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Sleepover Friends #12 Kate’s Sleepover Disaster – Susan Saunders – flip flop anarchy – Kate’s in disorder , Lauren’s on a diet , and a donkey is totally bored?! hijinks , hi-fun!

             Well here’s the sequel to the Sleepover Exchange mentioned in book #10. Can you believe it a series actually follows through on an idea! Though in all fairness I’ve come across between the three books within this mini … Continue reading

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Sleepover Friends #11 Stephanie’s Family Secret Susan Saunders – the girls play Harriet the Spy and wind up with a surprising new ‘friend’

    Susan Saunders was (is) a pro! Though Sleepover Friends plots could tread familiar ground there was always one unpredictable gopher hole along the trail! Though , strangely enough I’ve heard more complaints from this series than any other. … Continue reading

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