New Part 1 A-Z series Guide – Forgotten 80’s and 90’s young adult series


    * Just to let you know these are the series I forgot about and stumbled upon – mainly in my research for Cliquey Pizza 3. If the descriptions look a little dry it’s because they’re mainly complied of research and not personal opinion as I’ve only read a couple books from only a portion on this list! If you want to help out send me a concise description including – characters names , backdrop , plots , and tone. 


Addie and the Queen of Hearts - Gail Rock
A non numbered nostalgic series based on the antics of Addie Mills a feisty small town girl in the 40’s who usually does battle with her father , a stubborn widower. The books were spun into very popular t.v. specials of the 70’s starring Jason Robards , and Mildred Natwik. The most known is the House without a Christmas Tree in which Addie sets up a campaign of sly maneuvers in order to get her father to change his stance on Christmas Trees. He’s against them.  In the following books – Addie develops a crush on a handsome school teacher , and  has to deal with her father dating the woman who runs the beauty salon. She’s aided by an equally spunky grandmother and a loyal , longsuffering best friend. The writing is slightly dry and dated but the characters help move the stories along. Not bad. 
Rock, Gail 1-4
Lawlor, Laurie 5-6
Knopf 1-4
Whitman 5-6
1. The House Without a Christmas Tree – 1974
2. The Thanksgiving Treasure –  1974
3. A Dream for Addie – 1975
4. Addie and the King of Hearts – 1976
5. Addie across the Prairie – 1986
6. Addie’s Dakota Winter – 1989


A I Gang - Bruce Coville
    Fun , sci-fi fantasy series about five wacky kid genius’ who save the world in each adventure. High tech super-spies , mad bombers , a singing robot named Twerpy and a villian named Black Glove – it’s got a little sumptin for everyone – adventure , intrigue , laughs. Never read but looks like fun!
Coville, Bruce
Signet (PB)
1. Operation Sherlock – 1986
2. The Cutlass Cube –  986
3. Robot Trouble – 1986
4. Forever Begins Tomorrow –  1986


Al - Constance C Greene
    Humorous adventures of a young girl who grows throughout the series from ten I think to fourteen. An underachieving latch-key kid ( before the term was even coined .) Wish I knew more about this one as it seems to be one of the series people compare others up against.
Greene, Constance C.
Harper 1-5
Penguin 6
1. A Girl Called Al – 1969
2. I Know You, Al – 1975
3. Your Old Pal, Al – 1979
4. Al(exandra) the Great – 1982
5. Just Plain Al – 1986
6. Al’s Blind Date – 1989

            ALICE WHIPPLE

Alice Whipple - Laurie Adams
    It’s sometimes hard to divide the non-numbered character stories as they all seemed to bare in formula a certain symmetry. There’s Aldo and Anastasia Krupnik and Al and Trig , and Ramona. The only thing separating them is preference to the characters. Humorous , lightweight stories revolving around the title character who goes to a posh Manhattan school ( the kind that yes , has cliques – The Peaches and the Turnips – naturally the Peaches are the popular ones ) – other than the usual tricks between classmates one of the more unusual plots involves Alice deciding a boa constrictor would make a nice pet.
Adams, Laurie and Allison Coudert
Houghton 1
Bantam (PB) 2-5
1. Alice and the Boa Constrictor – 1983
2. Who Wants a Turnip for President, Anyway?   A.k.a. Alice Whipple for President
3. Alice Investigates – 1987
4. Alice Whipple in Wonderland  -1989
5. Alice Whipple Shapes Up – 1990


Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators -
    Long running series , that may have had the master of mysteries himself dictating some of the plots. Whether he did or not,  the series bares a resemblance to other mystery-solving-kids of the era stories ( think Hardy boys or more to the point Scooby-doo because despite how supernatural the clues seemed – everything came to a logical solution ) Unfortunately due to the investigators – Jupiter , Pete and Bob’s ages around fourteen they were limited by what they could accomplish with bicycles. But in 1989 a new series redubbed Crime Busters was released and did fairly well. The character’s age was bumped up to 17 years old and now that they could drive the action was well paced. However legal issues arose and the series was ultimately squished.    
Robert Arthur – 1-       
1. The Secret of Terror Castle  – 1964
2. The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot -1964
3. The Mystery of the Whispering Mummy – 1965
4. The Mystery of the Green Ghost – 1965
5. The Mystery of the Vanishing Treasure – 1966
6. The Secret of Skeleton Island – 1966
7. The Mystery of the Fiery Eye – 1967
8. The Mystery of the Silver Spider – 1967
9. The Mystery of the Screaming Clock – 1968
10. The Mystery of the Moaning Cave – 1968
11. The Mystery of the Talking Skull – 1969
12. The Mystery of the Laughing Shadow – 1969
13. The Secret of the Crooked Cat – William Arden  – 1970
14. The Mystery of the coughing Dragon – Nick West – 1970
15. The Mystery of the Flaming Footprints – M.V. Carey – 1971
16. The Mystery of the Nervous Lion – Nick West – 1971
17. The Mystery of the Singing Serpent – M.V. Carey – 1972
18. The Mystery of the Shrinking House – William Arden – 1972
19. The Secret of Phantom Liake – William Arden – 1973
20. The Mystery of Monster Mountain – M.V. Carey – 1973
21. The Secret of the Haunted Mirror – M.V. Carey – 1974
22. The Mystery of the Dead Man’s Riddle – William Arden – 1974
23. The Mystery of the Invisible Dog – M.V. Carey – 1975
24. The Mystery of the Death Trap Mine – M.V. Carey – 1976
25. The Mystery of the Dancing Devil – William Arden – 1976
26. The Mystery of the Headless Horse – William Arden – 1977
27. The Mystery of the Magic Circle – M.V. Carey – 1978
28. The Mystery of the Deadly Double – William Arden – 1978
29. The Mystery of the Sinister Scarecrow – M.V. Carey – 1979
30. The Secret of Shark Reef – William Arden – 1979
31. The Mystery of the Scar-Faced Beggar – M.V. Carey – 1981
32. The Mystery of the Blazing Cliffs – M.V. Carey – 1981
33. The Mystery of the Purple Pirate – William Arden – 1982
34. The Mystery of the Wandering Cave Man – M.V. Carey – 1982
35. The Mystery of the Kidnapped Whale – .Marc Brandel – 1983
36. The Mystery of the Missing Mermaid – M.V. Carey – 1983
37. The Mystery of the Two-Toed Pigeon – Marc Brandel – 1984
38. The Mystery of the Smashing Glass – William Ardel – 1984
39. The Mystery of the Trail of Terror – M.V. Carey – 1984
40. The Mystery of the Rogue’s Reunion – Marc Brandel – 1985
41. The Mystery of the Creep Show Crooks – M.V. Carey – 1985
42. The Mystery of Wrecker’s Rock – William Arden – 1986
43. The Mystery of the Cranky Collector – M.V. Carey – 1987

1. The Case of the Weeping Coffin – Megan Stine & H. William Stine – 1985
2. The Case of the Dancing Dinosaur – Rose Estes –
3. The Case of the House of Horrors – Megan Stine & H. William Stine –
4. The Case of the Savage Statue – M.V. Carey – 1987

1. Hot Wheels – William Arden – 1989
2. Murder to Go – Megan Stine & H. William Stine
3. Rough Stuff – G.H. Stone – 1989
4. Funny Business – William MacCay – 1989
5. An Ear for Danger – Marc Brandel – 1989
6. Thriller Diller ( U.K. edition Hollywood Horror ) – Megan Stine & H. William Stine – 1989
7. Reel Trouble – G.H. Stone – 1989
8. Shoot the Works – William MacCay – 1990
9. Foul Play – Peter Lerangis – 1990
10. Long Shot – Megan Stine & H. William Stine – 1990
11. Fatal Error – G.H. Stone – 1990       


Always Friends Club - Susan Meyers
    Sounds much like a dozen others in the 80’s although the kids appear a little younger – ten year old friends – Cricket , Meg , Brittany and Amy start a club – the always friends club. Some of the plots include – entering a haunted house design competition , a dog washing fund raising event , a visit from an old friend stirring up jealousy , and an attempt to become models in a kid’s catalog. Having read one of the stories I was startled to find that they were wordy and well written given the age group – I was expecting something as flimsy as Babysitter’s Little Sister – however it’s a strange series sort of displaced from it’s ideal decade considering this was put out when horror pbs were still going strong – and it’s cover art harkens more to the 80’s than mid-90’s. Interesting curio.
Susan Meyers
1. Amy’s Haunted House – 1995
2. Beautiful Brittany – 1995
3. Brittany’s New Friend – 1995
4. Cricket goes to the Dogs – 1995
5. Cricket’s Pet Project – 1995
6. Hello Jenny – 1995
7. Meg and the Secret Scrapbook – 1995


Amy and Laura - Marilyn Sachs
    Intentionally dated stories – circa 40’s Brooklyn gives the reader a heartwarming look at a pair of sisters who are emotional and physical opposites during a time of financial struggle –  while Laura is the heavyset oldest , a quiet bookworm , Amy is the flighty younger sister who struggles with her school work and longs to join a group of popular girls despite their given prejudices. More meaty topics and well rounded characters than most series giving the books a realistic rather than hallow outcome.
Sachs, Marilyn
Doubleday – reissued
1. Amy Moves In – 1964
2. Laura’s Luck – 1965
3. Amy and Laura – 1966


Anastacia Krupnik - Lois Lowery
    Quirky humorous stories revolving around the analytical and often self absorbed title character Anastasia Krupnik who starts off in New York , only to move to her dismay to the boring suburbs – the books follow her growth age 10 to 14 I think , with a new added sibling in later books. Can’t remember these books but I do know their charm lay not in their plots ( the action in some could be considered skimpy ) but in the character herself. 
Lowry, Lois
1. Anastasia Krupnik  -1979
2. Anastasia Again! – 1981
3. Anastasia at Your Service – 1982
4. Anastasia, Ask Your Analyst – 1984
5. Anastasia on Her Own – 1985
6. Anastasia Has the Answers – 1985
7. Anastasia and Her Chosen Career – 1986
8. Anastasia at This Address – 1991


Andie - Janice Harrell
    Looks to be a humorous trio – Janice Harrell wrote them, one of the repeat authors for  First Love From Silhouette ( 10 books! ) and if she brought her usual flare they should be a fun, lightweight read. Andie in Andie and the boys is a teenager who loves her stepbrother P.J. and his two best buddies but their constant protection is scaring off prospective boyfriends! The other two books follow in the path of laughs and romance as Andie must scramble to explain things when a boyfriend sends her parents a Christmas card signed – Your-future-son-in-law and friends seem to be pushing her and a best bud into making their friendship a romance.
Harrell, Janice
Pocket (PB)
1. Andie and the Boys – 1990
2. Dooley Mackenzie Is Totally Weird – 1991
3. Brace Yourself, P.J. – 1991    


Angel - Judy Delton
    This series is based on worrywart character Angel O’Leary who starts out as a ten year old left to pick up the slack taking care of her little brother Rags when the incompetent babysitter can’t seem to keep him out of trouble.  The rest of the series includes a kindly new stepfather who is from Greece , and starts out as a major embarrassment to Angel because of his job ( a t.v. clown ) but she eventually warms up and grows to love this new addition to her family. There is even a trip to his homeland which has Angel attempting tolerance for her summer upheaval before sixth grade and worse the culture shock of having to face a fish dinner when the poor fish still has his head attached. Funny , fast paced and heartwarming. 
Delton, Judy
1. Back Yard Angel 1983

2. Angel in Charge 1985
3. Angel’s Mother’s Boyfriend 1986
4. Angel’s Mother’s Wedding 1987
5. Angel’s Mother’s Baby 1989    


Angela Steele - Nancy K Robinson
    Funny , fast paced series featuring one of the most accurately described heartwarming families in 80’s children’s fiction. The Steele’s features Tina who in the first story would love to fire her odd , eccentric mother – her siblings don’t help matters at times but her mother gets the brunt of her dislike , because of her embarrassing behavior – like singing Opera on the bus , going around with a missing front tooth ,( till she can get it fixed ) and packing odd things for lunch. Her sophisticated and often bored acting best friend has the perfect mother so , Tina thinks. But things aren’t so great for her best friend, Melissa. In following adventures her sibling Angela apparently gets a bigger role – in one quite touching story – Oh Honestly , Angela she tries to find a way of getting back her beloved Elephant which was accidently donated to a needy children drive. Very well written – Nancy K Robinson is totally under rated. 
Robinson, Nancy K.
Apple (PB) 1
Scholastic 2-4
1. Mom, You’re Fired 1983
2. Oh Honestly, Angela 1985
3. Angela, Private Citizen 1989
4. Angela and the Broken Heart 1991


Animal Rescue Farm - Sharon M Hart
    Short lived series featuring younger protagonists Jesse and Arden Quinn siblings I think who wind up caring for animals brought to their grandparents animal rescue farm of the title. Slim , fast reads.
Created by Sharon M. Hart
Various authors
Apple (PB)
1. The Stolen Horse – Sharon M. Hart – 1988
2. Animal Orphans – Avery Hart and Paul Mantell – 1988
3. A Dog for Jesse – Emma Davis – 1989
4. Win or Lose – Sharon Dennis Wyeth – 1989


Annie K's Theater - Sharon Dennis Wyeth
    9 year old playwright Annie K gathers her friends to put on plays she’s written for the neighborhood – antics happen along the way to performing said plays. Never read sounds interesting – though obviously aimed at younger readers. Added note not sure if this is a recurring gimmick or merely added for one book in that a ‘script’ is included for the readers to put on their own play with tips on props or costuming ( other books often featured these so called additions – Fab five added once a recipe , Party line – party tips , Keepsake – makeup tips )
Wyeth, Sharon Dennis
Skylark (PB) 1. The Dinosaur Tooth 1990
2. The Ghost Show 1990
3. The Chicken Pox Party 1990
4. The Mighty Dolphin 1991


War Comes to Willy Freeman James Lincoln Collier

       Award winning trio features the history of the Arabus family who were slaves but attempted to find their freedom and along the way show their courage , perseverance and determination against cruel master – Captain Ivers. In War comes to Willy Freeman – Wilelmina ( Willy for short ) disguises herself as a boy and flees in order to find her mother who was taken by the British as a washer woman. Battling the elements and her stalking owner Willy’s quest is lightened somewhat when she makes friends with a tavern owner but at times a grueling look at history. Jump Ship features a boy who is plotting to re-steal his father’s  papers from his cruel Master – Captain Ivers ( papers that could spark their freedom ) but kicks off a dangerous chain of events which could put him on a slave boat to the West Indies.
Collier, James Lincoln, and Christopher Collier
1. War Comes to Willy Freeman – 1983
2. Jump Ship to Freedom-  1981
3. Who Is Carrie – 1984


Arcade Explorers
           Game book series that rather than just offer you a choose your own adventure style twist  the computer geek reader is encouraged to type in some basic code so by the end of the story they’ll have a game to play – and depending on what choices they picked , the game ends up varying.
Seth McEvoy & Laurie Smith
1. Save the Venturians!
2. Revenge of the Raster Gang
3. The Electronic Hurricane
4. The Magnetic Ghost of Shadow Island


Ash Staff - Paul R Fisher
      Curious trio – mainly because it’s found under a heading logo ( like Wildfire or Sweet Dreams ) called Magic Quest – a series featuring fantasy books – and thereby becomes a series within a series. Six orphans live in a cave with an elderly caretaker called Rhawn while winter blows unceasingly outside due to an evil takeover by the wicked Ammar. But when Rhawn dies bequeathing the others with special gifts – and leaving eldest Mole in charge with the magical ashwood staff of title one , they set out on a quest to free their land from oppression. Features goblins , impish talking swords , and the kind of myth and magic that appeals to kids. See also Magic Quest
Fisher, Paul
1. Ash Staff 1979
2. The Hawks of Fellheath 1980
3. The Princess and the Thorn 1980

             AUSTIN FAMILY

A Ring of Endless Light - Madeleine L'Engle
        Reissued series by the beloved Madeleine L’Engle features a happy family – the Austin’s whose life in the first book is made more complicated ( especially for the protagonist) 12 year old Vicky , when the family takes in an unruly recently orphaned girl Maggie whose attention seeking behavior lures young sister Suzy into her mischief. The second book jumps ahead to show Vicky at the age of 14 , during their family’s cross country camping trip where she is torn between a cynical exciting boy Zachary who flirts via left behind notes and reappearances at camp grounds and Andy a calm less exciting boy. In the third book as the Austin family settles in their New York apartment most of the focus switches to their new friend Josiah ‘Dave’ Davidson who helps blind pianist Emily Gregory. This book however delves into fantasy and science when the kids come across a genie in a junk shop who may be working for a disillusioned bishop who has a Micro Ray which could help him control a gang called the Alphabats in a plot to seize power.   In A Ring of Endless Night – Vicky spends the summer with Adam who is doing experiments in dolphin communication and discovers she has a talent for telepathy. But despite this somewhat buoyant idea the books theme implied in the title is looking for light in the  swallowing darkness as she must decide whether Zachary’s ( who has returned ) bleak outlook is true when a series of bad events threaten her happiness.  Not a true series in the sense that these books reach for more engrossing ideas , realistic characters and a totally bucking of the word formula. Worth a read!
L’Engle, Madeleine
Vanguard 1
Farrar 2-7
1. Meet the Austins 1960
2. The Moon by Night 1963 
3. The Young Unicorns 1968
4. The Anti-Muffins 1981
5. A Ring of Endless Light 1980
6. The Twenty Four Days Before Christmas – 1984
7. Troubling a Star – 1994
8. A Full House : Austin Family Christmas – 1999


Aviva Granger 80's series - Jeanne Betancourt
    Follows the sometimes rocky friendship between protagonist Aviva Granger and Josh Greene classmates who by the end of the series become siblings. The series starts with Aviva returning home from camp to discover her parents divorcing and the following plots include her reactions to each new change as her family grows – step parents and babies appear and Aviva ages from 10 – to 13.  Slim reads but worth a look.
Betancourt, Jeanne
Camelot (PB)
1. The Rainbow Kid 1985
2. Turtle Time 1985
3. Puppy Love 1986
4. Crazy Christmas 1988    
5. Valentine Blues  – 1988


Bad News Bunny - Susan Saunders
     Very kooky series about a young quiet boy 11 year old Jason who wins a wisecracking
, junk food loving,  bossy rabbit named Robot during a school lottery. The fact that he’s got to kept Robot’s talents a secret create all kinds of trouble as he’s often accused of delivering the smart remarks himself. Susan Saunders who also created Sleepover Friends once again taps in on her talent for humor and the accompanying drawings add to the laughs. Very fast reads though.
Susan Saunders
Pocket books / Minstrel
1. Third Prize Surprise
2. Back to Nature
3. Stop the Presses
4. Who’s got a Secret 
5. Caught in the Act
6. Narrow Escape

                       BAKER STREET IRREGULARS

Baker Street Irregulars - Robert Newman
        Takes place turn the turn of the century circa 1800-nearly1900’s – the time of Sherlock Holmes. In fact the first book features a cameo from the great detective but mainly these stories revolve around the Baker street boys – the lads who often helped Sherlock Holmes round up evidence wind up stumbling into their own mysteries. The main character is Andrew Tiller and it’s through him and his friend both kids , adults and inspectors that the mysteries get solved.
Newman, Robert
1. Case of the Baker Street Irregulars -1978
2. Case of the Vanishing Corpse – 1980
3. Case of the Somerville Secret – 1981
4. Case of the Threatened King – 1982
5. Case of the Etruscan Treasure – 1983
6. Case of the Frightened Friend – 1984
7. Case of the Murdered Players – 1985
8. Case of the Indian Curse – 1986
9. Case of the Watching Boy – 1989

      Don’t know much about this series accept that it sounds like a English Boarding school series and that the girls in fifth form , whatever that is.  Apparently the girls , give their headmistress a hard time all but perhaps Jenny or maybe she does to , having got caught up in the antics of her new friends. If anyone knows anything about this series let me know.

Harriet Martyn
1. Jenny and the Syndicate
2. Jenny and the New Headmistress
3. Jenny and the New Girls

          BALLET ONE

Ballet One #3 Mary in the Middle - Sandy Asher
        Very young characters 10 I think highlight this so-so series featuring a young co-ed group in a ballet class. I think because Babysitters Little sister was doing so well all this knock off – pre-juvi series were coming out – Sandy Asher though is no slouch to 80’s fiction so may be better than I suspect.
Asher , Sandy
1. Best Friends Get Better
2. Mary in the Middle
3. Pat’s Promise
4. Can David Do it?

            BECKY SUSLOW

Becky Suslow - Doris Orgel
    Series sparked by a return to character Beck Suslow who in the first book is eight and  wages war against her babysitter. In the following books the focus is more on friendship as she is now older. A review on Amazon suggested the books lot was splintery and episodic saved only by the characters friendship. Plots include the usual divorce , the usual entrance of a step parent and an unwanted spoiled sibling , and attempts to try out for a t.v. commercial an opportunity that comes with new girl Rainbow Rothstein.
Orgel, Doris
1. My War with Mrs. Galloway – 1985
2. Whiskers Once and Always – 1986
3. Midnight Soup and A Witch’s Hat – 1987
4. Starring Becky Suslow – 1989


             BEST FRIENDS ( not to be confused with Susan Smith’s Best Friends series )

Best Friends - Hilda Stahl - best

Haven’t read any of these but Hilda Stahl did a good job on her Elizabeth Gail series. This one is about a group of friends – starting perhaps with Chelsea who moves from Oklahoma to Michigan and runs up a phone bill calling her old friend back home. Eventually she begins making friends and it sounds like they have the typical preteen adventures of romance , sibling rivalry , and friendship but being that this is a Christian oriented series – morals often overshadow the action standing out rather than weaving their magic subtly. That isn’t to say this happens with every Christian series! Definitely not – but I’ve read a few and sometimes the author doesn’t have the finesse to weave in the necessary elements and can even screw up basic Christian elements focusing too much on behavior – being good – rather than on forgiveness and love. This seemed to be one reviewers problem with this series on Amazon. But it’s nice to see a series that features the typical preteen backdrops plus church!
Stahl , Hilda
1. Chelsea and the Outrageous Phone Bill – 1992
2. Real Trouble for Roxie – 1992
3. Kathy’s Babysitting Hassle – 1992
4. Hannah and the Special 4th of July – 1992
5. Roxie and the Red Rose Mystery – 1992
6. Kathy’s New Brother – 1992
7. A Made over Chelsea – 1992
8. No Friends for Hannah – 1992
9. Tough Choices for Roxie -1992
10. Chelsea’s Special Touch – 1993
11. Mystery at Bellwood Estate – 1993
12. Hannah and the Daring Escape – 1993
13. Hannah and the Snowy Hideaway – 1993
14. Chelsea and the Alien Invasion -1993
15. Roxie’s Mall Madness – 1993
16. The Secret Tunnel Mystery –


            BEVERLY HILLS , 90210

Beverly Hills , 90210 - Mel Cebulash
Various Authors
Harper Collins
As per usual of t.v. tie in series this one forgos it’s dignity in favor
of a brand name. Unless the reader was a fan of the t.v. series theymight be at a loss as to figure out who these characters are – as the writer
omits such silly things as descriptions. For major fans only.
1. No Secrets -Mel Gilden – 1992
2. Which Way to the Beach -Mel Gilden – 1992
3. Fantasies – K.T. Smith – 1992
4. Tis the Season – Mel Gilden – 1992
5. Two Hearts – Mel Gilden – 1993
6. Where the Boys Are – Mel Gilden – 1993
7. More than Words – Mel Giden – 1993
8. Summer Love – Mel Gilden – 1993
9. Senior Year – Darren Star – 1993
10. Graduation Day – Mel Gilden – 1994
11. College Bound – Mel Gilden – 1994


The New Bobbsey Twins - Laura Lee Hope
    The updated adventures of the Bobbsey twins – a young brother sister mystery loving team , Freddie and Flossie. And one can see from the titles where these ones were headed ( echoing the 70’s trend of Scooby Doo ) Ended in the mid 80’s and then it was revived and rejuvenated by Minstrel.
Laura Lee Hope ( pseudonym )
1. The Blue Poodle Mystery 1980
2. Secret in the Pirate’s Cave 1980
3. The Dune Buggy Mystery 1980
4. The Missing Pony Mystery 1981
5. The Rose Parade Mystery 1981
6. The Camp Fire Mystery 1982
7. Double Trouble 1983
8. Mystery of the Laughing Dinosaur 1983
9. Music Box Mystery 1983
10. The Ghost in the Computer 1984
11. The Scarecrow Mystery 1984
12. The Haunted House Mystery 1985
13. The Mystery of the Hindu Temple 1985
1. The Secret of Jungle Park 1987
2. The Case of the Runaway Money 1987
3. The Clue that Flew Away 1987
4. The Secret in the Sand Castle 1988
5. The Case of the Close Encounter 1988
6. Mystery on the Mississippi 1988
7. Trouble in Toyland 1988 8. The Secret of the Stolen Puppies 1988
9. The Clue in the Classroom 1988
10. The Chocolate-Covered Clue 1989
11. The Case of the Crooked Contest 1989
12. The Secret of the Sunken Treasure 1989
13. The Case of the Crying Clown 1989
14. The Mystery of the Missing Mummy 1989
15. The Secret of the Stolen Clue 1989
16. The Case of the Disappearing Dinosaur 1990
17. The Case at Creepy Castle 1990
18. The Secret at Sleepaway Camp 1990
19. The Show-and-Tell Mystery 1990
20. The Weird Science Mystery 1990
21. The Great Skate Mystery 1990
22. The Super Duper Cookie Caper 1991
23. The Monster Mouse Mystery 1991
24. The Case of the Goofy Game Show 1991
25. The Case of the Crazy Collections 1991


Bone Chillers - Betsy Haynes
      One of the followers in the wake of the Goosebumps series this was written and created by Betsy Haynes ( The Taffy Books , The Fabulous Five ) but other authors jumped on board after the first ten books. Had no idea till I googled this that the series was also a t.v. series. I have no idea if the idea to link the books together started straight off or merged later on – but the stories take place at a haunted high school – Edgar Allen Poe High. The stories appear to merge both humor and horror and have wildly goofy covers.
1. Beware of the Shopping Mall – Betsy Haynes
2. Little Pet Shop of Horrors – Betsy Haynes
3. Back to School – Betsy Haynes
4. Frankenturkey – Betsy Haynes
5. Stranger Brew – Betsy Haynes
6. Teacher Creature – Betsy Haynes
7. Frankenturkey 2 – Betsy Haynes
8. Welcome to Alien Inn – Betsy Haynes
9. Attack of the Killer Ants – Betsy Haynes
10. Slime Time – Betsy Haynes
11. Toilet Terror – Elizabeth Winfrey
12. Night of the Living Clay – David Bergantino
13. The Thing under the Bed – Daniel Ehrenhaft
14. Terminal Case of the Uglies – David Bergandino
15. Tiki Doll of Doom – Michael Burgen
16. Queen of the Gargoyles – Gene Hult
17. Why I quit the Babysitters Club – David Bergantino
18. – Sherry Shahan
19. The Night Squawker – Dahlia Kosinski
20. Bear Scare – Gene Hult
21. The Dog Ate my Homework – Betsy Haynes
22. Killer Clown of Kings Country – Daniel Ehrenhaft
23. Romeo and Ghouliette – Betsy Haynes


The Boyfriend Club - Janet Quin Harkin
    Rather than the usual California beach setting most series were locked into , or obscure
subdivisions in Anytown U.S.A The Boyfriend Club is set in Phoenix Arizona which allows some of the plots to make the most of their unique setting – Series did fairly well and I can’t be sure if it ended out of Quin-Harkin being finished with it or it sinking due to poor sales – the trouble is the packaging. In the circles of 80’s fiction a large type paperback 7 X 5 inches give or take a few was reserved for juvi fiction grade school series , while 6 X 4 was generally reversed for teen lit high school based romances. The Boyfriend Club was published in the big paperback and I had assumed it featured girls in the seventh grade – a.k.a like The BSC however the girls are actually 14 and entering their first year at Alta Mesa High. The characters include Ginger , Roni , Karen whose Vietnamese , and Justine whose wealthy. Haven’t actually read any of these but given Janet Quin-Harkin’s talent for fun series probably worth checking out!
Quin-Harkin , Janet
1. Ginger’s First Kiss 
2. Roni’s Dream Boy
3. Karen’s Perfect Match 
4. Queen Justine
5. Ginger’s New Crush
6. Roni’s Two-boy Trouble
7. Karen’s Lessons in Love
8. Roni’s Sweet Fifteen
9. Justine’s Babysitting Nightmare
10. Dear Karen
Super Specials
1. No More Boys
2. The Boyfriend War


Brillstone - Florence Parry Heide
         Dated but interesting looking mysteries that came out when all the hubbub over Shaun Cassidy was putting the Hardy boys back into style, spawning lots of rip offs featuring teenage sleuths. I’m unsure if the hero and heroine are related or brother and sister but their names are Liza and Logan.
Florence Parry Heide
unsure of numbering
1. Brillstone Break-in
2. Fear at Brillstone
3. Black Magic at Brillstone
4. The Face at the Brillstone Window
5. Timebomb at Brillstone
6. Body in the Brillstone Garage

              THE BIRTHDAY GIRLS

The Birthday Girls Series - Jean Thesman
    Curious trio of books follows three girls who meet during a celebration for everyone who was born on the same day at a certain hospital in Seattle. The gimmick is that the girls Cici , Nancy and Jill will have an emotional upheaval to untangle ( each book is a variation of their side of the event ) caused by the series villianess Maggie and her cohort – can-you-believe-it her gossipy mother! Interesting idea.
Jean Thesman
1. I’m not Telling
2. Mirror , Mirror
3. Who am I anyway

                BLOSSOM CULP

Blossom Culp and the Sleep Of Death - Richard Peck
        Just after the turn of the century 1913 Alexander Armsworth finds an eerie light in his barn and assumes it’s his friend Blossom Culp only to discover the ghost of a drowned girl with some cryptic messages. Assisting him in the enfolding mystery is town outcast Blossom Culp who has a unique psychic ability. Later stories include Blossom’s psychic talents causing her to travel through time even ending up on the sinking Titanic. Odd route for Peck – but sounds interesting enough. Never read.
Peck, Richard
Viking 1-2
Delacorte 3-4
1. The Ghost Belonged To Me- 1975
2. Ghosts I Have Been – 1977
3. The Dreadful Future of Blossom Culp -1983
4. Blossom Culp and the Sleep of Death – 1986


Miss Know it All - Carol Beach York
         This series doesn’t fair well with some of the amateur reviews on the internet declaring the plots to be nil with the only interest is in the fact that Miss-Know-it-all a Nanny can apparently answer any of her questions or solve any of the problems the girls at the Good Day Orphanage can come up with.
York, Carol Beach.
Watts 1-6
Skylark (PB) 7-9
1. Miss Know-It-All – 1966
2. The Christmas Dolls – 1967
3. The Good Day Mice – 1968
4. Good Charlotte – 1969 5. The Ten O’Clock Club – 1970
6. Miss Know-It-All Returns – 1972
7. Miss Know-It-All and the Wishing Lamp – 1987
8. Miss Know-It-All and the Three Ring Circus-  1988
9. Miss Know-It-All and the Magic House – 1989

           CAM JANSEN

Cam Jansen - David Adler
        Young sleuth Jennifer ‘Cam’ Jansen finds that her photographic memory comes in handy for solving the mysteries all junior sleuths happen to stumble on – aided by her best bud Eric. Her gimmick , or characteristic gesture is to say ‘click’ while browsing the scene of the ‘crime’. Slim reads for younger readers – worth a look. Never read. 
Adler, David A.
Easy Reader
1. Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds- 1980
2. Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the U.F.O. – 1980
3. Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Dinosaur Bones – 1981
4. Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Television Dog – 1981
5. Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Gold Coins – 1982
6. Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Babe Ruth Baseball – 1982
7. Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Circus Clown – 1983
8. Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Monster Movie – 1984
9. Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Carnival Prize – 1984
10. Cam Jansen and the Mystery at the Monkey House -1985
11. Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Corn Popper – 1986
12. Cam Jansen and the Mystery of Flight 54 – 1989

                CAMP COUNSELORS 

Camp Counselors - Diane Ames
        In the 90’s gimmick angles for teen romances were on the rise – high school locals were of no real interest without the added appeal of say a themed club or social conscious service , ethnic characters were big and the age had risen from mid teen characters to late teens. This offering was perhaps too 80’s to survive. Though it had it’s angle right – late teens , and a good location – camp it was gone in four books and copies are hard to find. However it ends with a book that ties up the series – which is more than bigger series have offered their readers. Cute note the camp is called Kissamee and is located in the green Vermont mountains. Annie is the head character in the first book and trying not to fall for a fellow counselor ( she’s got boyfriend back home syndrome )  , Lisa attempts to be more outgoing in a be-yourself plot , and a color war divides the camp while the last book features a girl determined to win a best junior Counselor award. Interesting.
Diane Ames
Harper Collins
1. Summer Fling
2. The Buddy System
3. Campfire Secrets
4. Never Say Goodbye

                 CAMP HAUNTED HILLS

Camp Haunted Hills - Bruce Coville
    As usual Bruce Coville is mixing up genres with a deft hand – creating a weird wild world in which monsters , sci fi , paranormal and adventure all have their place. Camp Haunted Hills is a summer Camp that’s as spooky as it sounds – why wouldn’t it – the camp director is a horror movie director ( think Vincent Price? ) who loves trying out his special effects on unsuspecting campers , but if that sounds too tame – where’s the monsters ? Where’s the sci-fi – well in the third book – eager camper Stuart and his friends travel back in time to a world crawling with dinosaurs and by the title you can see how that one goes.
Bruce Coville
1. How I survived my Summer Vacation
2. Some of my Best Friends are Monsters
3. The Dinosaur That Followed me Home

                    CARLISLE CHRONICLES

Carlisle Norma Johnston
        Catastrophe strikes the Carlisle family on a regular basis in this trilogy about a tradition rich
family in historic Virginia , fifteen yr.old Jessamyn Faith Carlisle is the narrator trying to cope with all the changes her family goes through from the death of her favorite aunt , and subsequently having to take in her son , 10 yr old John Henry Squier , to finding out she is adopted with a special twist to that and later her father taken hostage in the middle east. Richly written but then you can hardly put this up against the likes of say the Treehouse Times or Sweet Valley High. It’s priorities are geared more towards reaching a goal of expressing an entire web of feelings rather than jotting down the typical – frowned in disappointment or smiled in pleasure
sloppy sentiment.
Johnston, Norma
Bantam (PB)
1. Carlisle’s Hope 1986
2. To Jess with Love and Memories 1986
3. Carlisles All 1986

                      CARLY & CO.

Carly and Co - Mel Cebulash
      Interesting well written series about a amateur sleuth Carly Martin who, with her best friend Sandy an Asian boy solves stumbled upon mysteries – the first one of which I read Carly and Co starts with Carly getting mixed up with a batch of drug pushers when Sandy’s bike get stolen. Her father being on the police force is an added aid. The books are well written but seemed more wrapped up in the characters than the mystery.
Cebulash, Mel
Fawcett (PB)
1. Carly & Co. 1989
2. Campground Caper 1989
3. Part-Time Shadow 1990


Caroline Zucker - Jan Bradford
    Described on Amazon as a series being of trifling – fluff that isn’t up to it’s competition namely Ramona or Anastasia Kruptnik. It features an eight year old girl the Caroline of the title who has two sisters that share in typical easygoing adventures like – our babysitter feeds us liver and doesn’t understand us. Very short reads with drawn pictures. But the sort of fast-reads Troll put out so if you’re a fan of the publisher ( i.e. well I like Apple paperbacks , or Point fiction ) you already know what you’re getting.
Bradford, Jan
Troll (PB)
1. Caroline Zucker Meets Her Match -1990
2. Caroline Zucker Gets Even -1991
3. Caroline Zucker and the Birthday Disaster – 1991
4. Caroline Zucker Gets Her Wish – 1991
5. Caroline Zucker Helps Out – 1991
6. Caroline Zucker Makes a Big Mistake-  1991

            CARTER COLBORN

Carter Colborn - Diana Shaw
      A modern day Nancy Drew, Carter Colburn is a teenage sleuth whose mysteries sound more action packed and a tad more ‘gruesome’ than Nancy’s ever were. The back ground for the L.A. mystery features a serial killer and another mystery involves messages written in blood. Sounds like page-turners to me!
Shaw, Diana
Little 1-2
Joy Street 3
1. Lessons in Fear – 1987
2. Gone Hollywood – 1988
3. What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You – 1990


Harry Cat's Pet Puppy - George Selden
         Anthropomorphic series about a set of unlikely friends – a distinguished Cricket named Chester who has the uncanny ability of duplicating classical music on his wings rather than the usual chirps , Tucker a headstrong mouse with a penchant for hoarding junk ( his prize possession is the heel of a woman’s shoe ) , and a laid back cat named Harry. For a while this trio lives in a drainpipe in Times Square – until Chester longing for the outdoors moves to a meadow. And the surrounding plots of following stories involves their adventures swapping locations. Totally charming! – my favorite has always been Tucker’s Countryside which has our city slickers – Tucker and Harry visiting their friend Chester in his meadow home , a stump – but’s it’s not strictly a vacation as they’ve been summoned to help them stop bulldozers from turning their haven into a set of condos. The stories are lively , hilarious and feature absolutely brilliant drawings by the sublime Garth Williams. Timeless classics.
George Selden
1. The Cricket in Times Square – 1960
2. Tucker’s Countryside – 1971
3. Harry Cat’s Pet Puppy – 1974
4. Chester Cricket’s Pigeon Ride – 1981
5. Chester Cricket’s New Home – 1983
6. Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse – 1989
7. The Old Meadow – 1987



Capers - The Brain on Quartz Mountain - Margaret J Anderson
Non numbered – that I know of,  thematic series ( unconnected stories ) aimed at a younger audience.                                                           Various
– Running out of Time – Elizabeth Levy – 1980
– Man From the Sky – Avi – 1980
– Rosie’s Double Dare – Robie Harris – 1980
– The Robot & Rebecca : The Mystery of the Code Carrying Kids – 1980
– The Kite Contest – 1980
– The Boy who Spoke Chimp – Jane Yolen – 1981
– Rosie’s Razzle Dazzle – Robie Harris – 1982
– Brain on Quartz Mountain – Margaret J Anderson
– Mystery on Liberty St. – William H Hooks – 1982
– Genie and the Witch’s Spells – Alice Low – 1982
– Mystery of The Disappearing Dogs – Barbara Brenner – 1982
– The Mystery of the Plumed Serpent – Barbara Brenner – 1982



Casey Valentine - Patricia Rielly Giff
          One of those rare humorous writers appreciated by boys and girls alike and known mainly for her Polk Street series.  This seems to be an extension of it – I think. I haven’t read any of these books but from what I gather most of the stories revolve around or feature Casey Valentine a lively fifth grader. Eclectic , fast paced and lightweight the stories offer humorous plots – a boy whose been built up as a star baseball player , makes a cast on his arm to avoid the discovery ( he’s an awful player ) , to a boy and girl entrepreneurs who decide to sell worms to ice fisherman and that’s not even the weirdest element of that tale – which features a lookalike.
Giff, Patricia Reilly
1. Fourth Grade Celebrity – 1979
2. The Girl Who Knew It All – 1979
3. Left-Handed Shortstop – 1980
4. Love, From the Fifth Grade Celebrity – 1986
5. Poopsie Pomerantz, Pick Up Your Feet – 1989
6. The Winter Worm Business – 1981
7.  Rat Teeth -1984


Cassandra Mystery - Jennifer Austin
    Don’t know much about this sleuth Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Jones only that she’s 18 which suggests that her mysteries should have a darker slant on them given her upgraded age. But that’s not always the case. Some typical plots involve her trying to scout out her English pen pal in London – when she arrives to visit her and discovers her missing to – helping out a movie star who’s being threatened by rigged accidents on the set of the horror movie he’s shooting.
Austin, Jennifer
1. Ticket to Danger 1990
2. Race Against Time 1990
3. Mystery in Hollywood 1990
4. Treasure Beach 1990    

             CASSIE PERKINS

Cassie Perkins - Angela Elwell Hunt
         Ignore the slightly boring covers and enjoy the lively writing. The characters are somewhat familiar – Cassiopeia ‘Cassie’ Perkins is a laid back , easy going young girl ( 14 yrs old by the time of Star Light , Star Bright ) who has a typically 80’s fractured family – Her mother has remarried – giving her an older stepbrother Nick , and a new little sister – half sister Steffie. Her younger brother 11 yr old Max is a genius who is even ahead of her in Astronaut high , in Canova Cove , Florida. The stories feature her adjustment to her new family along with plots revolving around her and her best friend Andrea , and her boyfriend Chip. There are some topical subjects that were going on at the time – Like Cassie befriends a boy with AIDS. She’s also Christian so unlike a lot of series out there , God and faith are actually mentioned and discussed though not quite as seamlessly as Hilda Stahl. Interesting. 
Hunt, Angela Elwell Tyndale (PB)
1. No More Broken Promises -1991
2. A Forever Friend – 1991
3. A Basket of Roses – 1991
4. A Dream to Cherish –
5. The Much Adored Sandy Shore –
6. Love Burning Bright –
7. Star Light Star Bright – 1992
8. The Chance of a Lifetime –
9. The Glory of Love –


Charlotte Cheetam - Barbara Ware Holmes
         Don’t know much about this one but it sounds interesting ( almost reminds me of Mom, You’re Fired ) – the title character Charlotte can’t stop from telling lies – that wind up getting her into all kinds of trouble. Unsure if she solves this unusual character trait but in another book she goes the route of Peyton Place and Mom You’re Fired in which the story she has written has some familiar characters in it some of which her classmates recognize which results in the usual backlash.
Holmes, Barbara Ware
1. Charlotte Cheetam: Master of Disaster – 1985
2. Charlotte the Starlet – 1988
3. Charlotte Shakespeare and Annie the Great – 1989

             CHANGES ROMANCE

Changes Romances - Janet Quin Harquin
    With a lot of thematic series out of the running – Changes fills the gap nicely with romances that offer a bit more heft than the lightweight Sweet Dreams. The protagonists were occasionally on the older side , and facing decisions that required more thought than picking between Mr. Popularity vs the boy next door although the plots were still familiar. Keeping with the new 90’s tone authors offered up dicey ( for a romance )  , topical topics , and embraced ethnicity. Worth a look if you’ve exhausted your Sweet Dreams supply!
1. My Phantom Love – Janet Quin-Harkin – 1992
2. Looking out for Lacey – Cheryl Zach – 1992
3. The Unbelievable Truth – Katherine Applegate – 1992
4. Runaway – Marilyn Kaye – 1992
5. Cinderella Summer – Elizabeth D’Anard – 1992
6. Wild Hearts- Kimberly Morris – 1992
7. Can’t Buy Me Love  – Mallory Stevens – 1992
8. Choose Me – Marilyn Kaye – 1992
9. My Sisters Boyfriend – Katherine Applegate 1992
10. On my Own – Janet Quin-Harkin – 1992


Chester - Mary Francis Shura
    Unfamiliar with this one – and all I can seem to hone from the internet is this cryptic selling line – Nobody believed it was possible for just one new kid to change a whole neighborhood in one week- until Chester … arrived.
Shura, Mary Francis
1. Chester – 1980
2. Eleanor – 1983
3. Jefferson – 1984

                 COLSEC TRILOGY

Colsec Series - Douglas Hill
         Like Orwell’s 1984 – this future looks as bleak and totalitarian. In fact any non-conformist is shuttled off on a prison ship to some distant deserted planet. But fortunately for the good of all plots – a ship never reaches it’s intended destination and this like many before ( Swiss Family Robinson , heck even Lost in Space ) crashes. The six survivors – one of them a crazed ex MP , must face the hostile terrain of the new planet Klydor and it’s strange monsterous inhabitants, but in order to survive , the teens must band together. Sounds like a good one!
Hill, Douglas
1. Exiles of ColSec – 1984
2. The Caves of Klydor – 1985
3. ColSec Rebellion – 1985

                 COOKIE MCCORKLE

Cookie McCorkle - Sharon Cadwallader
    Aimed more for younger readers this features amateur-sleuth Cookie McCorkle – and that’s all I know about this.
Cadwallader, Sharon
Camelot (PB)
1. Cookie McCorkle and the Case of the Polka-Dot Safecracker – 1991
2. Cookie McCorkle and the Case of the Emerald Earrings – 1991
3. Cookie McCorkle and the Case of the Missing Castle – 1991
4. Cookie McCorkle and the Case of the King’s Ghost – 1991

              COOPER KIDS
        A Christian adventure series featuring Biblical archeologist Dr. Jacob Cooper who takes his teenage kids Jay and Lila along on his outings to exotic places stumbling into adventure , danger and intrigue. Ancient legends , lost civilizations , earthquakes , treasure hunters , hostile natives , weird animals – this series has it all. In fact some readers on Amazon thought it had too much – too much violence that is. Either or , sounds pretty exciting an a rather unusual series for the 80’s.
Peretti, Frank
Crossway (PB)
1. The Door in the Dragon’s Throat – 1985
2. Escape from the Island of Aquarius – 1986
3. The Tombs of Anak – 1987
4. Trapped at the Bottom of the Sea – 1989


Cousins - Colleen OShaughnessy McKenna
        Bizarre short series – with the bold , bright cover , logo and all you would think this build up would’ve generated more than two books – but that’s all there is to this super-short here-one-moment-gone-the-next series. A shame because McKenna is good – and had a hit with her Collette series. This one features three girls all cousins who are also friends. I read Stuck in the Middle – it was good and featured McKenna usual deft handling of character – in this one ? Allows her cousin ? To help her achieve popularity with a more grown up crowd at the cost of nearly leaving behind.
Colleen O’Shaugnessy McKenna
1. Not Quite Sisters
2. Stuck in the Middle

            DAGMAR SCHULTZ

Dagmar Schultz and the green eyed monster - Lynn Hall
      Odd sounding series in which the usual character of a preteen girl amidst the backdrop school dealing with the typical issues of romance and jealousy is slanted with witchcraft and fantasy. I’m unsure if Dagmar is a preteen witch or merely comes into contact with warlocks , guardian angels and other supernatural elements or if these conditions are meant to spark humor or mild horror.
Hall, Lynn
1. The Secret Life of Dagmar Schultz – 1988
2. Dagmar Schultz and the Powers of Darkness – 1989
3. Dagmar Schultz and the Angel Edna – 1989
4. Dagmar Schultz and the Green-Eyed Monster  – 1991


Darci - Martha Tolles 
     Mild , nicely do
ne stories about a typical girl Darci whose adventures in each book are sparked by the title. Never read but want to – I always love a camp themed book.
Tolles, Martha
Dutton 1
Lodestar 2
Scholastic (PB) 3
1. Who’s Reading Darci’s Diary? – 1984
2. Darci and the Dance Contest – 1985
3. Darci in Cabin 13 – 1989

            DARK FORCES

Dark Forces 80's young adult book series
       Strange theme for a teen series – as it’s heavy into occult type topics – one involves a boy possessed by the spirit of a warlock who’s prize possession is the devil’s horn,  a whistle used to summon demons. But that’s pretty much typical as other plots include lots of body possessions or threats of possession mainly from nefarious ancient types. Other horror elements include demons , warlocks , Ouija boards , and curses. But on the flip side of all this demonic activity the books do tend to show that occultism only leads to trouble as they usually need a priest to bail them out.
Various authors Bantam (PB)
Thematic: Occult with romance subplots
1. The Game – Les Logan  – 1983
2. Magic Show – Laura Bridges and Paul Alexander – 1983
3. The Doll – Rex Sparger – 1983
4. Devil Wind – Laura Bridges and Paul Alexander – 1983
5. The Bargain – Rex Sparger – 1983
6. Swamp Witch – Laura Bridges and Paul Alexander – 1983
7. Unnatural Talent – Les Logan-  1983
8. The Companion – Scott Siegel –  1983
9. Eyes of the Tarot – Bruce Coville –  1983
10. Beat the Devil – Scott Siegel-  1984
11. Waiting Spirits – Bruce Coville – 1984
12. The Ashton Horror – Laura Bridges- 1984
13. The Curse – Larry Weinberg – 1984
14. Blood Sport  – R. C. Scott – 1984
15. The Charming – Jane Polcovar -1984


The Dark is Rising series - Susan Cooper
           A fantasy series that starts with a less comic trio but really kicks off with the second book in which Will Stanton learns on his 11th birthday that he is an “Old One”and is destined to wield the powers of the Light leading an ancient struggle against the dark. Don’t know much about this one. But Cooper is considered one of the best English fantasy novelist and this her creme de le creme.
Cooper, Susan
Harcourt, 1
Atheneum, 2-5
1. Over Sea, Under Stone – 1966
2. The Dark is Rising – 1973
3. Greenwitch – 1974
4. The Grey King – 1975
5. Silver on the Tree – 1977

               DESDEMONA BLANK

Desdemona Twelve going on Desperate - Beverly Keller 
       Spunky stories along the lines of Al or Anastasia so the reviews at Amazon say. I read Desdemona 12 going on desperate , a good read , relaxed , whimsical. And because I couldn’t  list the story elements without them sounding like a lot of others – it’s the fact that the wise-crack tone of our main character makes them more extraordinary than they actually are – a phenomenon Anastasia manages. Though one incident stands out – when Dez accidently washes her hair with varathane.
Keller, Beverly
1. No Beasts! No Children! – 1983
2. Desdemona–Twelve Going on Desperate – 1986
3. Fowl play, Desdemona – 1989

              DONNA ROCKFORD

Donna Rockford Mysteries 80's teen books
         Interesting mysteries in the vein of a woman’s lib version of Nancy Drew – but a Nancy Drew for the early 80’s. Donna Rockford is a no-nonsense but friendly junior in college who stumbles into mysteries that she solves aided at times by Dectective Garcia – a redheaded Puerto Rican , and Abbey her fiesty little sister whose still in high school. Sometimes the mysteries are transparently easy to solve others fair a bit better. Worth a look.
Woolfolk, Dorothy
Scholastic (PB)
1. Mother, Where Are You? 1977
2. Who Killed Daddy? 1979
3. Death of a Dancer 1982
4. Murder in Washington [and] Body on the Beach 1982
5. Abbey is Missing 1983
6. Mystery in Studio 13 1984

                   DORIS FEIN

Doris Fein - T Ernesto Bethancourt_edited-1
    Ernesto did several series in the early 80’s focusing on high adventure , murder mysteries. Never read any – but the exotic backdrops of Las Vegas , UN week in New York , Nisei week in California have certainly perked my interest into seeking one out to sample. The plots seem the
usual trappings for this genre – kidnapings , murder , sinister figures and conspiracies – could be either great or mundane.
Bethancourt, T. Ernesto
1. Doris Fein: Superspy  – 1980
2. Doris Fein: Quartz Boyar – 1981
3. Doris Fein: Phantom of the Casino – 1981
4. Doris Fein: The Mad Samurai – 1981
5. Doris Fein: Deadly Aphrodite – 1982
6. Doris Fein: Murder Is No Joke – 1983
7. Doris Fein: Dead Heat at Long Beach – 1984
8. Doris Fein: Legacy of Terror -1984   


Double Trouble - Michael J Pellowski
        Frothy series about twins – Sandi and Randi who like most identical twins in books are actual opposites ( personality wise that is.) While Sandi loves to sing and read and belongs to G.L.O.W. ( great lovers of woodlands – a kind of girl guide club ) ,  Randi is into the sporty stuff.
All characters appear to have daffy names – there’s female bully Bobby Joy Boikin , and a boy nicknamed Wormy , even a lookalike cousin named Mandy ( who becomes the triple in Triple Trouble.)  And though the duo have a penchant for drawing mishaps think that their little brother Teddy – has earned his nickname Trouble more so than they have theirs – Double Trouble. There’s often a switcharoo that goes awry and a lesson learned – but never preachy. Breezy books great for a young reader.
Michael J Pellowski
Willowisp / Treetop
1. Double Trouble
2. Double Trouble Dream Date
3. Double Trouble Mansion Mystery
4. Double Trouble on Vacation
5. Triple Trouble
6. Triple Trouble in Hollywood


Dracula - Robert Lory
     Unsure if this series is for grown up or teens but given the pulpy nature of the covers seem aimed more for kids. This series features the ongoing adventures of Dracula – but as predator or prey I’m unsure of – the stories themselves seem simply written.
Robert Lory
1. Dracula Returns
2. The Hand of Dracula
3. Brother’s of Dracula
4. Dracula’s Gold
5. The Drums of Dracula
6. The Witching of Dracula
7. Dracula’s lost World
8. Dracula’s Disciple
9. Challenge to Dracula


Dragon Tales - Rhondi Vilott
      An choose-your-own-adventure series for fantasy lovers that attempted to accommodate readers of each sex. Alternating heros and heroines – heros are given the even numbers , heroines the odd – the flaw was perhaps in assuming what girl fantasy readers want. Intrusive romances often spoil the action but there is some interest to be found for the many Tolkienesque touches. Talk of elves , orcs , princes , princesses , creatures , castles , crystal caves , charms , kingdoms , will interest reads who love a fairy tale touch. All in all worth a look. If only to compare it to Choose your own adventure.
Vilott, Rhondi
Signet (PB)
1. Sword Daughter’s Quest – 1984
2. Runesword! – 1984
3. Challenge of the Pegasus Grail -1984
4. The Towers of Rexor-  1984
5. The Unicorn Crown – 1984
6. Black Dragon’s Curse – 1984
7. Spellbound – 1984
8. The Dungeons of Dregnor – 1984 9. Aphrodite’s Mirror – 1985
10. Hall of Gargoyle King – 1985
11. Maiden of Greenwold – 1985
12. Storm Rider – 1985
13. Pledge of Peril – 1985
14. Secret of the Sphinx-  1985


Earthsea - Ursula K Leguin
        Considered one of the top notch fantasy series for children , up their with Tolkien and C.S. Lewis’s Narnia books this quartet follows the adventures of Ged , a dragonlord ( wizard ) who is sent at a young age to an island to learn the true way of magic – which is to use it as sparingly as possible. Sorry for the sparse description – haven’t read any of these but The Tombs of Atuan has caught my eye – taking places in a dark underground Labyrinth so I’ll be seeking that one out. Looks interesting and though probably noted as a forerunning for Harry Potter – also looks as though it takes magic on a more serious and less theatrical level.
Le Guin,
Ursula Parnassus 1
Atheneum 2-4
1. Wizard of Earthsea – 1968
2. Tombs of Atuan – 1971
3. The Farthest Shore – 1972
4. Tehanu – 1990


Encyclopedia Brown Boy Detective - Donald J Sobol
  Extremely cool ‘boys’ series – ( that wasn’t just for boys )  in which the books are complied of short stories revolving around a mystery. The main character is Leroy ‘Encyclopedia’ Brown who demonstrates how he got his nickname ( for having a vast supply of knowledge ) by usually solving said mystery. Occasionally however a feisty girl named Sally solved them. The books bare their sixties stamp featuring such Little Lulu-esque touches as there is a gang named the  Tigers complete with a clubhouse run by a bully named Bugsy. The great gimmick of these mysteries is that the reader is asked to figure out for themselves the solution to the story – which can be checked to see if they guessed right , by turning to a solutions section at the back. Great series to challenge anyone that says they don’t like reading!

Sobol, Donald J
Thomas Nelson , Scholastic , Bantam
1. Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective – 1963
2. Encyclopedia Brown, Strikes Again – 1965
3. Encyclopedia Brown Finds the Clues – 1966
4. Encyclopedia Brown Gets his Man – 1967
5. Encyclopedia Brown Solves them All – 1968
6. Encyclopedia Brown Keeps the Peace – 1969
7. Encyclopedia Brown Saves the Day – 1970
8. Encyclopedia Brown Tracks them Down – 1971
9. Encyclopedia Brown Shows the Way – 1972
10. Encyclopedia Brown Takes the Case – 1973
11. Encyclopedia Brown Lends a Hand – 1974
12. Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Dead Eagles – 1975
13. Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Midnight Visitor – 1977
14. Encyclopedia Brown Carries on – 1980
15. Encyclopedia Brown Sets the Pace – 1981
15 ½ . Encyclopedia Brown Takes the Cake – 1982
16. Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Mysterious Handprints – 1985
17. Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Treasure Hunt – 1988
18. Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Disgusting Sneakers – 1990
For more ( this series continued on beyond 2000 check out a list on wikipedia )


Espie Sanchez - Terry Dunnaboo
    This one sounds interesting – a brittle , Mexican American runaway becomes a ward of a home that includes a police detective plunging her into a new impromptu career – solving mysteries. Worth a look just for the fact that the heroine isn’t another white suburban chick!
Terry Dutton
1. Who Cares about Espie Sanchez? – 1975
2. This is Espie Sanchez – 1976
3. Who Needs Espie Sanchez – 1977


             EXPLORER SERIES

Explorer series
     Interactive game book based on scientific stuff and adding the usual fun, fantasy element as ‘you’ the reader are shrunk to explore well – whatever the title hints at – a journey through the body to the brain , or a atom to explore a quark. Though I don’t believe shrinking is involved in the shark or Jupiter rip. Sounds like fun stuff along the lines of the interactive Time Machine series.
McEvoy , Seth
1. Journey to the Center of Atom
2. Destination : Brain
3. In seach of a Shark
4. Escape from Jupiter

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  1. book chick says:

    Oh, bliss! How wonderful to revisit so many old friends!! I ADORED The Three Investigators. I’ve been collecting them as an adult because (curses!) I got rid of my copies when I was a kid (I got “too grown up” for them). and know entirely too much about the series than is probably healthy (like the difference between an Adragna and a Marchesi cover, the shadow endpapers in early hardcover editions, and that Alfred Hitchcock’s face was hidden in the original cover art of the first three books). Plus, I kinda had a crush on Bob 🙂
    Also, I read the Al books when I was a kid, and thought I had read them all. What a treat to discover that there are two more! As soon as I’ve finished posting, I’m going to my library’s website and start hunting them down.
    And good old Encyclopedia Brown. When I was a kid, a neighbor would lend me her son’s old copies and they were fun to read, but more of a nice memory of bonding with my neighbor.
    Thanks for a great post that triggered such nice memories for me!

    • peacharino says:

      Glad you enjoyed! It will probably take a while till I get the other parts up there are four I think. And I’m also working on ending the author list on Cliquey Pizza 3 Yah! T-Z should be up soon. Which then I can start reviewing books , organizing them and hopefully describe all of them – gulp!

  2. Clementine Bojangles says:

    Oh my god, the Changes Romance series! I loved Katherine Applegate’s “My Sister’s Boyfriend!” LOVED IT. It was the most scandalous thing I’d ever read when I was like, 10. I have to find a copy.

  3. Thank you so much! You have helped me find a science fiction series that I have been searching for a few years now.
    I first read the Colsec Trilogy when I was thirteen, and I loved it instantly. An older librarian lady showed it to me as well as few other series. Being a voracious reader and lover of Fantasy/Science Fiction I’d love to thank her now, If I could.
    Later I got into Video games and don’t read much now. I will still pick up a book if I’m interested though. Having just finished the first Hunger Games book I’m eager to continue in the pastime. And I Hopefully await the Colsec Trilogy that is ordered on Amazon already.

  4. Teriann says:

    I am trying to find a book from the 80’s about a girl who got a babysitting job on the coast somewhere. The mom is a painter and I think the dad was missing or something. The babysitter fell in love with a local boy who’s parents owned a kite shop. Anyone else remember this one? I am going crazy trying to find it!

  5. Stacy says:

    Love love love this list. Was looking for a series called Twilight: Where Darkness Begins. Read at least one of those books, Blood Red Roses by Sarah Armstrong. It scared the bejezus out of me. Seemed very graphic for Jr. high.

    • peacharino says:

      Thanks , Twilight will eventually be added. The heat has gotten to me over the summer , slowing up my progress. The forgotten list – is harder to form than the other 80’s list I’d done, because most of these books I’d never read and the research is very time consuming. Hopefully , it’ll be up by the end of summer.

  6. Jenni P. says:

    I am hoping you can help! I am looking for a book series I read in the early 90s that I loved and want to try to find again. Premise is:

    New girl in HS starts dating a boy where his group of friends act all mysterious around her. As the girl & boy get closer she learns he & his group of friends accidentally did something bad (can’t remember what) and were blackmailed by one boy in their group. After some time of being blackmailed, the group killed the boy blackmailing them – sort of by accident. Everyone gets paranoid and havoc ensues. It might have a dear diary aspect. I think there was 3 or 4 books total.

    Any idea?

  7. SK says:

    Great selections! I’m hoping you might know of a book I’ve been trying to find. At first, I thought it might be a sequel to “The Girl with Silver Eyes,” which was my favorite. But I haven’t been able to find evidence of a sequel. This book involved a group of kids who had superpowers, and at least one of them was on a gymnastics team. If I recall correctly, they each had an individualized power, and there may have been more than one book…?

  8. Michelle says:

    I read a book back in the 90’s about a girl taking a test for a private school, and her another girl got in. the might have been in high school. It was a series of books based on this character.

    • peacharino says:

      I’m getting this mixed up with the Trouble With Soap – in which one girl was being sent to a private school and so the other rushed to join her. I know of a few 90’s series so I’ll check their descriptions.

      • Michelle says:

        No. It was series of books. Might have started in middle/high school time. She grew up in the books. She her friends from her neighborhood 2 girls.

  9. Jess says:

    Hi I hope you might be able to help me find a book series I know I read in the late 80’s or 90’s. The main character was a girl and in the first book her parents go on a vacation to the beach somewhere and another person comes to stay with them. The girl discovers when she twists a ring that she has on her finger and thinks of a place that she can travel to that place. She can also bring people wth her. Like I said in the first book they go to a beach that’s the same place as her parents and in another book in the series she goes to a medieval castle because she’s doing a report on it and wanted to learn more. I know that when she travels to these places she leaves behind a shadow or outline of herself and whoever else is with her and they can’t come back until someone calls their names……

    I would love help with this, I’ve been looking for this book for years and for the life of me can’t remember what it is….

  10. Ariane says:

    Thank you so much for this list.

  11. Kari Young says:

    Thank you for this list! I loved the Dark Forces series.

  12. Nancy says:

    Great list! Nice memories. Didn’t think anyone remembered the Amy and Laura series. Laura’s Luck was one of my faves.

  13. jkirk says:

    I am looking for a series about a group of boys that fathers are each in a different branch of the military. The boys were part of a group that worked for the military. I think they are all cadets of some kind.

  14. O Roller says:

    I am looking for a series about a girl and her friends who time travel by using her computer…would be early 70’s maybe or 80s? One of them has something to do with pirates…and another maybe the Civil War

  15. heather says:

    I’d forgotten about the Bone Chillers series. Now I want to read them again. But I’m also looking for a book, it’s a sci-fi book about a boy, his teacher, and family who have to go to another planet to live because earth was devastated by natural disasters. I clearly remember on the first page of the book the teacher was clinging to a life raft in the flood and they were being lifted into the air to rescue helicopters or the spaceship. And I remember when they got to the other planet, there were kids there just like them, who had lived there their whole lives. The 2 boys were discussing milk and the one from earth said he just went to the supermarket to get it and the other one asked “what’s a supermarket?”. And also I remember on that planet the boy was going to ride his bike but instead he pulled out a tiny box from his backpack, pressed on it, and out popped his bike! And at the end the had to fight this monster from the planet. The adults wouldn’t believe the kids of course, because they thought the planet was perfectly safe, but the kids had to defeat it. It was some weird metal thing. But after they defeated the monster, the boy from earth knew he couldn’t go back home again because there was nothing to go back to.

    Does anyone know the name of this book or even the characters names? I remember the book was quite thin but the words were small. I thought it was something Bruce Coville might have written but I checked and he didn’t write anything like that. It was a stand alone book, not part of a series.

  16. Mary C. says:

    I am looking for a book that I read when I was about 12 or 13. I can’t remember if it was written in the late 80s or early 90s. I can’t really remember the story. It was about a girl who falls for the new bad boy and she has to break up with him because her parents think he’s a bad influence on her. The cover of the book showed the girl standing next to the boy leaning on a motorcycle. I cannot for the life of me remember who wrote it.

    • peacharino says:

      Could be The Things I did for Love by Ellen Conford. But it’s more humorous and she breaks up with him cause
      he quit school. He comes back to school and they get back together. She’s terrified of riding on his motorcycle
      and her best friend was dating a boy with a mohawk named Bash. If this isn’t the book let me know I’ll keep looking.

      • Mary C. says:

        I looked up the book you mentioned and it’s not the one I’m looking for. The book I’m looking for had a picture of a girl with red curly hair and a boy wearing a black motorcycle jacket with dark hair. Thanks for helping me. I just wish that I could remember the name. It’s making me crazy!

        • peacharino says:

          Have you checked Cliquey Pizza 3? I’ve glanced over some of the covers and the only one with a motorcycle that maybe the one you’re looking for is Between Us by Jeanne Betacourt – but it might not be it – her hair’s not exactly red. There’s also Bye Bye Miss American pie by Jan Greenberg – ditto on the hair. Your cover sounds very familiar like I’ve come across it. Do you remember if it’s a drawing or a photo?

          • Mary C. says:

            I think that it was a drawing. It sounds like it might be the second book you mentioned but I couldn’t find a picture of it on amazon. I just remember the girl had on a pink coat and the boy had a black leather jacket on. She may have had reddish brown hair(maybe). I remember that they were in high school(I think). I’m racking my brain trying to recall the details of the book. I know she was a good girl and she fell for the bad boy. Thank you for helping me.

            • peacharino says:

              Type in the full title and author and go to google images it’s there. Definitely could be the one.

              • Mary C. says:

                It might be it. I found one image but it didn’t look like the one I had when I was a teenager. The book I had the picture showed the two standing by the motorcycle. I’m still looking for it hoping it’ll come to me.

    • Karen says:

      What about River Heights Series by Carolyn Keene? If you look up Hard to Handle which is # 12 in the series, it has a picture of curly redheaded girl standing next to the guy on his bike. It was written in 1991.

  17. Madelon says:

    Does anyone remember a series about a girl named “Max (I think?)” and she was from another planet and went to high school on Earth – from the 80’s or early 90’s?

  18. Erin Gower says:

    Looking for a book for years now. It was about a group of high schoolers that committed suicide after following the word of their leader. They all did the deed at the high school, except for the leader who went on to start another “suicide cult”. The ghosts of the pact are angry and haunt the school, and I can remember a locker room scene in which the living sister encounters her deceased sister, but the dead one knocks over rows of lockers to try and kill the alive sister. In the end, the dead teenagers catch up with the leader that had them take their lives and kill him backstage on the schools stage. Jumbled, I know.

  19. Kit Mun Ng says:

    Hi, I am looking for a book I read about 8-9 years ago. If memory serves me right, it was called “Summer’s Romance” published by Bantam but I just can’t seem to find anything about the book online. I think it must have been published in the 80’s as it had a painting of a girl in a yellow dress on the cover. The story was about a girl who was a bit on the plump side becoming a babysitter to the niece of a rich American businessman and the two eventually fall in love. If you know anything about this book, do let me know. Thanks !!!

  20. Amy says:

    I hope you can help. . . I read a series of books back in high school (late 80s, early 90s) about a group of friends spending the summer working in Ocean City MD. There was the insecure, rich girl, the all American girl next door, goofy guy, sporty guy. . . .I can’t for the life of me remember anything else but I can see the covers of the books in my head. I am sure if I went digging in boxes I would find the whole set.

    • peacharino says:

      It could be Med Center by Diane Hoh but that was 1997. If not let me know I’ll keep looking. I seem to recall a ya series that had silvery lettering and had medical or emergency or something like that in the title but I’m not finding it.

  21. Phoebe says:

    I used to read a series in the late 80’s/early 90s that was similar to Sweet Valley High, but I can;t for the life of me think of the name. Each book followed a teen girl and the story usually involved her first love. The covers had photographs of a different girl in each book. They were single stories but all under the same series name. Help me, please!!!!

  22. Mikey says:

    Here’s a real challenge. I dont remember the author or the name of the book. I believe it was a series. It was published in the 80’s. I remember borrowing it from the library at my elementary school, somewhere between fourth and seventh grade. The book was about a group of teens who were tech savy and solved mysteries. One of them had a boom box stereo that could transform and walk around. One story involved a paralyzed bedridden teen who used special prism glasses to watch tv and used voice commands to control furniture and the like in his room. He had a satellite connection and it turns out that someone was highjacking his satellite to steal; information, money from bank accounts, I dont remember. The group helped figure out who it was. It sucks because I can’t remember character names. Maybe Ralph was one. Been trying to remember the book titile for years. Drives me nuts that I can’t remember.

    • peacharino says:

      Could be the Galaxy Gang – but I’ve only read one book – The description is in the A-Z guide to series part 2. Just click
      the tab up top and the links should be there. Or it could be Psi Patrol but I think that one involved special powers. If it’s none of these just let me know I’ll keep looking.

      • Mikey says:

        I dont think it was Galaxy Gang and definetly not Psi Patrol. If it helps, the characters were all human. Robbie may be another character name. It would sure be nice to be able to browse a list of books published in the 80’s, and I have tried searching, but I don’t think what I have run into is a complete list. It may not even be possible. I dont think it was a best seller series. I’m sure if I find the book title it’ll hit me like a bag of bricks.

        On a side note, some of my favorite books where the Encyclopedia Brown series, which the first was published in the 60’s. The Cricket in Times Square was a good one. I also read a fantasy series called Greyhawk Adventures. Found some of those titles on Amazon.

        • peacharino says:

          You could try Fiction Database – Fiction DB. But it would be a lengthy possibly time consuming process – they have a search-series alphabetical list that you could try. But it’s not seperated by children’s series or grown ups or by date published it’s basically a free for all.

  23. Brian says:

    Anybody remember a series about a kid who was given a super-powered watch by his uncle? The watch did all kinds of things depending on the buttons that were pushed. The uncle also had a watch and I think there was a villain with the same watch. I loved the books but for the life of me I cannot remember the title of series or the author’s name.

  24. Hali says:

    I am looking for a book that I read in the mid 90’s, about a group of friends that live in New York. It was a series (about 6-8 books), started their freshman year and followed them throughout high school. She was the good girl and he was the bad boy. Throughout the series they break up and get back together, he is addicted to horse racing in one book, another one she goes to a camp to be a counselor and falls for another guy. In the end they end up together…..I loved these books and checked them out numerous times at my county library but now cannot remember. If you could help me I would love it. I cannot remember any characters names, book names or author name.

    • SweetBama22 says:

      Sounds maybe Iike the books I am looking for. But I can hardly remember anything about the series except the boy was an older neighbor, maybe living in the same apartment buildling? I only read one of the books but I think it was a series. I really wish I could find it!

  25. jessmittens says:

    Do you recall any book called something like, Mystery Solvers Club? A bunch of kids who solve mysteries – of course! It’s awesome how you found all these books!

  26. AKP says:

    I’ve been trying to remember a specific YA book for years — I know I read it in the early 90s, though it might have been older than that. Best I can describe the plot is it’s told in first person by the Main Female Character and has a humorous tone. She has a BFF that she’s grown up with, but I think they get sent to separate high schools & while MFC continues to be extremely awkward, her friend blossoms and becomes ‘too cool’ for her and they grow apart. The friend has an accident at some point (motorcycle, I think) and I remember scenes of MFC going to her house to visit. Also, I distinctly remember scenes of MFC being really bad at home ec — there’s a scene where she and her cooking partner have to learn to use fractions in a doughnut recipe by either double or halving it… and they don’t consult with each other & she doubles her ingredients while the partner halves hers, and they attempt to make the doughnuts anyway, she eats them and gets sick.

    It has driven me crazy that I don’t remember the overall plot to this book (or it could be a series, i can’t even remember that). I just remember a few specific scenes & how much I enjoyed reading them 20+ years ago!

    • peacharino says:

      I’m thinking this is the Kobie Books – a totally hilarious set of books – just click the link. Kobie is a complete disaster at home ec. The trouble is the motorcycle accident was a car accident that left her with a scar and thick glasses and a major complex. And Kobie, I don’t recall her making donuts but grilled cheese by cramming all the ingredients in a toaster. She also ate an entire box of Heath bars that she was supposed to sell for the school.

  27. Isabel E. says:

    Hi! There’s this book that I read when I was about 13, but I can’t remember the name of it… it was about this girl named Cindy who was just about to enter into the 8th grade (0r 7th grade?)… she had a best friend whose name I don’t recall, but the best friend later joined some society club at school, in which Cindy felt left out. The leader of that society club was Cindy’s arch rival, a girl named Brandy Wine. I think the title had 8th grade, or maybe even 7th grade, in the title, but I don’t remember anything else about the title. There was a girl with short light brown hair on the cover.

  28. Regina says:

    Hello. This has been driving me crazy for a while. I am trying to remember the name of this book I read years ago, in the early 90’s, maybe. It is about a rich girl, I think her name was Amanda? She falls for this guy I think named Hero Montoya. It is Summer vacation, and during that vacation she meets Hero, and becomes friends with this shy girl. At one point she takes the shy girl to the local burger place and they both order chili burgers, fries and chocolate shakes. I think something they ordered was called atomic. Oh, and they all worked at this radio station that Summer. And there was another guy that worked there with them that the shy girl was crushing on.

  29. Ebbie says:

    I LOVE this list, brought back so many great memories. I found this site because I’m looking for a YA book about a girl who’s sent to live with her grandmother over the summer because she gets caught shoplifting (or something) and her mother wants to teach her a lesson. All three (the mother, the daughter, the grandmother) are adopted, and they spend a lot of time working through those issues. And also, the grandmother smoked, which seemed scandalous to me at the time. Can anyone help me out here? I’m googling searching like crazy, and nothing is coming up. Pretty sure it was a standalone book.

  30. April sproat says:

    Looking for a book about a girl, and her rich accentric aunt. The girl is kidnapped and tAken to a island.

  31. carolyn says:

    I am looking for a series from late 80s/early 90s – I read it in paperback. About a boy (I think it was Tom or Johnny and for some reason I cant get beyond Swift as last name) who was a genius (but had lots of friends and was remarkably well adjusted) and his dad was a scientist or something. The boy and his friends would solve mysteries and it was very futuristic – flying skateboard/etc. There were only 3 or 4 of them printed. Any thoughts?

  32. Vivian says:

    Can you help me find who wrote a series of adventure/thriller stories – a boy and his uncle solving mystery in a set time period before his parents got home? Mostly in 24 hours etc. I remember reading it and liking it but just can’t remember the person who wrote it. His uncle works in some kind of undercover government type job too. I would like to re-read them but can’t find it. Your list is very impressive, I saw a lot of series from my pass one of my other fav is the Three investigators! Didn’t realize there was over 40 books! I thought I read all of them 🙂 I have go thru your list to make sure.

  33. Amanda says:

    I’m trying to find a book I read in the 90’s, but my memory is really foggy. I believe the main character is a girl and she’s with her younger brother. Their house is burned down by guards and they have to escape. They eventually end up… somewhere I think a castle. There’s a man there that takes them in but the girl doesn’t trust him. I feel like there was magic or a dragon involved and the man in the castle was a villian. Any ideas… I hope!

  34. AmyRose says:

    Looking for a series: first book there are 3 girls and are at an orphanage. They don’t get along but have to share a room as they are the oldest there. They get adopted at a farm all together at the end of the first book. One is allergic to cats but its only hinted at in the first book (they get a kitten and she sneezes). Sorry it’s so vague but I only read the first book and could never find the rest. It’s been stuck in my head for years!

  35. Lauren says:

    I loved this trip down memory lane. Thanks so much! I have been trying to think of a book for years and no such luck. It was probably late 80s/early 90s. It focuses on a girl who likes a boy and wants to ask him to the Sadie Hawkins Day dance. I think she also was hosting her first boy/girl party. The only other key point I remember was school being canceled due to “inclement weather.” I remember that phrase exactly because I remember looking up “inclement.” 🙂 Any help with my pretty vague description?

    • Mathteach912 says:

      I think the book is “Memo to myself when I have a teenage kid” by Carol Snyder.

    • KB says:

      Thank you for asking, and for replying!! A friend and I have been looking for this book for 20 years. Knew the characters and story plot, the cover pic, but could not remember the title. So happy!!!

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  37. Heather Myers says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a book I read in mid 80’s. No idea of the title or author. It was a military series with about 8 or so people on the team from different branches of the military and different countries. It had 2 women on the team. They had some high-tech equipment. It’s kinda along the same lines as Seal Team Seven series

  38. Thank you so much! I was racking my brain trying to remember the Cassandra Jones books. I was asking my mom by simply describing them as hardback ones where the girl was older and went to Europe. Now, I miss all my childhood paperbacks again. We had so many good times. 🙂

  39. garet says:

    Looking for a series of books for boys about 8-12. It was centered on a young boy and his neighbor who was an elderly man and they go on all sorts of mystery solving adventures. In one specific scenario they find a robotic baseball player in a basement in one of the novels. Published roughly late 80’s early 90’s If I remember correct. About 12 novels in the series….HELP!

    • Mary says:

      I’m looking for this series too! I thought the elderly man was a professor of some sort. I remember a specific book about a skull or skeleton cave or castle. The boy had brown hair and glasses and he was normally in the picture on the front of the books. I read these when I was in third grade circa 1987. I’d love to know what they are if anyone finds them…

      • Tor Loney says:

        The author you’re thinking of is John Bellairs. Wonderful stuff, wrote 18 books and then after he passed away an author named Brad Strickland continued some of his series. I haven’t read the continuances, or the 3 very early Bellairs, but I loved all the others. And the book you referenced with the baseball player is “The Eyes of the Killer Robot.”

      • DAN says:

        I read these too! Any luck? I remember the book covers being somewhat dark and creepy. Pudgy dark haired kid with glasses. One book was set in France. Author may have been British; Billings, or Collings or something with a double “L”. Driving me nuts.

      • Mstiegirl says:

        Don’t know if you still need the answer, but I’m pretty sure the books you’re talking about are by John Belairs. Very creepy books with even creepier covers drawn by Edward Gorey!

      • Mike says:

        Was looking for this too, your description got us there! Johnny Dixon series by John Bellairs.

  40. Thank you for this! I’m loooking for a series of books definitely from the 90’s. Its about girls who have guardian angels in training, I think, looking after them. Its about the girls and the angels protecting them.

  41. When I was in 4th grade my teacher would read out loud to the class. There was one particular story that stuck with me over the years, but as time when on I could only remember small bits about the story. It was a mystery, there were at least two kids, and involved a mummy. Thanks to you, I now know it was “The Mystery of the Whispering Mummy”. I looked up the title, just in case, and the cover photo was what I remembered. The book description filled in more memory holes. 🙂

  42. Amarie83 says:

    Awesome list! Still haven’t been able to find a book I read when I was a kid. I can’t remember the author or any of the character’s names! I’ve been looking online for years. All I can remember is that the story starts out with some kids (a girl and 2 boys?) messing around in an attic where they find some old tv’s and somehow get sucked into the tvs and transported to another land. The girl ends up in a dungeon where she is served fake food and given fake water (she eats and is not satisfied, washes and is still dirty). She is eventually chained onto an alter to be sacrificed but somehow escapes. There is an evil, giant snake I believe. When she escapes she’s following a guiding light down the tunnels I think. That’s about all I can remember. It has a strong Christian allegorical theme to it. Hope I find that book again someday! Oh and it was probably published in the 1980’s/early 90’s. It was a decently thick book too.

  43. Martina k says:

    Hello! Ive been searching for a novel I read when I was a kid and it was about a girl who’s boyfriend went away on vacation and she ends up heartbroken so her dad takes her to Australia with him on a business trip. Once there the son of the man the father is doing business with takes the girl to the island that he works at and they go swimming in the coral reef and end up falling in love. Any idea what its called and by who?
    Thank you!

  44. Sirramar says:

    This list drives me crazy if only because I’m desperate to find an old series I remember fondly. I think it was around the mid- to late 90s. There was a girl and horses (vague, I know). And they took her to another realm. I’ve been searching but my shoddy remembrance of details in shooting me in the foot.

    On the bright side, I’m remembering Pony Pals! The titles were always so blunt on those.

  45. chasity says:

    I remember reading a book when I was in elementary school in the late 70’s that I was infatuated with.
    I read it several times and would always go look at its cover. It had a blue sky and clouds and I think a picture of a flying creature.
    It seems like there were children that found the creature and they rode on its back.
    I can’t remember if it was a dragon or pegasus or something completely different than that.
    It also seems like there was something about an old abandoned house and a cul-de-sac or a storm drain.
    I may be getting confused about that part.
    But children were definitely riding on its back. I remember wanting to soar through the air like that.

    I wonder is the post above (Sirramar) could be talking about Can I get there by Candlelight?

  46. BookNerd says:

    I’m desperately looking for a 80s or 90 young adult romance book about a mother and daughter who move to a resort island because the mother got a job there. The owner, to keep the mother and daughter happy, makes his son entertain/date the daughter but then he falls in love her. Obviously she finds out and is hurt but then it all works out (duh). Please help me out!

  47. Jimbo33 says:

    I was read a story in elementary school and it was very weird and I am wondering if it was just some random thing my teacher made up to keep us entertained or if it really exists. I don’t remember much about the story other than at one point the main character(I’m thinking the daughter) has to “enter” a Christmas tree to save her family? After that there was some parts about going through some sort of maze made of some jello like substance Haha I know that sounds weird but if anybody thinks they might know what I’m talking about please let me know.

  48. Karen candyfluff says:

    please help I feel like I am going mad I read a book in middle school in 1989 ish and cant for the life of me find what it was called or who wrote it. (Sorry it maybe a futile task) The only thing I can remember is a young girl who traveled through portholes who made friends from the different lands she visited who became travelling companions. I seem to remember a dome (or bubble) with a city or a castle in it. Also a wood which she was chased by ghosts. Hope it triggers someones mind cause mine is fried with searching.

  49. AB says:

    I found your site after a convo with co-workers about our favorite childhood reads and I loved the trek down memory lane but also I realize that for all the reading I did I missed out on a lot of good series! Anyway, I’m looking for a series of teen/young adult horror/mysteries but I don’t have much to go on except that I remember the books were short and not normally shaped (i.e. more square than rectangular). Any ideas?

  50. Brandy says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a series that was set in late 80’s to 90’s about a girl who was either born at midnight or around that time(so was her lil’ sister) she has some kind of telekinetic powers and a man(warlock or demon) haunts her dreams(then later her sisters) as well as starts hurting or killing her friends and family. The titles mentioned either burn or hour, not quite sure and it was a series of 3 i believe. I have been trying to find this book for a few years now. Thanks if anyone can help me please!!!

    • Theresa says:

      I’ve been trying to figure this out for years! The lead female is Kendra and tell demon guy’s name is Revell. But I cannot for the life of me figure out the book titles!

      • Theresa says:

        Sorry, delete my earlier comment if needed. The series called Midnight Secrets by Wolff Ryp! So happy I just found it!!

  51. Read a series of book about I think a kind of geeky boy that had something to do with a whole hidden side behind a clock…but it wasn’t hardy boys…I remember the pics on the books made him look cartoony….anyone remember? There might have been one about a halloween edition too….Totes read a lot of these….Behind the attic wall was the BEST! Problem is, I read well beyond my years…so even foggier

  52. Anyone read the expendibles???

  53. Karen Piecuch says:

    Hi I’m trying to remember 2 books.

    The first one is about a teenage girl (her name could be Fran but I’m not 100% sure) who meets 2 different guys from a drama club. She dates 15-yr-old Don (I think that is his name) with brown hair and he starts off real sweet and nice. She meets blonde 17-yr-old Julian who she thinks is arrogant. The story proceeds with the drama club performing a play (perhaps during the summer). I can’t remember what the play was about exactly, could be Shakespeare. The girl ends up finding out that Don is a jerk and she ends up liking Julian at the end. I remember the cover had a girl with brown hair in the forefront and Don off to the side with I think a red shirt. Julian is leaning back against the wall in the background and he is definitely crossing his arms wearing a white shirt. They are all on a theater stage b/c there are curtains next to Julian.

    The second book is a mystery. The blonde teenage girl is staying at a mansion (I think with family). She suspects something weird is happening. There is a teenage boy who assists her (can’t remember if she knows him or not). Don’t remember much about the mystery except for the “ghostly” figure who walks in the cemetery with a lantern. The cover has the teenagers running through the cemetery in the foreground with the lantern “ghost” somewhere behind them in a distance and then the mansion in the background. This book could possibly be late 70s to 80s. I think the girl is wearing high-waisted jeans that look like they could be bell-bottoms.

    I read these when I was 13 which was over 20 years ago. Hope you can help, thanks!

  54. jodi says:

    I am hoping you can help me. I’m trying to remember a book that I read in either the late 80’s or early 90’s. The book was about a girl who is kidnapped from her home by a young man who is an escaped mental patient. He believes the girl is his sister. But when he was a child he was in a car accident with his mother and baby sister who both died. The reason he believes she is his sister is because her family moved into the house that was his families. Keeping thinking the name is “Don’t open the door to strangers ” but not finding it. Thanks for the help

  55. Jennifer says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’ve been looking for a book for years and haven’t been able to find it. I read it probably in the early 90’s but I think it was from my older sister’s especially for girls book club in the late 80’s. It had a light purple cover with a sullen looking blonde girl on it. I’m pretty sure it was about twin girls (definitely not a Sweet Valley book though) and the main girl liked to write poetry and didn’t have any friends. I think her twin was good at math and hated writing. I don’t really remember anything else about it except I think the main girl makes a friend on a school trip and they talk about writing together. Does that sound familiar to anyone? Sorry I don’t remember more details!

  56. Michelle Permentier says:

    I am hoping you can help me find a book I read in the late 80’s early 90’s. It was about a quieter girl at school who played a musical instrument (I can’t remember which one). I believe she had to tutor a track star in science class so he could stay on the team. His mother I believe was against them liking each other because she was not from a wealthy family and they were were not happy when he started to date her. I remember at one part they had to go check on a property I believe his dad was selling and he had a older camero that he drove and they had car trouble. At the end of the book they were dating and she left to go to a band camp for the summer and he promised to wait for her. I have been looking for this book for years so if you could help me that would be great.

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  59. Kathy says:

    I am trying to find a book series published in the early – mid 80’s that was a girl’s coming of age series like Anne of Green Gables and Little House. These books featured a set of siblings a very strict Mother. The books were set in the early 1900’s. As the children grew up the Mother became more lenient with the last one. I hope you can help, I have googled everything!

  60. Carmen says:

    Does anyone remember a book about a girl name Gwen. She lives neat the ocean and meets a cool guy who convinces her to jump into the cold ocean water. The book is purple but I don’t know who wrote it during the mid 80’s

  61. Khadine says:

    I am trying to find the name of a book that I read 2005-ish about a group of about 6 or 7 high school-ers.
    A guy at school dies and they unite to throw events in memory of him and do charitable work.I believe they did a carwash and a food stand at a fair.
    One of the girls is rich and her mom is dead and she lives in a big house with her dad.
    Another lives in a close family and shares a room with her sister. I believe that at times she didnt like this. Her best friend was secretly in love with her but she liked another guy.
    There is the typical jock as well.
    I can’t remember much else right now but I really want to find this book!

  62. Rebecca says:

    Hi there. I am looking for a little book I bought for my daughter in the 90’s when she was in middle school. It started off with a young hs girl who is kind of in a cool crowd, goes to a dance and meets a mysterious boy there who wears a mask. (it may be a Halloween dance). She knows nothing about him but likes how he holds her/talks to her (?) when they dance. Later she finds herself in an art class with him and starts to like him even though he is considered nerdy (I think his name may be Robin). Xmas vacation comes and all her friends leave town but her. She and the boy get very close and she likes him very much. He is sweet and kind to her and very romantic. As vacation draws to an end, she feels that she cannot stay with him because her friends will give her a hard time and he seems to understand that (what a guy!). The very end of the book is the first day back from vacation. She walks into the caf and sees her friends on one side and the boy sitting by himself on the other. She starts to walk to sit with her friends, and then makes a beeline and heads straight for the sweet boy, sits down next to him, he smiles at her and the reader realizes that she chose this boy in the face of possible ridicule from her friends. As an adult who read this before I gave to my daughter, I actually found this to be one of the most romantic and sweet stories I have ever read, even though it was a kids/YA book. It MAY have been written in a prose-ey format as I think I got it in the poetry section of my local bookstore. Any ideas of the name of this sweet book? Its driving me nuts! Thank you!

  63. imsetfree82 says:

    I’m British so don’t recognise all of the books in this series but we did get quite a few awesome US YA novels too- l loved the Cassie Perkins series. Although I seem to remember it was a girl with AIDS whom she befriended? A roller skating champion named Arien? Anyway, a wonderful series. I remember Hilda Stahl but I only read the Elizabeth Gail ones- our church bookstall had them.

  64. Pamalot says:

    Hello! So I’ve been looking for a book I read in Elementary school and it is driving me insane. I believe the premise was that it was a Chinese American girl (who had strict parents but IDK if that was relevant to the overall plot) who goes on a camping trip (I think?) with her friends. I know she ends up having a crush on a Native American boy (which is supposed to be a no no because of her parents) and I think she was deathly afraid of water. I feel like the title included the friends on a raft that was floating on a fast-flowing river. Please help me because this was like over ten years ago and I honestly cannot remember the title of this book!

  65. Andrea says:

    I am looking for a book, it may be part of a series I don’t know. It was about a group of friends that were maybe in a gymnastics club and they used their tumbling skills as clowns at kids birthday parties. There were a series of thefts and robberies in the neighborhood and the girls end up confronting the robber and catching him at the end. I think it was a Christian young adult book because the main character uses the verse “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” I have searched these key words for years, I hope someone can help!

  66. koco55 says:

    Hey, have you heard about a book with a teenage sister and her younger brother where there are these little dragons with eyes all over their bodies? I remember having the books, but we got rid of them. (I feel terrible!)

    Sparse, I know, but that’s all I remember!

  67. Michael says:

    I love your blog! I have read so many of the books. I own the entire collection of Dark Forces and Twilight 80’s and I might be the only boy in the world who owns almost the entire series of M.E.Cooper Couples, plus Sweet Valley, Sweet Dreams. I use to sneak in my house Makeover friends because my mom wanted me to read more guy like books. Thanks for creating this totally awesome blog.

  68. Renda King says:

    Hi everybody! great seeing many book i read as a kid, but there is one that has been in my thoughts on and off for years! This seems like a good place to ask. Its a young adult/teen? series from roughly 96′-98′? set in the Florida keys, the main character’s name is Summer. She goes to stay with family? stays in the boat house on property,gets a job as a waitress,…(dramatic teenage happenings, insert here) it was a really good series that followed a few of the main characters. Summer, her best friend that also worked with her , and i believe her cousin (female?)… I’m desperate for any help!! thanks in advance!

  69. Meiloni C. Erickson says:

    Hi, thanks so much for this great list! I, like others, clicked on while searching for a childhood favorite. I don’t know if mine was an official series or just books that were related but the main premise is a young girl makes friends with an older neighbor lady. They eventually go on a trip together and while they are gone, something happens and the older woman disappears, leaning the young protagonist all alone to figure things out. The girl eventually discovers that the neighbor lady is a witch and an old enemy has come to seek her revenge, that involves a ring (of course).

    In other books there is a neighbor boy and an older man who is a wizard? These books were great and dark and I would love to read them again. Thanks for any info!

  70. Christy Covert says:

    I have been looking for years for the books in a series that I read in grade school in the late 80’s-early 90’s; it was Young Adult fantasy/time travel. There were, I believe, six books in the series. I think the series had several authors. In the series, a girl named Sheila ends up in a land with unicorns and female warriors. I think her love internet’s name was Darien. I really don’t remember much else other than I loved this series as a kid. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  71. shasley says:

    I am looking for two older fiction books from late 80s early 90s….

    One is about a boy about 12 years old who has telekinetic powers after an accident of some sort.

    The other is about these two kids who fight and end up in the principals office…but it turns out to be a portal to a Shakespearean type world where they solve mysteries.

    This list of books is great and I found some good ones that I will have my kids read!

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