I grew up in a small Canadian town in the 80’s , born in the
late 70’s okay if you want to do the math 1976. No I did not go to school
on sled dogs. I didn’t call hats, toques , and I am not fluent in french ,
in fact it was my worse subject in school. Our culture wasn’t much different
from our brother country America and to be honest a lot of us didn’t
watch Canadian t.v.!
Growing up in the 80’s was a blast,
I loved it! The toys were cool – the pogo ball, care bears,
Jem dolls, Mattell Fashion plates, colorforms, shrinky dinks,
Crayola crafts, the music was fun – Wham – Wake me up before
you go-go, Eurythmics – Right by your Side ,Katrina and the Waves –
Walking on Sunshine. Even the commercials were awesome – I’ve
still got jingles from the 80’s rattling around in my head!
Why did I want to do a website when their were hundreds of sites
out there dedicated to the 80’s? I was searching for a list
of Wildfire books one day and nada , nothing , I checked First
Love from Silhouette still nothing – the only websites out
there seemed to be dedicated to Sweet Valley High or
the Babysitters Club – no offense I mean I love both series
but c’mon there were hundreds, I discovered, of series out there!
Poor neglected series, that nobody had anything to say about.
No love of great book cover artwork , no groan worthy arguements of how
cliche, no debates ( like is it just me or is SVH just a
bloated version of the Archie comics?) , no history! I decided it was time to
knuckle down and create myself a blog I wanted. It wasn’t
easy – when I grew up in the 80’s I didn’t snatch up every
book possible – in fact I only collected 5 series avidly –
The Babysitter’s Club , Sweet Valley High , Sweet Valley Twins,
Sleepover Friends and The Fabulous Five. Then towards the
end of the decade when Yes , I know I was much too old –
I collected all of Three of a Kind ( Totally underrated series )
and what I thought was all of The Party Line – the stores I
shopped at actually stopped carrying them after book six and
for a decade I thought the series ended at book six.
My love for books was always mixed , in a home that frequently
used layaway at Woolco’s, Towers and KMart ( almost and defunct department
stores ), my money was always in limbo between toys , then
make up & clothes or books. Fortunatly I got a windfall of
cash via my grandma ( thank you! thank you! ) and I was
able to invest more money in paperbacks. And my tastes
were thankfully lowbrow. My first series book
ever , was way before that – An older girl, Rita? , supercool
who looked exactly like the girl on the cover of Caprice’s #73 Madly in
Love (check out my neon article for a glimpse) was cleaning
out her room one day and offered me a paperback of Wildfire’s
No Boys By Mclure Jones. I loved it! Up until then I’d been
subject to reading Barbapapa I was only about 8 , Judy Blume’s
Blubber and Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great and my
fave Judy B book – Tiger Eyes. I didn’t exactly switch
overnight to a series-aholic , in fact my school library
didn’t exactly stock a lot and my friends
were no help. We weren’t exactly bookworms. However in
grade 5? one of my friends had started in on the Babysitters
Club and infected the rest of us. I remember it clearly her
foisting a copy of #3 The Truth about Stacey into my hands
urging – you have to read this! From that day I was hooked.
My series lust toned down as I got older and I stopped buying.
I mean Sweet Valley High could chug on forever but I wasn’t
exactly interested when they changed the covers and it
became clear that other changes ( shudder ) had come into order
– Jessica in love with a vampire – pul-ease. And I wasn’t
even a buffy fan. I checked out the Babysitters club movie
and series and The Sweet Valley High series – my excitment
sapped in a moment of acute embarrassment – this
is the best they could do? 90210 was more Sweet Valley
than Sweet Valley and The Babysitters club while cringe
indusing has, for me, now, a strange charm like Degrassi’s
clumsy-honesty. It wasn’t until years later that my
passion was refired.
I was heavy into Ebay – buying, selling and scoured
local bookstores, thriftstores, and flea markets for
items and one day this flea market near by ( which
by the way still has items sitting there collecting
dust from 1998 ) decided to briefly open up it’s basement
to vendors ( I say briefly because it was quickly closed due to
fire regulations. ) I was gleeful – new junk! and came
across a box full of teen books ,I sifted through it and
did a double take at what I found – I mean it was errie,
I thought was there some weird spin off of Sweet Valley
High that eluded me, had Jennifer the fake triplet
from Sweet Valley Twins become a ‘real’ character?
I picked up the book – it was a series book I had never
seen in all my used book store purusing – It was
called Dream Girls and the cover art was done
by Sweet Valley High artist – James Mathewuse. I promptly
bought it for fifty cents and took it home. The internet
was just in it’s baby steps and I couldn’t find any
information but I wondered – how many series
were actually out there? How many had I missed or
over looked. I can’t say that I never had the opportunity
to purchase Dream Girls – but I never recalled it.
It’s not like Seniors which I had deliberately skipped
over and Sisters due more to allowance evaporation
than choice. From then on it’s been like a quest –
even a treasure hunt – I’m quite daffy about it
, I even carry around a cheap dollar
store address book where I’ve listed all the series
in their proper a-z list numbering all the books I need.
My friends have been both supportive and slight-eyebrow
lifting – they ask and who reads this website? I guess
I’d be a little bummed if no one checked out my site but
mainly I decided to put it on because I wanted the site
for myself, years ago when I was frustrated at never
being able to find lists of Sweet Dreams or wondered
if Pen Pals was the only boarding school series other
than the Girls of Canby Hall. Since I’ve started collecting
I’ve actually kindof relived the 80’s it’s a lot like
time traveling, if in only for an hour with a good book.
I’ve read series I’ve never read before – The Girls of Canby
Hall , Hearts and Diamonds and more and more and I love them!
The idea to pair them up with a bit of 80’s pop culture
came when I reread Sleepover Friends #Patti Gets Even
and came to the part when Patti dances with the robot
oddjob and I immediately thought of Ally Sheedy cutting a
rug with Short Circut! The
website really developed some polish when one of my fav used
bookstores was trying to get rid of old stock and offered –
fill a box for five bucks and I totally wiped out
most of their young adult stock – I was in series
heaven! I managed to snag all the Pen Pals, Merivale Mall,
quite a bit of Sweet Dreams & Crosswinds, Girls of
Canby Hall, all of On Our Own , and oodles of
others. I don’t have every book , yet, but I’ve got
quite a few. I’d love more interaction with my
readers – I mean if you’ve got a fave book let me
know, or if you’ve got a question like a mystery
book you’re trying to recall the name of
don’t be shy ( just specific – try and recall as
much information, especially if the book was a series )
and I’ll give it a shot to find it. I’m trying to
incorporate more non-series 80’s books because
my shelves are running over with them
and hope to eventually have
a coherent list either of authors and books
or meld them into my, for now stagnate, 80’s
Dictionay – under headings like Camp – as in
camp books – i.e. Hail Hail Camp Timberwood.
I’m discovering most people remember subjects
better than authors and or titles.
Also I love to know if I’ve missed a series!
Oh and if you’re wondering about the name Cliquey Pizza
why Cliquey Pizza , I’ve read tons of children’s
literature studies ( yup I read stuff besides teen
books – though they’re not as fun ) , who basically
write off series fiction as low brow and garbage
one called it bubblegum for the brain – I love
that junk food! and since the 80’s was
totally into Pizza – Pizza hut ,Show Biz pizza ,
Mothers Pizza , Pizza Pizza – I’m gonna quit now
you get the picture – what was more junky than
pizza? And as for Cliquey well the 80’s was
the ultimate in Clique-dom!( not to mention
the series fiction usually featured gangs of
girls – who might not use the c word but were
definitly cliquey ) – There you go – Cliquey
Pizza. P.s. I’m thinking of opening a Swap /sell
page where readers can ask for others willing
to swap certain 80’s books however I’m unsure
if anyone would be interested and I’m unsure if
I want to undergo the responsibility if snags
happen it would have to be totally at-your-own-risk
sorta thing but if anyone’s interested let me
know. We could run it through the comments on
a certain page. Thanks for checking in and –
Enjoy the ride.

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    1. Sorry I took so long to check out your site – but nice job – I love the More you Know –
      backdrop! Added a link so my viewers can check you out. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I am going crazy trying to remember the title of an 80s teen novel I had and my mom threw out. I only remember bits of the story, and I’ve been like CRAZY googling for hours trying to find it. I found your blog amongst my google searches and instantly fell in love with it. I hope, I really hope, you keep blogging, because it is truly a great pleasure and joy to read all about my favorite decade: the 80s, along with all the teen novels, pop culture, and amazing photos you’ve posted so far. Fantastic blog, and I will tag you back.

    Anyway, here’s what I remember from the story of this novel, I really hope you can help me out to find it, because I would love to get another copy for my collection:
    It’s about this girl who’s babysitting this bratty kid over the summer. The bratty kid is pudgy, wears glasses and track suits all the time. There’s an older sister who’s glamourous and shops all the time, but secretly wants to become a hairdresser and thinks her mother will dissapprove. The girl is spending her summer at this house taking care of these other two, and meets the cute boy neighbor who she falls for, as well as another guy who seems to be fantastic but ends up being a jerk. I remember a line from the novel where the girl is going out on her date with the jerk and she gets nauseous because he’s wearing Old Spice and throws up all over his trans am. I hope you can help me with the title, it’s killing me not to remember!

    1. Hi , guess what? I found you book! I was doing my usual rounds to used books stores and thrift stores – this one store has this great deal
      fill a bag of books for a buck and thankfully they’re all the ones I want dated! I took them home looked them over and there was your book!
      It’s called An Almost Perfect Summer by Rona S. Zable. The book which I read last night was hilarious! The brat’s name was Marcie and the
      heroine Ellen and the jerk Todd Crowley or as Marcie would say Turd Crawling! click here for photo cover I found

  2. Hi! I am so glad that I discovered your website from a Good Reads discussion thread! I read a lot of books in the 80’s (I graduated in 1989!) and thought I had remembered a good lot of them until I saw how much you had listed here and found so many more that I had forgotten about! Thanks for the trip down memory lane! But, I was looking for a series that I couldn’t find on here! You have so much here and I tried searching for it, but couldn’t find it! So, I’m not sure if you have them listed here and I just missed them? I know that they still publish them, but, I am looking for a listing of the original Choose Your Own Adventure Books! I can only remember the plot/subject, but not the titles, of a couple that I can recall: an Old West (Dodge City?) one, an Inca or Mayan one, a space one and a sea one! Sorry, I know that’s not much to go on, but thanks so much if you’re able to help!

    1. Hi , choose your own adventure should be on my list, I do recall reading a few and they weren’t just for boys. However the list is long! Here’s a linc click here for Demian’s gamebook webpage – he has lists of all kinds of choose your own adventure and interactive books -it’s pretty cool and informative!

  3. Hi,
    Just stumbled accross your site and was hoping you might be able to help. My sister and I had a favorite teen romance that we lost in one of our many moves and I would love to buy it for Xmas for her.

    It goes like this:
    Girl moves to a new town, and meets the star footballer and they don’t hit it off. Her cousin (?) sets her up on a blind date with said footballer and it still doesn’ work. Skip to school where she is trying to avoid another guy and the footballer saves her by saying they are going out. They strike a 6 week deal where they pretend to be an item and at the end of the 6 weeks they break up, however she actually really likes him. Desperate to find this book, or even just the title.


    1. Hi, I’ll look around but my first thought is First Love From Silhouette #9 – Love at First Sight by Elaine Harper check out my LINK and see if the
      cover and description rings a bell.

      1. Thanks for the help! I haven’t gotten around to all the Sweet Dreams books and only have little blurb like descriptions for each book which makes it difficult when people have a memory of one of them.

  4. I looooooovvve your site. Can you help? An 80s teen romance (series, I believe, but only like of five or fewer) about a girl named Lexi whose parents divorce or die and she must move to New York? (I think). The main point is, she’s in a band and dresses very New Wave and is very New Yorky. I think she lives with her aunt?????

    1. Thanks for reminding me! I’ve forgotten to put these series up – it’s called Electric High by Jane Foster Thornton – check out my link to Sweet Hearts romance books she has them up for sale! Looks like a fun series!

  5. Hello. I’m impressed how you’re able to help others find the books they’re looking for. I thought I got some bug (good to know I’m not the only one) because of recent I really want to track down a book I read back in the 80s. I couldn’t remember the title, nor the author. I skimmed through the listing on your site and it doesn’t jump out at me. Short of going back to the library and check the shelves (not sure if it’s in circulation anymore) where I used to be a loyal patron, I thought I start with you. All I can muster is that it’s a story about a teenage girl going to a summer camp and she met a young boy. The story is very innocent and cute of its time. The girl may have been named Ellen (my memory is horrible). Thank you for your time and Happy 2011!

    1. I’m going to take a guess because there are a lot of camp books out there – Hail Hail Camp Timberwood by Ellen Conford here’s a link so you can look at a cover only be aware this book was published many times and had many covers. The other camp books I think of right off hand are Camp Boy Meets Girl by Caroline B Cooney – only it’s not specifically a romance. And it’s focused more on the counselors.

      1. Oh, my gosh!!! I was just reading the ABOUT and came across in your description, Hail, Hail Camp Timberwood. Then I saw your response. WOW. For weeks, the name Ellen and Timberwood has been floating in my head. You don’t know how eerie and ecstatic I am right now. Not sure why I really want to get that book and was willing to go back to the hometown library where I grew up. I think you’re right on the bull’s eye. How can I thank you? With deep appreciation, Vivian.

        1. Just glad I could help out! I hate it myself when I can’t remember the name or title of something. I can spend hours on abe.com using different dates and phrases to track down a title- thankfully I remember Hail ,Hail Camp Timberwood with affection – Ellen Conford is one of my favorite authors.

  6. Like many others, I stumbled over your website and I think I was looking at almost all of these and going “I read that!” or “I remember that!” and I actually did find a book title that I couldn’t quite remember. One of the Silhouette books. Thank you so much!!!

  7. I just finished reading the book today and it’s very enjoyable, even after all these years. The book is timeless and well written. Thank you for your time and efforts to create and update your website.

    1. Glad you found it , I too love(d) Hail Hail Camp Timberwood. In fact I’m a huge Ellen Conford fan, I think my favorite book of her’s was
      Anything for a Friend – just because of the slipper sock scam! Oh and I can’t leave out Why Me? just because it was a rare book that
      was taken from a boys point of view.

  8. So, so glad to have tripped across your website! *grin* While going through your impressively extensive series listing, time and time again I was jolted with the thought, “I read THAT!”. And after reading your bio, I’m not surprised, seeing as we’re the same age (and fellow Canadians- yay us *laugh*).

    Thank you for taking the time to put this site together. In addition to walking down memory lane, it’s great to know others connected with the material as strongly as I did. Here are some that are particularly dear to my heart- “Camp Boy Meets Girl”, the follow-up “Camp Reunion” and the Couples series (I’m so pleased you list it as an underrated series- I completely agree!).

    I’m currently filling in the small gaps of that series collection via eBay. I’m particularly excited to read the last book, with the unrealistic hope that there will be some sort of satisfying conclusion. I really found these characters to be believable and decent, the type you’d like to meet and hang around with, not because they were attractive, but because they were interesting, cared about each other and created a real sense of community. I could genuinely respect these characters. When I read “Bye Bye Love” which is about the ‘core’ group graduating, I felt this surge of love for these people I wouldn’t get to hang out with anymore, and felt a melancholy for a time now past. Some couples were going to separate universities and breaking up, entering adult jobs, etc and though it was sad, there was the ring of truth to it, unlike a lot of other series that stayed perpetually frozen in a suspended grade 11. I loved that it was realistic- the characters aged, changed, matured.

    I don’t know if this idea catches your fancy, but it would be great to find out more about the authors of these series- what other books they went on to write, are they still alive, and if they’d be open to you interviewing them about the characters, how they pictured them living on, etc.

    Thanks again for your wonderful work! Again, such a pleasure!

    1. I would love to interview some of these wonderful authors! I did get one author of several Sweet Dreams novels stop by, unfortunatly I didn’t nab her into an interview. I was just starting the blog and could barely figure out any of the buttons or gadgets and was sort of in over my head! Camp Girl meets Boy and Camp Reniun by Caroline B Cooney were awesome I wished their had been a third!

      1. Hey again!

        I was just wondering whether you might like receiving some great 80’s finds I came across this summer at library and garage sales. I vowed to myself I wouldn’t let my already bloated book collection grow, but some of these titles were just too good to pass up. I would be most happy, however, to pass them on to you, as I know you’ll give them a loving home *grin*. Interested?

        1. I would *LOVE* anything I don’t already have and your willing to part with! Whenever you want to work out the details just email me through facebook or drop me another note in comments and I’ll get back to you and send you my email, cause I’m not sure if I’ve made my email available through Cliquey Pizza. My settings seem a little bare.

  9. I just found your site and I love it! Thanks for doing this… just seeing the covers I feel like I’m back in my pink-carpeted room!

    1. Thanks! I know what you mean – just recently I found a Trend sticker on Ebay that was the exact sticker I remember my brother buying for me
      back in a childhood toy store when I was seven! It flooded all kinds of
      memories of that toy store which has sadly now become a rather boring but trendy kids clothing store. The sticker by the way was of a fat cat
      with a dish of mint ice cream.

  10. Hi! A friend sent me a link to your website and I totally love it. The 80’s was the BEST decade! Loved everything about it. I am looking for a book that I read and cannot remember the title or author. It is about a girl with glasses (name is Janie, I think) and she has a total crush on the popular guy at school. They are in the same class they get assigned as partners for a class project. I think the boy’s name is Johnny. The project is that they have to pretend they are married and basically go through the ups and downs of a real marriage. The title Johnny and Janie pops into my head but I cannot find any reference of that book anywhere. I would love to be able to find a copy of it somewhere. Oh, and I still have like the first 20 books of my SVH books! Thank you for this site, it is awesome!

    1. Hi , thanks! I totally love the 80’s too! natch – lately I’ve gotten caught up in sticker nostalgia and hope to do a couple of sticker themed articles plus
      an expose on Jill Brenner from Blubber ( I never realized just how nasty she was! ) I’ll check for your book ,cause right now I think I’m getting it mixed up with Jean and Johnny by Beverly Cleary which being written in the 50’s I seriously doubt it would have a marriage class theme – there are however several Sweet Dreams and I think a couple of First
      Love dealing with this theme not to mention a handful of stand alones. Here is one book however that everyone remembers fondly, I think with this idea – Love at First Sight by Elaine Harper here’s a link to the First Love by Silhouette ultimate page featuring the book covers and descriptions. I don’t think it’s your book ( Janine doesn’t wear glasses that I recall ) unless your meshing two ideas together ( it happens to me too! ) – Jean and Johnny 80’s cover featured a girl with glasses poking the chest of Johnny.

  11. That picture of the girl poking Johnny in the chest is what I am remembering! And I was thinking that it was written by Beverly Cleary. So, am I not remembering the synopsis of the book correctly? At I know that I am not going completely crazy! Thanks for the info.

    1. Here’s the description about Jean and Johnny – “Fifteen-year-old Jean is astonished when a handsome Johnny whirls her โ€˜round the dance floor. She’s never given much thought to boys before; now Johnny is all that’s on her mind. Finally she finds the courage to invite him to a dance. But the excitement of a new dress and a scheme to take Johnny’s photograph cannot stop jean’s growing uneasiness that she likes Johnny a lot more than he likes her.” Since the book was written in the fifties there’s a lot of old fashioned lingo, and old fashioned ideas the girls are making dresses in home ec and dates were compiled of the excitement of going out for a Coke – Jean literally savors it – okay we have something in common! You may have read a few Sweet Dreams at the same time and merged the cover to a different plot. There are two class marriage plot books in Sweet dreams that I know of – The Real thing by Elisabe McHugh where they carry around salt babies and Only Make Believe by Julia Winfield in which there is no mock babies and the teachers allows the partners a lot more freedom when one couple doesn’t get along he allows them to ‘divorse’ as long as they do the extra work involved in studying the procedure. Here’s a link to the Jean and Johnny cover if you want to check it out , I thought she was poking him in the chest but he seems to be ready to tweak her nose! Odd how things like that get twisted around in your head.

  12. THAT’S IT! That is the cover I was thinking about! I think I may have to see if I can find the other ones because it seems as if the marriage theme still sticks in my head so I must have enjoyed it. I am totally thining it is the Julia Winfield one as I do not recall there being a “baby”. Thank you so much for finding the book! I can now sleep peacefully. I anxiously awaiting the time I can share with my daughter (who is only 5) the wonderful world of Sweet Valley High and Judy Blume. In another year or two I am hoping we can start out with the Ramona books, always my favs. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Hi , came across a non-series, class-marriage book – It’s called The Day the Senior Class got Married by Gloria D Miklowitz here’s a link if you want to check out the cover.

  13. I just found your website and have been looking for a book that I read in Junior High. I have been searching for this book for years but have no idea what series it was or who the author was. I have the premise of the story so here goes. The girl of the story has an older brother and she is in love with his best friend. At one point in the story she is doing exercise in her living room and has mayo in her hair because it is good for it. Her brother and his friend walk in and see this. At the end the brothers best friend takes her out on a date and drops her off at the front door and kisses her goodnight. Then she goes into the kitchen and he comes in the backdoor to hang out with the family because he is close with them all. Then he tells her this way he gets to kiss her goodnight twice. I hope you can help me find this .

    1. Hi, Nothing comes to mind but I’ll check my stock – if you have any ideas on the cover , characters names or even book logos please let me know – little things can help with the search. Thanks

      1. I’m pretty sure this is “The Boy for Me” by Jane Claypool Miner (Wildfire). I just read the book myself a couple of weeks ago.

  14. Hi,
    First of all – fantastic site! I loved all these books and spent many hours when I was younger reading them, at school, at home, anywhere!
    I don’t know if you can help but I have been looking for one book in particular for quite a while now – only problem is, not only do I not know the author or name of the book, but I can’t seem to remember that much about it! What I can remember roughly is one scene: the main character is a girl and she is sitting under a tree either reading a book, drawing or day dreaming (I did say this was vague!) and she is either drawing, writing/reading or dreaming about a guy (I think he has black hair!) or a guy comes an sits next to her under the tree. For some reason I am pretty sure either the real or imaginary guy is called Dorian. I think maybe she loves the imaginary guy, but meets a real guy who she eventually falls in love with.
    So there it is, hopefully there might be someone who can recall a scene a bit like this, you never know : )

    1. Wow , this is a bit of a challenge but I’m up for the search , doesn’t really ring any bells but I check my stock. Thanks! – Anyone got any ideas? please jump in!

    2. Hi , Found it! ( I’m almost 99.9 percent possitive! ) I was thinking about your description and thought this one is going to be hard. I even prayed (having help doesn’t hurt!) In fact the first thing that came to my mind was his name isn’t Dorian it just sounds that way. It’s Darwin. Then I was like oh of course. One of my first – First Love From Silhouette books I ever read was Take A Walk by Beverly Sommers, FLFS #222. It’s great! It’s about this girl Blythe who has a unique problem of getting up and just taking a walk no matter where she is – but it becomes a nuisance when she keeps walking out of class! Her parents send her to Kerry Hall , a kindof reform/boarding school where she makes best friends with her overweight roommate Mandy , and tolerates her other roommate the
      punkish , wild Ginger. She continues to take her walks, only they lead her to a house that looks exactly like the one she drew when she was five years old and hangs in her parents bedroom. Living in the house is a goodlooking boy Darwin who is intrigued by this girl staring at his house , and her story. Was she lead to him , was it kismet? Let me know if it’s the one. If not I’ll keep looking!

  15. I remember a few books from when I was a kid, and don’t know the titles or authors. It drives me crazy, because I only remember random details! I realize they may not be the exact age range or time frame, but you do seem to have some books for younger kids listed as well, so I hope it’s OK to ask!
    1. A book about a bunch of animals staying at a hotel, and there was a mystery of some sort. I remember it was an Apple book, and the border was purple. There was a cranky pig (he got mad when at lunch, his chips got soaked with pickle juice). And I think the hotel was at the seaside. Sorry, not much to go on at all!
    2. A book about a girl and boy (brother and sister?) getting brought to a strange land (maybe via a manhole?) by a girl who was wearing a cabbage on her head. I think there was a scene where the kids were in a hot air balloon trying to escape the bad guys, but in order to go faster/higher, they had to make it heavier. My teacher who read it to us said it was called Hunt for the Alphabet, but I did some serious Googling and couldn’t find anything with that title
    3. An autobiography of a pioneer woman. She had lots of hardships – first husband (named Jamie ?) died young (in a hunting accident ?); mother had epilepsy and died young, mean father (?). She had two daughters, one named Olive, had long hair she had to cut because it got full of pine pitch or something, and told a funny story about how you should never shoot a skunk while in a tent. She met her second husband at some sort of social event, and he kept asking to bring her things, and she said something about “starting to get nervous about what he was going to ask to give me next”
    Thank you in advance for any help!
    PS I totally want to read Take A Walk now!!
    PPS Thanks to your book lists, I’ve been able to track down a couple of titles and now have copies on order from used book sites and the library!

    1. Hi , the animal book sounds cute! I can’t wait to find that one. I’m going to check my stock and look around , nothing too much is coming to mind ( I’ve got an idea about the animal book ) but check back. I usually get blessed and find one or two or maybe your descriptions – which are good! will joggle someone elses memory. Talk a walk is definitely worth finding!

    2. Hi , the animal book might be , I stress the word might be – Rabbits Rafferty by Gerald Dumas. The cover that I have isn’t purple it’s
      yellow and by avon camelot. Here’s a LINK to the cover on Amazon. I couldn’t find the scene with the pig getting upset over
      pickle juice on his potato chips – but the animals are eating and thinking about potato chips and food in general ,a lot!
      The animals drive cars, stop at pubs to drink berry beer soda ( isn’t that cute! ) and are involved in trying to stop the scheming Mink Mumsey from
      attempting to become Salemtown’s new tyranical mayor.

  16. Wow, thanks! I’m not sure if it’s the one, but am absolutely going to check it out!! Peacharino, you are indeed a real peach!

  17. Hi again. Just to let you know, unfortunately, Rabbits Rafferty was not the book I remembered. BUT, the book seemed similar in style (purple cover and everything – but Dell Yearling, not Apple – oops!) so I’m planning to check out other books by the author and illustrator. Plus, it was a fun read! So even though it wasn’t the book I was looking for, it was still win-win! Thanks again for your efforts!

  18. Hey Peacharino,

    I’m all a-curious to know: what did you think of the new “Sweet Valley Confidential”? Assuming you’ve read it, of course. Overall I enjoyed it, surprisingly enough, and thought the twists were within the realm of believability in the Sweet Valley world, though Francine could have used a more efficient editor, in my opinion. What were your impressions?

    1. I keep setting money aside to buy it and then keep buying other things! And I’m also trying to get my hands on the pricey – The Seven Basic Plots by Christopher Booker which is like 40 bucks here! ( Canada ) I have been reading bits of it in Chapters. So far I’ve found it happily interesting. However I also feel it ‘s attempting the Candace Bushnell route which I feel is a big mistake. ( a series book imitating a series book -shudder – just do you’re own thing – that’s why you’re a success!) I’ve read Francine Pascal’s non – SVH books, the Victoria books – Hangin out with Cici etc. and her tone is completely different than SVH – there was a rough snideness to the stories – that were perfect for Victoria , but not for the Wakefield twins and I could feel that snideness eep out. It may be mean to prefer that the book had been written by a ghost writer – perhaps one of the authors from the earliest novels , but I guess I do. They really knew how to bring out Jessica’s humor! Some of the twists – Enid as a gynecologist seemed to be playing up more to fans demanding saitrical venegeance than what I thought the early series would’ve turned her into ( although I seem to recall – Enid and Liz having a falling out in SVU. ) and it’s hard to feel for the characters bisected from their era. ( If you were a fan of Archie comics you’d know what I mean when you open a recent issue of Archie and see how distorted even his image has become. ) My expectations were probably too much to live up , too absurb to fullfill. I am still an 80’s girl and was expecting something 80’s :Jessica living the Dynasty lifestyle – I always thought she’d become a big ham of an actress , that Lila would follow suit and they’d continue their friendship feuding over roles and hunky leading men. Though in all fairness her working at a cosmetics company had me giggling in memory of Tofu-glow. Since I wasn’t the biggest fan of SVU – ( they really rubbed the readers nose in the expression – Small fish in a big sea – where Elizabeth was concerned – she actually turned into a bit of a joke for a while ) I’m on the fence about the Sweet Valley Confidential , I wish I could just set aside my expectations and enjoy the ride. When I read it – totally – I’ll definitely do a full review.

      1. Hey, I’ve been devouring your blog, starting with cliqueypizza 1 for a month now since I discovered it and I have to say I’m half in love with you. I love your descriptions and comments about all things 80s and not just the books. And I love your comment about Archie comics because that’s exactly how I feel. I thought I was the only one who didn’t care for the modern Archie. I’m a huge Archie comics fan, but I’m always scouring ebay for the older Archie that I grew up reading.

        Anyway, I hadn’t commented all this time because I wasn’t sure if you were still around. I haven’t seen any comments from 2016. By the way, if you don’t mind me asking, which was the small town in Canada that you grew up in. This may sound silly, but I actually love discovering and reading about small towns. Its another of my hobbies, lol.

        I also have a camp book I’m searching for. I asked on goodreads, but no one there knew what I was talking about. I’ll save the question for if you actually reply here though.

  19. Hello – love your site!!! Brought back tons of memories of the series I read back in the day. I do need help with something. I am looking for a book or series from the late 80’s, early to mid 90’s. It was about a group of friends who get stranded on an island.. one of the only details I can remember is that one of the girls is an artist and she makes paints with things that she finds on the island, berries, etc… I also believe that there was a calendar in the cave that they marked how many days they had been stranded… Does this ring any bells at all? Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated… Thank you!

    1. Hi , Thanks! – My first thought is that it’s this bizarre ‘series’ – ( bizarre because though it’s styled in the vien of Camp Sunnyside Friends or BSC it’s only two books long – really more like a book and sequel )- called Lost Girls – book #1 is -Stranded, the second is -Alone.
      Here’s a link so that maybe the cover will jog you’re memory. I’m typing this at a coffee shop or I’d check out my own copies. I don’t recall how the books went but I can get back to you about the berry paint scene.

  20. Hi, I came across your site and wasnโ€™t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back and we’ll talk about it.


    Joel Houston

  21. Just found your blog and it’s very cool to relive some of my younger reading tastes. I even saw some books I’d forgotten I’d read. Sometimes it’s cringe-worthy too but I love the memories so much. I guess I started collecting Nancy Drew Files myself because I ran into a bunch in a thrift store and Nancy is also why I love mysteries still to this day. I also picked up some of the Girl Talk series by L.E. Blair (I read a couple back in the day and really enjoyed them) and it was so cool to see them again now that I am all grown up. Have you reviewed any yet? They’re entertaining!

    It’s amazing what we’ll recall: I grew up in the Caribbean and to this day I remember the cover of the Sweet Dreams “The Truth about Me and Bobby V” because it was the first Sweet Dreams cover I’d seen with a black girl on it! We all passed around that book and read it. The reach and span of American girl-culture and pop culture in these books in the English speaking world is quite astounding when I think about it.

    1. Hi, I would love to review some Girl Talk books, only, right now, I’ve only got two books from the series. I was supposed to add the series to my A-Z series guide when I uploaded new series – My Crazy Cousin Courtney and a few others but the description was kindof skimpy. I’ll try and add it – along with the Nancy Drew files ( as long as I can beef up the description! ) – I’ve never read any of them , even though I collected the old Nancy Drew – would you believe I tried them out specifically cause Claudia Kishi read them! It’s amazing to relive some of these memories – just recently I dug out some of my old Point Horrors – when I was twelve they were page-turning , thrilling. Now they’re…well …I’m sad to say , kinda lame! Some aren’t too bad though.

  22. I love your site! I’m trying to figure out the name of a book I read way back when and I’m hoping you can help. It’s about a girl entering junior high ( I think her name was Janie, but I could be wrong). There’s a new girl at school who is tall, southern, wears clogs and immediately becomes popular. I remember something about a student council election, cheerleader tryouts, and girls and guys deciding to “go out” and break up by meeting by the cafeteria garbage can. Any ideas?

    1. This isn’t ringing any bells – but I’ll check around – I think it’s the Junior High thing throwing me. Have you checked out Cliquey Pizza 3? Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of descriptions yet – but a cover might jog your memory.

    1. Thanks – I’m hoping to get a new computer this year & a new scanner. My old one is acting up so I can’t post a lot of my magazine ads ect. I have to go back to the old taking a picture of a picture routine.

  23. I love your site! I’ve been trying to find a book I read when I was younger whose title I can’t remember. Circa late 80’s/early 90’s, a prom/homecoming queen is murdered (I want to say her name is April), she had a bad boy boyfriend (Spike?) who was the suspect…I think the murdered girl’s cousin falls in love with Spike? I think there were 3 books in the series? It’s so fuzzy but the name escapes me and its bugging me! Thanks for any help!

    1. Maybe the Who Killed Peggy Sue? four-book series by Eileen Goudge. April dies and her friend Raven falls in love with school bad boy Spike.

  24. Hoping maybe someone will remember a y/a romance from the 80’s I used to have. It was about a girl who had recently discovered she has an ability to paint. She starts selling her paintings- her favorite thing to paint are acrylic scenes from Don Quixote. She meets a young man who is also an artist, and he encourages her to try different styles and themes.
    ย Meanwhile, there is a subplot about a girl who is trying to impersonate the main character, and she ends up stealing her football-playing boyfriend and some of her friends. I remember the cover for this one- a guy with a Mickey Mouse shirt standing with a girl. They are admiring a portfolio that one of them is holding.

    I tried to post this earlier, it doesnt look like it showed up so apologies if this ends up as a double post

  25. WOW! Reading your blog has been a wonderful trip down memory lane. Thank you for taking your time to create this amazing blog. I actually came across it looking for a young adult series set in the Vietnam era. I believe they were written in the early 90’s (back when I was reading all of Cynthia Voigt’s & Judy Blume’s books). Unfortunately, I remember very little of the premise other than I believe it was written from a young man’s perspective and he was sent off to the Vietnam War. I also remember there was an innocent romance which didn’t take up a lot of the story. I would greatly appreciate any ideas you may have on this series as I have been looking for the series (4-5 books) for a little while now. One more thing – I have a vague memory of the series never being finished, or maybe I just didn’t like the ending – dramatic preteen :). Thanks again for your amazing blog!

    1. All I’ve found that mentions vietnam is Walter Dean Myers Fallen Angels. Which I think was a stand alone book. Are you sure it was a ya fiction series?

      1. You might be right on it not being a YA series. I may have gotten confused with the protagonist being a young adult. Darn, I know the series is not written by WDM, but I may check out his books anyway. Thank you for looking!

  26. So excited to find your blog! I just spent the past hour trying to figure out the name of a book I used to love when I was younger. I only remember bits and pieces of it, so please excuse me if the following description doesn’t completely make sense!

    The cover of the book is of a young women in a red dress dragging a person out of the sea. I remember one part being about a little girl who is in fear of being killed because she just married/is arranged to marry into the royal family and has/will become the queen. Somewhere in the story, her husband/husband-to-be gets killed and all the royal family members are plotting to kill the new queen so that they can get power over the kingdom. I remember a lot of the story taking place on a boat. The main character is the little girl’s travelling companion/maid, who is assigned to her because she is the only one who can speak the same dialect as the little girl. The other two characters include a shy, attractive older boy who is of a lower class and a little boy with a hairlip who somehow ends up getting engaged to the main character; he proposed to her after she save him from drowning. At some point, I think the ship gets shipwrecked, and the four main characters try to find a new life/identities because they don’t want to go back to their old lives. They are especially worried about protecting the little girl/new queen, as they know she’s going to be killed. In the end, the main character realizes that she loves the boy she’s engaged to (the young one with the hairlip) like a brother and is really in love with the shy older boy, who she ends up with.

    Ok, after typing that out I realize how weird that all sounds, and I am sure I have gotten some of the information wrong.

    OH! And I also remember the little girl having a pet bird on the boat. And for some reason I remember the main character’s name is Catherine/Katherine- though I could be confusing it with another book.

    Thanks in advance for your help ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Wow, that’s probably the most thorough description ever! I’ll look around and see what I can find. It’s not ringing any bells – if you check out Cliquey Pizza 3 it’s jammed packed with non-series fiction covers but I don’t think I’ve come across that one.

  27. I’m looking for a book/series title. I think I originally saw a post about it on here, but I can’t seem to find it again. It’s a preteen series from the late 80s or early 90s. The paperback was pink with the girls in a row on the cover (in the middle, maybe with an oval border). It’s a 5×7 preteen Scholastic or Apple paperback.

    The subject is a set of mismatched friends. One of them is named either Randi or Roxie, and she is the stereotypical tough girl. The cover shows her on the far right. She has black spiky hair, possibly with a mullet, and is wearing baggy clothes. I can’t remember if she moves to the neighborhood in the first book, or if the girls already are friends. Plot-wise, nothing much happens except the usual junior high stuff.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  28. I stumbled across your blog looking for a stand-alone teen book from the 70’s or 80’s which I believe was called My Secret Admirer. But here’s where it gets tricky: the Point horror title by Carol Ellis with the same title? Merely a red herring. In this book, a girl receives notes that she hopes they might be from Michael, the older brother of her pudgy, (why is it every time I use the adjective ‘pudgy’ I always think Bess) glasses-wearing best friend.
    The friend disapproves of the main’s obvious crush on her brother and the usual you’re-just-using-me-to-get-to-him drama ensues and a sub-plot that the notes are from this creepy guy who basically stalks her throughout the book is introduced but by the end, you are led to believe the protagonist may have taken a page from the Cher Horowitz Rules book, writing the notes to herself (though what’s really strange is I seem to recall the notes becoming vaguely threatening.)
    Re-reading this, the plot sounds a bit like Gillian Flynn for teens and may have been responsible for some lasting psychological scars, but I still have to find it! I’ve really been impressed with the number of titles you’ve managed to track down for people and any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks for your time –

  29. Hi Cliquey Pizza,
    Hi, I’m an American guy who grew up in part of the 1980s. Hi, I really love your site. I like the 1980s + 1980s-related books that you talk about on your site. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have a Good Day,

  30. Found it! Oddly, the book, which was not called ‘My Secret Admirer’ but ‘Your Secret Admirer,’ was written under one of writer Richard Laymon’s pseudonyms (Carl Laymon). He was primarily a horror writer, so that explains the creepy vibe I remember from reading it way back then.

  31. Hello, a book I read many moons ago is driving me crazy. I can’t remember title or author but in the story:

    The main character was abandoned by her mother when she was really little. Her mother was a painter or some such, anyway they were at a cemetery and the little girl was put inside a wrought iron fence that went around the grave and then her mother packed up and walked away. Her aunt came and got her out of there.

    Fast forward to when the story takes place, the girl is now a teenager and believes her aunt is her mother and the woman who was her mother is her aunt. The girl often steals little things and she doesn’t know why. It’s later revealed that the things remind her of her real mother. And when her “aunt” comes to visit, the girl gets upset with her for drinking out of the wrong cup. Or maybe it was a special cup.

    Anyway, that is all I can remember.

    I’m so hoping you can help.

  32. Hi! I have perused through and have enjoyed your blog for several years. But it was really useful to me recently, when it helped me find a book that I had been searching for. My Grandmother had loaned it to me when I was a young adult. I had looked for it unsuccessfully for ~7-10 years. Until this May, I didn’t find it again. It was Dance with Me by Winifred Madison! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Some of the other books that my Grandmother shared with me were the Luckiest Girl by Beverly Cleary, Ever After by Elswyth Thane, Jonica’s Island by Gladys Malvern, Swirling Sands by Virginia Kester Smiley, Cabin on Ghostly Pond by Marjorie Reynolds, Cornhusk Doll by Eleanor Reindollar Wilcox, Miss Whiting and the Seven Wards by Lynn Collum, Journeys of the Stranger series by Al Lacy, Grace Livingston Hill books, Emilie Loring books, the Judy Bolton series by Margaret Sutton, the Beverly Gray series by Clair Blank, the Mrs. Pollifax series by Dorothy Gilman, Agatha Christie murder mysteries, the Perry Mason series by Erle Stanley Gardner, Fifth Dagger by Dorothy Quick, May You Die in Ireland by Michael Kenyon, Flight to Landfall by G. M. Glaskin, Without Orders by Martha Albrand, School of God by Peggy Arbogast, the Saint series by Leslie Charteris, A Love to Lean On by Betty Blockinger, Whitman books (Man from U.N.C.L.E., Mission: Impossible, Hawaii Five-O, I Spy), Mystery of the Marble Zoo by Margaret Goff Clark, Mystery of the Fog Man by Carol Farley, Double Star by Robert Heinlein, Alexi’s Secret Mission by Anita Deyneka, the Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas, No Time for Sergeants by Mac Hyman, Laddie, Girl of the Limberlost, Freckles by Gene Stratton Porter, Above Suspicion by Helen MacInnes, Visibility Zero by Bernard Palmer, Gauntlet by James Street, Don Quixote, U.S.A. by Richard Powell, and the Song of Ruth by Frank Slaughter.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful website! It is a very rare and valuable resource!

    Because of it, I could once again enjoy a memory of a precious moment with my Grandmother! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Like so many here I too stumble upon this site. I juts once again want to say how great it is and I am so into a book exchange with you and your followers. I’m not on facebook though so that may be a problem.

  34. I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place to leave this, or if you’ve stopped taking requests or whatever so sorry if i’m spamming, but this is driving me crazy. I read a book when I was a preteen, That was almost certainly a late 80’s early 90’s girls YA book, it may have been part of a series, I’m not sure, but I can’t for the life of me remember the title. I can remember plot bits and the cover, which I think was lime green and had a illustration of the main Character girl (I CANT EVEN REMEMBER HER NAME LOL) and the boy she ends up with who was called Spike, and his bicycle. I remember that the girl didn’t like Spike and ended up going on aa date with a popular boy around their beachtown, and the boy’s older brother and girlfriend. But there was drinking and stuff at this party and the boy ditched her, and eventually Spike picked her up and gave her a ride in his bike basket. They also had a spaghetti date at one point where Spike threw a noodle against the wall to see if it stuck to indicate that the pasta was done. I would later try this out in real-life, lol. I know this isn’t a lot to go on, and google isn’t turning anything up.

  35. I hope you are still responding to comments here, this website is AMAZING. I loved all of these book as a kid in the 80’s! I am looking for a book and I hope you can help! I have no idea of the author, title or even series. It was a romance about a shy girl who was paired with a popular outgoing boy to be partners in (I think) a health class. They had to carry around an egg and keep it from breaking. It was supposed to simulate taking care of a baby. The boy’s name was Pat and the girl’s parents didn’t approve of him. The only other thing that I remember about it was that the boy was going to UCLA when he graduated from high school, and the girl painted a tree on her wall after kissing the boy in a tree. Not a lot to go on, but I hope someone remembers it!

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