Clownin’ Around

Here’s easy clicks to my articles ( the
ones in which I pull the legs of multi characters
from various series – rather than merely reveiwing the books. )
I named it after the Sleepover Friends’ documentary -Clownin’
Around – Enjoy the laughs!
See Sunni’s pink hair vs Beth’s pink hair! and other eerie comparisons – the real Igor ( ahem Toady! )
COOKING UP FUN WITH BETTY CROCKER RECIPE CARDS Imagine what cake or treat would be baked for certain
characters of the 80’s series and for what occasion. Laugh it up over
Jessica’s groovy unicorn drinks , Pres from Cheerleaders
lewd corn dogs and Rick Anderson’s ( from SVH ) psychotic
cupcakes plus many more!
CHRISTMAS MANIA It’s Christmas at Cliquey Pizza
check out some pics like what kind of Christmas Tree the Fabulous Five
would have ( silly string?! – it’s a genuine pic from a Christmas article,
in a vintage magazine, probably before the realization that silly string
used to flame up like gasoline ) , the perfect gift for Bruce Patman
and Olivia , some BSC memories and…well you’ll have to click to see
it’s a real hodgepodge!

3 Responses to Clownin’ Around

  1. love your site. You took me back with the 80’s teen series that I relished. Thank you so much you made my day> I even watched 2 episodes of Jem & the Holograms this morning.

    • peacharino says:

      Thanks! Jem, love it ! – I bought up several seasons on dvd when they first came out as a Christmas present to myself – but I had to watch all the final episodes on You tube as the last part of the third season, still, to my knowledge, isn’t available.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I LOVE JEM! I wanted to be Rio’s girlfriend so bad. How do you feel about the upcoming movie Would love to hear your thoughts.

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