The Scent-sational 80’s scratch and sniff sticker bonanza part 2 – with other scented 80’s items! Including a sticker story by Paula Danziger

         Have you ever come across a fictional character who loved stickers? I haven’t. One would think that in the 80’s there had to be some reference to a sticker loving child – even the sibling of a Sweet Dreams heroine. So far the trend remains obscure. But I keep hoping. After all I haven’t read everything! However I did find this awesome – short story from acclaimed Ya author Paula Danziger in a Stickers magazine , on what a sticker camp would be like – click the pics to make them bigger – read and enjoy! It’s great fun!


* Ten years ago I had ventured into a rather crummy nook in a flea market and spotted a small doll with bright orange hair poking up out of a box of battered army toys. She was grubby , and  nude. One of Strawberry Shortcake’s pals – Apricot I think? Oddly enough when I put that neon nylon up to my nose,  eureka – it still smelled sweet! Which brings up an an interesting marker in the scent-sational 80’s,  that one cannot merely limit the world of 80’s scents to stickers , good golly no , in fact the toy industry had the good scents ( couldn’t resist ) to include this new gimmick in any and every , toy , book , gadget out there – there were oodles of scented dolls -(  ironically one set was actually called Oodles ) –  Strawberry Shortcake and her gang –

80's Strawberry Shortcake dolls with pets lot_edited-1

all her clones – Jelly Bean dolls ,

80's Jelly Bean Doll

Lil Lollypop dolls , Cherry Merry Muffin,

80's Cherry Merry Muffin

Cupcake Dolls ,

80's Cupcake Doll

powder scented Cabbage patch dolls , Popsicle Dolls ,

80's Popsicle kids doll

Fashion Candi and her friends ( which was a Barbie like doll ) ,

80's scented doll Fashion Candi - Sweet Cinnamon

Flower fairies

80's Flower Fairy dolls

, Rose Petal Place ( which I think were lightly scented )

80's Lily Fair - Rose Petal Place

. And others –

80's peach pie matchbox doll

80'S Praise scented doll

80's Sweet Scents doll

Pvc figures were often scented to match their yummy and or flowery identity. However Oodles baby dolls were all powder scented , natch.

80's Baby Powder Oodles

* There were teddy bears with scratch and sniff patches ,

80's Scratch and sniff teddy bears

scented Yum Yums stuffed toys.

80's Yum Yums Peppermint kitty
* There were scratch and sniff puzzles

80's Scented Puzzles 
* Scented tattoos

80's Scratch n Sniff tattoos
* Scented Erasers, pencils and markers

   80's Strawberry scented eraser
* even gimmicky items – for instance this Kool Aid frisbee

80's Kool Aid scented frisbee  
* and lets not forget books

80's Raggedy Ann's scratch and sniff book
* Wouldn’t The Ten Cupcake Romance by M.L. Kennedy had made a great scratch n sniff cover?

Wildfire #81 The Ten Cupcake Romance - M L Kennedy

* and Sleepover Friends should’ve included a Scratch N Sniff special edition my guess for a good one would’ve been #12 Kate’s Sleepover Disaster –

Sleepover Friends #12 Kate's Sleepover Disaster - Susan Saunders

because of Lauren’s  food dilemma- even the cover offers us the scent of dirty sock!
From pg 2 onward we have – peanut butter chocolate chip cookies , s’mores , kool-aid popsicles , marshmallow super fudge , onion soup-olives-bacon-bits-and-sour-cream dip , burro ( donkey ) , a cake , blue leather western chaps , apple slices , lilac hedge , peanut butter and jelly , caramel popcorn , mixed nuts , chocolate covered raisins , sugar cookies , gas station , Dr. Pepper ,  double dip fudge ripple ice cream cone , oil truck , nylon rope , pine trees , doughnuts, carrots , sugar cubes , flowerbed , marigolds , barn , markers , ham , pot roast , fried chicken , french fries , fresh baked bread , coconut cake , lemon pie , hay , oats , cows, Cheese Doodles , sour cream potato chips , icing , barbeque spare ribs , stuffed sweet potatoes , macaroni salad , hair grease , birch trees , pond , pancakes with quarts of syrup , chicken lasagna , hot apple pie , sheep , phone , candy bar , peach ice cream , chicken and dumplings , chocolate meringue pie , blueberry muffins , sausages , grapefruit , pork chops , salad , corn bread, gooey jelly doughnuts , hot butterscotch sundae , lemon yogurt ,circus ,  peanuts , popcorn  – Most of these you could fill in with actual stickers – like Gordy’s circus & grapefruit or Paper Art’s fried chicken – others would’ve had to been developed – butterscotch sundae , fresh baked bread , gooey jelly doughnuts!

And wouldn’t it had been fun if Conway did the sticker art work? – Sleepover the dusty burro! Lauren’s sad face as she turns down the gooey jelly doughnuts , or Patti trying to lure Sleepover back into the trailer with her double dip ice cream cone!

How about SVH scratch n’ sniff covers – Super Smelly editions – Christmas tree for Special Christmas – or spiked egg nog , Ocean for Malibu Summer – or wet bathing suit , Edelweiss  for Spring Break – or perhaps fondue , Hay for Spring Fever – or ahem , horse barn ( in need of cleaning ) , Snow for Winter Carnival – or sweat when Jessica takes a look of the mountain the authors got her skiing down , Fresh Grass for Perfect Summer – or Wrigley’s double mint gum – Doublicious!

80's Trend Sticker ad

Oh and here’s the continuation of the scratch and sniffs –

Leather - Roller Skate - Trend Leather Boot - Toys for America Leather Saddle - Mello smello Lemon - Dinomite_edited-1 Lemon ctp pie Lemon eureka Lemon gordy Lemon squeeze me Trend Lemon strawberry shortcake Lemonade - Gordy Lemonade - Mello Smello Licorice - Bat - Trend Licorice - trend Licorice - Gordy Licorice - Witch - Trend Licorice ctp twisty 1 Licorice mello smello panda Lilac Gordy 1 Lily of the Valley Lily pad frog trend Lime ctp Lime muppet babies Maple Syrop - 3M Martini - 3 m Martini - Mello smello 1 Milkshake - Gordy Mint Ice Cream - Cat - Trend_edited-1 Mint Ice cream - Trend Moth Balls - Paper Art Motor Oil - Trend Nacho Chips - Mello Smello Old Shoes - Gordy Onion - Pig - Trend Onion - Trend Onion gordy Orange - Gordy Orange - Toilet bowl I've gotta flush 1 Orange - Toys for America Orange ctp Orange ctp 1 Orange Lollipop Orange mello smello Orange slice Orange sniffing blossom - Hallmark maybe_edited-1 Orange Soda - Mello Smello Out House - Weaver Werks Pancake syrup - Trend Parsley - Hallmark Peach - Gordy Peach - Trend Peach - unknown Peach - you're a peach Peach Sundae - Mello Smello Peanut - Boxed in Peanut - trend Peanut Butter - Gordy Peanut Butter sandwhich - stick with it Peanut Butter - Sniffy - Mello Smello Peanut Butter Sandwich - Trend Pear - Trend Pepper - Toys for America pepper pig trend Peppermint - Gordy Peppermint - Smurfette Peppermint - Spindex Peppermint ctp 1 Perfume gordy Perfume- Sweet Scentz Phone - Hot Number - Trend Pickle - Paper art Pickle - sticker Pickle - Toys for America Pickle gordy Pigskin - Trend Pine gordy Pine trees 3 M Pine Trees - Mello Smello Pineapple - Eureka Pineapple - Gordy Pineapple - Mello Smello Pineapple - Paper Art Pineapple ctp  old Pizza - Boxed in Pizza critter sitters Pizza - Dragon_edited-1 Pizza Boxed in Pizza dennison Pizza - Gordy Pizza - Toys for America Pizza freak - Pizza garfield Pizza hot stuff trend Pizza trend frog Pizza with olives dennison Plum - Trend Popcorn - Poppin good trend Popcorn - Unknown Popcorn - Up for Grabs_edited-1 Popcorn garfield 1 Popcorn gordy Popcorn mello smello Popsicle - Garfield Pretzel trend Pumpkin - Hallmark Raisen Bread - Trend Raspberry - Bizarre Raspberry - Gordy Raspberry - Trend Raspberry ctp 1 Raspberry strawberry shortcake Reeces - kid Reece's Pieces - Robot Trend Root Beer - 3M Root Beer - Mello Smello Root beer gordy Root Beer Trend Rope - Hang in there - Trend Rose Rose - mello Smello Rose gordy Roses - Mello Smello Rotten Eggs - Gordy Salami - Gordy Salami sandwich - mello smello Sewer gordy 1 Shark - Sharp - Trend Shoe  - Trend Skunk - Gordy Skunk - mello smello Skunk - Trend Skunks - Hallmark Snowman - Trend Soap - Trend soap trend Spaghetti - Gordy Spaghetti trend Spearmint ctp gumdrops Spearmint - Gordy Spearmint Frog - Trend_edited-1 Spearmint Trend Spice - Turkey - Trend Spring Rain - Trend Stinky Shoe - weaver Werks Strawberry - Gordy Strawberry - Frog - Trend Strawberry - looking good Strawberry - mello smello Strawberry - strawbery shortcake 1 Strawberry - Trend Strawberry Donut - Hallmark Strawberry ice cream- Mello Smello Strawberry soda - 80s sticker_edited-1 Strawberry shake - Dennison_edited-2 Strawberry shake mello smello Sun tan Lotion - Mello Smello Sweet Cream - Trend Taco - Mello Smello Taco trend frog Taco - Trend Tennis Balls - Gordy Tomato trend 1 Toothpaste - Eureka Toothpaste - Gordy Toothpaste - Trend Toothpaste mello smello 1 Tuna Fish - Gordy Turpentine - Hallmark I think Tutti fruitti stickers Vanilla - Gordy Vanilla Shake - Trend Vanilla Snowman - Trend Vegetables - Bunny - Trend Violet Violet pig trend 1 Violets - Mellos Smello Walnut - Trend Walnut Mouse Trend Watermelon - 3M Watermelon - Eureka Watermelon - Gordy watermelon playing ball 1 Watermelon trend different Watermelon - Trend Whipped cream - cupcake trend 1 Whipped Cream - Hallmark Wood - Tree mendous Yarn - Cat - Trend Zoo gordy 1

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8 Responses to The Scent-sational 80’s scratch and sniff sticker bonanza part 2 – with other scented 80’s items! Including a sticker story by Paula Danziger

  1. Nancy C says:

    Strawberry Shortcake! In the 4th grade my friend had all four that were available at the time – Strawberry, Huckleberry Pie (the boy), Apple Dumpling and Blueberry Muffin. I like the way Apple smelled the best. 🙂

    Wow, I never knew there were so many scented dolls. Peach Pie looks so cute, do you know if she was part of the SS gang or a knock off? And Sweet Cinnamon! Do you own that one?

    Scented erasers….I had a few of those, loved them. I loved the cover of the 10 Cupcake Romance. I thought the story would have explored the topic of eating disorders, but it didn’t, lol.

    OMG, a toilet bowl sticker? I’m glad I don’t remember that one, yikes! And a
    tanning oil sticker, very clever! That’s actually one of my favorite smells. Wish I could smell some right now.

    • peacharino says:

      Believe it or not , I only owned one doll – Peaches n’ Cream Barbie and I cut her hair shoulder length and called her Barb. I was totally into stuffed animals. But when I went over to my friends houses I played with their dolls – Jem , Strawberry Shortcake or hauled along my stuffed toys. I did have some of the pvc versions of Strawberry Shortcake though , and they also smelled great! I think the peach pie is a knock off toy it’s called a matchbox doll – cause I think they’re small as an old match box. I don’t own any of the dolls – I found them on Ebay and and bumped into the Cinnamon doll by accident. Isn’t the orange toilet bowl sticker funny? – I had to include it – the word bubble says – I’ve gotta flush. Yuk Yuk! And yes, the sun tan oil one – great idea for a scent!

      • Nancy C says:

        Peacharino, did you ever read the Ten Cupcake Romance? As I was looking at this entry again, I can’t help but think this one is my favorite cover of all the teen romances. I think this one was one I got in a lot, but only read about a year ago or so. It would have probably sold well today, with the cupcake trend being what it is.

        • peacharino says:

          I read this ages ago , and had to scan the description of it to jog my memory. But I seem to remember wishing it had more to with the sweet treats mentioned in the title, like the heroine worked at a bakery or something! I’ll have to re-read it and do a review. I too, love the cover – it’s so colorful and yummy! Don’tchu just love how the model is peeling the cupcake wrapper with her teeth?! And also how her lipstick and nailpolish practically match the lavender-pink of the icing? I bought a copy at a used bookstore when I was 12 about 1987 , 1988 , with a stack of other series books. Remember wire library racks ( I found one at a flea market ) and had put all my favorite covers up front – Ten cupcake Romance was always featured! And you’re right about it having the perfect theme for a reprint!

  2. Nancy C says:

    Ten Cupcake reminds me of another cover I liked, which coincidentally also had a foodie cover…..Wildfire’s Senior Class by Jane Claypool Miner. The two couples sipping milkshakes….with the candy jar on the side. I also loved the pink blouse with hearts the blonde was wearing,lol. I remember the book being just okay, definitely liked the cover more.

    • peacharino says:

      Yum those shakes do look good! I have the book but haven’t read it yet. Here’s to add to your foodie covers – one I’m searching for – at least a better picture , is the yummy titled – Blue Skies and Lollipops by Janice Harrell FLFS , where two teens are picnicing with pizza and Cokes.

  3. Mandy says:

    There was another 80s scented doll that came out–The Charmkins. They smelled horrible, like an old lady’s perfume. I had the necklace/choker of the lead character, Brown-eyed Susan. From the Strawberry shortcake dolls, my sister & I had Crepe Suzette & Apple Dumpling. Now they smelled nice. 🙂 I love your blog! 🙂

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