SLEEPOVER FRIENDS #4 PATTI’S NEW LOOK – Ravishing Sweat suits , Goofy Legwarmers , A punky Brewster wannabee , and what exactly is a rubber mini?

Okay has anyone every really taken one of those
teen articles serious , yes? really! Just checking.
Our favorite sleepover friends are hot into their
usual Friday night sleepover stuffing their faces
and arguing about Kevin DeSpain’s love life.
For those not up on the Sleepover Friends –
Kevin DeSpain is the girls favorite movie star.
While contemplating his choices a woman
who reminds them of the class grind and Tanya
whom Stephanie considers fab , simply
for the way she does her hair. All is
well until the magazines articles are
poured over – a kissing article which has
the girls puckering up to pillows , which made
me instantly think this would be a whole lot
easier with pillow people – member those?

Kate tries to sway the girls into film classics
when they move on to practising on their
arms and Stephanie slams her ‘you don’t
have to make so much noise about it.’
but the girls have moved on to the quiz
that sums up the plot of the story. Are
you cautious or carefree and Patti flunks
with the warning words you better loosen up
fast! Stephanie teases ‘there’s still a pulse.’
But Patti takes the test to heart wailing
that she’s boring and vows to change
her ways. She starts with ditching her
usual boring picks while shopping at
their favorite shop in the mall
Dandelions – and collects a pretty bizarre
assortment to try on – an electric blue
stretch jumpsuit , bright orange tights ,
a black western shirt with rhinestones
all over the back , a belt made from a bike
chain and shiny yellow suspenders. She
tries them all on suposabley together,
now wouldn’t that outfit have been
a hoot to see the artist recreate that
monstrosity on the cover – instead he
makes due with Patti’s settled on
wild-woman outfit – a pink polka dot
sweater , poison green miniskirt and
striped pink leggings ( which have
been turned into legwarmers ) all
in all she looks like Punky Brewster
having a bad fashion day.
Speaking of which here’s a little
Punky Brewster wannabe – love the
iridescent bow!

is the only encouraging voice in this
impulse buy. Her second move outside
her comfort zone is to forgo her usual
at Charlie’s soda Fountain and order
something ominous called the
Secret Weapon which no one
has been able to finish – Patti
finishes hers of course but it
almost finishes her! Since the book
is written in winter and has a
wintery theme – snowball
fights , parkas ditched in a pile
at the mall to try on clothes
the story culminates at Jane Skyes
skating party/ sleepover.

At the same time
Patti is having an old family
friend dumped on her a quiet
, boring girl named Karen. Take
charge Kate ensures Patti won’t miss the
skating party sleepover by asking Jane
if Karen can come along. As luck would
have it Karen is anything but boring.
She drop dead gorgeous , with a perm
that rivals the Kelly McGillis perms of the
mid 80’s , not to mention an out of this
world outfit – though not quite as out
of this world as Patti’s – a deep red rubber mini,
white legwarmers, a red sweater sprinkled with black
lines and white circles and crosses like a tic-tac-toe
game.Sparkling bangle bracelets and a gold feather
earring and she didn’t ( Lauren assures us ) she
didn’t even look tacky! I never realized before
Karen is wearing an all black, white and red
outfit that Steph would probably kill for but
she stays pretty calm about it. They’re all
just glad their arch enemy Jenny is so freaked
out by Karen she forgets that she’s pretending
not to know how to skate in front of the boys
and glides for a closer gape. Karen is a hit with
the boys and the girls , totally dominating
the sleepover with astrology , bragging about
having met stars and managing to have a
conversation with Jane’s older brother. But
as the week progresses and Karen tries to
glitz up Patti – with eyeliner , a new
bedspread , banishing her stuffed toys ,
renaming her cat! and trying to wing boys
on every outting Kate suspciously learns
that Karen’s not what she appears. None
to soon as Kate is about to expose Karen
as a fraud , Karen’s enraged sister shows
up demmanding her clothes back. It seems
Karen read the article as well and decided
to borrow her cool older sister’s slick
personality and wardrobe. Both girls are glad
to be themselves again and Lauren is just
glad they won’t have to scarf down Karen’s
trendy sushi and orders an everything pizza fast!
Susan Saunders always packs a lot in every story
and the amazing thing is the books are super
thin – this one was a record – 75 pages!

Having re-read this I remember having a
sweat suit very much like Jenny’s whose
considered glitzy for wearing a black sweat suit
with glitter on the sleeves. I had one – black I
think but with glitter all over the front –
impossible to wash and after a while,
though it was my favorite looked ratty,
but it was extremely cool first off. That was the
thing with sweat suits they had this fun
playful look of achieved glamour ( especially
when you’re young ) the ones who wore the
dresses often looked well – like they were
trying too hard.

The rubber mini baffled me.
What was it – I kept picturing something
thick and slightly ridiculous like flipper
material buttoning up the back with
snaps , a skirt that could stand up
like a teepee. I searched around and nothing
but then after watching this truly ridiculous
movie called Bitter Moon – an early 90’s
thing that had Hugh Grant in it , the foxy
leading lady shimmies into this skin tight
dress snapping it into place with the
rubber sound of an elastic band – could
this be the rubber mini skirt? Again a possibility-
an episode of Who’s the boss the one where
they were going to spin off Living dolls and
the one blonde , ditzy model wears a slinky
tight red dress – could be leather or rubber?
The talk of legwarmers made me drag out these ads
two Sears layouts featuring sweat suits ,
girls vamping it up in fleece!
Hope you enjoy!

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