Christmas at Cliquey Pizza – the Perfect present for SVT’s unicorn club , an 80’s silly string tree , the perfect christmas wake-up outfit and oodles of Christmas pics

It’s Christmas! and I was torn on what to do-read and review a
Christmas series book – which was the plan but I got so caught
up in going through my vintage magazines that I couldn’t tie
just one image to one story! I’ve got a few pics that like my
snarky Betty Crocker recipe card article I decided to
string along in a jokey sort of way.
Okay let's start with the holiday fervor at Sweet Valley with
the Unicorn club who are scoping out the Sweet Valley mall looking
for the perfect gift. Jessica gives a collective gasp she's
found it – can you spot the perfume in the Max Factor
ad – It's kind of like Where's Waldo in a sea of penguins.
I remember someone getting either this perfume or
some other cuddly toy attached to a perfume bottle
ages ago – a koala I think. Anyway as soon as I
saw it, I was like that's it – Jessica of course becomes
the envy of the club till next months issue – how
she paid for eleven bottles is another story

Moving on to Sweet Valley High I had a bit of
a hysterical laughter moment coming across
this ad for the autoharp – the perfect present
for artsy-fartsy , angelic Olivia.
And who but Bruce Patman could splash
on a bit of Mennan's Millionaire cologne.
Eat your heart out you peasants!

And what of the Sweet Valley gang
when they were kids – well waking
up Christmas morning – they
romped around in their underroos
– no lie – and look here’s the
secret footage of just a few –
why their’s Bruce Patman in his Hulk

And Ken Matthews in
his spiderman gear but whose
that next to him – the little
heard from after her book 21
debacle intro – Ginny Lou ,

the show-off of course is
Lila Fowler.

Of course the twins have evolved
from such childishness and on Christmas
morning sport this interesting looks –

While Liz is guzzling champagne in a
demur pink satin dress with trez chic
silver bow tie, with a mustached lothario , quite possibley
Scott Daniels?

Jess is looking mighty
trampy in her black satin and come-hither-you
big-stud smile while pawing a
batch of heart shaped pillows.
As the Girls trade memories with
their mystery dates –
Liz recalls her dream Barbie House – that
somehow wound up on Jessica’s side of the
room –
And Jessica recalls her fabulous Barbie

which had incurred several
hit and runs – one involving Bruce
Patman , one a nosy Caroline
Pearce who tattled that Jessica
was bringing cherry chapstick
to kindergarden – via her Christmas present
– a Badge a mint!

check out these
stocking stuffer pages –
Little Blossom’s cosmetics , bracelet
bendy pens?, No 1 hit lip gloss in
little record shaped pots? , fake
make-up that’s really pens from
Hasbro Jess does , Liz is a little hazy ( once
again most of these items wound up on Jessica’s
half of their room.) Hey, I let you
borrow the No 1 hit lip gloss Jess
dinstinctly remembers, stung. Yes
but it was my lip gloss! Liz cries.
Don’t be greedy, Liz. Yours, mine
whats the diff? Liz’s date gets enthusiastic
and tells her about his far-out
Christmas with his attempt to
add an engine to his Playskool
Pipeworks dune buggy.

ZZZZZzzzz. Todd Wilkens where
are you? she thinks never knowing
the bullet she dodged with
his predictable nostalgia about the
morning he got a 606 BMX

Unfortunately he’s living
it up at the beach disco with
Courtney remember rich Courtney? who
looks quite promising in her halter dress
and feathered roach clip?!
But she’s not paying him the least
bit of attention and is checking
out the D.J.

Meanwhile the Fabulous Five have
found a way to make the Christmas
Tree at Bumpers look exactly like the
gum tree at Wakeman Junior high ,
they spray it with silly string!

Jana gets a too cool gift from her
dad Pink , who manages to
find a gift that lives up to his name –
Love’s Baby soft!

The Sleepover Friends recall some of their
first christmas presents over hot chocolate
in Steph’s ‘apartment’ – Kate remembers her
first video camera – Fisher Price of course –

While Lauren recalls a toy that was pre-
Bullwinkle –
While Patti still has her present –
The Woodsey family –
Stephanie of course tops them both recalling
back in the city ( don’t groan Kate ) she got her
choice of a bedroom make-over

The Babysitters club had some interesting
Christmas memories – Mary Anne goes classic

– It just wasn’t Christmas without a box of
Crayola Crayons! Claudia and Stacey recall
more grown up gifts – Stacey – a shiny
address books for keeping BOYS numbers
handy and Claudia funky food pins!

Kristy sticks with a Garfield stuffed toy
still on her dresser
and Dawn when she wasn’t such an individual recalls these totally in – smurf shoelaces!

Oh and here’s some suggestions from the series gang for
a perfect Christmas –
Ginny Lou from Sweet Valley Twins says for a down
home Christmas, Smoky Gap style, try some
calico wrapping paper –

Stephanie Green from Sleepover Friends says go
city sleek with silver!

Mary Anne from the Babysitter’s club says go comfy for
Christmas morning – look festive in plaid! and cuddling a
giant teddy bear can’t hurt.

Dreamy Melanie from the Fabulous Five
says Goodie barrettes are a must
for all your friends! And they won’t break your budget!

Well , Have a Merry ( 80’s nostaligic ) Christmas! and Happy New Year hope you love the pics!
Even Pac-Man is feeling the holiday cheer!

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2 Responses to Christmas at Cliquey Pizza – the Perfect present for SVT’s unicorn club , an 80’s silly string tree , the perfect christmas wake-up outfit and oodles of Christmas pics

  1. Nancy says:

    Ahh…..thanks for the memories. When I was 10 all I wanted for Christmas was a Crayola caddy! 🙂 Never got it though, those things were expensive. *sniff*

    • peacharino says:

      The thing I wanted for Christmas when I was about nine or ten was this LITTLE BOPPERS MICKEY MOUSEand didn’t get it because it was too expensive. But I did get a Muppet Babies Fozzie Bear ,
      a small Mickey Mouse Power stuffed toy , and a Peaches and Cream Barbie
      so I was happy.

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