The Fabulous Five Vs the Adventures of The Gummi Bears , Sunni Gummi vs Beth Barry

Okay, I admit it last night I was watching the Gummi bears,
guilty! But I am a huge fan ( so I’m covered )
and can’t seem to go less than six months without getting
my gummi fix – in my book it’s one of the top 80’s
cartoons and last night I noticed something – you have
to be a bit of a surrealist or a kook to see it, I perfer
surrealist to kook – but I saw
some bizarre similarities between The Fabulous Five and
The Gummi Bears – no kidding!

Not personality wise mind you , I find that Sleepover
Friends bare/bear more in common with the Gummi bears
that way – I mean think about it – eating machine
Lauren vs Tummi Gummi , into the unknown Zummi Gummi
vs intelligent Patti , anul-gruff Gruffi Gummi vs bossy
Kate and fashionista Sunni Gummi vs clothes-horse
Stephanie – well you get the idea. No I was thinking
more visuals for the Fabulous Five – like , I’ve always
thought Beth’s new hair do was very 80’s Vidal Sasson.
But what about her old hair do – hmmmm.

Beth is furious , How dare you accuse me of looking
not only like a boy but a lowly page! While
Cavin gears up for fight number 98
when once again he is accused of having
girly hair.
Beth runs out and gets this posh-do which
looks suspiciously like something from
a Final Net ad – though I can’t prove it
because I can’t find it, however
another comparison can be made –
ahem – Sweet Sunni Gummi –

Enough of Beth for a moment, least
you think the resemblance ends there.
How about ultra flirty Melanie Edwards
maybe she got her tips from Sunni –

What about Jana we can’t
leave her out of this bar-b-que.
On the cover of Seventh Grade Rumors
book number #1 ( Which by the way, though has
a terrific cover it really doesn’t have much to do
with the story and the location doesn’t
even resemble Bumpers it was just a divey coffee
shop ) she has this amazing cloud of dark hair.
Very cartoon-perfect hair, sort of like the
snotty Princess Marie who battles Princess
Calla in the episode – Princess Problems.

In fact the battling Princesses resemble
two of teen fiction princess’ quite eeriely. Check
out Princess Marie’s dress, it’s lavender,
the same as Jana’s!

And how’s this for inspiration – who’s got the
looongest braid – Princess Calla or Laura from
the Fantastic Four?

Okay ladies don’t get violent it’s a tie!
Setting aside the issue of all girl talk lets delve into
one character I most wanted to see on a cover and never
got to – Igor! Remember Igor? dreamy Shane Arrington’s
pet lizard. Well, here’s a comparison that’s laugh out
loud funny, eveyone’s favorite Toady –

And now some inspiring scenes that
echo each other; the Christmas Countdown in
which the Fab five slaver over the
adorableness of orphaned animals contrasted
with Sunni’s animal fervor – a Boggle she intends to
keep for a pet ( which can transform into the most
awesome handy-dandy accessories – like a princess
hat or a ruby ring!) –

And one of my favorite visuals
depicted in episode Snow’s Your Old Man – Sunni wearing
iccicle skiis! , vs Beth wearing hers as if smirking to Sunni –
do you really think you’ll get down the mountain
on those!

And now for my favorite comparison – Recall
book #17 Celebrity Auction ( one of my favorites )
Invision the scene which starts the book; Beth painstakingly
painting her hair to match her hand painted sweater
( oh what an opportunity the cover artist missed! )
I found the gummi bear episode in which Sunni
dyes her hair punk-pink with gummi berries! So
like Beth , and for another parallel hows
this – Molly Ringwald with her pink tuft of hair in
Packin’ it in – so who inspired who? – Hysterical!

I had a wacky time making these photos, hoped you
enjoyed them – Beth with her pink hair was taken
from the cover of The Fabulous Five Together Again. She
didn’t have pink hair , I added that.

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