80’s Wildfire teen Romances – Ultimate Page – 80’s book covers & descriptions – Joan Oppenheimer , Elizabeth Ogilvie , Deborah Kent , Helen Cavanagh , Caroline B Cooney, Diane Hoh and more!

The Wildfire Romance series has to be without a doubt the most
aggrivating series to figure out – number wise. Most of you, return
veiwers, have probably glanced over the list on the A-Z Guide
and your brow could have furrowed over some of the more,
obvious number mistakes for Wildfire especially if you had a
salvaged copy at home, a rare one that actually had a number
on it’s spine, you could’ve cried out “Senior Class is 21 not 29 on
your list!” The trouble with Wildfire is some books were numbered
some weren’t and even worse was that some of the numbering
made no sense – figure this One Day You’ll Go approx number 13
on the list but no number on the spine , and then there’s I’m
Christy with a big smacking 2 on the spine! Were they numbered
in reprints? Who knows. Even more aggrivating were the inside
cover lists; when starting my ultimate page research, I had
happily sat down with my towers of books, trying to organise
them according to numbers, seperating them between – books
with numbers and books without, I then began to examin the lists.
Ha! Books with numbers offered lists that didn’t quite add up -for
instance in Senior Class clearly marked book 21 on the spine,
it’s ranked 28 on the inside list! Say What? Exactly! Worse,
still, when I try to cross reference with non-numbered books, say,
with earlybird editions like Yours Truly, Love Janie it is listed
AFTER the book One Day You’ll go – only in One Day You’ll Go ,
Your’s Truly ,Love Janie is listed two books BEFORE One Day
You’ll Go. Confused yet? The trouble is I’m not sure if Wildfire
published more than once-a-month hence the confusion or if
the numbers came later-on when they became more established
and realised teens wanted to keep track of which books they
had and which they missed in order to collect them. Whatever
the deal I still can’t make heads or tails of the list so when you
are searching out you’re own Wildfire copy avoid using numbers
stick with title and author!
Now for the series itself -Wildfire is a thematic series meaning –
an unconnected collection of stories where each is different and
written by a fresh, new writer. Though quite a few writers
will return and write more than one story under the Wildfire logo
only a handful will contain sequels or returning characters – as in
the Christy series by Maud Johnson or the two part Prom series
by Patricia Aks. Like it’s sister-series Wishing Star, Wildfire
was fairly awkward and didn’t take up some of the established
order that First Love from Silhouette had mapped out mimicing
adult series of the era – until it’s end. Compare First Love from
Silhouette;a logo clearly defined with numbers in the upper right
hand corner creating a clear list, upcoming book advertisements,
order forms, giveaways, author paragraphs. Now Wildfire with
it’s lack of numbers and the logo being in the upper right hand
corner( which is normally where the numbers are put –
check out any series!) , is finally switched near the end to the
left hand corner but the numbers remain, as they suddenly
appeared, on the spine ( Sunfire’s will follow this same route.)
The series was pretty streamlined – no contests , order
forms , upcoming story info or even paragraphs about the writer.
But by it’s demise had begun getting with the times and advertised
Sunfires and offered order forms. The stories, however, are good ,
in fact some are down-right terrific! The series wasn’t as
cookie-cutter as Sweet Dreams or as out-there as First
Love from Silhouette but it balanced stories about love with
elements that were ripe with the kind of problems most teen
girls faced, with parents often becoming more intregal to the
story than just a cardboard opposition or shadowy support.
Prose was effectively used rather than dismissed to keep the
story rolling and ends could be quite bittersweet. The writers
seemed to have more flexibility under the Wildfire logo always
making me think of the series as the big sister of Sweet Dreams.
Sex, though to my knowledge never seemed to have appeared,
in any of the stories, was thought about, worried about and
talked about much more so than any Sweet Dreams novel.
Characters seemed geniunely drawn rather than defined by
what they did or who they went after as in Sweet Dreams
where certain main characters can be pigeonholed by types
as being that girl-that-went-after-the-popular-boy
Or the-girl-next-door-who-suddenly-wants-to-date-boy-next-door.
Some of the writers went on to create other series – Ann M. Martin,
or stand alone novels Caroline B. Cooney and other became big-wig
romance authors Julie Garwood. All in all a great batch of authors,
terrific stories , great photo covers! A phenomenal series that lasted
from 1979 to 1986, and is definitely worth rediscovering!

1.Love Comes to Anne – Lucille S. Warner – Can it really be
love at first sight? Anne never thought it would happen
like this…then she sees “him” walk up the front step
at school. By the time she finds out his name, she knows
she’s really in love! But they come from two different
worlds and he must return home in a few months. Does
Anne love him enought to give up everything and
everyone she’s ever known?

2.I’m Christy – Maud Johnson – Other girls know
how to interest boys, how to make them laugh,
how to be casual and smart. Christy never knows
what to say, or how to say it when she’s with a
boy. Being a new girl in town doesn’t make it
any easier! Then she meets Mike, one of the
cutest guys at school. Can someone like Mike
really be interest in her? Is he just being
kind of is it because he’s just broken up
with Jill? If only there was a way to know
if someone really loves you…

3. That’s My Girl – Jill Ross Klevin –

4. Beautiful Girl – Elizabeth Ogilvie – “Are you
a real live person or just a doll? Do you have
any insides or are you just beautiful outside?”
April’s problem has always been her beauty. Of course
people find that hard to believe, but April
says: “When I’m quiet, they say I think I’m
too good for them. When I’ve got a lot to
say they think I’m concieted.” Then April
meets Nick, and nothing is the same! It
doesn’t matter what the kids in school say
about her…until Nick turns out to be just
like all the others. How can she help it
if he thinks too much about her, if his
schoolwork is suffering, if his dream of
going to the Naval Academy doesn’t come
true? Is that supposed to be April’s fault

5. Superflirt – Helen Cavanagh – Flirting
is so much fun, and Susan is good at it. She’s
pretty, popular, and she has a good looking
boyfriend, John, who thinks she’s the greatest.
The girls in her class used to like her too,
until they got sick of her always cutting in on
their territory and flirting with their boyfriends.
Susan says she doesn’t mean anything by it, but
that’s just the trouble! She also says she can’t
help herself…until John breaks it off with her
and she winds up breaking her best friend, Debbie’s

6. A Funny Girl Like Me – Jan O’Donnell – Guess who on the cover! ( Lori Loughlin, too cute, too cool! )

7. Just Sixteen – Terry Morris – Nancy can’t believe
that a popular superstar like Roger could fall for her.
Even though he’s dated lots of older, prettier girls,
he treats Nancy like she’s something special. But Nancy’s
just sixteen and Roger keeps forgetting. He always
seems to expect too much and he always wants everything
his way. Like planning a ski trip for Christmas vacation
for just the two of them! Of course Nancy’s parents
wouldn’t dream of letting her go. Nancy’s so confused.
One moment she’s sure she loves Roger more than anything,
the next she thinks he’s just a spoiled, rich kid.
Is this how she’s supposed to feel if she’s really in love?

8. Suzy Who – Winifred Madison – It is her first year
of high school and Suzy prays that this year will
be different- new friends, parties, lots of dates –
not just sitting around with the other girls. She
wants to be “Suzy Somebody” and maybe even fall in
love. Then she meets Peter Gilbert and finds out
about love…and heartbreak…and she wishes
desperately that she could be “Suzy Nobody” again!

9. Dreams Can Come True – Jane Claypool Miner –

10. I’ve Got a Crush on You – Carol Stanley -“He’s
never going to notice you. And if he does, then what
are you going to do? It’s just doomed from the start.”
When Beth’s best friend tells her this, Beth knows
it’s too late. Doomed or not, she has a heart-stopping
crush on Terry Evans, who is young, green-eyed,
interesting, and who also happens to be her English
teacher. Beth wonders if the extra attention he is
paying to her is just because he’s trying to be
a good teacher. Or is it possible he feels something
else? Beth is willing to risk a lot to find out,
even losing Matt.

11. An April Love Story – Caroline B. Cooney –
“Today,” My father announced, “I bought a farm in
North Carolina. We’re leaving the city, Marnie.
We’re going back to the land.” Back to the land?
Leaving the city? Marnie Macdonald can’t believe
her ears, her parents must be kidding. Worse,
they’re going with the Petersons…sharing a
house with them. And Marnie can’t stand their
son Lucas. At first. But by April, when the
MacDonalds and Peterson’s have lived and
worked together for almost a year, Marnie
finds herself head-over-heels in love
with Lucas! Now if Lucas would only notice.

12. Dance With Me – Virginia Madison – When Jennifer
spends the summer with her sophisticated cousin she
leaves behind everything she loves– her family, life
on the ranch and Russ…Or does she love Russ? She’s
not sure. She’s even more confused when she finds
herself drawn to Margo’s boyfriend, Gary. She’s afraid
of hurting Margo and Russ. Besides, Gary wants so much
more from her, and Jennifer doesn’t know
whether she’s willing to change…for anybody.

13. One Day You’ll Go – Sheila Schwartz – Kathy
knew, with a certainty from deep within, that
one day she would find Chris gone…Chris just
appears that summer, a dirty hitchhiker with no
place to go, and Kathy’s family takes him
in. During the golden days that follow,
Kathy learns what love is. She and Chris take
long walks in the evenings, share secrets,
and always know what the other is thinking.
But Chris is a drifter and Kathy’s afraid
he’ll leave as unexpectedly as he arrived.
Then comes the disaster that changes
Kathy and Chris forever.

14. Yours Truly, Love, Janie – Ann Reit –
Good Looking Cowboy, sensitive, intelligent,
21 years old wishes to correspond with
equally understanding, sophisticated, city
girl. Janie Downs, unsophisticated, small
town, sixteen-year-old, see the magazine
ad and knows it’s the “something exciting”
she’s been waiting for! She begins writing
secretly to Duke McCoy and pretends she’s
all the things he wants – including older.
Peter, Janie’s boyfriend – goodlooking, smart,
fun, and the star of the basketball
team – adores Janie. But when she loses
herself in her dreams of Duke, Peter gets
tired of being second best…and walks
away. Then Duke writes that he’s coming
for a visit, and Janie panics! What
will Duke think when he meets the real
Janie? And has she lost Peter forever?

15. The Summer of the Sky-Blue Bikini – Jill Ross Klevin –
“I guess what it comes down to is I’ll
have to choose. Guy -or Stacy and the
other kids. Them or Guy. I can’t have
them both.”Abby’s summer on Castle Island
is a lot of fun – at first. She’s popular
with the kids. They invite her to parties,
and Abby is the center of attention! Then
she meets Guy. He’s Abby’s dream-boy, with
blond hair and a terrific smile! But the
other kids don’t like him. He’s an
outsider to their in-group. Abby knows
she must make a choice…and it won’t
be easy.

16. I Want to be Me – Dorothy Bastien – It’s hard
to be the daughter of a small town’s high school principal.
It’s even harder to have parents who never seem to trust
you. Forbidden to go to parties and dances with her
classmates. Donna spends most of her free time with
Rocky, a wild pony who’s been captured and penned.
Then one day she meets Tack and her life changes.
She and Tack defy neighbors to rescue a wild band of
horses illegally caught. Together, they face Donna’s
disapproving parents. Together, they come to understand
the real meanings of friendship, trust and love.

17. The Best of Friends – Jill Ross Klevin – It takes
gorgeous Susannah to turn Allison’s life around. The
girls agree to swap – Allison will help Susannah improve
her grades, and Susannah will help Allison improve her
looks…and win Bobby, the boy of her dreams. Before she
knows it, Bobby asks Allison for a date, and soon they’re
going steady. But her dream bubble bursts when Bobby
starts mentioning a friend named Judy, and breaking
dates. Miserable and confused, Allison decides to
break up with Bobby…and has the surprise of her

18. The Voices of Julie – Joan Oppenhemier- Julie
can stay out with Nick as late as she wants. She can
skip homework or chores- she’s got it made! She lives
with her easy going aunt Roz who lets her do anything.
Her only problem is Tony, her best friend’s brother.
Tony doesn’t approve of Julie. He keeps trying to
get her to shape up. And he makes her so mad! Julie
wishes he would stay out of her life – until the
unforgettable night when she gets lost in the fog…

19. Second Best – Helen Cavanagh -Shelly Barr thinks
she’s boring and plain, and always feels second best.
But Ryan Gallagher thinks she’s someone special and
wants to go steady with her! SHe’s excited and happy –
until her sister fixes her up with Nick, a sophisticated
college boy. Shelly tries to keep the date a secret, but
Ryan finds out and angrily breaks up with her. And
Shelly’s not even sure she likes Nick. Their first
date was such a disaster! Shelly’s so worried. All
she wants is Ryan- but can a second best girl wind
up in first place?

20. A Kiss for Tomorrow – Maud Johnson -A lightening
bug flew between Nick and me. Both of us reached out
for it, our palms cupped. We missed the bug, but our
fingers touched and somehow Nick was holding my two
hands in his, and he didn’t turn them loose. The
summer Edie dreaded turns out to be magic! When she
leaves Chicago to visit her father in the little town
he’s moved to, she doesn’t expect to meet someone like
Nick – serious, sensitive, and tender. But he’s older,
a college student, and already has a girlfriend. Even
so, Edie’s never felt so attracted to a boy, and
wonders if she’s falling in love…

21. A Place for Me – Helen Cavanagh – Jonathan is
Colleen Kelly’s secret! He’s her first boyfriend –
sensitive and serious, and he understands her need
for privacy. Colleen doesn’t want to share Jonathan
with anyone, especially her big, noisy family! So they
meet alone, taking long, quiet rides on their horses.
But Colleen can’t keep her secret forever. Soon the
Kelly’s find out about Jonathan. They meet him, make
him part of the family – and Colleen is scared. She
doesn’t want their special relationship to change.
Can she hold onto him? Will they still have enough
time for themselves?

22. Sixteen Can Be Sweet – Maud Johnson – Jenny
West is so happy! Sweet sixteen and summer on the
way! But her life turns sour when her father’s
illness sends the West’s off to an isolated beach
for the whole summer. Jenny’s miserable until the
bright morning when she looks up and finds herself
face to face with Keith Ericson. The golden days
stretch ahead of them – days of walking on the
beach, holding hands, sharing secrets. But too
soon it’s September – the summer is over and
Jenny wonders how can she bear to leave Keith.

23. Take Care of my Girl – Carol Stanley –

24. Lisa – Arlene Hale – Forced to spend her
summer on her grandparents farm in Iowa while
her parents travel abroad, Lisa Holden is
devestated that she must leave her boyfriend
Brad, but her feelinds begin to change after
she meets Charlie.

25. Secret Love – Barbara Steiner – The first
red rose arrives after Mandy sprains her ankle. The
second one comes on her birthday. The cards are not
signed. Who sent them? Her boyfriend, Matt? Her
father? Or does she have a secret admirer? Mandy
hardly has time to think about it. Her sophmore
year is so confusing! Matt wants to go steady –
but Mandy’s not ready yet. Pris, who used to be
her best friend, is only interested in dating,
so she and Mandy are slowly growing apart. And Ted,
her longtime friend, is acting distant and cool.
The red roses remain a mystery – until a dozen
arrive the day of the Christmas dance, and Mandy
learns that secret love can be true love.

26. Nancy and Nick – Caroline B. Cooney –

27. Wildfire Double Romance – Tori/ The Best Summer –
Diane McClure Jones – Tori – Tori has a quick answer,
a joke, or an insult, for everyone – except Dom, the
one boy she really cares about. She never knows what
to say to him and feels so confused and uncomfortable.
Does he want her to change? Be more “ladylike”? Can
she become someone else? The Best Summer – For Sandy,
summer is rowing and swimming and picnics…and Greg.
This should be her best summer ever! She and Greg
have both entered the community boat race. But
suddenly the race doesn’t matter to Greg anymore
– and maybe Sandy doesn’t either. She feels so hurt.
What went wrong? Why doesn’t he care?

28. Senior Class – Jane Claypool Miner – More than
anything, Mary wishes that she could make friends,
talk to boys…that she weren’t so alone. Then
she meets Sandy and Jimmy, who give her warmth and
friendship. And they introduce her to Whit, the
most popular boy in school. Mary likes Whit right
away, but she’s not sure how to let him know it.
For Mary, senior year is both difficult and exciting
– a year of reaching out, of trying new things,
of getting hurt sometimes, of growing up, and
of loving…

29. Cindy – Deborah Kent – Cindy had a hard enough
time being new in a high school last year. How can
she survive a year in a place as different as Mexico?
But Mexico turns out to be the best thing that ever
happened to her! She loves the quaint town wih it’s
festive holidays an makes lots of friends. And the
Mexican boys are enchanted by her pretty blond hair
and American accent – they all want to go out with
her! Cindy feels happy and confident for the first
time in her life. The only problem is Alejandro.
Sensitive and serious, he hardly pays any attention
to Cindy – and she likes him better than any other
boy. How can she show him how she feels? She doesn’t
have much time…

30. Too Young to Know – Elizabeth Ogilvie – Scotland
isn’t quite what Mary Kate expected when she first
heard she’d be spending the summer there with her
father. Her new friends are so different – especially
Robin. Mary Kate doesn’t know whether to feel
bewildered by him or tender toward him. But slowly
their love for each other grows – and by the time
the summer is over all Mary Kate wants is to find
a way to stay with Rob. She knows her father will
never allow it, though. She knows he’ll say Mary
Kate is not old enough to make that decision,
that she’s too young to know…

31. Saturday Night Date – Maud Johnson – “Wendy,”
Charlie stammered, “I really like you, but we ought
to date other people. I guess I’m saying I’m not
in love with you anymore.” Wendy knows she’ll never
forget the hurt of those words. How could Charlie
say them? She and Charlie have been going steady
for over two years – she’ll always love him. But
now Charlie avoids her, never calls, or speaks
to her. Wendy finally starts dating again, but
she compares every boy to Charlie, and not one
measures up – until she meets Derek! But
something is wrong. Why won’t Derek come to
Wendy’s house? Or go to parties with her? Wendy
must decide whether she likes Derek – or just
likes having a boyfriend.

32. Junior Prom – Patricia Aks – Amy is positive
she’s the only sophmore who has never had a
date! She doesn’t even know any boy – except Jeff.
But he’s quiet and shy and hardly knows Amy is
alive. More than anything, Amy wants to go to the
Junior Prom. She won’t have a chance, though,
unless she does something drastic. So she launches
a campaign to get a Prom invitation from a junior
boy. Her plan seems to work at first. She has
dates with Grant and Len and Hank. But no boy asks
her out twice. What does Amy do wrong? When the
prom is just ten days away, Amy loses all hope
of ever being asked. But then…

33. He Loves Me Not – Caroline B. Cooney –

34. Goodbye, Pretty One – Lucille S. Warner – Not
everyone loves a party girl. Karen thinks her life is
just about perfect. Her parents dote on her, give her
anything she wants. And she has Brad – handsome,
serious, Brad. As far as she can see, they’re the
perfect couple. So she doesn’t understand at all
when Brad says,”It’s not working, Kar. Maybe when
you grow up a little…” What does he mean? Over the
summer, Karen finds out. She lands her first job and
meets new people, including sophisticated Jason.
Karen is growing up! She keeps thinking, if only
Brad could see me now!

35. Just a Summer Girl – Helen Cavanagh – Summer at
the beach. Every year Nina looks forward to it.
Endless days in the sun, beach parties, dances,
picnics. And lots of time for her painting and
drawing. Nina hopes this summer will be special.
And it is. She falls in love. She’s never felt as
attracted to a boy as she is to Ben. But Ben doesn’t
understand Nina. He wants to be a fisherman and
live quietly on the island, while she is a city
girl who wants to be an artist. Nina’s not
sure she can change her life…even for Ben.

36. The Impossible Love – Arlene Hale – Jenny and
Pam. Sisters. Pam is gorgeous. Jenny is “interesting
looking.” Pam is popular. Jenny has two close friends.
Pam has one boyfriend after another. Jenny is sure
no boy but faithful Thad will ever look twice at
her. Until Mark comes to town, and Jenny is swept
off her feet by the very sight of him. But that’s
before Mark is swept off his feet by Pam. Sadly,
Jenny watches them together- and dreams about herself
and Mark. But it’s an impossible dream…an
impossible love. Or is it?

37. Sing About Us – Winifred Madison – When Judy
and her best friend, Tammie, make a foolish wish
– for an exciting new boy to walk into their
lives – Judy doesn’t expect it to come true.
But it does! The boy is Chip, a senior and a
glamorous rock star. Judy and Chip start
spending every free moment together. Judy
even helps Chip write songs to perform. But
the night of the Halloween Dance, when
Tammie arrives in a belly dancer’s costume,
Chip can’t take his eyes off her. Just as
fast as he fell for Judy, he falls for
Tammie. Judy is crushed. She’s lost Chip
and she’s angry at Tammie. She feels alone
and hurt and empty. But she’s still
determined to make her senior year an
exciting year.

38. The Searching Heart – Barbara Steiner –
Laura has always known what she wants to do-
become a veterinarian. Even before she finishes
high school, she applies for an after-school
job at a veterinary clinic. But then her
life changes dramatically. The doctor she
works for is Jed Jordan, warm, caring…
and twenty-five years old. Before Laura and
Jed know what’s happening, they fall in
love. Laura is delighted…and frightened.
Her parents don’t approve of Jed because
he’s older. And Laura worries because she’s
miserable when she’s apart from him.
How can she go away to college now? What
will become of her dreams? And what will
become of her tender relationship with

39. Write Every Day – Janet Quin-Harkin – On a
camping trip Kim falls in love with Brian,
but worries that he will feel differently
about her if he discovers she’s not athletic.

40. Christy’s Choise – Maud Johnson –

41. The Wrong Boy – Carol stanley – cover

42. Make A Wish – Nancy Smiler Levinson – cover

43. The Boy for Me – Jane Claypool Miner –
Maggie has been in love with Tony for almost a
year – and he doesn’t even know it! Tony is her
older brother’s best friend. He’s forever hanging
around the house, but all he seems interested in
is fixing up cars with Bob. Then Maggie begins
dating other guys and suddenly Tony starts paying
a lot of attention to her. But she can’t tell
if he’s being protective, or if he’s actually
jealous. Will Tony always think Maggie is
just Bob’s little sister?

44. Class Ring – Josephine Wunsch – Jill breezes
into Sherry’s life one spring day, and after that
nothing is the same. Sherry is fascinated by Jill
and introduces her to all her friends.So she’s
shocked when Jill starts spending time with Kent.
He’s Sherry’s boyfriend. They’e been going steady
for a year, and Sherry’s even wearing his class
ring. But Jill is serious about Kent, and soon he
stops calling Sherry or mentioning the prom. Sherry
wonders if Kent ever loved her at all.

45. Phone Calls – Ann Reit – Juliet is in love
with a voice! Juliet has a lot of friends who
are boys, but no real boyfriend. Why can’t she be
like her younger sister? Even Barbara has a boyfriend.
Then comes the voice on the first phone call.
“Did my heart love till now?” asks a boys voice,
quoting from Shakespeare. The caller hangs up without
telling Juliet his name, but the voice sounds
familiar. One week later, comes another call. And
after that, another, and another. Someone really
cares about her? But who? Is one of Juliet’s
friends her secret Romeo?

46. Just You and Me – Ann Martin – Mollie’s been
going out with Jamie for almost a year. He’s a
great guy, but he never takes her seriously –
and that hurts. Then Matt moves to town, and
Mollie can tell how much he likes her. But she
and Matt are competing for a big college
scholarship, and it seems impossible for them
to get along. Matt wants Mollie to be more than
just a friend; Jamie won’t let go. And Mollie
wants to have it all – the scholarship, good
friends, and a boy who really cares for her –
but how can she win at everything.

47. Homecoming Queen – Winifred Madison – cover

48. Holly in Love – Caroline B. Cooney –
If there’s one thing Holly can’t stand it’s
cold weather. And, it seems, the only other
person in her whole town who feels the same
way is Jamie. Jamie is the first boy Holly
has ever really liked, but her friends accuse
her of “robbing the cradle”- for Jamie is a
full year younger than Holly. Holly tries to
let the teasing roll off her back, but she can’t.
And one day she goes along with it too
far, hurting Jamie’s feelings. Holly wants
desperately o make-up with him but how?

49. Spring Love – Jennifer Sarasin – Becca’s
senior year is hardly what she expected. Her
mother has left home, and Becca is stuck in
New York with her overprotective, critical
father. She feels abandoned and alone –
until she meets Mark. Mark is tender and
understanding, and soon he and Becca become
inseparable! But Becca’s father is always
between them, putting limits on Becca and
treating her like a child. Can Mark help
convince Becca to stand up for herself,
and to convince her father that she can
be trusted?

50. No Boys? – McClure Jones – Janet has
been raised by two uncles who still treat
her like a baby. So when Eric starts asking
her out, she doesn’t know what to do. She
can’t bring him to her house, since her
uncles won’t let her date “strange” boys.
Finally she begins seeing him secretly –
which leads to more trouble than she ever

51. Blind Date – Priscilla Maynard –

52. That Other Girl – Conrad Nowels –
Donna is older, carefree, and so beautiful,
but she is going off to college and plans
to date other guys. Larry thinks he’ll never
stop loving her – until he meets Judy. Shy
and sweet, she can’t compete with Donna,
but she captures Larry’s wounded heart.
Then Donna returns and makes it very
clear she wants Larry back. Suddenly,
he isn’t so sure he’s over Donna at all…
and all three of them are caught in a
crazy love triangle.

53. Little Lies – Audrey Johnson – How much can
one little lie hurt? Shannon isn’t sure, but she’s
afraid the truth is worse than the lie. Why would
Blake, the wealthiest boy on the beach, give her
a second look? She’s only a mother’s helper,
but she lets him think that she’s a guest at
the beach house where she workds and that she’s
going to an exclusive girls school in the fall.
The more she loves Blake, the more she wants him
to know the real story. But Shannon puts off the
moment until her lies, like the waves on the
beach come crashing in on her…

54. Broken Dreams – Susan Mendonca- He told her
to leave him…Did he mean it? Strong, hopeful, in
love…they were the perfect couple. Then Scott is
injured, maybe permenently, and Kelly can’t seem to
help him. The Scott who once cheered for her at
swim meets now stares sullenly at her from his
hospital bed, taunting her for loving him, begging
her to leave him. But behind his angry words, Kelly
senses something else. Could Scott love her after all?
Can they go on despite their broken dreams?

55. Love Games – Deborah Aydt – Molly has always
loved her mother, and her stepfather, who raised
her as his own. Now she loves Sam Rutledge, too.
Then the father who left her as a baby comes back,
expecting Molly’s love. He’s tearing her family
apart – and Sam seems to be on his side! Is that
any way for the boy you love to act?

56. Call Me – Jane Claypool Miner – Michelle
and Adam promise not to date other people when
Adam moves away. Their phone calls are their
only contact. But Michelle finds that her
days are lonely and lonesome, and her parents
urge her to go out with anyone. Michelle chooses
good old Charlie. She doesn’t expect to have
fun – but she does. She doesn’t think Charlie
is handsome – but he is. She doesn’t want her
life to be any more complicated – but it is.
Adam is coming back.

57. Miss Perfect – Jill Ross Klevin – Super
athlete, straight-A student, president of her
class, editor of the school newspaper – Kim
excelled at everything. That’s what her father
expected of her. But her friends notice that
Kim doesn’t smile much anymore, and her
boyfriend Brad is afraid that Kim doesn’t have
time even for him. Kim is so busy, Kim is
perfect. But her achievements are beginning
to demmand a very high price…

58. On Your Toes – Terry Morris – Until
she meets David. Even then, he understands
how much time she needs to practice, to
prepare for the tryout that could launch
her career. They find time to date, and
everything is perfect. Pam knows she’s in
love. But when David is hurt in an accident,
he innocently forces Pam to choose her love
…or her dream.

59. Christy’s Love – Maud Johnson – Christy
has never been so happy. She and Mike are
sure of their love for one another and bask
together in it’s warmth. But their happiness
is short-lived when Christy is summoned to
the hospital where Mike lies, badly injured.
Christy is terrified that she might lose
Mike, the only boy for her. If only Christy’s
love can save both of them from tragedy…

60. Nice Girls Don’t – Caroline B. Cooney –

61. Christy’s Senior Year – Maud Johnson –
Christy still can’t face Sonny’s – the soda shop
where she and Mike spent so much time. She
wonders if there will ever be a day when she
doesn’t see Mike’s shadow in everything she
does…So Christy tries to throw herself into
the last months of her senior year. Nina, a
new girl, reminds Christ of what it was like
to be a stranger in town. Christy’s old
friends are supportive. But it is David
Webster who helps Christy realize she can,
indeed, love again.

62. Kiss and Tell – Helen Cavanagh –

63. The Boy Next Door – Vicky Martin –

64. Angel – Helen Cavanagh – Somehow Angel
had managed to tell Jody and Tania exactly
the opposite of the truth about a classmate.
Angel likes to tell the best stories possible,
and sometimes the truth just isn’t all that
exciting. But the lies, for all their drama,
are also confusing, and Angel has to make up
new stories just to cover her old ones. The
only story she can’t make up is Jay’s –
he seems to love Angel, but he confides in
Jody. And with jealousy as her inspiration,
Angel gets ready to tell the biggest lie of

65. Out of Bounds – Eileen Hehl – Only an airhead
would go for a guy nicknamed “Killer.” But Tobie
Tanner is no airhead. A serious, intelligent student.
Tobie has most of her life planned, up to the moment
she finishes her first novel. But once she interviews
Lou “Killer” Keller for the school newspaper. Tobie
is lost, and wonderfully in love. Off the field, Lou
is bright and sweet, but Tobie can’t forget that
football is a violent game. Can a peace-loving
writer find happiness with a guy who has to leave
his gentle ways in the locker room.

66. Senior Dreams Can Come True – Jane Claypool Miner –

67. Loving That O’Conner Boy – Diane Hoh –
It all started with a chemistry experiment gone wrong.
Fate steps in as Pam gets involved with troublemaker Bud
O’Connor. Bud O’Connor with his thick dark hair and brown
eyes. Bud O’Connor who may be facing suspension from school.
Her parents don’t approve. Her parents don’t approve. But
are they right or is Bud really a sweet person underneth his
devilish ways.

68. Love Signs – M.L. Kennedy – Tracey is looking for
perfect boy.

69. My Summer Love – Elizabeth Ogilvie – Diana may
have flunked all her classes but she had fun doing it.
And now she’s got an exciting summer planned. But
Diana’s mother has plans of her own. She ships Diana
off to a broken-down farm to be tutored by an old
friend. Diana is prepared for the most boring
summer of her life. How will she survive it? But
as soon as Diana arrives, sparks start flying.
Mac and Josh Thornton, two great looking
cousins, are in the middle of a fight over the
farm, and Diana has to choose sides. The most
boring summer of Diana’s life turns into the
most exciting, but now she’s still wondering
how she will survive it.

70. One Upon a Kiss – Susan Mendonca –
Paula can hardly believe it’s happening.
She goes to a costume ball dressed as
Cinderella…she shares a special kiss with
Kevin, who’s dressed as Prince Charming…
she even loses her shoe at midnight! It
sounds just like the fairy tale, but Paula
knows fairy tales don’t come true. She’s
not Cinderella, and Kevin isn’t Prince
Charming. He’s too much like the boy
who broke her heart. Kevin is trying to
discover who the masked Cinderella really
is. But Paula’s not sure she wants to
be discovered.

71. Kisses For Sale – Judith Enderle –
Even though Lindsay is through with Ross,
she still misses him, still longs to hear
his voice, still is pained when she sees
him in school with a new girlfriend. But
she doesn’t miss his bossines. It’s time
for her to be independent! Her best
friend Blaine says being independent doesn’t
mean spending all of her time alone. Why
not help organize the Spring Carnival?
At least it will keep her mind off
Ross and who knows who she will meet?
But Lindsay isn’t prepared for handsome
Bill Stark – or for falling in love.

72. Crazy Crush – Stephanie Gordon Tessler –
Joey Jacobs is just crazy about Link Zinc,
lead singer in the town’s hottest rock band.
But he doesn’t even know she’s alive!
Determined to win him, she plans to audition
as the band’s new drummer. Then Link will
be sure to notice her! There’s just one
small catch – Joey can’t read music,
let alone play the drums. Handsome Todd
Perlman, a musician in the school orchestra,
volunteers to help her learn, and Joey’s
well on her way to fullfilling her
dream. So how come everything feels wrong?

73. The Boy Barrier – Jesse Dukore –
“Love” means zero in tennis. That’s a
score that Stacey King, the Number One
player on the girls’ tennis team, never
earns on the court. Off the court, it’s
another story. There her love life scores
a big fat zero! Stacey was always too busy
playing tennis to learn how to talk to
boys. Now that she’s like the chance to
change all that – especially since she’s
met Keith Flowers, the Number One player
one the boys’ team. But the boy barrier
is harder to break than Stacey realized.
It gets even harder when the coach of
the boys’ team asks Stacey to join.
If she accepts, will she become “just
one of the boy”? Can Stacey be Number
One in Keith’s heart if she takes his
place as Number One on the team?

74. The Yes Girl – Kathryn Makris –
Gwen’s favorite word is yes. She says
yes to Susan who asks for free math
tutoring, yes to any friend who needs
help…even a yes to nice but boring
Mitch who asks her for dates. Gwen
doesn’t have a minute to herself.
Unfortunately, she hardly has any
time for Phil, either. Phil is funny,
handsome, and definitely not boring.
And Gwen likes him a lot. When he asks
her out Gwen says yes…with delight.
But she is still saying yes to Mitch,
too. Phil soon becomes tired of being
Gwen’s second choice, and tells her
so angrily. Now Gwen is torn. If
she starts saying no, she may lose
her friends. If she can’t stop saying
yes, she’ll lose Phil.

75. Love to the Rescue – Deborah Kent –
Lifeguards have all the fun. That’s what
Laurie Cavanaugh used to think before she
became one. Now she knows there’s more to
the job than looking great in a bathing suit.
It’s demmanding work and a big responsibility.
But there would be some time for fun in the
sun if Andy Hawthorne, the head lifeguard,
wasn’t such a creep. He watches every move
Laurie makes and criticizes her constantly.
Why does he have to be the cutest boy she
has ever seen? Laurie is confused, but
she’s sure of one thing. Being a lifeguard
may not be fun, but it’s never boring

76. Senior Prom – Patricia Aks – When Amy is
sure she’s her boyfriend Jeff , she’s not so
sure when she recieves three invitations to
the senior prom but would still rather go with Jeff.

77. Dating Blues – Maud Johnson –

78. Brian’s Girl – Diane Hoh – Kate Ryan is
Brian Donahue’s girl. Or at least she thought
she was. When Brian comes home from college
for a visit, he devastates Kate by telling her
he’s in love with someone else. But Kate
isn’t down for long. She launches an all
out campaign to win him back. Adam Tranter,
a new guy at school, is attracted to Kate,
and he fits right into her plan. She needs
someone to make Brian jealous, and it doesn’t
hurt that Adam is cute and fun to be with.
Kate doesn’t like using Adam, but she
has no choice. This is war! Suddenly
everything is upside down. Brian isn’t the
boy on her mind – Adam it – but he’s not
evenspeaking to her anymore. Has Kate let
her obsessive love for Brian ruin her chance
for a romance with Adam?

79. A Girl Named Summer – Julie Garwood –
A little lie never hurt anyone. That’s what
Summer Matthews thought when she met David
Marshall and fell in love. Summer would do
anything for David, including letting him
believe something about herself that isn’t
true. When Summer finds out that David admires
girl athletes, she decides to compete in a
six-mile race to impress him, even though
she’s never raced before. Behind David’s
back, she begins a rigoruous training
schedule, and two months later, her plan
seems to be working. She’s ready for the
big race. But then David tells Summer the
only thing he can’t stand is being lied
to. What will happen if he finds out about
Summer’s lie? Will all her hard work have
been for nothing?

80. Recipe For Romance – Terri Fields –
Holly Hanson wants to be a great chef one
day. Her part-time job as an assistant cook
in a fraternity house is giving her a head
start on her career – but it’s setting her
love life back a long way! Holly’s job should
be a great way to meet guys, but her boss has
one strict rule: no dating the frat men. Holly
doesn’t want to lose her job, so when Greg,
a cute, funny guy, asks her out, she turns
him down. But Greg comes up with a plan…
If his recipe for romance flops, Holly will
be out of a job and out of love.

81. The Ten Cupcake Romance – M.L. Kennedy –
Every time Amy Miller falls in love she eats
her heart out – literally. Her latest craze
is cupcakes, but when her friend Sharon finds
Amy devoring a whole box of them, she knows
Amy needs to find a hobby. Why not become a
romance novelist? Amy thinks it’s a great
idea, and Simon Adams, a cute English guy at
school, fits right into the plot. In fact,
he’s the main character! Amy goes out with
Simon to gather “data” for her book. It’s a
good thing she’s sworn off boys. She’d hate
to let her feelings interfere with her work.
But what about Simon’s feelings…?

82. The Wrong Love – Kathryn Makris –

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16 Responses to 80’s Wildfire teen Romances – Ultimate Page – 80’s book covers & descriptions – Joan Oppenheimer , Elizabeth Ogilvie , Deborah Kent , Helen Cavanagh , Caroline B Cooney, Diane Hoh and more!

  1. Jace says:

    Thanks for this great listing. I collected all of these books including a couple of accompanying books (a little diary or date book as I recall) and then…gave them away to the local Boys and Girls Club.

    Now, I am trying to slowly put the entire set back together. I appreciate your thoroughness and the listing. It will be very helpful.



    • peacharino says:

      I had made the mistake of selling some of my series off in the early 90’s during a garage sale -but when the sale wasn’t going as well as I thought ( how could people not be buying my precious still-glossy books for a dollar! ) and people only wanted to buy a book here and there, like SVH’s #3 and #45 I decided thankfully to pull out my favorite series and later on got back the entire babysitter’s club & SvT’s series back in the late 90’s when my local library sold all their copies for a quarter a piece! The best place’s I’ve found the books are at garage sales ( epecially if you can see some accompanying stuffed animal which should date their junk – like a Wuzzle ) or thrift stores. I hate paying for shipping which is why I won’t buy some of the ones I missing unless it’s in bulk! Though when all your looking for is one or two online shopping can’t be beat.

  2. Kim says:

    Yay! This is awesome. You put so much work into this site and I am so happy it exists.

    • peacharino says:

      Thanks! It’s hard but fun work – I still haven’t got everything right – I just picked up this fabulous book on romance novels – ( I forget the title and
      at my place – If I don’t put a book back in it’s order , it’s hard to find again. )Anyhoo – it had a brief chapter featuring the editor of Wildfire who said that Wishing Star was a branch off Wildfire – I was like Say huh! Those publishing stamp dates made my head spin and I still didn’t get it right! I am so grateful the other series following made things somewhat clearer – ( with the possible exception of Palm Beach Prep. ) Still have some updating to do – considering I’ve some some more covers for Crosswinds and First Love. I wish I could get my butt in gear with Cliquey Pizza 3 but I’m thinking of working the non series books into the a-z guide which I’m working on. People seem to recall subjects better than authors or titles.

  3. Hi, I’m delighted to see my Honey and other Wildfire books on your excellent site. Thanks!
    Best to you, Helen Cavanagh

    • peacharino says:

      Thanks! I would love to include 80’s author interviews on my site and was wondering if you’d be interested? – I’ve already asked Linda Joy Singleton , whose accepted – I’m waiting on some books of hers that my local used book store is finding for me before I attempt it ( I’m kindof intimidated!) and would like to read some of her stories before conducting an interview. The last Sweet Dreams are the hardest to find. Fortunately I’ve got a bunch of your books mostly Wildfire – Angel was terrific – and I already posted on it – it was one of my favorite opening sequenses – Angel meandering through the mall and purchasing a charm that most represents her Pinocchio!

  4. Jenna says:

    Notice the male model in the yellow sweater on Superflirt is the same one on Princess Amy, same outfit and all?

    • peacharino says:

      Holy Toledo! Good spotting! I have to add that to my Facebook page – if you’ve been there you might notice Holly in Love and Love Comes to Anne ( both under the Wildfire logo ) used the exact same picture!

  5. Pingback: Working At Love By Judy Baer | Lost Classics of Teen Lit, 1939-1989

  6. Kay says:

    Does anyone know if Helen Cavanagh is still alive?

    • Helen Cavanagh says:

      Hi, Kay: Here I am, alive, chillin’ but not yet cold, LOL. At age 75, I’m doing far more Art than writing. My favorite medium now is decoupage, on canvas, on furniture, boxes, etc.. Previously, I preferred to do large oil on canvas works but I had some health problems which prevents me from standing at an easel.
      My last two novels were hardcovers, for Simon & Schuster: Panther Glade, and the Last Piper. (Piper was a runner-up for the Edgar Allen Poe Award from Mystery Writers in 1997.)
      Anyone on Facebook can take a peek at some of my Art. I recently posted quite a
      few…sort of messily, I must add.–Still learning.
      Any questions about my nine Scholastic books and one First Love book, let me know
      via Facebook. Or for a longer interview
      I can give u my email or phone number in a private message.
      Best thoughts to you and all who have any interest in my work after all these years. Love it! Helen Cavanagh

  7. vdoislove says:

    Once the teen romance craze really got underway, Scholastic took quite a few old titles and reprinted them as Wildfires or Wishing Stars. I remember in particular reading Blind Sunday in 5th grade and then seeing it as a Wishing Star when I was in high school.

  8. Carmel says:

    I came on here to have a moan about Wildfire numbering as I am moving my website to a new version & listing (albeit slowly) in author lots so I don’t have to change too many things for SEO purposes (I’m lazy & Peachie might sympathize about SEO matters, lol). Just by pure chance I am listing Helen Cavanagh Wildfire books right now! But the moan isn’t about your books Helen, it’s about the numbers on Audry Johnson’s Little Lies. I have 2 copies to list, one says 46 on the spine & the other says 53. Both published in 1984, both have different ISBNs, one is a first printing & the second is a 4th printing. Surely the series number & ISBN shouldn’t have changed for different print runs, I haven’t ever come across that in 9 years of ebay selling. And as near as I can tell Wildfires were never printed here in Australia, just distributed by the Scholastic Book Club in schools here.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Great Site! literally just stumbled upon because of a Pure Wow post about 9 books that will take you back to middle school. One of the books was The Summer of the Blue Bikini. I don’t even remember this series but so glad I found it. Lately in my reading I have been gong back and reading a lot of YA books from the 70’s and 80’s and this just helps me seek out more fun things to read and enjoy.

    I must commend you as this is a lot of work and clearly a passion. 🙂

  10. cindy ferguson says:

    I would like to know how I can these books again. I had just about the complete set.

  11. Natoi Coles says:

    Hello I’m looking for a book the lead character was Lacey she liked horses I think the guys name was Ben? They moved to California after her Mom died

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