time, thinking about the day that lay ahead. For it held the promise
of change. Unknown to her parents, she was going to try and get a job.
She would show the world she could take care of herself despite the
fact that considered “disabled” and confined to a wheelchair. She was
ready for the challenge, no matter what obstacles. But first she’s
have to put Kevin out of her mind and heart at least that’s the way
it looked to her early that September morning.

178. A Broken Bow – Martha Humphreys –
1986 – Dawn was haunted by her unknown heritage.
Only Harry, her enigmatic neighbor, could help her, but
could she believe the answers she read in his dark eyes?

179. The Wild One – Tessa Kay – 1986 – When Beth first
glimpsed Con glowering by the cottage door, she knew she had
found a modern Heathcliff.But would he recognise her as his Cathy?

180. All at Sea – Miriam Morton – 1986 –
Casey loved the idea of working on an underwater
project with Devlin. He was most definitely a deep-sea
treasure! But first she had to fathom his negative

181. Homecoming – Elaine Harper – 1986 – Tracy had fallen
for Biff, but she had good reason to suspect that the obstacles were
insurmountable. Were the rumors true, or would they be a couple? A
Blossom Valley Book.

182. The Perfect Ten – Josephine Wunsch – 1986 -Jeremiah
had built a stockade around himself… Lisa was determined to tear it
down. It had become an obsession with her. Why did she have this
crazy feeling that he needed her as much as she needed him? They
had only exchanged a half-dozen words, yet he was a puzzle she
had to solve. She had to put the pieces together. Why was he
staying at the Carruthers’s? Where was his family? Why did such
a handsome and bright guy seem to be afraid of making friends? Had
he been in some sort of trouble? Just exactly who was Jeremiah

183. Marigold Beach – Jesse Osburn – 1986 – It wasn’t easy
to be the police chief’s daughter, and it didn’t help matters to fall in
love with the town “bad boy.”Well Jordan couldn’t change the former,
but how should she handle her first serious relationship.

184. Here we Go Again – Joyce McGill – 1986 – When Glynna
agreed to put a stop to her aunt’s “unsuitable” romance , she
became involved in an equally “unsuitable” romance of her own ,
proving that it’s not always a mistake to be meddlesome.

185. Stop Thief! – Dorothy Francis – 1986 – Vonnie was
above her head!… She was making new friends and enjoying
academic life in Houston. Now it was time to give a party, and she had
the perfect opportunity. Monique Wager, the school glamour girl, was
returning from Europe to take up her old role of class leader and
heartbreaker. Soon Vonnie was in danger of being swept away to a
world where being popular was the chief goal, and pretty clothes
and jewels were essential, no matter how they were acquired. Even
Vonnie’s boyfriend, Bob, had fallen under Monique’s spell. How could
Vonnie extricate herself and Bob from this sticky situation?

186. Small Wonder – Caryl Hansen – 1986

187. Birds of a Feather – Janice Harrell – 1986 – Annabelle
was ready for the big time. She wanted to date someone who didn’t
remember her from kindergarten, someone who cared more about
her and less about the habits of the green -eared beetle, in other
words, someone new and glamorous. Who would have believed that
this would be the summer for fate to step in and produce not only
Michael, admittedly a washout, but also Rob, definitely a charmer,
and Paul, a real sweetie who shared so many of her interests? Now
she faced an unexpected and delicious dilemma: which one should she
188. Tomorrow and Tomorrow – Brenda Cole – 1986

189. Ghost Ship – Becky Stuart – 1986 – Through the driving
rain and high winds of a fierce summer storm, Carey had spotted a
sail. No one believed her, not even Kellogg, until the next day a
battered dingy was washed up on the beach. Had there really been a
ship out there? Or was it a ghost ship doomed again to flounder in the
storm-tossed waters off Long Island? Weell, Kellogg and Carey would
find out, even if it meant prying into a romance far older than the one
they were just beginning to discover for themselves.

190. A Gathering Storm – Serita Stevens – 1986 – Spending
the summer with her absent minded father and her disagreeable new
family in his spooky old house turned out to be a frightening experience
for Quinn. Fortunately she had two loyal friends, her beloved
cat and Logan, a local boy, determined to protect her.

191. Wheels – Rebecca Nunn- 1986 – Robin was delirious
with joy when her best friend manipulated a date for her with Keith,
the gorgeous new guy at school. She’d been positively dying to meet
him. To her delight, their first date was a great success. She’d never
felt so at home with a boy before. Soon they were a couple. Then she
made a discovery that not only threatened to undermine her self-respect,
but also might well jeopardize her relationship with the three people she
loved best in the world. Could she ever learn to trust again?

192. First Impressions – Kalindi Clare – 1986 – Kira was dazzled
by Stav from the first moment that she saw him in art class. Had she
grasped the whole picture, or was she losing her sense of perspective.

193. Road to Romance – Nicole Hart – 1986 – When Angelica
and her friends took a guided tour through Italy, they found that there
was more to it than beautiful scenery and works of art. The nice young
couple who had been hired as their guides were acting in a very
suspicious way. And now, Angelica’s reliable old friend, Peter, was
acting very strangely, too. Why did he object so strenuously to
Angelica’s budding friendship with a handsome Italian boy? There
was just no question about it. Italy was definitely the land of
romance and intrigue.

194. Promises – Tracy West – 1986 – Carlie and Gordie…
They had known each other since early childhood. Gordie had moved
into the house behind Carlie’s when she had been only five years old.
They had been inseparable for seven years until Gordie’s father had
received another assignment and moved his family to Germany. For
four long years Carlie had missed Gordie. Now he had written her to
tell her they were coming home. Carlie was having a fit. Had he
changed over the years? Would he still be her best friend? Or would
they greet each other as strangers?

195. The Roar of The Crowd – Alan Thomas – 1986 – In no
way did Trevor want to accept his dad’s suggestion that he join the
school football team. In fact, he was very defensive about it. He was
too happy about his sedentary life, enjoying his books, taking his old
dog for walks. On the other hand, the thought of going into a huddle
with Allison, the beautiful cheerleader, was definitely appealing…Had
he had enough practice or would he be lost in the scrimmage? Could
he learn to take the offensive? Or would she block that pass before
he could achieve his goal?

196. None but The Brave – Hazel Krantz –
1986 – Kelly had been instantly attracted to Dennis.
Her compulsive spying had unearthed several facts:
he had shown up at school early in March ; he came
from Wyoming ; he was an older man – a junior. He was
brave and resourceful. And she adored the Indian
legends he told her. The more she saw of him , the more
entranced she became. They shared an interest in horses.
They had the same sense of humor. For the first time
in her life, Kelly was in love – a love stronger and more
compelling than she’d ever imagined. Did Dennis feel
the same way?

197. Coral Island – Elaine Harper – 1986 – While snorkeling
off the Great Barrier Reef Julie fell in love with a gorgeous Australian.
Would she reel him in or was he just playing with her?

198. A Touch of Genius – Jeffie Ross Gordon –
1986 – What would you do if… You and your best friend
were calmly walking along the beach and you found an
old cola bottle bobbing in the water? What would you do
if… You pulled the cork out of the bottle and out popped
the best-looking genie you had ever laid eyes on? What
would you do if… Your genie showed up at school trailing
the most obnoxious girl in your class? What would you do
if… He turned your whole life upside down?

199. Famous Last Words – Becky Stuart – 1986 – His name
was Angelo. He was a mean little kid from Brooklyn who’d come to
spend the end of the summer with Carey in her luxurious country
mansion. In no time he’d disrupted the household, alienated Kellogg
and stolen from Carey. But he was family, and he was in trouble. When
he vanished one rainy night, very probably with Kellogg’s beloved dog,
Theodore. It was up to Kellogg and Carey to try to find him and to bring
him to the only home he had.
200. Only Make Believe – Dawn Kingsbury – 1986 – When Andy
and Rachel pretended to be a couple they found that it ruined their
friendship. Why had they ever agreed to such a foolish scheme?
201. Mayhem and Magic – Nicole Hart – 1986 – When May
took on a summer job as a maid for a rich woman on Martha’s Vineyard,
she found herself involved in a murder attempt. Fortunately she had
busybody Eustice and a new attractive boyfriend to help crack the
case. ( A Hart Mystery )

202. Soap Opera – Joyce McGill – 1986 – Leslie
found herself in hot water when she decieved her parents
and her new boyfriend in order to get a job as shampoo
girl in a beauty parlor. What would she do when her bubble

203. Playing House – Jean Simon – 1986 – Now that she
was juggling two boyfriends, Marcy should have been having a
blast. Yet somehow things had gone awry. How could she have
eve thought two guys were so great?

204. Hunter’s Moon – Brenda Cole – 1986 – For most of
her young life, Katie had been helping her father run the Moring
Kennels where he boarded and groomed dogs. The work was hard
and demanding, but Katie didn’t mind it, especially when Adam
suddenly showed up with a starved stray and stayed to give her
a hand. She was just beginning to think that they were developing
a special relationship when a beautiful classmate of Adam’s caused
her to wonder if she had been misinterpreting Adam’s intentions.
Was he just amusing himself at her expense, or did he really like her?

205. With Love from Rome – Janice Harrell – 1986 – Was
Pine Falls High ready for Whyndham Giuseppi Andrea Sarto, the
handsome young Italian heir to the huge Sarto Automobile fortune?
More importantly, was Jessica? Are you?

206. A Wish too Soon – Lainey Campbell – 1986 – There’s
got to be a way! Or so Teresa thought. She’d made up her mind to
shake off the dust of boring old Jacksonville and head for the bright
lights of New York – The Big Apple! But her parents didn’t agree.
Neither did her teachers. Even her friends told her she was off the
wall. Well, she didn’t care. She’d get there somehow. She’d figure out
something. They’d all see when she hit the big town that she’d been
right all along! Hey didn’t she have talent? Didn’t she belong on a
larger stage?

207. Shadows on the Mountain – Miriam Morton – 1986 –
The summer Keni spent in the Smoky Mountains turned out to be the
most interesting summer she ever had. It included beautiful scenery,
a gorgeous new boyfriend and even a brush with the supernatural.

208. Double Dare – Laurien Berenson – 1986 – After many
years of competing in horse shows , Alex learned that there are
some things even more important than winning – for example,
sharing and loving.

209. Rachel’s Resistance – Nicole Hart – 1986 – Rachel and
her friends were thrilled to be spending a summer in France, living in
an old chateau with family friends. They were learning the language
touring the peaceful countryside, making new friends. Rachel had
even found her first boyfriend, Jean. All would have been perfect had
they not stumbled upon a secret in the old carriage house – a secret
that had not only haunted Jean but endangered all their lives. Should
they help Jean find the answers to his questions, or should they close
the door forever on the past? ( a Hart mystery )

210. A Dash of Pepper – Katrina West – 1986 –
Could art and science ever get together? Ask Pepper, who
made a surprising discovery when she became friends with
Logan Mitchells.

211. Parrots and Monkeys – Beverly Sommers -1986 – All
Jenny had ever really wanted was to be an ordinary teenager in a
small-town high school enjoying her blossoming romance with a
regular American guy. Yet every year, because her mother was a
free-lance travel writer, Jenny spent her vacations traveling to remote
spots all over the world. Now it was happening again! This summer it
was to be the jungles of Peru. Would it turn out to be the ususual drag?
Or would it be, as her mother assured her, an adventure, an experience
she would never forget?

212. Ask me no Questions – Lisa Swazey – 1986 – Though all
the guys were after her, Logan refused to date. Why? Kirk was
determined to find out!

213. Follow Your Heart – Dorothy Francis – 1986 – Denise
gained the courage to make some important decisions with the help
of a strange boy who was washed up by the sea.

214. Walk with Danger – Susan Rubin – 1986 – A murderer
was loose in the Santa Monica neighborhood where Sharon lived. She
was determined to do something about it, and came up with a plan that
might prevent further tragedies. She would see to it that as many little
kids as possible got to school safely. The only problem was, only a few
of her friends showed any interest in helping her. Then one day she
found an unexpected ally, Val DeSantis. Val was cool. He was hip.
And he had his eye on Sharon. But what could they do? They were
fighting an unknown enemy. Who would be the next victim?

215. Falling for You – Lisa Swazey – 1986 – Amanda joined
the summer theater to get away from her family and an impossible
romance. Unfortunately, the scenerio turned out to be at odds with
her script.

216. The Journal of Emily Rose – Jeffie Ross Gordon – 1986 –
Had Jana stumbled on a tragic secret , or was she the victim of her own
vivid imagination?

217. Look of Eagles – Ann Gabhart – 1986 – It took the
great heart of a little black colt to help Gillie to understand that
the best way of loving is not to hold on too tight.

218. Days of Loving – Jean F. Capron – 1986 –
What happens when a sleepy small town is selected as
the setting for a taping of a popular soap opera? How
do the natives take it when a slew of interesting
characters invade their turf? How do two attractive
girls cope with the arrival of just about the cutest
young actor they’ve ever seen who flirts outrageously
with both of them? It doesn’t take too long for Suzy
and Molly to script their own scenes. Before the vans,
the cameras, the props and the crew have packed up
and rolled away, these too good friends have learned
more about life and love than some do in a lifetime.

219. Behind the Mask – Glen Ebisch – 1986 – What in
heaven’s name was going on in the old museum where Katie worked.
She and her buddies would just have to investigate – even if it
meant risking their lives.

220. Mind over Matter – Miriam Morton – 1986 – Strange
dreams were troubling Tyne’s sleep – dreams about her favorite
teacher being abducted and mistreated. Then, to her horror, she
found that these dreams might well be based on fact. But who
would believe her? How could she ever explain to herself and the
world that she was receiving information from a source they would
never understand? Who would take her seriously? Her parents? Her
schoolmates? The police? Only one person would listen to her. Cam.
Would he ever take her seriously as a girlfriend or was he just
interested in the case?

221. A Touch of Magic – Jeffie Rose Gordon – 1986 – A sequel
to – A touch of Genius – Cass , Paulie and Cass’s swinging grandmother ,
Nonna, live out their more exotic fantasies while on a whirlwind trip to
New York.

222. Take A Walk – Beverly Sommers – 1987 – From the
very first day of school, Blythe had had this weird compulsion to
walk out of class. Throughout her school years the impulse persisted.
when parents, friends and councelors couldn’t help her, she was sent
to a school for “problem” children. But this didn’t seem to work ,
either. One day in class something told her it was time to go again.
Soon she found herself in front of a house she recognised but never
actually seen. Out of it stepped a boy who began to haunt her
dreams. Was it all coincidence? Or was it part of a plan she could
only vaguely guess?

223. Diamond in the Rough – Joyce McGill – 1987 – At the
ripe old age of sixteen, Blair has finished high school a semester
early and is waiting to start college in the fall. In the meantime, her
friendship with the street people in her neighborhood leads her into
a mystery involving missing persons and stolen jewels. What has
Blair stumbled int? Whatever it is, it’s okay, because she’s smart
and resourseful and knows how to track down a clue or two. Besides,
she meets Tim , a diamond in the rough whose definitely worth

224. Castles in Spain – Janice Harrell – 1987 – Finally
Cassie’s dream had come true. She was going to Spain! To help her
finance the trip, her uncle, the managing editor of a large
newsmagazine, had commissioned her to interview the son of a
famous TV star who by chance would be touring Spain at the same
time as Cassie. But how would she ever find him? After all, Spain
is a pretty big country, and there would be plenty to distract her.
Little did she know that perhaps the biggest distraction of all would
turn out to be the object of her quest.

225. Cat’s Cradle – Candice Ransom – 1987 – Fifteen year
old Romney had finally traced her nightmares back to a summer
she’d spent in Chesapeake Bay when she’d been only five. But
somehow, she couldn’t remember exactly what had happened. She
was determined to go back to Chesapeake Bay to try to discover
just what it had been that traumatized her and yet remained
maddeningly elusive. What she found there was so unbelieveable that
she couldn’t imagine sharing it with anyone but Tucker, who not only
believed her, but shared with her his own dreams.

226. Spoiled Rotten – Brenda Cole – 1987 –
Pampered Brittany was the pet of her widowed father
and the favored child of her large extended family. She’d
never held any kind of job, not even baby-sitting, and
had even refused as a child to go to camp because
she’d heard the conditions were too Spartan for her
tastes. Quite naturally, everyone was stunned when,
goaded by her young cousin’s taunting, she decided
to be a councelor at Camp Chabewa. No one took
her seriously. How could a pretty little thing whose
main interests seemed to be looking good and
attracting boys take on such a grueling job.

227. Up in the Air – Carrie Lewis – 1987 – Why had Mason
suddenly floated across the Grand Canyon in a balloon. Where had
he come from? What was his real name? It was all up in the air.

228. Kiss of The Cobra – Miriam Morton – 1987 – How
would Antha ever rescue her cousin from the danger that not only
menaced her , but threatened Antha and her friends as well.

229. A Risky Business – Janice Harrell – 1987 – No doubt
about it, Mary Ann was nosy. To start with, she’d been curious
enough to listen to Adam’s proposition. He needed a favor, and she
was just the girl to help him out. Well, hanging around with Adam
wouldn’t exactly hurt her social standing. He was the best-looking
guy she knew, and he had the tan of the century. Then Mary Ann’s
curiosity got loose again, this time about his neighbors. Before she
knew it, she and Adam were smack in the middle of a little detective
work. Didn’t curiosity kill the cat?

230. Alley cat – Lee Wardlaw – 1987 –
Meow wow. She had the sultry voice of a temptress
and the impact of an oncoming train. She’s talk. She’s
rock. She’s Alley Cat, KTUNE’s hottest new deejay and
the sexy feline all SLO-town’s listening to. “She’s got
something for everyone,” says the program director
of KTUNE. “The girls appreciate her direct answers to
sticky questions, the boys fantasize about her looks.
We predict you’ll be hearing her on KTUNE for a long,
long time.” Hearing , yes. Seeing, no. So far, Alley Cat
has turned down all public appearances. Is this just
hype? Or is she a scaredy-cat?

231. Something to Treasure – Judi Cross – 1987 – David
was your ordinary matter-of-fact computer type. Certainly not the
kind of guy to see a mermaid. Was he? Then how come he’d seen
one? Who else could it have been out there on the rocks combing
her long golden hair? Had his terminals jammed? Was his data faulty?
He would have to reprogram. In the meantime he had to meet this
unusual girl. Already she had him swimming in circles. He was
definitely out of his depth!

232. The Boy in White – Tessa Kay – 1987 – Why did a gorgeous stranger persist in following Kate all around the beautiful island of Corfu?
Was he looking for trouble or romance?

233. Future Tense – Joan Hess –1987 – Was Moran reading
Carter’s lips , or his mind? Both were of interest for her.

234. Treasure of the Hills – Mary Virginia Fox – 1987 – Peter’s
first love had always been the sea, but now it looked as though he
would never see it again. Was this the end of his dream or the beginning
of a new one?

235. Nights on the Bayou – Miriam Morton – 1987 – Now
that Shelby had met Jon she understood much more about her own
Cajun heritage, but would he also be able to clarify her future?

236. King for Queen – Judy Mayer- 1987 –
Though Karen King had been nominated homecoming
queen as a joke, it wasn’t funny to her. She hated
football. Besides, what could be more demeaning
than being paraded around on a float in front of a
bunch of gaping guys? She would never submit to
such nonsense. Never! What caused her to change
her mind? Was it smug Tiffany’s scheming? Arnie’s
insistance? Or was it just plain old-fashioned
stubborness and the surprising discovery that she
was more of a blue blood that she’d ever realized?

Find your favorite author

Out of 236 books
One book each
Patti Beckman – #3 – Please Let me In
Adrienne Marceau – #4 – Serenade
Eleni Carr – #11 – It’s My Turn
Rebecca Diamond – #15 – Summer Romance
Ann Bryan – #16 – Someone to Love
Deborah Kent – #22 – That Special Summer
Constance Treadwell – #24 – Dream Lover
Caroline Cooney – #25 – The Personal Touch
Lisa Quinn – #30 – A Boy to Dream About
Ann London – #31 – The First Act
Josie March – #34 – The Perfect Figure
Pam Ketter – #36 – One on One
Jessica Howell – #37 – Love-Note
Vanessa Payton – #38 – All American Girl
Becka Cassidy – #40 – My Lucky Star
Pam Martin – #43 – A Knight to Remember
Patricia Aks – #47 – Three Weeks of Love
Marilyn Manning – #48 – Summer Illusion
Brady Brett – #49 – One of a Kind
Fran Fisher – #50 – Stay Sweet Love
Barbara COy – #51 – Prairie Girl
Carol Robertson – #52 – A Summer to Remember
Elaine Arthur – #56 – Romance in Store
Laura Hawkins – #58 – Double Exposure
Mary Jo Dunne – #61 – Here comes Kary!
Sharon Wagner – #68 – Change Partners
Michelle Matthews – #75 – Under the Mistletoe
Roseanne McKenna – #88 – A Change of Heart
Claire Caldwell – #90 – Surf’s up for Lainey
Louise Chatterton – #92 – Just the Right Age
SueEllen Holland – #93 – South of the Border
Erin Phillips – #96 – Research for Romance
Judy Baer – #111 – The Girl Inside
Barbara Steiner – # 118 – See you in July
Virginia Smiley – #124 – Sugarbush Spring
Dorothy Fischer – #126 – Between the Lines
Jeanne Cheyney – #127 – A Patch of Black Satin
Helen Cavanagh – #132 – The Candy Papers
Nancy Morgan – #163 – Blue Ribbon Summer
Norma Jean Lutz – #167 – Blossom into Love
Kathleen Garvey – #170 – Video Fever
Lynn Carlock – #176 – Daughter of the Moon
Joyce Davies – #177 – A Day in September
Serita Stevens – #190 – A Gathering Storm
Rebecca Nunn – #191 – Wheels
Kalindi Clare – #192 – First Impressions
Alan Thomas – #195 – The Roar Of the Crowd
Hazel Krantz – #196 – None But the Brave
Jean Simon – #205 – With Love from Rome
Lainey Campbell – #206 – A Wish too Soon
Laurien Berenson – #208 – Double Dare
Susan Rubin – #214 – Walk with Danger
Jean F. Capron – #218 – Days of Loving
Glen Ebisch – #219 – Behind the Mask
Lee Wardlaw – #230 – Alley Cat
Judi Cross – #231 – Something to Treasure
Joan Hess- # 233 – Future Tense
Mary Virginia Fox – #234 – Treasure of the Hills
Judy Mayer – #236 – King for Queen

Two Books
Helen Erskine – #6 – Kate Herself
– #17 – Golden Girl
Genell Dellin – #12 – In My Sister’s Shadow
– #42 – Promises to Come
Wendi Davis – #21 – Teach me to Love
– #46 – Sealed with a Kiss
McClure Jones – #23 – When September Returns
– #140 – What I know About Boys
Tracy West – #28 – Lessons in Love
– #194 – Promises
Nancy Bush – #32 – Dare to Love
– #78 – Bittersweet Sixteen
Barbara Haynes – #35 – People Like Us
– # 116 – Wishful Thinking
Winifred Madison – #45 – A Touch of Love
– # 64 – Mix and Match
Leslie Graham – #55 – Love on the Run
– #91 – Rx For Love
Francis Hurley Grimes – #84 – Sunny Side Up
– #141 – I Love you More than Chocolate
Ellen Leroe – #87 – Enter , Laughing
– #123 – Give and Take
Kathryn Makris – #98 – One of the Guys
– #154 – One in a Million
Martha Mason Humphreys – #102 – Side By Side
– #178 – A Broken Bow
Caryl Hansen – #105 – One for the Road
– #186 – Small Wonder
Judith Enderle – #115 – Secrets
– #174 – Adrienne and the Blob
Dawn Kingsbury – #150 – The Heartbreak of Haltom High
– #200 – Only Make Believe
Ann Gabhart – #161 – A Chance Hero
– #217 – Look of Eagles
Candice Ransom – #175 – Blackbird Keep
– #225 – Cat’s Cradle

Three Books
Carrie Enfield – #7-Songbird
– #54 – Picture Perfect
– #62 – Secret Admirer
Maud Johnson – #10 – Please Love me Somebody
– #33- You and Me
– #59 – A Rainbow for Alison
Bea Alexander – #44 – Somebody Like Jeremy Vaughn
– #69 – Advice and Consent
– #85 – In the Long Run
Andrea Marshall – #99 – Written in the Stars
– #107 – Handle With Care
– #151 – Against the Odds
Cheryl Zach – #104 – The Frog Princess
– #131 – Waiting For Amanda
– #156 -Fortune’s Child
Tessa Kay – #106 – The French Summer
– #179 – The Wild One
– #232 -The Boy in White
Katrina West – #148 – Meadow Wind
– #158 – Free Spirit
– #210 – A Dash of Pepper
Jeffie Ross Gordon – #198 – A Touch of Genius
– #216 – The Journal of Emily Rose
– #221 – A Touch of Magic

The Countdown to the most
Doreen Owens Malik – #71 – That Certain Boy
– #83 – Where the Boys Are
– #113 – Season of Mist
– #146 – Call Back Yesterday

Carrie Lewis – #100 – Head in the Clouds
– #110 – Call of the Wild
– #172 – The New Man
– #227 – Up in the Air

Oneta Ryan – #13 – Sometime My Love
– #19 – Tommorow’s Wish
– #26 – A Time For Us
– #63 – A New Beginning
– #72 – Love and Honors

Rose Bayner – #80 – Endless Summer
– #125 – Summer of my Independence
– #142 – The Wilder Special
– #149 – Off the Hook
– #164 – On the Loose

Nicole Hart – #94 – Lead on Love
– #114 – Courting Trouble
– #193 – Road to Romance
– #201 – Mayhem and Magic
– #209 – Rachel’s Resistance

Brenda Cole – #60 – Alabama Moon
– #79 – Larger Than Life
– #119 – Don’t Fence Me In
– #188 – Tomorrow and Tomorrow
– #204 – Hunter’s Moon
– #226 – Spoiled Rotten

Joyce McGill – #122 – Lovetalk
– #144 – Country Boy
– #160 – That Other Langley Girl
– #184 – Here We Go Again
– #202 – Soap Opera
– #223 – Diamond In the Rough

Marilyn Youngblood – #76 – Send in the Clowns
– #86 – The Boy Next Door
– #103 – After Midnight
– #109 – Snap Judgement
– #133 – Manhattan Melody
– #143 – Hungarian Rhapsody
– #162 – Riding High

Miriam Morton – #152 – On the Road Again
– #168 – Birds of Passage
– #180 – All at Sea
– #207 – Shadows on the Mountain
– #220 – Mind over Matter
– #228 – Kiss of the Cobra
– #235 – Nights of the Bayou

Beverly Sommers – #66 – Up to Date
– #74 – A Passing Game
– #138 – In the Money
– #147 – Why Me?
– #155 – A Civil War
– #166 – And Miles to Go
– #211 – Parrots and Monkeys
– #222 – Take a Walk

Becky Stuart – #70 – More than Friends
– #81 – The Mockingbird
– #97 – Land’s End
– #112 – Once In California
– #136 – The Shadow Knows
– #157 – Journey’s End
– #173 – Someone Else
– #189 – Ghost Ship
– #199 – Famous Last Words

Janice Harrell – #67 – Puppy Love
– #95 – Heaven’s To Bitsy
– #128 – Secrets in the Garden
– #134 – Killebrew’s Daughter
– #159 – Sugar and Spice
– #165 – Blue Skies and Lollipops
– #187 – Birds of a Feather
– #205 – With Love From Rome
– #224 – Castles in Spain
– #229 – A Risky Business

Dorothy Francis – #1 – New Boy in Town
– #8 – Special Girl – Vonnie
– #20 – Say Please!
– #27 – A Secret Place
– #41 – Just Friends
– #82 – Kiss Me Kit
– #120 – The Magic Circle
– #135 – Bid For Romance
– #171 – Write on!
– #185 – Stop Thief!
– #213 – Follow Your Heart

And the Winner at 17 Books –
Elaine Harper – #9 -Love at First Sight
– #18 – We Belong Together
– #39 – Be My Valentine
– #53 – Light of my Life
– #65 – The Mystery Kiss
– #73 – Short Stop For Romance
– #89 – Bunny Hug
– #101 – Fireworks
– #117 – Turkey Trot
– #121 – Christmas Date
– #129 – The Ghost of Gamma Rho
– #137 – Lover’s Lake
– #145 – Janine
– #153 – The Phantom Skateboard
– #169 – Orinoco Adventure
– #181 – Homecoming
– #197 – Coral Island


14 thoughts on “First love From Silhouette – Ultimate page – Book covers – Book Descriptions – Dorothy Francis , Janice Harrell, Doreen Owens Malik, Veronica Ladd , Caroline B Cooney , Winifred Madison , Marilyn Youngblood , Janice Harrell , Helen Cavanagh , Becky Stuart , Carrie Lewis , Jeffie Ross Gordon , Nicole Hart , Rose Bayner , Judith Enderle , Cheryl Zach and more!”

  1. This is absolutely incredible! Will make finding the ones missing from my collection SO much easier! Thanks so much for investing the time to do this!

  2. Hi, I just stumbled across this site, and it looks great. I’m don’t know if you still check this or not, but i’m looking for a book (and I didn’t see it in the descriptions but I may have missed it). It’s about a teenage girl who goes to live somewhere in the country (I think) and she meets an older guy (in his 20’s I think). She’s attracted to him but he keeps turning her down b/c of the age difference. That’s all i can remember, i know pretty vague, but any help you may be able to give me would be appreciated. Thanks!

      1. I honestly don’t remember…i’ve been searching all different websites all day with no luck :(…could be sweet dreams…but again, not sure…

  3. Maybe he was in his late teens…i’m really not sure. But definitely older. They had a lot of chemistry. I was looking into descriptions of the books you posted and i was thinking it could be one of these:

    A touch of love -Maynard
    A change of heart – mckenna
    Just the right age – chatterton
    An april love story – cooney
    The impossible love – hale
    I really don’t remember much about the storyline, other than the main characters were far apart in age. Do you know if any or all of these books have a big age difference in them?

    Looking at the covers though, i could have sworn it was a “first love” one, b/c i remember that type of set up on the cover i read. When i read it (probably early 90’s)I got it out of the library when i read it and i feel like I was purposefully looking for the author’s name so i could purchase the book myself, but I didn’t see that author’s name anywhere on the book. But that wouldn’t make sense right? There were never books written that didn’t include the author’s name, right?

  4. No authors name sounds very odd unless it was part of a short story collection. I don’t have any of the First love’s you mentioned but I can check the Wildfire’s for you. If you want you can post this question on my Facebook – Cliquey Pizza page, and generate some more guesses. Some of the people who frequent still collect First Loves!

  5. Thanks, I actually just bought the “First love” books on my list from Abebooks. This really is such a great site. I”m psyched I stumbled across it. But if you get a chance, check those wildfire’s for me. Maybe i’ll buy them too. Too bad not everything is available thru kindle ;).

  6. Hi I was looking for a book I think it was a first love book, I cant remember the name of the book im after but hope you can help Its about this teen girl who goes to the country to stay with her aunty and uncle on their farm and she falls in love with a guy named lane. towards the end she moves back to her mothers to get things sorted before she moves permanently to her aunt and uncles farm to be with lane its as much as I can remember hope you can help.

    1. hhhm. This actually could be a Wildfire – but I’ll check. I guess you didn’t see it in the list. Lane sounds like a First Love name they had the most unusual character names out of all the romance series. But I think there were a few wildfires where girls went to stay with their aunt & uncles.

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