The Stars are Glittering on First Love From Silhouette , Caprice and Sweet Dreams – Courtney Cox , Lori Loughlin , Jennifer Connelly, Pamela Gidley , Yasmine Bleeth and more!

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Finding books I don’t have is always a treat , I practically pounce on them like a miner discovering gold! It’s an even bigger treat when there’s a nice surprise on the cover! Is it just me or is that Courtney Cox on the cover of Sweet Dreams?

Sweet Dreams #84

It is! – looking like she did back when she was pulled on stage for a dance with Bruce Springsteen – staged of course but who cares! Want more of her –

Could this be Reece Witherspoon? –

And who’s that on the cover of two Caprice  novels- could it be? Yes it is – Jennifer Connelly!

Caprice #4 reprint

Caprice #40

As for the others I’m not too sure about I just thought they’d be fun to include. This one looks like a dead ringer for Kate Jackson ,

and though I know the dates are really off one of the cashiers at Value Village pointed out that the girl on Kiss Me Creep , Sweet Dreams looked exactly like Thora Birch.

Sweet Dreams Kiss me Creep

The guy on Kiss Me Creep actually looks a lot like John Philbin from the New Kids 1985 – the movie with Lori Loughlin. The other Sweet Dreams cover looks like someone I can’t put my finger on an actress from the 80’s wait – Meredith Salenger – that’s it! From Journey of Natty Gann and Dream a Little Dream

Sweet Dreams - Princess Amy

Could this be Ally Sheedy on the Cover of Windswept?

, and get a load of the guy on First Love From Silhouette he’s got kindof a Flock of Seagulls thing going with his hair.

#105 One for The Road - Caryl Hansen

** Just found a new one! First Love From Silhouette #54 – Picture Perfect by Carrie Enfield. That’s Lori Loughlin looking ravashing as always!

#54 Picture Perfect - Carrie Enfield

She was without a doubt, one of ( if not ) the best looking brunette of the 80’s. She had the most magnificient sparkly eyes and the sun-shinniest smile. I love how she is bathed in a warm buttered toast glow on this cover. It’s kind of interesting that I should find Lori Loughlin after just maybe perhaps recognizing her co-star of the New Kids on Kiss Me Creep.  If you haven’t seen The New Kids check it out – it’s not much of a horror , more of a psychotic teenager played with lizardy villainry by a bleached blonde James Spader , ( he was the ultimate 80’s slimeball! ) harassing two new kids that have moved into his quiet Florida town. Orphaned they have come to live with their aunt and uncle at their rundown Santa’s workshop carnival. Lori Loughlin makes the movie better than it is with her spunky , level headed charm – she turns Spader down flat which sparks the out and out war he wags against them, and her brother hunky newcomer Shannon Presby isn’t bad either. Doesn’t Lori Loughlin have the best hair? It hasn’t changed much , she knew what looked good on her and stuck with it , but I love that loop of bangs that arches over her forehead like a feathered visor brim.  Here’s more of Lori !

Don't tell me that You Love me - Hila Colman - Lori Loughlin on cover

Wildfire #6 A Funny Girl Like Me - Jan O'Donnell_edited-1

Want More?! Here’s Yasmine Bleeth on Windswept

The Disappearing Teacher - Conrad Knowels

And reader Nancy clued me into these four – Susan Walters from Loving ( an 80’s soap ) on First Love !

#56 Romance in Store - Elaine Arthur

O.J. Simpson’s ex the very gorgeous – Paula Barbieri!

Wrong for Each other - Deborah Spector
Kristan Alfonso – figure skater , model and regular on Days of our Lives
gracing the cover of a Wishing Star –

Not to mention but I will more Yasmine Bleeth –

Here’s Pamela Gidley I think – she was the robot in Cherry 2000 , and the girlfriend of Joh Brolin in Rad.

This is a rare back of a Sweet Dreams that included a second model – with the front hinting that
it featured Michael Jackson ( the story was about working on a Michael Jackson music video )

Here’s one I was supposed to put up ages ago – Lisanne Falk – of Heathers fame – on
Sweet Dreams!

Models themselves garned a star-like status representing characters we loved – so it was
interesting to see them appear on other covers as someone else! Take The Makeover club –

vs Seniors –
vs Swept Away!

Now check out the Asian girl beside her – you’ve seen her before if you’ve read – Couples

The girl really gets around – Mary Anne on Face book clued me in on this one – and yikes and  it’s one of my favorite covers! I guess I was so into the character being Candy I forget she was also Lisa in Couples and Alex in Seniors. Hmmm, I wonder who she really is? ( P.s. – I totally love this cover forget that it’s focus is on veggies and both models eyes can’t be seen – don’t you just love the secondary colors they’re wearing? – Orange and green! sigh. )

Now one of my favorite Sweet Dreams covers had a model with a cloud like drift of hair

who also appeared on Seniors!

Same cloud of hair –

Just to show you celebrities aren’t snobs ( or maybe they just don’t have the rights to their pictures ) check out this cover of Helene ( not a Series book but I thought it was cool ) that’s Brooke Shields on the cover –

Helen John bowers - Brooke Shields

looking about thirteen which is strange because the book is not about a Lolita relationship well not that much of one! The girl in the story is seventeen. If you know of anymore celebrities on covers let me know , maybe I missed a few.
Hope you like the pics sorry the Caprice cover is in such rough shape!  ****This post is updated and was previously on my Blogspot

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16 Responses to The Stars are Glittering on First Love From Silhouette , Caprice and Sweet Dreams – Courtney Cox , Lori Loughlin , Jennifer Connelly, Pamela Gidley , Yasmine Bleeth and more!

  1. Nancy says:

    Wow, those Caprice novels! I think I want them for the covers alone, very cool! Thanks for updating the article. Yasmine has been on so many covers it seems! I know she was also on a First Love from Silhouette called A Touch of Love (forgot the #, I think it’s in the 20’s). She also seemed like the inspiration for the cover drawing of the first three Caitlin books.
    There’s also Kristian Alfonso (Hope on Days of Our Lives) on the cover of Wishing Star’s “I Dont Want to Be Your Shadow”.

    • peacharino says:

      I checked my own copy of a Touch of Love but it was too dinky, so I found a bigger picture – You’re totally right! You’re star spotting ability is amazing! Unfortunately I’m not as up on the soap stars of the 80’s – I was strictly a Young and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful fan only. I’ll put on the covers you suggested – the list is growing and growing. Thanks!

      • Nancy says:

        If you ever have the time or are interested, I would love to see you list your top 10 (or 5) favorite covers, if you haven’t done so already. And I used to watch Young & the Restless too back in the day. My favorite storyline was the Cricket/Philip/Nina triangle. 😀

        • peacharino says:

          I’d love to work one out – it could take a few days – I don’t have much time on the weekends to work on the website but fortunately I’ve basically took photos of every cover I’ve got – sort of. Some of them still need to be fixed up. I wanted to do an article on cover design and attempted to work it out ,it was massive and I ran into a snag and sort of forgot about it – Your idea seems much easier only I don’t know if I could contain it to just ten! My favorite Young and the Restless story was anything to do with Cricket , Nina and Leanna Love but I also adored the early 90’s story when Kathleen Chancellor was switched with some look-alike that talked like a diner waitress – what a hoot to see her in plastic hoop earrings. My fave Bold and the Beautiful storyline was similar when Stephanie Forrester had amnesia and turned into a bag lady! And then she goes with her newfound friend, another homeless woman , to the back door of a restaurant and recieves the uneaten steak from her husband’s dinner guest at the same restaurant!

  2. Nancy says:

    Oh, I almost forgot about that Kay Chancellor storyline! She was hilarious as truck stop waitress, lol. She even managed to steal Kay’s boyfriend too. I think the actress even earned an award for the dual role.
    I’ll be waiting patiently for your top 20 (or 30) list, if you do decide to do it, I know these things can take time. 🙂

  3. Nancy says:

    I remember Pam Gidley! She was also in Permanent Record , a rather underrated Keanu Reeves film from 1988 or so. I think I found another one. Lisanne Falk on the cover of Sweet Dreams’ Thinking of You #15. I think that’s also her on Wishing Star’s Blind Sunday –

    If you aren’t familiar with her, she played one of the Heathers in the 1989 movie with Winona Ryder and had a small part in Less Than Zero (she was in the bathroom scene when Jami Gertz pours cocaine down the drain and Lisanne exclaims “what a waste!”).

    • peacharino says:

      I can’t put up Thinking of You today – whenever I take pics they have to be sent to Photoshop to be cropped and cleaned up a bit but good spotting! I remember Heathers – it’s not one of my favorites too mean, but I did love the fashions! I found what I believe is Reece Witherspoon on the luck of Pokey bloom. Maybe not though.

  4. Nancy says:

    Oh, and I’m almost 100% positive it’s not her, but this model looks a lot like Hot in Cleveland’s Wendie Malick……..

    Wendie used to model, but was born in 1950 and would have been around 32, so I highly doubt it’s her.

  5. book chick says:

    I just LOVE your site – I stumbled across it while searching for a complete booklist for the Campus Fever series and have am thrilled to have found a kindred 80s teen romance spirit!
    I just wanted to let you know that the model on the cover of Swept Away #4 is the same one from the Makeover Club and Seniors covers. I have the complete set of Swept Away (and Seniors, for that matter), so if you need any cover pictures, please let me know.
    Also, in this week’s Entertainment Weekly, there’s a review of a new Sweet Valley High book – apparently, it revisits the SVH gang as young adults.
    One last thing – another good resource for 80s books is I just bought the first three Electric High books off of there (and there were other copies available!).
    Whew, can you tell I’ve been poring (happily!) through your site? I’m a bit new to posting on blogs, so if it was inappropriate of me to address so many different things in one post (as opposed to different posts under each subject) please let me know – I don’t want to be an obnoxious poster!

    • peacharino says:

      Talk away book chick , I don’t mind! I love meeting new 80’s book fans! and thanks for the heads up on ,cool sight!- usually I circulate between, Amazon , ebay and a few others but I totally missed this one. I’ll check out the article if I can – I use to order Entertainment Weekly but I don’t know it seems like a lot of the stars I love are no longer in it – I feel like all my hunks are getting old! I’m sortof neither here nor there on a Sweet Valley update – I didn’t like the College books, so I’m not too sure if I’ll like Sweet Valley Confidential. I found the college books had lost a lot of what I loved about SVH – it’s humor. Good spotting with the Swept Away cover! I have it on my computer some where – unfortunately I have over 1,000 folders and if a picture isn’t put in the proper folder I wind up searching for days to find it! I’ll put it up and add it – I also have to add a Sweet Dreams book , that I’d almost forgotten about. Electric High , terrific! Thanks and happy reading!

  6. Charlotte says:

    Check out the Sweet Dreams cover of “The two of us” (Janet Quin-Harkin). I think that’s Jennifer Connelly??? Do you think so??

    • peacharino says:

      Hi , I actually have this cover – it’s pretty beat up, in fact , I can imagine documents carried through enemy lines during the Civil War with cannons exploding ,suffered less abuse than this copy ( I bought it for ten cents at a used clothing store. ) Fortunately the face is in tact – I looked it over when I was doing my Stars are glittering page thinking it did kinda look like her but was never sure I was just reading more into it. I’m glad someone else sees it and if I can find a better copy will definitely add it – Thanks!

  7. Carmel says:

    I should have used this page to post any possibly famous faces on covers. Better late than never I suppose. On a post on another blog I was asked if I thought it might be Laura San Giacomo on the cover of Sweet Dreams #3 Laurie’s Song. While trying to find pictures of Laura from that era I came across an entry from the Jim Henson Red Book blog that was about Jennifer Connolly’s audition for the role of Sarah in Labyrinth. There’s head shots of the actresses who tried for the role & the one of Laura shows she’s definitely not the cover model for Laurie’s Song. But the photo of Mia Sara on the same page has me thinking it might be her, Other photos of Mia from the 80s look very much like the Laurie’s Song model. I’ve checked my only copy of the book & it looks very much like Mia Sara pics from Ferris Bueller & Legend (loved that movie, my kids didn’t though, lol) Here’s the Henson page. See what you think.

  8. peacharino says:

    Very Cool Link! – It does look like Laura San Giacomo! I didn’t think she went back that far. ( btw – Loved Ferris Bueller – never seen Legend – But Mia is cool. )

  9. Paula Crawford says:

    Hi ladies. I have had a Wildfire book called You and Your Hair with Yasmin Bleeth on the cover. I Found it in a thrift store and held onto it for ten years. It’s in great shape. Anyone interested?? My email is

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