80’S CROSSWINDS SERIES – ULTIMATE PAGE – BOOK COVERS – BOOK DESCRIPTIONS – Glen Ebisch, R.L. Stine , Margaret Mary Jensen, Candice Ransom , Susan Rubin , Beverly Sommers , Harriet Trueblood and more!

First love from Silhouette was showing it’s age in 1987
and was reconfigured and renamed -Crosswinds splitting
into two, new thematic series – Crosswinds Keepsake
which kept up the First Love tradition of light
romance and exotic local now packaged in jellybean
bright covers it offered reprints and returning
characters from the First love line luring over
loyal readers. Meanwhile Crosswinds expanded to
include interest for either sex. Stories filled with
mystery, suspence , thrillers forerunning the 90’s trend
of teen horror , and ‘touchy’ subjects like teen
suicide and weight delimmas. The top notch authors
came from all kinds of sources – other thematic series like
Wildfire , First Love and Sweet Dreams. Male
authors no longer needed to use pseudonyms. And their
covers became the hippest artwork on a bookstore
shelf. From their scrawled logo, which appeared to
have racing streaks following it to the photos of pretty
teens , jazzed up with colorful graphics and snazzy lettering
to the back blurbs which spoke to the reader they were
an unparalleled hit. But sadly all the packaging , and the talent
could not stop them from dissolving in 1988 ending only a
couple of months before Crosswinds Keepsake.

1. Does Your Nose get in the Way , Too? -1987 –
Arlene Erlbach – So you think you got problems. I
am a victim of heredity, to say nothing of
circumstances. To some kids at Highland High school,
a nose that resembles a pear is not such a
disaster. One little nose job. But would my dad
ever agree to that? He’d just say, “I’m very
busy, Henny.” He doesn’t care if I’m miserable.
That brings me to what I laughingly call my love
life. This time last week I had no boyfriends.
Now I have a boy who might move away
and another boy I’m not so wild about who not
only wants me to baby-sit his rats but also
has an ex-girlfriend out to pulverize me.
Wait, there’s more. But you’ll have to read
this book to find out. Your friend, Henny

2. Lou Dunlop: Private Eye – Glen Ebisch – 1987 -Now that
supercool Jessie had insisted that Lou help her solve a dangerous
mystery – the disappearance of her best friend , Lou had to agree ,
not only to live up to her image but his own, as well.

3. Toughing it Out – Joan L. Oppenheimer – 1987 –
Jennifer had a bad self image – she’d be the first
to admit that. So she devised a plan to make herself
look better. Almost no food and lots of exercise. It
was difficult, but she did it. The thinner she got,
the better she felt about herself. She would
become a brand-new person, someone stronger,
more perfect in every way. But none of her
friends seemed to understand. In fact, they were
trying to stop her from doing the one thing she
knew was important. What was their problem?
She was in control wasn’t she?

4. Lou Donlop: Cliffhanger – Glen Ebisch -1987 – While on vacation
on Cape Cod with his girlfriend Jessie, Lou Dunlop stumbles into
a mystery involving a missing scrapbook, a host of creepy
suspects, and a mysterious fatal fall involving his handsome

5. Guys , Dating and Other Disasters – Arlene Erlbach –
1987 -( sequel to Does your Nose get in the way, Too? )
Henny, of the big nose , not to mention big mouth is back
still balancing some strange guys and her father’s
upcoming remarriage.

6. All Our Yesterdays – Stuart Buchan – 1987 – A boy and a girl
dream of a future in the landscape of their war-torn past. A gentle
story set in a violent world.

7. Sylvia Smith-Smith – Peter Nelson – 1987 – She’s here!
Sylvia Smith-Smith. Now, at last a whole book about that
supercool Sylvia Smith-Smith. If you couldn’t get enough
of her in Seventeen ( magazine ) …If you’ve never met her
before …this book is for you. “Nancy Drew move over!
Sylvia’s shrewd, brave, a little weird, and very funny – a
real ’80’s heroine. Peter Nelson’s stories about her are
among the most popular in the magazine.” – Bonni Price,

8. The Gifting – Ann Gabhart – 1987 – Ginny had always
felt different from the other members of her family.
She wasn’t as pretty as her sisters, and her brother
was too young, and besides, he was a boy. She’d
never really had a close friend. When they moved
to a new neighborhood, her life changed. She met
Mark and Miss Nellie. Mark was quite simply the
nicest guy she’d ever known. Miss Nellie was more
of a puzzle. Ginny couldn’t figure her out. Was
Miss Nellie just an eccentric old lady, or
were the rumors about her true?

9. Bigger is Better – Sheila Schwartz – 1987 – Doesn’t
personality count for anything? Bet you don’t know
about the war that started in California, sort of a a
Beverly Hills rebellion. Well, one day my mom, Sharon
Long – you know, the glamorous movie star – decided
to declare war on flab. Only the flab in question
happened to be mine. What could I do but fight back?
I’d never liked fat-girl jokes and I was sick of being a
good sport about my weight. Besides, I really
enjoy food. Down with diets is my motto. Who
wants to be a bag of bones anyway? Surely
there’s more to a person that her looks. If anybody
was going to win the battle of the bulge, it was
going to be me. Fat Power! Right on!

10. Eye of the Storm – Susan Dodson – 1987 – An intriguing
mystery with a hospital setting. Tessa, a teen volunteer is
determined to find a missing patient – alive or dead!

11. Shock Effect – Glen Ebisch – 1987 – Being a
waitress in a picturesque summer hotel can be more than just
hard work, as Monica found out when she discovered
a corpse in a bedroom. Was it murder?

12. Kaleidoscope – Candice Ransom – 1987 – When Cress’s uncle
died, his mother inherited his old, run-down house in the
Shenandoah Valley. Cress was not too happy to learn that she
would have to share the job of cleaning it and getting it ready for
sale. The place was hopelessly cluttered, and there were some
pretty weird tenants wandering around , namely a couple of pet
rabbits and Darien, a mysterious and unhappy boy. Things began
to look up when she and Darien stumbled upon a strange secret,
now if only they could unravel all the clues.

13. A Kindred Spirit – Ann Gabhart – 1987 – Now that
Erin was sixteen, everyone told her it was time to give
up her imaginary childhood companion and join the real
world. But to Erin, he was as real as the many sketches
she’d done of him -sketches that disturbed and worried
her family. Only Rick understood and encouraged her
to search for her own reality, even if it meant
disclosing a family secret that her mother had spent
a lifetime concealing.

14. The Right Moves – M.K. Kaufman – 1987 – Once
in everyone’s life there comes the chance to speak
up for truth. This happened to Brad in an unexpected
way, through this friendship with K.C. K.C.was all that
Brad admired. He was charismatic, smart, athletic.
And most definitely on the side of angels. Why
was it, then, that Brad felt such troubling doubts
now that K.C. had launched his latest crusade?
Did Brad fear the truth – or the consequences.

15. Lighten Up, Jennifer – Kathlyn Lampi – 1988 – Dear Jennifer,
The hardest part of this is knowing how much it will hurt you.
You’ve helped me through some hard times, and I couldn’t
have made it this far without you. When you think of me, and
you will, be kind. Tea and Sympathy. Not quite appropriate,
but it’s all that comes to mind right now. Love, Leanne
P.S. Lighten up, will you. Jennifer struggles to overcome
her best friends suicide.

16. Red Rover, Red Rover – Joan Hess – 1988 – Wow! Lydia had been
chosen to play violin in the International Youth Orchestra. It was a
dream come true – a week in the Big Apple, meeting kids from all
over the world. There was one cute Russian guy in particular! Lydia
thought they could make beautiful music together. But some kind of
funny business was going on. Who were those mysterious men
lurking around? And how did Lydia get involved in this anyway?
She didn’t know whom to believe or trust. She wanted to be in an
international orchestra, not an international incident.

17. Even Pretty Girls Cry at Night – Joan Merrill Gerber –
1988 – Shy , introspective Faye wears a black
feathered jacket despite the summer heat
is nick-named ‘Crow’ but the residents of
a retirement complex. No one understands
Faye’s problem except maybe Gertie. But
as Faye, absorbed in her struggle to conceal
her scoliosis fails to realize – even pretty
girls cry at night and the local beauty
Marcia has troubles of her own.

18. Angel in the Snow – Glen Ebisch – 1988 – What were these
kids up to? Charles Wood – a new student at North Hill Academy,
who seemed to attract danger like a magnet. Maxwell Templeton-
Charles’s roommate, an amateur detective and a very clever guy.
Elaine Sharp – Charles’s dream girl, who was in big trouble.
Vicki Girard – Elaine’s roommate, the ‘angel in the snow.’
Throw in a few weird faculty members, gung-ho campus police
and a crazy motorcycle gang, and you’ve got another
terrific Glen Ebisch mystery!

19. The Haunting Possibility – Susan Fletcher – 1988 –

20. Dropout Blues – Arlene Erlbach – 1988 – Chris decides
to quit school only to have her father kicking her out.
Suddenly saddled with responsibilities will Chris cave in
or stick it out?

21. Broken Date – R.L. Stine – 1988 – One day Jamie’s steady, Tom,
broke a date they’d had to go skating. That’s when the horror
started for Jamie. Weird phone calls. A feeling someone was
following her. It was all a terrible nightmare or was it?

22. Love and Lucy Bloom – Stuart Buchan – 1988 –

23. Butterflies of Freedom – Tracy West – 1988 –
Three smart teens plot to together to save beautiful
Freedom Island from being turned into a fancy
resort. Can they do it? Fredericka Barron, better
known as Freddie, thinks they can, and when
Freddie sets her mind to something…

24. Smart Guys – Jamie Lewis – 1988 – A bunch
of whiz kids, but were they smart enough to
solve a crime?

25. Cat and Mouse – Beverly Sommers – 1988 – You’ll
never believe what happened to me. See, there’s this
crazy guy, Buddy. He’s got a big – we’re talking
humongous, superduper – crush on me. And I don’t even
know him. Oh sure, he goes to my high school, but he
only looks vaguely familiar. Maybe I passed him in the
halls or something. Anyway, he keeps doing these
weird things. Really weird. Like serenading me in the
middle of the night and more. Naturally it gets all
over school. My friend Jilly says it’s romantic.
Romantic? No way! It’s embarrassing. Have I
got a problem or what.

26. My Beautiful Fat Friend -Josephine Carr – 1988 – Our English
teacher gave us an extra-credit assignment over summer
vacation. We can write our own mystery story, you know, a
whodunnit. She said to try and find a real-life mystery and then
make up stuff whenever we need it. But I’m not making up
anything. My best friend, Cathy, is a real mystery to me, and
by the end of the summer, and the end of this notebook, I
plan to have it all figured out. Cathy doesn’t know I’m
writing about her. We’re spending the summer together at
a camp near Lake Winnepasaukee. This is a typical summer
for Cathy, but not for me. I’m fifteen years old and
ready for a few changes – From Annie Sullivan’s journal.

27. The Black Orchid – Susan Rubin – 1988 – Meet Val DeSantis,
one cool dude. If anyone asked him how it was going, he’d say,
“No problem, man.” He had an image to protect. The truth was,
nothing was going right for Val. The police were hasseling him
for skipping school. His mom was about to marry a flake. His
girl’s father didn’t like him. And that was just the everyday
stuff. Val had real trouble. To help out his best friend, he was
tangling with a tough street gang, the Black Orchids. Val knew
what to do even if it meant risking his life. One thing was sure,
Val was no loser. ( Continuing character from First Love
from Silhouette book – # 214 -Walk with Danger )

28. Stu’s Song – Janice Harrell – 1988 – My name’s Langdon
Devereux, but nobody calls me Langdon unless they’re mad at
me. I’m a senior at Siler Falls High School, where the big
concern right now is getting enough chicken wire for the
prom decorations. I’m a pretty private person. I guess you’d
have to say I’m cautious, too. I play it safe. I don’t take
chances. And there’s one other thing – a little weird, maybe –
I like to iron. There are two guys in my life. Stu. Oh, Stu.
So special, so clever and talented. Stu’s gone, but how can
I ever forget him? Then there’s Chris. We just met, but it
seems as if I’ve known him for a long time. Maybe that’s
because he reminds me of Stu.

29. The House with the Iron Door – Mary Margaret Jensen –
1988 –

30. Frog Eyes loves Pig – James Deem – 1988 –

31. Bummer Summer – Phyllis Green – 1988 –

32. New Boy in School – Harriet Trueblood – 1988 – Who’s that
guy? His name was Paul Weiser. He was new in town and he was
gorgeous! Dark hair, lots of muscles and a sexy scowl. To Sara,
he was the embodiment of all her romantic daydreams. Sara
had never had a boyfriend, just a best buddy, Scott. But Scott
and she had grown apart since he started dating. Sara wanted
a guy who was unusual and special. That was Paul. There
was something mysterious, something stormy about him.
From the moment Sara first saw Paul, she wondered what
he’d be like. How could she get to know him?

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4 Responses to 80’S CROSSWINDS SERIES – ULTIMATE PAGE – BOOK COVERS – BOOK DESCRIPTIONS – Glen Ebisch, R.L. Stine , Margaret Mary Jensen, Candice Ransom , Susan Rubin , Beverly Sommers , Harriet Trueblood and more!

  1. TurtleGirl93 says:

    Followed by accidental inhalation of popcorn
    Followed by hacking smoker-type cough.

    Many,many years ago I read “The Eye of the Storm” and sent in the little postcard insert to claim my four! free! books! I know I received Sweet Dreams “Just Like Jessica” as well as “The Black Orchid” and “Stu’s Song”. I swear the 4th book had something to do with math and maybe a foster child. I can’t remember.

    Anyway, ever since nostalgia became hip, I’ve been trying to find evidence of “TEotS”. I couldn’t remember the author, and I didn’t have the patience to wade thru Google.

    Yay for posting this ages ago so I could stumble across it now. 😉

    • peacharino says:

      Thanks! It’s fun when you can find something from your childhood – a few days ago I watched Rick(y)Schroder in the Earthling. So bizarre because it wasn’t how I remember it at all – I thought oatmeal man Wilfred Brimley was in it ( I think I was jamming Battle for Endor with it lol! ) But it was great!

  2. Kimberly says:

    First of all–THANK YOU!! I have found about a dozen in First Love and Keepsake that were absolute favourites of mine as a young teen! I am wondering if this strikes a bell, though–from the mid to late eighties, probably…. A girl has to visit her family which requires taking a speedboat to an island…she gets stranded during a storm with a guy when their speedboat crashes after they have gone for groceries??

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