CROSSWINDS KEEPSAKE ULTIMATE PAGE – BOOK COVERS , DESCRIPTIONS – Bebe Faas Rice , Elaine Harper , Janice Harrell , Emily Hallin , Brenda Cole , Tessa Kay, Beverly Sommers , Dorothy Francis and more!

First Love from Silhouette gave themselves a retro lift near the
end of the 80’s evolving into a new line called Crosswinds – which
they alerted their fans ahead of time in ads emblazoned across the
backs of the final First Love books. Their logo was a fast scrawl
across the top of the paperback and they decidedto split into two series
– Crosswinds which wasn’t strictly romance – they featured mystery,
suspence, drama, and topical subjects like weightloss and suicide.
Crossroads Keepsake, on the other hand, was basically First Love
with a face lift. Gumball bright colors updated photo covers of
grinning, cute teens, often couples, in ultrabright clothing with
photos angled like Polaroids taped to vivid school folders. The
stories pretty much kept up the First love standard of light
romance , exotic local , and believable characters – unfortunately the
series didn’t last long – perhaps because there was some rehashing
going on – There was a number of reprints 4 I think but their could
be more and because of new covers and bright colors a teen fond
of First Love could’ve mistakenly picked up a dual copy of say Elaine
Harper’s Mystery Kiss or Dorothy Francis’s Special Girl which might’ve
turned her off of the series for good assuming they were strictly
reprints for a new generation.

But more than likely it was that the
tide was turning – Christopher Pike was ushering in the era of teen
horror , The Babysitter’s club cornered the market on continuing
series and Romances were fading fast. Even Sweet Dreams wouldn’t
last long in the 90’s. After debuted in 1987 and folding in early 1989
Keepsake had 42 books to their name most of which were
written by writers that had previously published under the First
Love logo such as – Elaine Harper, Dorothy Francis, Janice Harrell,
Beverly Sommers, Josephine Wunsch, Brenda Cole, Nicole Hart,
Sydell Voeller, Tessa Kay, Jeffie Ross Gordon, Becky Stuart , Joyce McGill.
In fact it would be easier to list the newcomers – Barbara Cummings ,
Sheila Schwartz, Bebe Faas Rice, Judith Blackwell, Elizabeth Stanley,
Ann Herrick, Ofelia Lachtman and Ann Ferguson. Gimmicks to
entice readers featured the standby of a miniseries (series within
a series ) which was introduced and set apart from the others
with a little mail-logo-like stamp on the cover declaring it to be an
In-Crowd book – there was also make-up tips at the back of
book giving the stories a pulpy magazine feel but with
the tricks and talent it could not avoid the inevitable. Towards
it’s end Crosswinds seemed to be about to undergo another
facelift – it’s new cover would feature total photo coverage
of well dressed teens while the Keepsake logo would shed it’s
rectangular cocoon and scrawl across the top like party ribbons
complete with graphics of confetti. They even advertised two
upcoming books to be published under their new look – R.L.
Stine’s How I broke up With Ernie & Jeffery Cooper’s
Forever Magic – both deals I assume fell through. How I broke
up with Ernie was published later on , but Jeffery Cooper’s Forever
Magic seems to have disappeared.
Check out the ads below.

1. The Right Kind of Girl – Dorothy Francis – 1987 –
Vonnie was just beginning to feel at home in Houston.
She was doing well in school, had made new friends
and was even getting to be known as a leader.
Things had settled down after the unfortunate
shoplifting episode ( First Love From Silhouette
book – #185 Stop Thief ), and she and Monique
seemed to have reached an understanding. But
all that happened before Vonnie founded the
Graphology Club and her old rivalry flared up
again. Now Vonnie was beginning to
question not only her own position but also the
loyalty of her friends. Could she regain her self
confidence and keep her friends or would
Monique destroy the person she was trying so
hard to be?

2. Starring Suzy – Janice Harrell – 1987 – Fourteen year old Suzy’s
parents decided to move to the boonies of North Carolina in a
last-ditch effort to keep their daughter from growing up too fast.
Suzy could have told them that this would prove to be a mistake,
but it was too late, and anyway, would they have listened? In the
beginning, North Carolina was all that Suzy had feared; everyone
talked with a weird accent and she had to learn a whole new
set of tribal customs. Then a friendly native offered her a lift. Now
it was Suzy’s parents who had to adapt to not only a new way of
life but to a new Suzy.

3. Starting Over – Beverly Sommers – 1987 – It wasn’t
as though Ritchie were a little boy. He was almost
fifteen and really didn’t need a mother. Besides, she
really liked his brother better. It was time to join his
father again. He’s saved a little money. He’d taken
a good look at the map, and the distance between
California and El Salvador didn’t look that bad. He
would walk and hitchhike. How happy he would be
to see him again! Now if only Arlie would come with
him, even if she was a girl. She was tough, she was
smart – and he loved her. How could he leave her

4. Love at First Sight – Elaine Harper – 1987 – Reprint –

5. Lucky in Love – Josephine Wunsch – 1987 – Do
opposites attrack? Maggie wanted to think so,
especially after she met Greg. But her best friend
didn’t agree. She carefully explained why Maggie
and Greg couldn’t be a couple. Greg was into
music; Maggie wasn’t. Greg was mad about
sailing; Maggie was afraid of the water. Greg was
the outdoor type; Maggie was an honor student,
a poet and a reporter. Hardly the type to appeal
to such a guy – at least that’s the story Maggie
heard. Was it true…or did her best friend have a
more personal reason for warning her against

6. Campfire Dreams – Ofelia Lachtman – 1987 – Chris’s parents had
been against her taking a job at Camp Whiteoak. “You’re only 16,”
they’d said. They were being overprotective. They just wanted to
keep her a little kid forever. They didn’t want her to grow up. But
when she arrived, she found there might be another reason for
their disapproval, a reason that might disrupt her whole life. Only
one person could help her find out – Tony. Was that why she liked
him, or was there something else about him she found hard to

7. Vonnie and Monique – 1987 – Who would have
guessed it? They seemed like such an unlikey
combination: square little Vonnie with her
guileless blue eyes; tall, cool Monique with her
blond mane and sexy figure. Yet now they were
a team, pooling their talents and working toward
the same goal. Could they really stick together,
or would their old emnity flare up again? Their
arguments were food for school gossip, their
adventures the talk of the class. Was
Vonnie riding for a fall?

8. Be My Valentine – Elaine Harper – 1987 – Reprint – What happened
to the old Todd? He’d become a senior, that’s what. Now, as duly
elected class president, he would be mature, dignified… a friend to
the principal, an advisor to the younger kids, a shaker and a mover,
worthy in every way of beautiful Heidi Holmstorm who had entered
his life under the most unusual and romantic circumstances. At
least that was the original plan.

9. They’re Rioting in Room 32 – Janice Harrell – 1987 –

10. Three’s a Crowd – Brenda Cole – 1987 – A
difficult question. For years Jodi had been best friends
with her handsome neighbor. Now they were going
steady. Jodi found this a pretty satisfactory
arrangement until she met Jeff whose dark good
looks and obvious interest sparked feelings that
she didn’t want to acknowledge, even to herself.
She tried to fight their growing attraction, but
it was getting to be a real problem. How could
she even think about being so disloyal to the
boy whom she had loved so long and so

11. Love and Pizza to Go – Janice Harrell – 1987 – Katy and Mark
were a couple. Even when the gang got together to cruise down
Lakeside and grab a pizza, it was still Katy and Mark. But then Mark
started acting weird. Really weird! Had he fallen for someone else or
what? Katy didn’t understand, and it just seemed natural to turn to
Bix for comfort. He was a good friend – and a hunk! With his ash
blond hair and amber eyes, he looked exactly like those guys in
racy jeans ads. Some peoples might think his hobby was standing
around looking in mirrors, but what he loved to do most was fight.
He was a challenge all right!

12. The Mystery Kiss – Elaine Harper – 1987 – Reprint -Polly Anderson was famous as a fortune teller; she had been doing it ever since grade school. When she moved to a California high school, she started telling fortunes again and soon won many new friends that way. Sometimes she told them about the future; at other times they told her secrets that they had never before told anyone. How was it then that the spirits wouldn’t or couldn’t tell her who had stolen that electrifying kiss from her on Halloween night?

13. Robin’s Reward – Nicole Hart – 1987 – It wasn’t fair! Robin,
the baby of her family, was now the only one left at home
over the summer. Her brother and sister were away doing
glamorous things. There was no one for her to hang out with
but pesky Eustice, and he was acting superior as usual, even if
he was growing up to be quite a hunk. There was only one bright
spot: Robin’s friend, Lily, was coming to visit. Perhaps the two
of them could scare up something to do, for example… a little
romance and a touch of mystery.

14. Merry Christmas Marcie – Sydell Voeller – 1987 –
Ivan was a class act. Marcie had felt it from the very first moment they’d met. But they were worlds apart. She was a local high school student leading a humdrum life. He was a dashing aerialist traveling with his circus family. Soon he would move on to the next town.Was it only a fly-by-night romance? She had to know. Her heart was tettering on a high wire. Where was her safety net? Had he fallen for her, or would he remain forever out of her reach?

15. The Bird of Paradise – Elaine Harper – 1987 – Reprint – To get
Lindalee away from a fast crowd, her parents shipped her off to the
jungles of Papua, New Guinea, on a research project with her
naturalist aunt and uncle and a group of teenagers. This was hardly
Lindalee’s idea of a great way to spend a summer, especially after
she’d met the other members of the expedition. Gradually, however,
she began to fall in love with the beautiful island, and even started
to like some of the other kids, especially Bob Brewster, even though
he seemed to have a knack for getting them both in trouble. Isn’t
it nice that sometimes parents know best?

16. Special Girl – Dorothy Francis – 1988- Reprint –
Vonnie had a secret, She was determined not to share
it with her classmates. After all, it wasn’t there business.
That would make moving easier. No one would call
her strange or different. She’d make a fresh start.
This time, she promised herself, she’d be outgoing
and friendly. But her decision to hide a part of her
life caused problems with her new friends. Worse
yet, it threatened to break up her first real
romance. How could she tell them the truth?

17. My Funny Valentine – Elaine Harper – 1988 – One little fib
leads to another….Meredith wanted to be a writer someday. She
certainly had the imagination for it. In fact, her amazing talent for
inventing things began to get totally out of hand. It all started
when Meredith bought herself a fancy, romantic valentine. Then
she created her very own dream guy. A guy who was crazy about
her! The problem was, her friends thought he was real. And, of
course, everybody wanted to meet this hunk. Her pals even
expected her to bring him to the school dance. Meredith was in a
pickle. She was so tongue-tied and shy around boys. Who could
she find to help her out?

18. Nobody Knows Me – Jeffie Ross Gordon – 1988 – Will
the real Samantha please stand up and put on a chicken
suit? Samantha needed to be independent. Although she
received a generous allowance from her parents, she
wanted a job. So she went out and got one. And what a
job it was – dressing up in costumes and delivering crazy
telegrams! It all seemed perfect, especially after her cute
classmate, Trig, was hired, too. Was he interested in more
than gorillagrams? Sam thought so when he began to
ask her out. Now she just had to convince her mom and
dad she knew what she was doing.

19. No Easy Answers – Elaine Harper – 1988 – Girls can’t do math! Laura was firmly convinced. When her father persuaded her to enrol in a math class, she panicked, especially when she saw that the class was mostly guys. Would they all be whiz kids?Apparently not. There was one person in the class who wasn’t. He even looked to Laura for guidance. He was kind of cute, too. Wow! This was a problem worth solving. Laura was determined to get to the root of it.

20. The Most Popular Girl – Sheila Schwartz – 1988 – Ellen
must have been born under a lucky star. She was pretty
and popular and smart. Not only that, she was so sweet,
it was hard not to like her. She had a successful family and
a cute boyfriend, who was captain of the high school football
team. The kids in her group were the celebrities of the
junior class, and Ellen was their leader. Everything had always
gone right for her. Until one day, her perfect, fairy-tale
world fell apart. That’s when Ellen found out who her
true friends really were.

21. Wanted: Tony Roston – Emily Hallin – 1988 – Who was he? His
picture, gorgeous and smiling, had fallen out of Shelley’s battered
American literature book. She’d felt an immediate bond with this
attractive stranger, but when a classmate found the snapshot
propped up on her desk, the rumors started. Was he a no-good
dropout? A playboy? A reckless adventurer? Maybe even a
criminal hiding from the police? Shelley had to find out, even if
it meant her own downfall and the end of a relationship that could
be the most important in her life.

22. Playing Games – Barbara Cummings – 1988 – When Beth took on the job of tutoring Scott Barker, she thought she understood him very well. She knew he was a star athlete. She could see that he was a hunk. It was quite obvious he only thought of sports and girls. Never mind. Beth had enough brains for both of them and she would help the poor jock with his geometry and physics. What was this guy doing in her advanced classes anyway? Why didn’t he stay on the basketball court where he belonged? Beth would soon find out.

23. B.J. on her Own – Janice Harrell – 1988 – It was a tough decision
for a kid like B.J. to make, to leave home and set up on her own. She
wasn’t exactly running away, just getting out of a bad situation.
Anyway, she did it and she didn’t regret it for a minute. She found a
grungy little apartment and a part-time job, and she registered at the
local high school. She knew she could make it. If she needed help, big
sister Mona was just across town and a cute computer genius named
Kip lived downstairs. B.J. was even making friends. Everything was
working out fine wasn’t it?

24. Practice Makes Perfect – Ann Herrick – 1988 – Inexperienced Cathy has a crush on Dan. Dan is swamped with girls bothering him during his summer job. Samantha , Cathy’s friend suggests a little romantic practice might help her land Dan in the fall. Then she finds her practice partner to be none other than Dan himself , whose looking to discourage the girls gathering around him. But how can Cathy turn this practice into the real thing?

25. The Last Summer – Becky Stuart – 1988 – Kellogg had been trying
to tell Carey his secret for years but it took a beautiful Italian princess
to make Carey aware of what Kellogg and Theodore had known all along.

26. Love Song – Joyce McGill – 1988 – Had I totally flipped?
Kenny Wayne! How about that! A famous singer. A popular rock musician. A total stranger, whom I’d picked up, allowed to get in the truck and who was now suggesting he drive us home to meet my folks! Yet after thirty seconds of peering into his face – sizing up his puckered forehead, the thick, dark brows, his clear. sea-green eyes, I was sure I’d done the right thing. Besides, I noticed he had dimples. I’ve always been a sucker for dimples. ”Let’s get going,” I said, pointing to the car keys.

27. Boy Crazy – Bebe Faas Rice – 1988 -Where the boys are. I’d been happy during my freshman year in high school and was looking forward to being a sophomore. My ambitions were modest. I had a secret hankering to be a pom-pom girl, and I was raring to date some of the guys on the team. Any team. Even chess. I wasn’t fuss. Then my mum decided to send me to a posh boarding school. So off I went to Miss Minsham’s Academy. It had everything I could ever wanted – and more. Three ditzy but terrific roommates. A resident ghost. And — ta-da — just a mile or two over the hill, Farnsworth Prep, our “brother” school, with three boys for every girl at Miss Minsham’s, including a dreamboat named Hugh.

28. Getting it Together – Anne Ferguson – 1988 -A change of heart.
Overwieght Pam felt everything was wrong in her fifteen-year-old life. Her sister was slim and beautiful. Her parents had split. Her father had married a young, pretty woman, and Pam was goingt to spend the summer with them in a dull, small town. Once more she would be the ugly duckling swimming alone in a tiny pond. Did she resign herself to this fate? Absolutely not! Before the summer was over she had radically changed, and the change was more than cosmetic. Of course, it didn’t hurt to have a fan – especially if he had blonde hair, brown eyes and a great build.

29. Masquerade – Janice Harrell – Desperately seeking Ann.
Here was the good news. The guy Ann-Marie had drooled over
from afar for so long had finally noticed her. One day at the ice
cream shop he walked over and asked for a date. There was just
one teensy problem. Biff thought she was someone else. And
that someone else was Ann-Marie’s neighbor, a girl with quite a
reputation around town. Ann-Marie didn’t know what to do. Well,
actually she did – she wasn’t crazy! She accepted Biff’s invitation
to the movies. She’d have to take care of the minor details later.
After all, how often did a chance like this come along?

30. Spring Break – Bebe Faas Rice – The Roommates are
back! It’s spring break, and four escapees from Miss
Mingsham’s Academy are ready for a fling. Best friends
and roomies Portia, Pam , Dee and Marylou are off to
North Carolina where there’s an archaelogical dig going
on right in their backyard. It’s not artifacts the girls are
interested in, however. They’ve got their eyes on
something a bit more up-to-date – five gorgeous guys.
And the professor whose leading the dig looks exactly
like Indiana Jones! Is this going to be one fabulous
vacation or what?

31. Foreign Exchange – Brenda Cole – 1988 – Fallen Idol. Lorrie had always been infatuated with Sam Young, the big man on campus, and finally now she had a chance to get his attention. She knew he had the reputation of heartbreaker and she heard he was heavily involved with a gorgeous cheerleader, but she could tell he liked her, maybe even a lot. She had gone on a few dates with him. Sam was no fool. Sooner or later, she was sure, he would realize they were meant for each other. Why then was she beginning to have doubts? Was it possible she had chosen the wrong boy all along?

32. The Gang’s All Here – Janice Harrell – 1988 – First
book in the In-Crowd miniseries.They were the kids who had everything. The movers and shakers. The leaders. The stars that streaked across Lee High.The were best friends, inseparable since fourth grade. Sam, the golden girl. Marcy, the kid with the highest grade point average in school, maybe the world. Good-looking, dangerous Luke. Their junior year was going to be great!  But first they had to deal with their archenemy, Happy. She was always plotting. “Bimbo, Brain and Bod,” she called them. Could she break up the tightest group at Lee High? And where did Pip come into all this?

33. A Dark Horse – Emily Hallin – 1988 – For years she’d been going
around with Skooter, but she was the first to admit that he wasn’t
a boyfriend. How could he be? They’d been thrown together since
childhood, and anyway, he was now wearing all those silly hat.
Besides, now that her dad was running for Congress, Wendy had met
a college guy who was not only interested in helping her dad’s
campaign, he was interested in her, too! He actually wanted to date
her! Unbelievable as it was, he seemed to have fallen for her!

34. Dear Dr. Heartbreak – Janice Harrell – Book 2 of the In-Crowd
series. Know-it-all alert! School newspaper editor Luke has talked
Samantha into helping him with one of his crazy schemes. She’s
to be the paper’s mysterious Dr. Heartbreak, dishing out advice
to kids who write to her about their problems. At first Sam is
reluctant to become involved. Didn’t her steady Pip warn her about
Luke’s habit of getting himself – and other people – into trouble?
But then Sam starts enjoying being like Dear Abby. Of course,
it leads to all sorts of complications she never even dreamed of.

35. Just like Jessica – Judith Blackwell – 1988 -In her sister’s shadow…Fifteen-going-on-sixteen-year-old Mary Sanford is tired of always being compared to her older sister, Jessica. Perfect Jess. She’s smart, pretty, talented and popular, too. How can an all-around average teen compete with anybody so fabulous? Mary doesn’t even want to compete. She just wishes people would accept her for herself. Especially Patrick, the new guy with the sexy eyes. He seems to really like her. Maybe Mary’s got a lot going for her after all.

36. Your Daily Horoscope – Janice Harrell – 1989 – Book 3 in the
In-crowd series. Senior year was supposed to be the best, right?
Well, Samantha wasn’t so sure about that. First, Luke talked her
into helping him with one of his crazy schemes. She knew it could
get her in real trouble. She could end up grounded, suspended
from school, even thrown off the newspaper staff! But that was
nothing compared to her problems with her steady, Pip. He said
they should date other people. What other people? Did he have
someone special in mind?

37. Alabama Nights – Brenda Cole – 1989 – Would their
love survive? When her parents divorced, Stacy had
made up her mind to live on an old farm in the country
with her aunt and uncle. But her mother didn’t agree.
She though the only reason Stacy wanted to be there
was to be with Lane, the boy whom Stacy had grown
to love. And now Stacy was having doubts as to how
Lane felt about her, especially when she saw him flirting
with her best friend. Was her mother right? Should
she leave the farm and Lane forever? Sequel to First
Love From Silhouette’s Alabama Moon.

38. So Long Senior Year – Janice Harrell – Last Book , number 4
in the In-Crowd miniseries. Who says senio year is one big
P.A.R.T.Y? Just ask the kids in the crowd for the real scoop.
Samantha doesn’t want to say goodbye to any of her friends,
especially her guy, Pip. Pip can’t stand the thought of Samantha
dating those Carolina hunks while he’s far away at an Ivy league
college. Marcy is determined to graduate tops in her class, and
nothing is going to stand in her way. Luke’s getting lots of flak
from his family because he doesn’t plan to go to college. Only
Happy is – well – happy. For once she’s going to be the center
of attention, and maybe that’s all she ever wanted.

39. Queen Bee – Emily Hallin – 1989 – For the past
year life has been just about perfect for Sally. That
was before her older sister, June, had unexpectedly
returned to interrupt Sally’s first date with super
dreamboat Trevor. Worse yet, June planned to
stay. She’d left her husband and planned to move
back home with her messy, bawling baby. Just
when Sally had become pleasantly accustomed to
being the center of attention , June had butted in
to wreck her love life, borrow her clothes and
makeup and hog the phone. Would Sally’s life
ever be normal again? Would she ever really get
to know Trevor – let alone kiss him?

40. Confessions of Abby Winslade – Tessa Kay – 1989 – Spending
Easter vacation in a dreary English coastal resort off season with
relatives was not exactly a treat for lively fourteen-year-old Abby
and her dreamy older sister, Helen. Yet it had it’s charms- namely
Gray Cooper. They met him by chance one rainy Sunday afternoon
at the arcade. Abby could tell at once that he was attracted to
Helen. But it was too late. She’d already fallen hopelessly in love
with him. Would Helen and Gray be a couple? Or would Abby have a

41. The Edge of a Dream – Elizabeth Stanley – 1989 –
Mamie was apprehensive about moving from London
to the country. She felt shy about changing schools
and making new friends. Then she met Guy, and a
whole new world opened up to her. Soon she found
herself falling in love with him, even though she
could tell he was interested in someone else. Worse
yet, she had a secret, a secret that would not only
affect their relationship, but would change their
whole future. She hated to deceive him, but could
she take the risk of losing him forever?

42. Between Us – Josephine Wunsch – 1989 – Pam wasn’t perfect.
Of this she was all too aware. For years she’d cherished the memory
of her twin sister, Angela, who died at birth. In Pam’s mind Angela
was all that Pam was not, slim, beautiful and poised, while Pam
saw herself as heavy, square-jawed and ordinary. No wonder
gorgeous Jay ignored her! No surprise that intriguing Robert avoided
her! She even thought that it was okay for her best friend to put
her down and take advantage of her. Why did Pam change her mind?
How did she discover that accepting oneself is the first step on the
road to love?

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17 Responses to CROSSWINDS KEEPSAKE ULTIMATE PAGE – BOOK COVERS , DESCRIPTIONS – Bebe Faas Rice , Elaine Harper , Janice Harrell , Emily Hallin , Brenda Cole , Tessa Kay, Beverly Sommers , Dorothy Francis and more!

  1. Ann Herrick says:

    Practice Makes Perfect has been re-issued by Hard Shell Word Factory as Summer Replacement!

  2. Carmel says:

    Hi Peacharino,
    It’s been a while since I checked your blog & thought I was in the wrong place as it looks so different. Looks good.
    I’m listing some Crosswinds, Keepsakes & First Loves on my website at the moment and I have a question about one of the cover models on Keepsake #1 The Right Kind Of Girl by Dorothy Francis. Is the one with shorter hair Reese Witherspoon? The profile picture certainly looks like her, although she would have been only 11 at the time. She was modelling & having acting lessons from the age of 7, so looking 14 to 15 at 11 wouldn’t have been much of a stretch in the 80s.
    What do you think? I have the book in front of me right now & I swear it just looks so much like her. The hair, the nose, it has to be Reese. Despite some googling I can’t find any of her early photos to confirm what I think. I’d love it if someone agreed with me. 🙂

    • peacharino says:

      Interesting! I always thought the other girl looked like Viveka Davis from Not my Kid! And now that I do take a second look you’re right it does look a lot like Reece Witherspoon! If you type in Reece Witherspoon in Wildflowers at Google images it will give you a nice young pic of Reece from She was about fourteen when she did the movie. Though it may not be her on the cover on the other hand, it could be – models were often young – twelve and such and gooped up with make-up to look older. I think a 12 year old Mila Jovovich was in a make-up Revlon ad dubbed Beautiful Women ( ha! ) of the world. Considering other stars graced covers of the books – Lori Loughlin showed up twice! it’s definitely a possibility.

  3. Ann Herrick says:

    What a fun trip down memory lane, and what fun to see my first book (Practice Makes Perfect) here! It was re-issued in 2005 and still available at Amazon (can you believe?). I’ve read (and still have) several of the books and “see” some of the authors on writing lists and message boards.

    • peacharino says:

      Hi , great to know some of these terrific books are getting another chance. It’s too bad the publishers couldn’t offer some of the 80’s series a reissue through Kindle – how I’d love to fill in all my gaping holes! I don’t have a description for your book – I was wondering if you could fill that in – I looked on Amazon but they were kinda vague. Love the reviews though!

  4. Ann Herrick says:

    Here’s a description for Practice Makes Perfect:
    Cathy has a crush on Dan, but no experience when it
    comes to love. Since she has to spend the summer at
    the beach with her family, her friend Samantha suggests she
    have a “practice romance” in order to gear up for the real
    thing with Dan in the fall. Cathy thinks that’s a great idea.
    She likes it even better when she discovers Dan and his
    family are spending the summer at the same beach, and he
    needs someone to discourage a bunch of girls hanging around
    the store where he works in order to save his job. She
    volunteers to pretend to be his girlfriend for the summer
    and he readily agrees.
    At first, things go great for Cathy. She and Dan develop
    a friendship that’s on the verge of turning romantic–until
    Dan’s old girlfriend, Lisa,shows up. In three days she
    interferes with Cathy’s relationship with Dan, and soon
    Cathy is wondering if she and Dan will ever be a real
    couple, or if she is only a summer replacement for Lisa.

    The back cover of the book had a letter from Cathy to
    her friend Samantha about what was happening.

  5. Ann Herrick says:

    PS I don’t know what happened to the formatting in my above post! ?

    • peacharino says:

      I think I fixed it a bit – it happens to me too! – when I first started this blog – I had no idea how to do replys , fix things or anything – now I’m more inquisitive and click buttons and try things out. Thanks for the great description! Oh and do you have any memories of writing for Crosswinds Keepsake? ( it has to be one of my most favorite series cover designs ever ) – the stories were great too! I loved First Love From SIlhouette and was glad they tried to hang on a bit longer.

  6. Ann Herrick says:

    Practice Makes Perfect was my only book for Crosswinds. It was still “First Love Silhouette” when I submitted the manuscript, but “Crosswinds” by the time it came out. My second manuscript got turned down, because by then they were cutting back on romances, but I did sell “The Perfect Guy” to Bantam.
    I subbed Practice Makes Perfect on a Thursday and got The Call from the editor the following Tuesday saying she wanted to buy ! Those were the days when authors could submit work themselves and editors could make decisions themselves and not have to wait for approval from marketing or whatever! Kids loved the cover. Parents, teachers and librarians, not so much. 😀 I was lucky, as the book earned 150% of my advance. It came out in German and French (as well as English, of course) and was also published in Canada, Australia, New Zealand The Philippenes. All in all, it was a great experience!

    • peacharino says:

      Wow! That’s pretty exciting to be able to submit a book and within the week get it sold! I had no idea things went that quickly. I love hearing about the ins and outs and some of that secret stuff readers weren’t privy to so thanks!

  7. Ann Herrick says:

    PS. It is just so fun to see so many familiar names and covers on this site! 🙂

  8. popartheart says:

    So amazing! I used to have a lot of these titles. They were so much cheaper than Sweet Dreams when they were sold here, so I had more Keepsakes. I had #21 Wanted:Tony Roston, can’t help but think the guy looks so much like the food and travel presenter/chef David Rocco.

  9. Ann Herrick says:

    I’m the author of #24, Practice Makes Perfect, and I’ve always wondered if the guy on the cover was John Stamos. Anyone know if he ever modeled for book covers?

  10. Misty says:

    After coming across this page I saw a title and book cover that I knew instantly, though it is the only keepsake you don’t have the description for I remembered reading it many times so I went and bought it. Now that I have it, I thought you might appreciate the blurb from the back cover to add when you get the chance. 🙂
    “Before Katy moved from Florida, she’d attended a small, select private academy. Now she was finding her way around a crowded, noisy high school and hanging out with a ready-made group of friends, bequeathed to her by her cousin. What a group! All guys! How could three guys get into so much trouble — trouble they expected Katy to get them out of! No doubt about it, she had a big year ahead.”

    • Misty says:

      Just realized I didn’t put the title, though I may have mad it obvious to people not in my head lol. That’s for They’re Rioting in room 32.

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