Carol Sloane is an 80’s kinda gal – she has ash
blonde hair ( an essential 80’s color )soon to be
boyfriend with a typically trendy name – Gregg
with two g’s and a last name implying hunkdom –
Dalton ( ala Timothy Dalton ) of course he’s an
athlete a swimming star at their local high school
but Carol wants more – after all Carol is an 80’s gal.
And every 80’s gal wants a career.

This is one of my favorite First Love From
Silhouette books – I loved the inside look
at retailing and fashion.

Carol is weeks into her summer job at Hammonds
department store , she works for Miss Casey – the
buyer for Hammonds. Her big moment comes when
her opinion is asked about an ugly new dress purchased
for the Juniors department – Carol says she doubts
anyone her age would wear it but Mr. Wells
merchandise manager says run the ad anyway
advertising the dress. Carol turns out to be right
the dress is a dog – though her premonition for
now is assumed a lucky guess. Carol will have to
try harder to prove her mettle. Miss Casey – shows
Carol and us the in’s and outs of retailing taking her
to the receiving room where gasp! Gregg works ,
now’s her chance to get in some discreet flirting.
But her good mood is shattered when she
inadvertently insults the vice president of
Hammond’s wife who comes to purchase a dress.

A hunky boy from Venezuela , Roberto comes
into the scene but Carol remarks is ‘easy to be
casual with a boy when you have no interest in him.’ouch!
Finally school starts and Gregg invites her out to the
Cave ( the essential teen series hangout ) and they
quickly become an item. But Carol notes – and I love
this sentence – Precious Saturday’s melted away like
soap suds. Her flakiness is costing her. Even her trip
to New York with Miss Casey appears cancelled –
but Carol doesn’t give up that easy even when
Gregg doesn’t see the point in being so ambitious.
Could he truely be the guy for her? Carol gets an
idea to have Hammonds sell sweaters bearing the
school insignia which everyone loves and the trip
to N.Y. is on. Carol feels important but a little
unsure even though her confidence has grown –
after all she’ll be responsible for her decisions
what if she makes the wrong choices?

As it happens – Carol messes up with a lay-away –
remember lay-away? paying off a dress or item
bit by bit? but then helps a plump classmate
remake her image. However Carol quickly learns
how cutthroat the business is when comparison
shoppers trying to eek out news of Hammonds
secret pre Easter shopping show gets the word
accidently from her and a rival store steals the
limelight with a similar event featuring a rock
star. When she confesses, Mr. Wells has her
fired. Roberto a.k.a Bob consoles her by taking
her to a hamburger joint called the Black Parrot
for the requisite belly buster sundae called
‘Curves Ahead’. Her scholarship is in danger
and only her loyal friend Patsy can boost her spirits.
Of course the book can’t end on such a low
moment! Miss Casey steps in to the rescue
and tells Carol to show Mr. Wells her charm
clinic idea. More important than the idea is
Carol finally stands up to the daunting Mr. Wells
– gets a scholarship recommendation – a future
promised job in Hammonds and of course winds
up with Bob!

Terrific story – reminds me kinda of the great 1990
movie – Don’t tell Mom the Babysitters Dead with
Christina Applegate – don’tchu just love the final fashion show?
Don’t tell mom the babysitter’s
dead fashion show finale

I found these awesome fashion layouts in a circa
1983 magazine. I love it – mesh tank tops over
regular tops , gladiator jellies with SOCKS! , freaky
belts , junk jewelry – doesn’t that bracelet look like
a phone cord , sleeves that roll up with snaps!, out
of Africa safari looks , dig the animal chunky wood
necklace – my mom had one of those! , skirts with
huge apron pockets , kooky red plastic sun visors , a
supercool side ponytail with the line up of terry cloth
hair ties?! Mesh inserts on summer dresses and tops ,
Sheena Easton hair, gradiented sunglasses. Oh and
least we forget the most awesome summer bag – the
jelly purse! Perfect for the beach! I came up with these
pics because when I was reading the book I was surprised
how little description there was of outfits – only once
did Carol model a tartan skirt and scarlet sweater –
instead of hunting around for a similar outfit I thought
I’d find something Carol might’ve seen on her fashion
trip to New York! Bright colors and cool whites.

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  1. Nancy says:

    I still have that Silhouette book. I’m almost positive that’s actress Susan Walters on the cover. She was in the 80’s soap Loving (among other soaps) and also played Priscilla Presley in the mini series Elvis & Me.

    • peacharino says:

      You might have something there. I am amazed at the number of stars that frequent the covers – I did a small article on it here’s a link called the stars are shinning on Caprice and Sweet Dreams.
      Even though it’s old I might have to update it already having found a couple more.

      • Nancy says:

        I love that article you did about celebs on the covers. If I had a nickel for every cover I’ve seen with Yasmine Bleeth, Lori Loughlin and Jennifer Connelly! While not exactly a celeb, I had to laugh when I discovered Paula Barbieri on the cover of one of my Sweet Dreams ( #101 – Wrong For Each Other) sporting a curly bob. She was OJ Simpsons girlfriend and was seen and heard from mostly during his trial in the mid 90’s.
        Thank you for making this blog possible, it is a wonderful reference to see what I own and want to search out for.

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