It’s Christmas eve – circa 1980-something or other , and Jessica Wakefield is feeling nostalgic – she digs out her photo album and reminisces over past holiday highlights!

Jessica looking at her photo album

JESS : Ohh , here’s a good one  – last year when Enid passed out from drinking too much spiked punch at Bruce’s Christmas eve bash – was George furious!

Enid drinks too much punch best

LIZ : Hmm , I seem to remember you were chasing after George , right around that time.  You didn’t have anything to do with that spiked punch did you Jess?

JESS : Liz , How can you cross examine your very own twin on Christmas eve?! This will cheer you up – me singing at the Christmas Pageant! Wasn’t I was amazing!

Jess sings at the Christmas concert_edited-1

LIZ: ( mutters ) amazingly awful..

JESS : What was that?

Liz quickly turns a page in the album –

LIZ : Oh , Jess look our Christmas Slumber party! Remember your footie pajamas!

( laughing )

JESS : (sniff ) I don’t see what’s so funny ..oh now I do , what is that you’re wearing Santa’s tent!

The Christmas Sleepover

LIZ : now here’s a Christmas Memory I’d like to forget!

JESS : What? …oh. I distinctly told Mom I wanted Cheer Bear.

LIZ : Jess , dad got a black eye fighting that Christmas mob for those bears you should’ve been grateful! Besides mine was much smaller.

Jessica and Liz 80's christmas morning

JESS : But I didn’t want Grumpy Bear!

LIZ : Well , you certainly were a matching pair!

JESS : Ha! Ha! Who knew I had such a witty sister. Do you think this Christmas will be as much fun Lizzie?

LIZ : Even better.

JESS : Merry Christmas Lizzie!

LIZ : Merry Christmas Jess!

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