Hi , decided to do a forum specifically if anyone was in the mood to talk about books – start a subject , ask a question , jump right in!

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  1. Amy Guzman says:

    Does anyone remember a book from the mid to 80’s to the mid 90’s that was about a pair of redheaded twins separated during infancy who later found each other? The best I remember the mother was hispanic and the mother kidnapped one twin and when they put two and two together they switched.

    • peacharino says:

      Hi, your book is called Red Hair by Charlotte St. John – there was actually a sequel – Red Hair Too. If you want to buy them – Ebay’s got them for sale right now – here’s a Link if you want to see the cover – but it’s a little blurry.

  2. Jennifer W says:

    This is a fabulous website! Thank you so much for bringing back to many memories, especially in helping me remember so many of these books I have forgotten about through the years!

  3. Jennifer W says:

    Sorry, I meant “so many memories.”

  4. Jessica says:

    I am trying to find some books that I read in the ’90’s. It was a series and about witches in a small town. The Secret Circle kind of has me thinking of them, but that’s not the right series. I can’t remember any of the characters names, except the nemesis was John Brown/Brunswick, etc.

  5. Deb says:

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows a series of thriller/horror books from the 80’s. Each month 4 books would come out and they were all about possession. One of the books was about twins who were in a car accident and one of them ended up in a wheel chair and she started using a Spirit board, another was about a rock band whose manager was a demon and made them beautiful and famous. They were so much fun to read, please if anyone knows the name of any of the books or the series please let me know. Thanks ^.^

    • peacharino says:

      Hi your series is called Dark Forces. Here is a LINK to a great angelfire hosted site that has some covers and book descriptions.The series started in 1983 and continued for fifteen books to 1984 and had an assortment of authors.

  6. Deb says:

    thank you so so much ^.^

  7. wow, I am so glad I found you! Maybe you can help me out. I was talking to my daughter today who wants to join the track team at high school, and I suddenly remember this book that I read when I was in high school about this girl who was a track star in her School in Detroit but when her father lost his job he moved his family to Nebraska where the school had no girl’s track team, so the girl had to struggle with being accepted by the boy’s track team, and she fell in love with a fellow track star who happened to be part Native American…does this story ring a bell to ANYONE??????

    • peacharino says:

      Hi , it’s not ringing any bells with me – as of yet – but I’ll check around! Anyone else out there have any ideas – don’t be shy. All help greatly appreciated!

  8. i am seeking a book: i think the title has friends or best friends in it. the cover is a photograph of two girls with feathered hair, one is blond, the other is brunette. the story is the brunette girl was from a poor family and the blond from a well off one. the blonde girl enters kindergarten when school has already been in session for awhile and she is throwing a tantrum. the brunette girl thought the blond girl’s cheeks were so red, like apples and she bite’s the girl’s cheek. they become fast friends, until high school. they go to the same school but are part of different crowds: blond is with the popular rich kids, brunette has to work part time and is more studious. i remember other snippets, like how the brunette went to some protest/rally, gets arrested and her english teacher bails her out, and she makes a pass at him… there may have a love triangle, not sure. i don’t remember how the book ends but i loved this book so much. any idea what book i’m talking about?

    • peacharino says:

      Great book by the awesome Marilyn Sachs – Class Pictures! – Click HERE if you want to check out the cover.

      • OMG. i am fangirling right now over this. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

        PS. how many blogs do you have. i’m assuming since you just linked to Cliquey Pizza 3, there’s a cliquey pizza 2? either way, i have been trolling ALL day here, i just bought 4 books on amazon, all thanks to you.

        • peacharino says:

          You’re welcome! You’re on Cliquey Pizza 2 – there is no real Cliquey Pizza 1 – but there is Cliqueypizza blog spot – I don’t use it too much anymore after I moved to wordpress – cliquey pizza 3 is dedicated to non series books while this one is mainly series books and I’m also on facebook usually posting a few 80’s nostalgic pics and or book covers every day! Check it out.

  9. Carmel says:

    I think I may have found another famous face as a model for your collection Peachy. It’s a Windswept title, The Lost Holiday, and I’m sure it’s Ally Sheedy on the cover. The book was published in 1983, so fits with when she became one of the IT group of actors. Here’s a link.

    • peacharino says:

      I’ve come across this cover before – and though it could be Ally Sheedy – I have a picture somewhere on my website – I think when I was doing my idea for a svh movie – and she had red hair , I’m just not sure. It’s so hard to tell from this cover. The girl isn’t smiling , the picture is taken at an odd angle. Mmm it’s a puzzler – I should put it on my stars are glittering and ask what people think.

  10. Hi, I’m looking for a book also. I’m pretty sure it was a Sweet Dreams book. All i remember is that it was about a girl starting her last year of high school, and she does a radical change, she takes care of her appearance, starts wearing makeup, sets goals for herself, surprising all her family. I hope it rings a bell! While I’m here, i remember another where the girl was very beautiful and everybody was always telling her she should be a model, and i remember her in the mall eating a cheese croissant, i think? and the cheese went all over her shirt. Yes, that’s all the info i have, lol.


    • peacharino says:

      I’ll check for the first Sweet Dreams book – but it might not be a Sweet Dreams – because the second book is actually a Wildfire called Angel by Helen Cavanagh – really good book! – I reviewed it a few years back, the drippy cheese is actually from a hot pretzel and is one of my favorite opening scenes for a thematic romance! Do you remember any other specifics about the first book?

      • A pretzel, that’s it!Oh yay! i’d love to read it again, thanks.
        About the first book… i’ll see if more comes back to me about it, but that was 22 years ago, so, don’t know how much more memories i can scrounge up!
        Thanks very much, i hope i can find Angel somewhere…

        • Going through your Wildfire page, i realised that those are the ones i read. Mind you i might’ve also read some Sweet Dreams, but i remembered a lot of those Wildfire coves! Fun trip. I’m dying to see the cover for Angel, i saw the book on Amazon for 0.01, but no pic available, grrr. lol.

  11. Andy says:

    don’t know if you can help with this but here goes…i’m looking for a book from the early/mid-90s that I picked up from the scholastic book fairs. i think it involved a brother, sister, and their dog who all drown in an accident and come back as ghosts. this happened in the past, and in the present day they help the living solve mysteries and foil plots and whatnot. this probably isn’t 100% accurate but it sounds close. i remember there were several books and that it was part of a series.

  12. Athena Karsera Yiazou says:

    Hi, does anyone remember the title of a book from the late 1980s-early 1990s about a girl who moves to Hawaii with her family and is pleased to meet a guy who looks like her boyfriend back home but then realises that she really loves the fun-loving surfer she has also met? I would love to buy a copy for a friend’s upcoming birthday and would appreciate any help. Thanks.

  13. Thank you so much for this site! It’s so great to have a place to remind my 40 year old memory of the kinds of books I read when I was a teen. I’m ordering some of my old favorites today.

  14. Detrishious says:

    I am wondering if anyone remembers a book about a girl who gets new neighbours, I believe she was staying with her grandmother, ans goes to snoop and finds out it is an incrediy famous band that’s moved in. She ends up in a relationship with one of the members and has a very rocky life with all that stereotypical rockstar life brought. The cover of the book was white with a beautiful eye. I read this book over and over but the name and details have escaped me since my car accident!! I’m sorry I do not have any more details.

    • peacharino says:

      The eye cover sounds intriguing. I’ll look for it – but it’s not ringing any bells. Got any idea what year it might be – or if it’s hardcover or paperback?

      • Detrishious says:

        It was a hardcover, and I was reading it in the mid-late 80’s. I want to say it was set in the UK, and that the lead character painted. But my mind is foggy! Lol thanks for the prompt reply!

      • Detrishious says:

        Well I was wrong about the cover, and forgot a few details…
        The book I’ve been looking for is Easy Connections by Liz Berry.

  15. Mimi says:

    Does anyone remember a book about a teenage girl who went off to visit her father and stepmother somewhere in the summer where she worked as a waitress? She had a perfect sister who I believe was a ballet dancer possibly named Jenny

  16. Samantha L says:

    Does anyone know the series from the late 80’s or 90’s about a group of friends, maybe four girls? One was named Lacy and had red hair, I think. I also remember one of them loved the colors black, white and red. I can’t seem to remember anything else about it, including the name of the series.

    • peacharino says:

      Are you sure you don’t mean Sleepover Friends – Patti, Lauren, Kate and
      Stephanie – Stephanie was the one who loved red, black and white.

      • Samantha L says:

        I must be combing 2 series. You are totally right that one was Sleepover Friends! Thanks! The other unknown series with the red-headed Lacy character was from another series where the group of friends was high school age. Any ideas on that one? I know it’s not much to go on.

  17. Erin says:

    My sister and I have been completely stumped on the title of a book from the late 80s/early 90s. We are really hoping that someone will give us a clue or can expound on the plot so that we can figure it out. it’s about a girl that moves in with relatives in a remote area during the summer. She discovers a house on an island (not sure about that part…it might be a house in a swampy area or surrounded by a forest) on the family’s land that is partly burned. We think there are ghosts in this book. We seem to remember the girl in the story had a cat. Does that sound familiar to anyone? We know this is a really vague description. Thanks!!

  18. Mark N. says:

    Does anyone remember a book, probably from ’82 or ’83 about a teenage boy who worked at a fast food hamburger restaurant and what kind of times he had working at that place? I remember later on in the book, he breaks into the restaurant after it’s closed and steals some money but is eventually caught. I could’ve swore the title was “I am the cheese” but that’s the title for a totally different type of book.

    There was also another book I read during this time about a girl who gets stranded somehow or another in the forests of Canada or the American NW (I think it was a bush plane wreck) and she has to hike her way out to survive. It was very detailed on how she survived day to day, and later on in the story she runs into some escaped prisoner or some other dangerous character who starts hunting her while the police are closing in.

    ANY help or tips would be fantastically appreciated, I read these books waaaay back in 7th grade and while I roughly remember the stories, can’t remember the titles for the life of me!

  19. Christy says:

    After cleaning out our attic, I found a box of my beloved books from many, many years ago. I kept all the books in the Roommates, Sugar & Spice, On Our Own, the Caitlin series. Along with my select favorites from SVH. (I haven’t seen any mention of the Caitlin Series on this blog, did I miss it?). I’m 42 and can still pick up any of these books, read a random paragraph and remember what happens next, should I be embarrassed by this?!?. My daughter is turning 13 and I’ve gifted them to her. I can’t wait to see what she thinks of them. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed walking down memory lane with your blog. Thanks a bunch!

    • peacharino says:

      Cool gift! And nostalgia’s in so don’t be embarrassed. I rented Grease 2 like 10 years ago and, even though I hadn’t seen it since I was 10, I knew all the songs! ( It was me and best friend’s favorite movie – we watched it twice every friday at sleepovers for like six months – until someone taped over it – on purpose I suspect! ) I think Caitlin is mentioned in the A-Z guide but I have yet to review a book.

  20. I love this site!! So many memories flooding back! But can anyone tell me the title of this book. Its a US Teen novel, 80’s, set in America – its driving me crazy!!
    I read this sometimes in the late 80’s, possibly even very early 90’s. It was very much a teen romance novel with a classic good girl (bit nerdy) and bad boy (who is actually nice & sensitive) from the wrong side of the tracks. It was set in America they went to the same high school. I think he was poor, possibly from the poor side of town, divided from the rich side by train tracks maybe.

    I can only really remember one scene very clearly. They have fallen out or reached some kind of turning point in their relationship. They are standing separated by train tracks and a huge long freight train goes passed. When it has gone the girl is still there but the boy has gone. I think it turns out that he jumped onto the train, using it to cross the tracks and jumped off on her side but further down – however I can’t be sure. I also think it was written from the girls point of view.

    Anyone remember this at all? Thanks & sorry it’s so vaugue- years ago and I read it once as it was loaned by a mate. Xx

  21. Fuschia Spy says:

    I’m looking for a book about a girl very involved with ballet and living in New York City. She seemed very independent for her age. I only really remember random scenes like getting in the elevator in her building or going to Bloomingdale’s. She never left the city, it was just about ballet, really.

    • peacharino says:

      It could be Maggie Adams, Dancer – by Karen Dean Strickler which turned into a series. I don’t have the book so I don’t know for sure. You can check out the cover – on Cliquey Pizza 3

  22. mzeebs says:

    Hoping maybe someone will remember a y/a romance from the 80’s I used to have. It was about a girl who had recently discovered she has an ability to paint. She starts selling her paintings- her favorite thing to paint are acrylic scenes from Don Quixote. She meets a young man who is also an artist, and he encourages her to try different styles and themes.
     Meanwhile, there is a subplot about a girl who is trying to impersonate the main character, and she ends up stealing her football-playing boyfriend and some of her friends. I remember the cover for this one- a guy with a Mickey Mouse shirt standing with a girl. They are admiring a portfolio that one of them is holding.

    I tried to post this earlier, it doesnt look like it showed up so apologies if this ends up as a double post

  23. modec2012 says:

    Does anyone remember a cartoon from the 80’s where the main character will become the head of a robot (like mazinger). He will put his knuckles together and a space ship will send him the other part of the body…

  24. Kathleen says:

    Did you see this interesting article on NPR about one of the ghostwriters for the SVH series? Very interesting!!

  25. Christy says:

    Very interesting. Did you ever notice that the Twins Fiat used to change color? It went from Red to Green depending on which book you were reading. This explains a lot.

  26. peacharino says:

    I don’t recall that – I remember Lila had a lime green triumph.

  27. Sarah says:

    I’m still hoping that you will have done luck with the witch/magic series similar to secret circle but from the late 80’s early 90’s. fingers crossed. I’m racking my brain daily for the name of it. Thanks!!!

  28. Sarah says:

    I’m so excited!!!

  29. Tammy says:

    I’m so glad I found this site. I’ve been killing myself trying to remember the name of a book that I read in the 80s.. I guess it was written then but could’ve been late 70s. It was about a girl who worked at what used to be a mill (I think) and fell in love with a guy who turned out to be a ghost. He ended up saving her life and before he left said he was sending someone to her which turned out to be a great grandson.. or great great grandson, not sure. I can even see the cover in my mind but of course not the title! Hope you can help!

  30. Erin says:

    I too am so excited for this website. I have many books from my younger days in the 80s and I read them every once in awhile for comfort! I can’t wait to gift them to my daughter when she reaches the appropriate age. I do have a request for the moderator and group: there is a book from what I believe is the early 80s about a girl (with a brother possibly) who doesn’t like her parents so she visits a (magical?) shop where she is given the opportunity to try out different parents. One set is outdoorsy, another is very intellectual. In the end she realizes her own parents are the best fit. I have tried all sorts of Google searches to find this book and nothing has come up. I would love any input you all may have!

  31. Looking for a book I read in the 90’s. It was a young adult mystery. Featured a girl who lived in a time where you could change you wall color by using a dial. Anyway, she uses time-travel goggles to go back to meet her “sister.” There’s some deal with freezing embryos and someone trying to de-freeze them to cover up a murder……
    I know it’s really vague, but it’s been bugging me!

  32. Sarah says:

    Peacharino…. Have you been able to figure out my lost book??? It was about witchcraft. Seemed like secret circle but it wasn’t that??

  33. Sarah says:

    Sure…. It was a girl that moved to a new town. Where the kids were into witchcraft and covens. She finally got the boy in the story as her boyfriend at the end of book 1 and I think there might have been a necklace involved and maybe an abandoned house. I know it does sound like secret circle but it was way older than that like late 80’s early 90’s. I remember the book wasn’t very thick but that’s about it. Help!!!!

  34. Jenn says:

    Hoping someone can help. I’ve been trying to remember the name of a book from probably the early 80s. It was about a group of friends entering junior high and the effects a popular new girl has on the group. There was something about the main character and the new girl running for student council and another one of the friends (janie maybe?) wanting to try out for cheerleading, but not being able to since she is the new girls campaign manager. Ring any bells?

  35. Doublea says:

    Hello. Thank you for this site! It brings back so many memories! I am looking for a series. Teen romance that were set in historically significant settings. One had characters Joe and Serena and were set in the Civil War during the burning of Savannah and the Battle of Gettysburg. Another was set at the Alamo with the lead character of Jessie Lee.

    Thank you!

  36. Sarah says:

    Thanks so much. I’m dying to figure it out since everyone keeps saying Secret Circle to me. I know that’s not it.

    • peacharino says:

      Hi, unfortunately the one in the series book turned out to be the secret circle. But I did find a site I’m going to check out that lists series – if you want to check it out – here’s the link you might be able to spot the title –LINK

    • Misty says:

      I have the first three Secret Circle books and the original publication date on them is from 1992, so they actually do fall into the range you’re looking at, time-wise. You’ve said they aren’t it, but all your details, including the John Brunswick name, are from the series. I’m wondering if you’ve actually read the first three (the only ones actually written by LJ Smith, btw) or if you were simply basing your info off the perceived publication date of the re-releases or the tv show (which is nothing like the books). You’ve made me very curious as well, since I can’t think of another series/book that encompasses all those details, especially the name.

  37. Ginn says:

    Im looking for a cartoon, from the 80′s i believe that used to be on before or after the railway dragon and brave little toaster, it has little alien things with suction cup feet, a time machine., and there was a 3 headed dragon in it and the aliens or monster things rode on a rollercoaster at night

    Im really stuck, as i have been searching and searching for the last couple years… please help! lol

  38. K says:

    I just posted an item but I can’t seem to find where I wrote it and it seemed I typed it too fast. I’m looking for young adult fiction book about a girl in high school who takes a train into the big apple and meets a guy who helps her record music. any ideas?

    • peacharino says:

      This seems so familiar – Either I’ve answered this question or I came across the answer at some time. I think it was advertised in the back of a book. Scan some of the questions maybe you’ll find it and I’ll check some of my book ads maybe I’ll get lucky.

  39. Jeff carter says:

    Hi, I am looking for a book that I think is from the 80’s. Adventure story where young boy gets trapped in indian caves, and the start to flood with water from snake holes(or tubes). It seems to me he was on the run from bad guys, and maybe there was treasure, Does anybody have any idea what this book could be?

  40. Laura says:

    Maybe someone remembers this book. Would be great if you did. Girl and boy (like investigators) try to help mermaid/selkies with a war that is brewing. They are aided by a wiley wizard against a cruel mage that lives under a mountain. It has kind of a Zodiac theme. With the selkies as the Piscean types. I remember the cover with a girl and boy on a sail boat, while underneath in the water was a white-haired mermaid and merman.

    • lbrooks424 says:

      I hope someone gets back to me on this. The author may be British and this may be part of an anthology. It seems the children were investigators or something like. There were three friends working together. I just remember the cover as having them in a sailboat going down a body of water, and there were two merfolk in the water behind the sailboat looking up at them. It may have been a mystery type of book.

  41. Christie Draper says:

    Hello, I am actually looking for two books I remember reading when I was in about 3rd grade (86-87) and I know they were stand alone books, not part of a series. The first is about a girl who lives in an apartment complex and a new girl named Star moves in and the girl is jealous of her. I believe they end up at a party together and they play spin the bottle. The second book is about a teenage girl who lives on a farm and her dad takes in show dogs. They end up taking in these Sheltie puppies and she’s always comparing her hair to the coat of the dogs. She likes her neighbor and wants to go to a dance with him. I remember a scene with her going shopping with a friend. In the book, the owner of the puppies comes back for the trained puppies and she ends up with one because it isn’t perfect. I know the cover had a russet hair colored girl in a white sweater and jeans with one of the dogs on the cover. Any help would be appreciated. My dad ordered these books for me through a catalog he got at work but I don’t know the publisher or author. Thanks for any help!

    • peacharino says:

      Have you tried Cliquey Pizza 3 sometimes the covers can jog a readers mind? It’s not ringing any bells for me accept for the second one but I could be mixing it up with an animal book.

  42. desertreading says:

    Hi, I’m trying to remember the title and author of a book. I think it was published in the early eighties. It was one of the first of its kind about a teenage girl who develops a serious drinking problem that puts her in rehab. She had a dysfunctional relationship with her mother. (It’s not “Sarah T – Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic”.) Also, the author later wrote books I believe under a different name for adults (maybe detective/mystery novels). I’d really appreciate your help in remembering it. I loved that book.

  43. peacharino says:

    Go ask Alice? That one was pretty famous.

  44. Anne says:

    I’m looking for a book from the early 80’s – it most likely would have been First Love, Sweet Dreams or Wildifre – in which the main character sings a duet with a boy. The song was “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers”

  45. Nicole B says:

    Hello! I am trying to remember the name of a book series about a group of teens that worked for I believe a helpline when their building is hit by an earthquake leaving some of them trapped. I think it was a 4 part series, and I think the titles started as First to…, Second to…, etc. I think it was late 80’s or early 90’s. Not the Sweet Valley High books either(that is all that comes up when I try searching for it). Thanks

  46. pettuspettus says:


    Thanks for an explanation, the easier, the better …

  47. Debra Rogers says:

    Hi everyone! I am so glad that I found this site. I have found a bunch of Sweet Dreams books that I read as a kid, but i need some help. I am trying to find all the Sweet Dreams books that had African-American main characters. I found Star Struck!, but, I want to say that there is one more. Any help will be greatly appreciated and thanks! This is a wonderful site!

  48. Carmel says:

    Hi Debra. The only other covers with African/American models that I immediately thought of were higher numbered Sweet Dreams. 208 Romance On The Run by Catt Hastings and 217 Head Over Heels by Susan Sloate. I did a quick check of my website but could only find those 2 and Star Struck. A few of the higher numbers also have Asian cover models, I don’t think any of the lower numbers did. Hope that helps a bit. 🙂

  49. Meagan says:

    Hi! I just came across your website and I was looking for a book that I read years ago, 1993-1995. I don’t know the title, author, or publisher but it was about a young boy who found a toy castle (maybe dollhouse ??) in his attic or something that was magic and toy animals came to life like a pig maybe. I’m not sure and I know I’m not helpful at all, I just remember those few things about it. Thanks!

  50. lashl001 says:

    I’m trying to find a book…it was given to me by an older neighbor when she was a teen, so I would have been around 9, putting this book as having been published in the late 80s. I want to say there was a picture of a girl on the front, but the book was non-fiction and contained letters that you could use in all these different kinds of situations, like if another girl stole the guy you liked, etc. They were pretty mean letters, very snarky and sassy. Anyone have an idea what this could be?

  51. tony says:

    hi everyone here, does anyone remember a cartoon that was show on TV between 1997 – 2000, that i THOUGHT it was call “radioactive man” but when i search it. it only show one of the comic character in Simpsons, which is not what i was looking for. the cartoon i was looking for was show late in the evening in US, so it should be for adult, the drawing style was similar to Simpsons and in the opening senses it show everyone is in the future background and radio active is a normal thing and one of the line was “honey, i got the extra pairs of arms that i always wanted!” does anyone know what is the name of the cartoon i am looking for, thanks all!

  52. Stacy says:

    Hi, everyone! I’m also looking for the title of a book. It was about a girl whose diary was mysteriously taken out of her locker (I think). Bits and pieces of things she had written about started floating around the school, and she was really upset because she didn’t know who was behind it. I just remember that on the cover of the book was a girl (blonde, I think) in a fuzzy sweater, clutching a book to her chest. I think she might have been standing in a school hallway. If anyone can help me out with this, I’d appreciate it! Been trying to find this book for years now!

  53. Jen says:

    I read a book when I was about 12, let’s say 1994. The book was not brand new. It was about a quiet girl who had a crush. She was in an art class with her crush and each student had to pose for the class. She posed under a desk as if it was a piano. She may have dressed in a night gown. Later in the book I’m not sure if she fainted but she woke up in her crushes bed and above his bed was the drawing or painting of her. I wish I remember their names or anything else. It was my first junior romance type book.

  54. Maryjane Mantzke says:

    My son read some novels probably circa 1990 about Japanese sumarai written by Japanese woman novelist. We’re trying to remember her name. I know this isn’t much information but maybe someone recalls something?! Thanks!

  55. Can anyone help me track down this book? I can’t remember the author/title and have searched everywhere online, with no luck! It was a fantasy/sci-fi type childrens/YA book I checked out from my church library, and I believe it was part of a Christian series or books for Young Adult readers. It would’ve been written/published sometime before 1989 I think. The plot was about some kids in a small town where weird things were going on, a giant snake came out of the ground and became a tornado (or something like that? that’s my strongest-imagery memory!) And it was like these one or two kids (siblings) against the whole school + rest of the town – only they 2 kids saw the evil that was going on, and no one else did. Can anyone else remember this series of books?!?!? Please help!

  56. melissars says:

    Great website! I’ve been looking for this book I read a long time ago it’s probably from the 80’s or 90’s. It’s a vampire story, the vampire is releases and I think he gets close to a family possibly his ancestors, I remember that the dedication of the book mentioned the soap opera Dark Shadows, and the book seemed to be inspired by the show. Hope someone can help:)

  57. Kat says:

    Not sure if I’m posting this in the right place, but first off, great site, brings back a lot of memories and I’m going to pick up any copies of any of these series I find while out and about at thrift stores and the like. Per the Sunfire series, I have all of them and there are 32. The last two are not on the list here so far as I can tell. Number 31 is Jennie (Johnstown Flood, 1889) published in 1989, and number 32 is Darcy (Galveston hurricane, 1900) published in 1989. I wish they had continued this series, it is my favorite ever!

  58. Jane says:

    I don’t know if anyone will see this but I’ve been looking for this book for sometime now. I think it’s a Sweet Dreams, but not sure. It’s about a girl who is overweight. At one point in the book, she eats a whole pan of brownies she made on Saturday night, then cries because she’s home alone instead of dating or having friends. She decides to lose weight and join the cheerleading squad. I can’t remember much else, but I do know there’s another scene in it where she runs along the beach the night before the audition for the squad, and thinks to herself “even if I don’t get on the squad I’m in the best shape of my life”. If anyone can help, I’d be so happy!

  59. Laura says:

    I love your site, it brings back so many memories. I am looking for a book that i remember reading that i would love to find again for my daughters. I don’t know if its from the 80’s or 90’s but its about a high school girl and she had broken up with her boyfriend only to find out that he ends up being the new temporary auto shop teacher in her high school. She is the only girl that takes auto shop. I think it might have been called Tomboy but i am not sure. Anyone have any idea? It;s driving me crazy that i can’t find it or remember the name or the author of the book.

  60. Pippi says:

    Just found this site. Fantastic!! Brings back memories.

  61. MelB says:

    I hope you are still responding to comments here, this website is AMAZING. I loved all of these book as a kid in the 80’s! I am looking for a book and I hope you can help! I have no idea of the author, title or even series. It was a romance about a shy girl who was paired with a popular outgoing boy to be partners in (I think) a health class. They had to carry around an egg and keep it from breaking. It was supposed to simulate taking care of a baby. The boy’s name was Pat and the girl’s parents didn’t approve of him. The only other thing that I remember about it was that the boy was going to UCLA when he graduated from high school, and the girl painted a tree on her wall after kissing the boy in a tree. Not a lot to go on, but I hope someone remembers it!

  62. Lisabeth Posthuma says:

    Hi! I have a snippet of a memory about a book series that featured four or five tween girls, one of them named Mars (or maybe a boyfriend was named Mars?). Sound familiar?

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