Cover Art mishaps #1 – Sleepover Friends #35 – The New Stephanie gets a new kitchen!

Ever notice how sometimes the illustrator for the series covers
just kinda drops the ball? Take for instance Mallory on the covers on
the Babysitter’s club. A redhead huh? Wrong! In book #14 Mallory’s semi
introductory book, well, as a babysitter anyhow, she describes that
-‘every single Pike ( her last name ) has what her mother calls chestnut
brown hair.’ Later on she’s described as having dark hair with freckles
( which always made me think Mallory had been inspired somewhat from
Mallory ( Justine Bateman ) on Family Ties.) That’s a far cry from the
curly redhead we see sporting every cover Mallory graces! Do wires just
get crossed or do certain splashes of color seep for more visual impact –
like on the same cover can anyone believe the Perkins have a pink living
room? Anyhow…

Being a humongous fan of Sleepover Friends I was
tolerant of both illustrators the rather realistic original drawings
by Conway and the glossy airbrushed splendor by Zimic and didn’t
fall into a grouchy spiral like I did when Sweet Valley High switched
from their locket style circle pics to rather muddy scenes and finally
most awful the picture covers featuring the stars of the Sweet
Valley High show ( sorry but I wasn’t a fan. ) Both artists did a great
job capturing the foursome’s escapades but I always felt that on
book #35 The New Stephanie that the artist missed a huge opportunity.
Seeing as how Steph , virtually got anything she asked ( well practically ) ,
I envisioned her kitchen more like a David and Dash ad I found
circa mid-80’s. Totally cool red and white with splashes of color – cause
her parents wouldn’t completely jive with a totally tri-colored kitchen.

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