Wishing Star 80’s Book Series – Ultimate Page – Book Covers , Descriptions – Bianca Bradbury , Jane Claypool Miner , Deborah Aydt , Patricia Aks and more!

Wishing Star Ultimate Page
( My information can be a little shady at times – I count on
what I can find, or hown from the books I have, and with a
series like Wishing Star – no-numbers, it gets a little difficult.)
I think Scholastic introduced this series -first of all thematic
series, beating out their sister series Wildfire perhaps by a
hair – with the book The Lost Summer – in 1977. But I
could be wrong – the dates in the books might have
differed as the books themselves may have been previously
published by Scholastic, not under the Wishing Star logo.
Honey by Helen Cavanagh is a prime example. Note
the lack of any significant series logo also note the
model looks a lot like one of the Olsen twins.

the series is aproximately 27 books long at my most
recent findings. It’s a non numbered series – and
book titles only appear as a list in the front of the
book – there is no upcoming-book-priming publicity
so unless I have the very last book – and it would
be hard to tell if I did – because I had assumed I
had the last book with Far From Home , until other
books came into my radar ,so there could, very well,
be more out there. Wishing Star books were
well written with some great authors among the
bunch who also wrote for twin-series Wildfire who if you
want to compare the difference in both series it’s negligible
it virtually came down to logos Wildfire with it’s heart
logo half consumed in flame vs Wishing Star’s
shooting star. Some authors even wrote for the
competition – First Love from Silhouette & Sweet
Dreams. The packaging for Wishing Star was
terrific – a vibrant colored cover framing the photo
art which offered up gorgeous teens in various moods
from worry , pensiveness or more elaborate setups
with token props trigging off a sense of what the
book was all about. The logo was a shooting star
graphic, cheerfully arched under the series heading
in the upper lefthand corner which oddly enough
became an rare placing – most following series used
this space instead for numbers while the opposite right
hand corner became the main spot for logo placement
but this wasn’t the only opposite comparison. Following
series learned from Wishing Star perhaps their biggest
boo-boo. Wishing Star had a definite lack of book club
appeal – it neglected it’s readers with the now customary
bombardment of back page publicity for upcoming books
– new series , contests , giveaways and even the most
basic send away, order forms. Scholastic,maybe
taking note of First Love From Silhouette’s appeal, finally
began publishing order forms in the last
of the Wildfire books but Wishing Star
remained to the end-streamlined. Though Wishing
Star and Wildfire published Books simultaneously,
Wildfire lasted until 1986 ,while Wishing Star appeared
to fizzle out by 1983. Too bad great series with good,
juicy topics.

1. The Lost Summer – Joan Oppenheimer – For Susie,
one drink makes the summer wonderful fun. Two
makes her forget her mother’s new husband. And
three? She forgets all the things a nice girl
should remember! Then the fun ends and the
agony begins. Susie just survives from drink
to drink. A bottle hidden in the bathroom;
a thermos taken to work; and Buck only too
willing to keep her well supplied. When
life becomes unbearable, Susie desperately
reaches out for help. But is it too late?

2. The Girl Who Wanted Out – Bianca Bradbury –
She remembers every horrible detail of the
crash – the headlights bearing down on them,
the hideous squeal of the brakes, the crunch
of glass… and later, the terrible , cold
feeling as she touched Eric’s face and knew
he was dead. How can Andie go on living? She
survived; Eric didn’t. And she had lost the
use of her legs. She is seventeen , pretty
and confined to a wheelchair in her bedroom.
She feels she can never leave home, never
again have friends, never go anywhere.
Then Andie hears a way out of her
confinement. But it won’t be easy. Does
she have the courage to try.

3. Blind Sunday – Jessica Evans – Lee is
the first girl Jeff has been able to talk
to. Pretty, funny and smart, Lee puts Jeff
at ease. But Lee is blind. Jeff worries about
what his friends will think if he dates
her. “What’s it like to be blind?” Jeff
wonders. After spending an amazing day in
Lee’s world of darkness, he finds that
he feels closer to her than he ever
thought possible. ( This is actually a
t.v. tie-in novel based on a 1976
afterschool special starring Jewel
Blanch & Leigh McCloskey )

4. The Two worlds of Jill – Patricia Aks –
“I am not a little girl,” I protested. “I’m
almost sixteen and mother never cares what
time I get home.” “I can’t help what your
mother does,”Daddy said. “When you live
with me you follow my rules.”Jill’s parents
live apart, and Jill spends time with
both of them, a month here, a month there…
Downtown she’s her mother’s equal with adult
responsibilities. Uptown she’s daddy’s little
girl. Downtown there’s Jason. Uptown there’s
Paul. Jill thinks she can handle anything –
until her two world’s look like they’re
headed for a collision!

5. Francesca Baby – Joan Oppenheimer –
She hears the cry in the night…”Francesca?
Baby?”… and thinks, my mother is a drunk.
Together Francesca and her sister manage
to survive a mother who is rarely sober,
a father who is seldom home. But resentment,
anger, guilt, hopelessness still build
up in Francesca. Even her new found love
for Bix can’t solve her problems. There
has to be help somewhere. But where?

6. Too Much in Love – Patti Brisco – Holly and Jeff are so
much in love… Then Holly tells Jeff that she’s going to
have a baby. What can they do? Their parents are
furious and can’t agree about anything. Jeff is so
confused, he hardly seems to care what happens!
Holly doesn’t know which way to turn, so she runs
away to find her own answers –
and a decision she can accept with her heart.

7. Don’t Look Back – Audrey P. Johnson –
When she wrote in her journal, the words
flowed effortlessly as she told of meeting
Gabe. What did it mean, this quickening,
this awareness of a boy she’d just met
today. Ellen could so easily fall in love
with Gabe! But their relationship is never
smooth. It’s up and down, it’s easy and
hard…Life is tough for Ellen. Her father
is dead, and she is determined to keep
their farm going, but her mother and
sister don’t care. They’d rather move
to town. Ellen is terrified of losing
the farm and Gabe. Can she manage alone?
Or will Gabe be at her side to help?

8. Katie – Deborah Aydt – Katie can’t
seem to fit in anywhere! Her mother
promised she’d never remarry…until she
met Ben Baxter! Her best friend, Bessie, is
always talking about her great boyfriend,
but will never let Katie meet him! And then
there’s Robert. Katie really likes Robert
but she isn’t ready to be so serious. If
only he wouldn’t expect so much! At least
her diet is really working. She hardly has
to eat anything anymore…It’s so easy, and
it’s her own private secret. Her mother is
so involved in her upcoming marriage she
hasn’t even noticed until the terrible
accident when Katie winds up in the

9. I Don’t Want to be Your Shadow – Deborah Aydt –
Jon was a powerful force in my life, as powerful
as my mother had been before. Jon and my mother
was both suns when I deferred to one of them, I
became a shadow…Blake had always lived in her
mother’s shadow. Her mother holds an important
job in the art world and expects Blake to follow
in her footsteps. But what Blake wants is a warm
quite, home life, and a mother who’s always there.
When she finds it with Jon Purcell’s family,
she’s delighted. And she’s even more delighted
when she finds herself falling in love with
Jon… until she makes the disturbing discovery
that she’s as much Jon’s shadow as she
was her mother’s. Blake wants to be herself
but how? Must she stop loving Jon?

10. Remember to Love – Dorothy Bastien –

11. Honey – Helen Cavanaugh – Honey wishes she
could have a pretty home and a mother who really
cares about her. Ever since her father left them,
Honey has been taking care of everything. She
wishes someone would worry about her for a
change. If only she had a friend she could
talk to…Why does she feel so guilty about her
mother? And why is she so mean to Danny when
she knows how much he loves her? Suddenly
Honey’s world is coming apart – her father
is coming back to live with them! Can
she ever forgive him?

12. The Great Lakeside High Experiment – Neil R. Seldon –
The Great lakeside high experimant is Jen’s idea. And
she easily talks her boyfriend, Larry, and two other
boyfriends into it. It’s so simple, just take a nothing
, wallflower girl, pretend she’s really great, and make
her into a glamorous new person. All they have to do
is keep it a secret from her. The subject they chose
is lifeless, bumbling Maude. Everything works fine…
at first. Maude gains confidence, changes her appearance,
begins to dress better. But soon Jen suspects things are
going a little too well. She certainly doesn’t expect
Larry to fall for Maude! But he does, and after that
everything crumbles, and keeps crumbling. Until the
night the experiment explodes – for all of them.

13. The Night Skiers – Dorothy Bastien –

14. Jealousy – Sheila Schwartz – Jealous. That’s
how Gayle feels almost all the time. Jealous of
Prudence for getting a terrific boyfriend. Jealous of
Stewart for winning the science award. Jealous of
everybody. Gayle wants to change. Jealousy only gets
her in trouble. She feels angry and leftout and
miserable. And when she fights with Prudence and
Stewart she feels hurt. Gayle doesn’t know what to
do…until a tragic accident shows her the things
that really matter.

15. The Loving Year – Bianca Bradbury – Faith
Conway has always been one of the “Summer people”
on Stone Island – but not this year. This year
she and her parents will become “islanders” spending
the winter in their old summer house. And Faith
is scared. She’s scared of going to a new school, of
having to make new friends, of weathering the
islands viscious storms. But Matt Barnes makes
a difference. Strong, yet gentle he shows Faith
the island ways, helps her through school and
comes to her rescue during two frightening
experiences. Still there’s a distance between
them. Matt’s afraid that when summer comes he’ll
lose Faith to her old crowd – and Faith’s afraid
he could be right.

16. Walk Beside me , Be my friend – Joan Oppenheimer –
To Kris, anyhing seems better than living at home. So
one night Kris runs away, but she finds life on the
road is no better and Kris decides never to trust
anyone or care about anyone again…until she is
placed in Chloe Dunham’s foster home and there she
meets Regan.

17. A Summer to Remember – Priscilla Maynard – Carrie’s
brother is dead. She has to accept the fact. But Allen
was her idol, and it’s so hard to forget him…especially
when Marc comes to work on their ranch. Everything about
Marc brings back painful memories of Allen. And
Carrie hates him for it – but at the same time she loves
him. He’s kind and gentle and does everything as well
as Allen did. Carrie feels so torn. She knows she has
hurt Marc by avoiding him and brushing him off, but
she doesn’t know what to do about it. Then comes the
day of danger and excitement that pulls them together –
and forces Carrie to face her true feelings.

18. Secrets – Patricia Aks – As soon as I sat down to
dinner I could tell my parents were upset. “Something
has happened,”my father admitted. “And it’s pretty bad.
I’ve been fired.” “What are we going to do?” I whispered.
Nobody answered. Cathy’s life changed forever after that
night. She switches to a new school, and must cope with
her parents’ depression and anger as her father is turned
away from one job after another. Her new life holds
some happy surprises though. Cathy fits in with the
kids at school, lands a job of her own and realises her
friend Benedict is becoming more than just a friend.

19. Sisters – Audrey Johnson –

20. Why Did you Leave me? Jane Claypool Miner –
Ever since Laura’s mother walked out – drunk –
Laura has somehow managed the housekeeping, her
studying, and playing mother to her little
brother. She hardly has time to spend with Don,
the only important boy she ever dated. And Don
resents it. But he doesn’t understand that it’s
up to Laura to keep her father together. Then
Laura’s father announces that her mother has
decided to return. Suddenly Laura feels so
confused! Why did her mother leave. What will
happen when she finds Laura in charge? And
what if her mother starts drinking again?
Laura is miserable and she can’t turn to
anyone – even Don.

21. But This Girl is Different – Arnold Madison –
Laurie – A different girl. All she wants is never to
be hurt again. And Steve – a special boy who never had
a different girl…until Laurie came along. Laurie –
she wishes she could spend every day with Steve, but
she’s cautious. Steve – He’s never cared for a girl
the way he cares about Laurie. If it ever had to end,
he doesn’t know what he’d do. Laurie – But she
hasn’t broken up with Gary yet. When he comes home
from college, she’ll have to see him one more
time. Steve – he knows about Gary so he’s waiting
– waiting to find out what happens when Laurie
sees Gary one more time.

22. Second Chance – Joan Oppenheimer – When Heidi’s
mother decides to send her off to California to live
with her father and stepmother, Heidi is excited and
scared! This is her chance to start over, to leave
behind the failing grades, the bad crowd she hung
around with, all the trouble she’s been in. Can Heidi
really handle it? She needs lots of tutoring. She’ll
have to make new friends – nice friends. And her
father is so strict. Heidi has never faced anything
this difficult. Then she meets Zach and right away
she knows he’s special. She also knows he’s
trouble – like her old friends. Should Heidi
just walk away from him. She doesn’t want to
spoil her second chance.

23. What About Me – Pat Lawler – It was amazing,
Brett thought, how quickly life could go from easy
and rosy to completely messed up. That’s what
happens during her junior year. First she decides
to run for Student Body President – against her
boyfriend Paul. Then Brett discovers a horrifying
situation: her best friend Penny is dating one
of the biggest drug users in school. When she
talks to her old friend Sam about it, she learns
that drugs are everywhere at her high school.
Worse, they’re even being bought at the junior
high, and Brett’s little brother is a student
there! Frightened, Brett decides to do something.
But she doesn’t get any help from Paul or Penny.
Thank goodness for Sam. It’s a dangerous game,
though, and before it’s over Brett learns
a lot about life, about having friends, and
losing friends and…about love.

24. Who Needs a Stepsister – Patricia Aks –
Laurie doesn’t know what to expect the first
time she meets her stepsister but she sure
doesn’t expect Diana. Beautiful and cool,
Diana is as different from Laurie as anyone
could possibly be. They don’t fight, though.
Not at first. But Diana doesn’t fit in with
Laurie and her friends…and Laurie doesn’t
fit in with Diana’s new crowd. Soon the
trouble begins. Diana causes problems between
Laurie and her friends, Laurie and her father,
and worst of all Laurie and Kevin…It wouldn’t
be so bad if she and Diana weren’t living
under the same roof. But Laurie knows that
somehow, somehow she and Diana must work
things out.

25. Far From Home – Jill Ross Klevin –
Lacey’s whole life has been the Texas ranch
she grew up on. But after her mother dies, her
father decides to move to California. Lacey
can’t believe how out of place she feels
in Los Angelos. The girls her age are so
sophisticated, dating boys, driving fancy cars.
But Lacey’s cousin , Amy is there to help her
, and things look better when she makes friends
with Ben. Even so, Amy’s friends tease Lacey,
and things are even worse when popular Win
asks Lacey for a date. The other girls,
especially Amy, have been hoping he’ll ask
them out. Will the girls be angry if she
dates Win? and what will Ben think?

26. How Can We Talk – Deborah Aydt –
For months now, Patti has sensed her parents
slipping further and further apart. Her mother
is rarely at home, her father is distant and
moody. Even so, she’s shocked when her mother
walks out, and sick when she realises they
might get divorced. If not for Steve, Patti’s
not sure how she’d survive. But he is there,
loving and comforting, to help her through
it…Isn’t he? Patti’s not sure. After a
while he seems less understanding, and Patti
stops talking about her parents to him, afraid
she’ll lose him too.

27. Jody – Deborah Kent – Jody becomes frightened
by her suspicions that she is going deaf and
attempts to hide her problem from her
family and boyfriend.

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3 Responses to Wishing Star 80’s Book Series – Ultimate Page – Book Covers , Descriptions – Bianca Bradbury , Jane Claypool Miner , Deborah Aydt , Patricia Aks and more!

  1. Delighted to see my Wishing Star book, Honey, on your
    excellent site. Best, Helen

    • Linda Brown says:

      Helen, who is the girl on the cover of the first printing. Honey was my favorite book in Junior High. Thank you!

    • Linda Brown says:

      Helen, who is the girl on the cover of the original printing of Honey? It was my favorite book in Junior high. Thank you!! Great memories.

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