80’s Cartoons Part 3 – M-Z – My Pet Monster – to Yogi’s Treasure Hunt

My Pet Monster – 1987-1988 – The orignal toys for My Pet Monster were rather perhistoric looking compared to the cartoon
version who was cute cuddly and had an adorable voice which my friends all tried in vain to imitate. He was short built like a
blue gremlin with a large honker – er nose , big teeth , a grin , and a shock of red hair. Monster – for that’s all he was
called was bought as a toy by Max a blonde boy of about ten who discovered Monster could come to life when his shackles are
unlocked with a magic key. Monster became the pal of not only Max but Max’s asian friend Chuckie and Max’s sister Jill.
Because Max was unused to earth he was always getting into mischief when he wasn’t doing his favorite thing eating garbage.
Their foes were other monsters lead by Beastur who talked like a grim Cookie Monster who
came from Monsterland via a black demential door in the hopes of dragging Monster back to Monsterland. Cute and fun series.

The New Adventures of Flash Gordon – 1979-1980 1982-1983 – reruns- based on a comic book character from the 30’s Flash Gordon is given his own
try during the Sci Fi boost in the late seventies early 80’s sparked by Star Wars of course. The story had Flash Gordon sent from
earth to travel the galaxy with a smart scientist Dr. Zarkov and pretty Dale Arden to battle the evil ruler Ming the merciless
and his robot coherts after landing on his planet Mongo. Pretty grown up cartoon for it’s time with well done animation. Various
scary creatures and aliens appeared some good – King Thun who looked like a beefed up version of the cowardly lion and some not so good – a Robin Hood lookalike called Barin. Pretty scary stuff for youngsters but pretty exciting stuff for preteens. High adventure loads of action. And it had one of the most buxom alien princesses around a kindof She-ra in training her name was Princess Aura daughter of Ming and like Ming , was always trying to nab Flash Gordon. THE NEW ADVENTURES OF FLASH GORDON INTRO

The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – 1988 – 1991 – The most beloved bear of all time finally got his own Saturday Morning show in the late 80’s after a series of successful t.v. specials and a live action show with actors in costumes called Welcome to Pooh Corner. All the familiar characters are back in fine form – The much loved leader of the animals in the hundred acre woods Winnie the Pooh who loves hunny but also has a sweet spot for helping his friends which included bouncy Tigger the tiger , shy Piglet , glum Eeyore the donkey , Kanga and little Roo , pompous Owl and headstrong Rabbit. The shows focused on friendship and was full of humor and cute adventures. Well done lovely show for children that won some well deserved awards.

Noozles – 1984 – shown in 1988 – A Japanese animated cartoon featuring a 12 year old girl Sandy who befriends two koalas from a
dementional realm called koalawallaland. After awakening one Blinky from his stuffed toy form. The Noozle of the series is the
action that revives Blinky – a kind of nose nuzzle. Cute

Pac-Man Rubik’s Cube hour – 1982-1985 – See Also Saturday Morning Arcade – The missing pizza slice yellow pie from the hit game Pac Man gets a three dimentional ball shape , eyes and a voice. This was at the height of his popularity when everything got a pac man print and when you thought you couldn’t get enough pac man there was even a one hit wonder song Pac Man fever by Buckner and Garcia. In the Show Pac Man called Pac & his wife Pepper live in Pacland near the Power forest with their baby , Baby Pac and pets Chomp Chomp the dog and Sour Puss the cat. In the Power forest magical pac pellets , the sourse of Pac Man’s power grow and were constantly the object of desire for the evil Mezmaron a strange looking tall dude in a cape with a bald head and a mouth like a car grill. Mezmaron ordered his crew of ghostly henchman the often goofy fivesome – Inky , Blinky , Pinky , Sue and Clyde to discover where the Pac-people got their power pellets from but Pac-Man was most often their target. Pac Man always managed to find some power pellets in time and chomp the ghosts which made them turn into a flying
set of eyes sending them back to Mezmaron’s castle to get new ghostly suits. Did fairly well as part of the Saturday Morning Arcade. Rubik’s the Amazing Cube was probably the lousiest attempt to capitalize on a fad – rather that make the cube some amazing time travel portal or have special powers like shut off time or something the creators decided to turn the cube into a character. A cube shaped thing with a blue childlike face and little feet that appeared to help his friends Carlos , Lisa and Reynaldo Roderiguez when his color squares where alined properly.Perhaps the most interesting element of the cartoon was that the main characters were hispanic.

Pandamonium – 1982-1983 – Back in the late 70’s early 80’s Panda were on everyone’s minds what better way to capture some of this interest than with a cartoon after all children love Panda bears. Interestingly they did not go the cute route. Instead they created an action adventure cartoon about Peter Darrow and his sister who spy through his telescope one night an evil creature named Mondraggerr who had tried to capture the mysterious pyramid of power but was surprised to find that it fought being controlled and shattered into pieces which fell to earth. Peter and Peggy race to find a piece of the fallen pyramid all the way to China and discover three talking pandas who can merge into one magical Panda being Poppapanda to battle against Mondraggerr’s evil power. Interestingly Mondraggerr looks a little like the Care Bears foe – No Heart.

Paw Paws – 1985 – Strange tribal bear cartoon perhaps trying to hitch along on the popularity of other tribal bears – Ewoks. This
one featured tiny bears – ala the Smurf little creature vein – who lived in a village protected by three totems that can come to
life to help protect the Paw Paws. The villains are evil sorcerer Dark Paw leader of the Meanos. The characters had names giving
a clue to their personalities – like Wise Paw , Princess Paw Paw , Laughing Paw , Brave Paw. You get the picture.

Pee Wee’s Playhouse – 1986-1991 – Considered at the time a show so cool it even had adults tooning in. Paul Ruebens was Pee Wee Herman a childlike man in a tight business suit, red bow tie and short brush cut , he giggled and talked in a nasal voice that tended to growl out words from time to time. The set – Pee Wee’s Playhouse was a surrealist dream come true – everything was a puppet that came to life – Chairry the chair , a globe with a french accent named what else Globey , a fish in a fishbowl , a window named Mr. Window and not to be outdone was the pterodactyl named Pterri flying around outside. There was even a jazz band made up of some cool shade wearing dudes named Cool Cat , Chickie Baby and Dirty Dog. The show was a variable twist on the days of Mr. Dressup and Mr. Rogers , Pee Wee talked to the boys and girls watching and basically took them along on whatever it was he was doing wether it was receiving a wish from a blue headed genie in a box called Jambi to taking everyday objects and finding new uses for them – I recall one time when he put a pair of giant white underpants ( white briefs ) on his head and pulled the band under his chin – look he cackled I’m a nun. A variety of guests showed up to visit – retro haired MiSS Yvonne , a trio of kids , and Tito the buff lifeguard just to name a few. There were like Sesame street too many things going on to mention like a stop motion animated sequence involving dinosaurs living in his walls. Had two movies put out one before the series called Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and directed by Tim Burton & in 1988 Big Top Pee Wee both of which did well at the box office. The show though scheduled to be canseled anyway because it’s star was already tiring of it was abruptly cut off ahead of time due to Paul Ruebens incident at an adult movie theater which caused an immediate taint over the series. Overall their has been nothing quite like it and has been a cult favorite for fans for decades.

Pink Panther and Sons – 1984 – 1986 – A cute attempt to spark interest in some of the old cartoons by updating Pink Panther with
a set of sons – Pinky a preteen and Panky a tot who diaper was always near falling off. They talked and most of the action revolved
around Panky and his friends panthers of a different hue their was shy Merfel who was green and always wore a stocking
cap , Chatta an intelligent cute lavender panther , Rocco a tough yellow panther who was always ready for action – he constantly wore a set of boxing gloves , Punkin a hip blue panther who wore his cap sideways , and Annie a sporty girl orange panther in overalls. They had the same cute adventures most of the preadolscent animal cartoon’s had stumbling onto mysteries , fantasy themes and sports themes. Not bad

The PlasticMan Comedy Adventure Show – 1979-1984 – a bit of a comic hero spoof – Plasticman was a stretchy superhero able to bend himself into anything that would help foil the bad guys from a bouncing ball to a sling shot anything. Played more for laughs than anything he was aided by the vivacious Penny , and Hula-Hula a Hawaiian whose a bit of a butterfingers. He battled foes that were downright goofy – from cackling clams wearing eye patches to a creature called Carrot man. He always got himself out of danger while never loosing his cool or his shades which never got broken. Other show segments were Mighty Man the worlds tinest superhero , and their was also Rickety Rocket featuring a Far Out detective agency set in the future that had four black teens fighting crime in space with the amazing pieced together rocket / flying car thing they built that could also talk ( like Speed Buggy in Space meets Good Times or Fat Albert). Love their names – Cosmo , Venus , Splashdown , and Sunstroke. Last but not least was Fangface a scoobydoo like gang headed by a teen that could turn into a werewolf Fangface – a pretty hip dude with a backwards cap and one big fang.

Pole Position – 1984 – thought to be another video game inspired show but actually this really doesn’t have much to do
with the arcade game. It was about a young adult who inheirited a stunt show called Pole Position from his deceased parents.
Under the guise of the show he Dan Darret and his sisters , Tess and Daisy are really part of a secret government crime
fighting operation that leads them on many exciting adventures. With a touch of Knight Rider thrown in the kids have a set of
high tec cars that talk and have personalities that show up as faces on the video screens. The cars are Wheels and Roadie.
They also have a rather peculiar pet called Kuma who is always around to make things interesting. Only lasted 13 episodes.

Police Academy – 1988 -1989- Another cartoon spawned by the popularity of a movie – this one by the Police academy franchise. This cartoon was squeezed inbetween the fifth and sixth movie. Most of the characters returned with Carey Mahoney the clever smart guy who loves to pull one over on Captain Harris and the lunkhead Sgt. Proctor. The motley crew of perpetual screw-ups
are Sweetchuck & Zed , Moses Hightower , House , Debbie Callahan , Larvell Jones , Eugene Tackleberry. The criminals they
were most in pursuit of was Kingpin – though there are a number of others. Like the movies the cartoons focus was more
on comedic , slapstick than anything else. Did reasonably well lasting two seasons and 64 episodes.

Popeye and Son – 1987-1988 – Another attempt at trying to revive an old fashioned cartoon with an update and usually the
addition of a younger character – most obvious the old new generation son -* for more infor see The New adventures of Popeye.

Popples – 1986 – toy-tie-in show that featured the characters made famous by Those Characters from Cleveland – a divition of
American Greetings which had launched numerous other 80’s characters – ( Strawberry Shortcake , The Get Along Gang , The Shirt
Tales etc. ) In the series the Popples retained their look of a kinda multicolored bear with a pouch in the back that the
popple could be folded into an turn into a ball. The Popples also had pom-pom cheeks , floppy ears and thin tails with pom-pom
tips. In the series the Popples live with a set of siblings Billy and Bonnie who often regret this as the Popples can behave
more like gremlins than the cute n’ cuddly creatures they appear to be. This is due to the fact that most of the Popples love
to have fun and sorta loose sight along the way of the distruction they create. The popples all had names that coordinated
with for-sale Popples. Party popple who as the name says it all loves to Party , Pc – Pretty Cool Popple , Pancake , Prize ,
Puffball , Puzzle , Pretty Bit , Putter and Potatoe chip. Later on in the series other popples appeared two punked out rockin
Popples called Punkster & Punkity , Bibsy & Cribsy – Baby Popples , and the Pufflings kinda like tiny pet popples. Very wacky cartoon.

Potato Head Kids- 1986 – Odd little cartoon – a toy-tie-in cartoon that was looped up in the My Little Pony and Friends show. Based on a line of toys that have been around forever. A plastic potato head with interchangable parts – talking about pulling a smile out of your – well back to the cartoon. To make it more kid friendly the famous potato heads were running a hat and shoe store in a mall while the kids a whole gang of potato heads hung out at a club house. The characters ranged from the typical types – Puff ,Spike , Smarty Pants , Spud , Big Chip and baby Dumpling.

Pound Puppies – 1986-1988 – a well done cartoon based on a line of popular stuffed toys. It featured a group of pound puppies
each talked and had their own personality they were basically lead by head honcho ultra hip Cooler who wore a satin jacket ,
Southern Belle tart Nose Marie – whose dress shrugged off her shoulders , enthusiastic Bright Eyes who had a page boy and
freckles , Whopper – just a pup who loved to tell whoppers and Howler who looked like Harpo Marx and was the nervous nelly of the
group. They all lived at the pound in decked out dog houses. The pound was run by 11 year old sweet
girl Holly who could talk to them and did her best to try and get them adopted. The villains came in the unlikely form of her vicious aunt Katrina Stoneheart, Katrina’s daughter and cat. Aunt Katrina always wanted to evict the pound puppies and take over the property. Drawn kindof like Cruella DeVil she was an impressive villain and equally impressive was her daughter Brattina
whose cat Cat Gut who revel in his masters vicious schemes. Segements of the show often slipped into mysteries
featuring Secret Agent Pup music. Well done and even inspired a twist to the usual Pound Puppy toys as now you could
get cartoon versions of the stuffed toys as well as all manner of merchandise from sleeping bags down to pencils.

Pryor’s Place – 1984-1985 – A Sid and Marty Krofft production this was not a cartoon but a children’s show featuring
Pryor acting out several characters in skits used to help infor kids about morals. Set on a street corner it had a
bit of a sesame street feel to it , with a kid playing his younger self and puppets made appearances. All in all
it wasn’t a bad show but was canseled probably due to the fact that Pryor’s past could’ve brought up issues of
wether or not he would make an appropriate host -but actually it might have been the perfect opportunity to have an honest
just say no episode. Ray Parker jr. did a nice opening theme song.
The Puppy’s Further Adventures – Interesting voices behind this one – Billy Jacoby as Petey the Puppy whose main goal was to
find his long lost family. Helping him along his journey were other puppy’s – Duke , Dash and Lucky and their human friend
Dolly – voiced by Nancy Mckeon. This was based on a series of specials that aired prior. The series only lasted 13 episodes.

The Raccoons – 1985 – An adorable Canadian cartoon which I loved growing up. It featured Bert the raccoon & his friends , Melissa and Ralph in the idyllic evergreen forest their home and their constant battles to stop evil industrialist Cyril Sneer who was a cigar chomping pink ardvark! On an interesting note Cedric , Cyril’s quiet but smart son was Bert’s best friend and was always trying to help the raccoon’s stop his father from ripping up the forest in some grand money making scheme. Oddly enough the characters
did not remain stagnet as most cartoons do , Bert matured from some of his rash enthusiastic ways , Cedric grew more confident
and less shy and even Cyril became more of an inviromentalist. Other characters included Cyril’s henchmen or rather pigs ,
two human children and their sheepdog and a racoon named Lisa who was more mature than the others. Original music with a new wave feel was added to some of the episodes starting a minor hit with the song Run with us. A cool cartoon enjoyable to just about
anyone despite being made in Canada though it’s interesting to see Bert’s only outfit is a hockey jersey!

Rainbow Brite – 1984 – Toy-tie in , one of the most popular dolls around Rainbow Brite was colorful! With heavy bangs ,
a curling ponytail , moon boots and a kooky colorful celestial space dress she came to a colorless world to bring color
to it. Named at the time Wisp she runs into a white Sprite named Twink who reluctantly agrees to go on her dangerous
journey to find the sphere of light where they run into many gruesome monsters. She is renamed Rainbow Brite when she defeats
the King of Shadows and with the help of her friends the color kids – Red Butler , Lala Orange , Canary Yellow , Shy Violet ,
Indigo , Buddy Blue and Patty O’Green are in charge of keeping the color back in the world. Each Color kids has an
accompanying friend helper spirte who looks like a little puff ball with deeleyboppers. Rainbow Brite has a bit of cosmic
power able to ride the rainbows with her beautiful horse with rainbow colored mane – Starlite. Their nemesis is the wacky
duo – Murky Dismal a grey little dude who longs to make everything gloomy. His sidekick is a big furry thing called Lurky
who has – and I don’t know how Murky let it slide – Bright red converse sneakers. Their car is a hoot – a kinda go-kart dune-buggy
with a side car made out of a garbage can!

Rambo – as the intro says – Peace loving people all over the world are being threatened by General Warhawk.
Who can you call on – Rambo!Helped by the mechanical expert named Turbo and Master of disguises gal-pal K.A.T.
They make up the Forceof freedom. Violent as get out – village wrecking earthquakes, ravaging fires ,
knife fights , shootouts , missles fired , bombs exploding – but of course no actual blood or even on screen deaths.
Not for young kids but a pleasing action packed cartoon for the older kids. And though it was canseled because of the call for
easing up on violence in cartoons it managed a whopping 65 episodes not bad for a year. The stories featured
the Rambo force of Freedom team traveling to fictional countries looking suspiciously like real
countries ( but to avoid some upheavel they probably decided to keep things fictional ) echoing themes from real countries and
a little bit of some of the real trouble going on in the world – like slave workers in African diamond mines.
All in all a little like G.I. Joe only with weapontry drawn so realistically even the ten year olds could
spot an ak-47 from a machine gun!

Reading Rainbow – 1983 – ? – An interesting idea considering t.v. has done more to ruin reading than well perhaps the internet.
It was about a dynamic host LeVar Burton who actually just picked up a book and read it to the audience or sometimes
guest readers were given the chance – not actually shown , just heard , while the pictures were displayed. The books were
fun fantasies , picture or informative books. Then our host would also have excurtions to factories or other places depending on the theme of that particular episode. A gentle unique show that instilled a desire in every child to pick up a book and get reading. Great theme song with live action ‘readers’ interlaced with animation

The Real Ghostbusters – 1986-1992 – based on the instant comedy hit The Ghostbusters this cartoon was very successful. Probably
because it didn’t stray too far from it’s original source and already had a hit song for a theme , Ray Parker jr.’s
chartbustin’ Ghostbusters. The characters returned – wacky smart alleck Peter Venkman , super smart but often cold Egon Spengler , enthusiastic Ray Stantz , Winston Zeddmore, the voice of reason. Dressed in their khaki jumpsuits with no-ghosts patches , tooling around in the city in their Ecto-1 or Ectomobile the converted Cadillac ambulance their job was to hunt out and distroy all kinds of creepy ghosts and goblins. Janine Melnitz as their whipsmart sarcastic secretary and their gluttonous sidekick was an apparition they didn’t want to get rid of the cute Slimer a blobbly green ghostly thing with an enormous appetite and a desire to help out his friends. In 1988 the show was renamed Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters becoming an hour and offering more shows starring Slimer.

Richie Rich – 1980-1986 – Terrific cartoon based on the comic books that started back in the sixties. Most of the characters remained in tact with the title character of Richie Rich a kind friendly down-to-earth boy who didn’t seem all that impressed or
bothered by his enormous wealth. His friends were Freckles and Gloria and his loyal dog Dollar. Professor Keenbean was an inventor
of many crazy contraptions and Cabury was the rather stuffy butler. Their was always a pun in there about how rich Richie
actually was by what he could do or how he could spend the money like in the comics when his mother had to use a wheelbarrow
because the diamond around her neck was so heavy! A kind of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous for the

Ring Raiders – 1989 – another G.I. Joe , Cops and a dozen other hybrids cartoon. The plot centers around the future – the bleak
future 1998 – where the world is about to be taken over by the Skull Squadron ( doesn’t sound too friendly – they must be the villains ) , the heros are a small band of men the ring commanders – they’re known by the rings they wear , who pilot a special Justice plane that is able to travel back in time and summon other great pilots to help defeat the Skull Squadron. Lead by Victor Vector the team consists of Yuri Kirkov , Yinsu Yakamura , Joe Thundercloud , and underage Cub Jones ( a blast from the past who lied about his age. A kinda Top Guns for kiddies. Head baddie is called Scorch!

Robocop – 1988 – Another movie tie in cartoon but how Robocop got nominated is anybodies guess. Though it was a smash hit it wasalso a controversial hit being that it was extremely violent and definitely not for kids. The cartoon version made the wise decition to steer away from the violenter aspects of the cartoon and focus more on the action part and being that it was sci-fi it was a justifiable choice to abandon bullets for lasers. In the cartoon Robocop though fights crime also seems to be always fighting
the fact that he could become obsolete – outmoded. The series tackled interesting issues that were going on at the time and
the typical but necessary moral lessons. Most were nicely woven into the story anyhow. Only managed a handful of episodes – probably due to the fact that cartoons changed on a dime as the 80’s came to an end and every Simpson’s wannabe reared their ugly head.

Robotix – 1985 – toy tie-in – This appeared on the Super Sunday Cartoons along with Jem and Big Foot and the Muscle machines.
I always wondered why I never caught Jem on Saturday’s I only recall watching Jem ( probably reruns after school ). Robotix is
a sci-fi cartoon where all action basically took place on a distant fantasy planet called Skalorr which of course is separated
into two groups the peacable Protectons & the evil Terrakors- After a cosmic storm wrecks havok on their planet the creatures
take their essence and put it into the huge hulking mechanical dinosaur-like things the Robotix of the title. The
war resumes and a group of space traveling humans suddenly find themselves in the mix.

Romper Room – 1953 – 1991 – On for an amazing 38 yrs. Each station seemingly having their own host but the format basically
stayed the same. The hostess surrounded by a group of five to six year old would engage them in activies and learning
exercises that viewers could mimic at home in fact the hostess would encourage our ‘friends’ watching at home join in.
During guessing games involving counting or some other such she would say I heard one of friends at home guess correctly too!
Their were a number of puppets and actors in ‘monster/creature’ costumes none so popular as an ever smiling bee called Mr. Do
Bee. At the closing of the show the actress would hold up a magic mirror – just a frame and say that she could see her
guests watching for the day and would rattle off a list of names such as ‘I see Lisa and I see Cathy and Little Petey too.’
Near the mid 80’s the opening credits were given a punchy new theme song rattling off rhyming nonsence words –

Rude Dog and the Dweebs – 1989-1990 – Bizarre idea for a cartoon. It’s about a hip dog who acts a little like Andrew Dice
Clay has one hot pink eye and one black eye while his pointy ears are pink and green , he tooled around in a hot pink Cadillac and
said cool things , he also ran an auto body shop that he lived above with some friends – fellow dogs ( the dweebs of the title )
whom he sprang from a dog pound car – sounds a lot like Foofur ). The dogs were Caboose , Winston who had a monocule tucked into his collar, Barney, Reggie , Satch , and Tweek a chihuahua. The villain was a vicious cat by the name of Seymour whose cohert was named Rot. Totally different animation form – the dogs had wee pin prick eyes to offset their form which looked like
something out of the Far Side comic strip and the whole thing was probably too cool for it’s own good because it only lasted
one season 26 episodes.

Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs – 1987 – a space western in the same vein as the Galaxy Raiders. Settlers have recolonized
distant planets in space and in order to protect these settlers a new police force called the New Calvary Command is created.
Just like a police force there are police patrol units in this case a fleet of ships and field agents. Saber Rider is the hero
a level headed young man who has sword skills and rides a robotic horse. Other star rides include Fireball who drives a race
car , Colt a loner/flirt , April Eagle daughter of Commander Eagle and an intelligent young woman who designs things namely
the ship named Ramrod. The villains are the Outriders – creatures who are like humans but not quite – and as luck would have
it one of them is the easiest to remember being called – Nemesis.

Saturday Supercade – 1983 – 1985 – A line up of shows based solely on video games. They were all short lived shows some not
having enough oomph to keep them around and others so bizarre in their twist on the games they spawned from kids likely
had a hard time relating to it. Donkey Kong involved the title character as an ape who has escaped from the circus and rather
than Mario trying to rescue the Princess Mario is trying to capture Donkey Kong and put him back in the zoo , all with the
help of his neice Pauline – who looks like the princess. Was her name Pauline I can’t remember if it was or wasn’t? Anyhoo
Donkey Kong always had fun outwitting Mario and another show was added Donkey Kong Junior about his son looking for his
dad all with the help of a teenager named Bones who drove a cool motorcycle with a side car – though Junior often drove it.
Q-Bert was turned into a greaser from the fifties era and hung out in soda shops with his ponytailed q-bert girl Q-Bertha
and his assortment of friends while trying to avoid Coily the snake and his coherts Ugg , Wrongway and Viper. In Pitfall
, Pitfall Harry became a globetrotting adventurer kinda like Indiana Jones and dragged along his rather reluctant mountain cat
Quick Claws and eager neice Rhonda as each episode they searched for treasure. In Frogger – the title character became an
ace reporter for the Swamp Gazette and was helped by his gal-pal Fanny Frog and a turtle named Shelly into helping stop
crime. Space Ace replaced Pitfall and was about a teenage astronaut who helped defend earth from the evil Commander Boaf
aided by the pretty Kimberly. Then Kangaroo was about , can you guess , three kangaroo’s – Katy , Sidney and Joey who are
constantly hassled by the Monkey Biz Gang at their home a zoo.

Scooby Doo Where are you – 1969-? – Everyone’s favorite mystery-solving gang! The storyline was simple a gang of teenagers
who love a good mystery would stumble along one at the beginning of an episode. The characters were whimpering , food-lovin’
, enthusiastic great dane Scooby who’s master was his carbon copy – when they weren’t chowing down , they were running
from various ghouls and goblins with Shaggy signaling their flight with his patient Zoinks! Fred was the levelheaded leader
and blonde hunk , Velma was intelligent though tad geeky girl and Daphne though a beautiful redhead was constantly in need
of rescuing. With Fred’s declaration of I think I smell a mystery the gang would pile into their groovy Mystery Machine
van in search of clues and the format from then on never changed. An assortment of clues would be found usually by Velma’s
keen eye and after some spooky apparations and run in’s with the local haunt broken up with laughs by the chase scenes whatever
creepy of week was after Scoob and Shaggy , in the end it was also releaved that the monster/beaast/ghost was someone
attempting to somehow profit by driving people off their property. Over the years the show has survived mainly in reruns after
the series initial two season run before creating new episodes and adding new characters like Scooby’s cloddish cousin
Scooby-dum. Later on in 1982 there was the Scooby and Scrappy-doo show – a character a lot of true fans grew to despise.
He was a pint sized great dane – a mere pup who strutted around itching for a battle which often lead to him creating more
troubles than anything. In 1984-1985 they offered up The New Scooby Doo Mysteries which featured new episodes of the gang.
The next year they tried The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo which had a horrible premise – considering the gang never actually
dealt with apparations. After inadvertantly releasing 13 demons from a trunk they are ordered most spookily by warlock Vincent
Price err Vincent Van Ghoul to return them to the box. The gang was reduced to Scooby, Shaggy , Scrappy , Daphne
with a new haircut and Flim Flam a nine year old boy. There was also a show called Scooby’s Mystery Funhouse and in 1988
A Pup named Scooby-doo which was about Scooby as a pup and the gang as ten year olds.

She-Ra Princess of Power – A spin-off of He-Man. A genius idea to create two cartoons of equal levitude but showcasing
designs for each sexes interests – He-Man was for little boys , She-Ra for little girls. But She-ra wasn’t like My Little
Pony or Rainbow Brite – She-Ra was a real tomboy a warrior. She lead a group called the Great Rebellion against the tyrant
Hordak. At one point She-Ra was a general fighting against the Great Rebellion until He-Man revealed the truth to her she is
Adora but like He-Man with her sword of Protection can turn into She-Ra. The theme was similar – like He-Man She-Ra had a
sword , an animal to ride – her horse Spirit , friends – Madame Razz , Light Hope and Kowl ( koala-owl ) a cute little sidekick.
and instead of defending Castle Greyskull she’s defending the Crystal Castle. Another thing that made it similar to He-man was
that toys were released in conjunction with the show. One good thing about the show was that the females were very confident ,
and formidable and the colors were dazzling. Terrific high fantasy/adventure.

Shirt Tales – 1982 – 1985 – The American Greeting Corporation had designed these cute animals mainly for a line of birthday and
greeting cards but they were so popular that they were turned into a cartoon. The animals were Bogey the Monkey ( and yes he
sounded like Humphrey Bogart ) , Pammy Panda , Rick Raccoon , Digger Mole , Kip Kangaroo and Tyg the Tiger the groups informal
but gung ho leader. They lived in a city park managed by Mr. Dinkle and usually solved mysteries , they had elaborate gadgets set
up like blinking mushroom alarms , and then even used wrist-watch communicators and a Super Sonic Transporter. Cute fun stuff.

SilverHawks – 1986 – Sorta like Star wars & Thundercats mixed with Top Gun – This cartoon featured heros who were bionic – part metal part flesh who could fly into intergalatic battle against the equally equipted badguys. The SilverHawks were always searching for alien head honcho criminal – Mon*Star who could turn armor plated. He and his gang of criminals – each with their own talents usually hinted at in their names ( as was par ) Buzz Saw of course had blade-arms. Hardware – was loaded with weapons – the Good guys were lead by Quicksilver who has a metal bird called Tallyhawk. And as Usual in the group there was always an intelligent girl Steelheart , and one kid – The Copper kid. Interestingly though the one girl is the twin of another youngman ( part of the group ) called Steelwil.

Sky Commanders – 1987 – another G.I. sci-fi series that’s a bit complicated as it surrounds the idea of an unstable substance
that has pushed to the surface and created a new continant – the substance is called Phata 7 and is considered so powerful
it could be used to control the earth. This of course becomes the main goal for the bad guys lead by General Plague , and up to
our hero’s the Sky Commanders lead possibley by Mike Summit. Because the new continant was so unstable traveling on it was a
problem – so instead they used backpacks equipped with lazer beams that when they reached a solid object would harden into a
cable making it capable for sliding across – this also linked in with the line of toys that were released in which the toys
had similar threads and pulley systems allowing the figure to zip across a line when it was anchored. The toys were a hit but
the series fizzled after 13 episodes.

The Smoggies – 1989 – Goofy enviromentalist cartoon similar to the Care Bears without cute animals instead it revolves around
the SunTots who lived on Coral Island in a paradise of solar panels and other enviromentally sound equiptment. The Suntots weren’t
really babies – in fact some had mustashes – but were tiny dwarf-sized people with a bush of brightly colored hair. They battled
the Smoggies a trio of polluting villains lead by the vampy Emma who thinks coral is what keeps the suntots youthful , her coherts
are Clarence , Emma’s spineless hubby whose boat is called the Stinky-Poo and Polluto is the big lunky dimwit who like some
of the other bungling henchmen would rather be on the opposite good guys side but can’t seem to break away. On an interesting
note both hero and villain are female – for the Suntots are lead by Princess Lila. The theme song is hilarious – I love it –
so catchy!

The Smurfs – 1981-1990 – The big kahuna of all little creature cartoons this one featured little blue elf-like creatures called
smurfs who stood only three apples high and wore little white footed pants and a white stocking cap that fell forward
like a pompador. They lived in Smurf Village in houses made of toadstools with red and yellow polkadotted tops and their
leader was over 500 year old Papa Smurf distinguishable in a crowd because he wore red footed pants and a red stocking cap
and had a beard – Rather like Santa. The villain – the main one was Gargamel a wizard who dressed like a friar from the
Robin hood days. Gargamel always wanted to catch a smurf and either grind them up for a certain spell or eat them in the
hopes of attaining some magic. His cohert was his cat Azreal. All of the Smurfs were difined by one trait usually revealed
in their names – Brainy , Clumsy , Vanity , Lefty , Greedy. And in all those male smurfs there was only one female the blonde
Smurfette who irronically was created by Gargamel to fool the other smurfs and sabotage them but in the end Papa Smurf
used magic to turn her into a real smurf with blonde hair and a cutsey voice no-less! The only grating point the cartoon
had in the love-it or despise-it mode was the fact that they used the word smurf or smurfing or smurfy to describe just
about anything – Have a smurfy day , I smurfed her first – as in I saw her first , or I was having a smurfing good time.
The other thing was it’s repetitive La la la-la-la-la theme song. But these things never seemed to bother kids too much
because it was a top show for years only adding certain characters as it went along – the smurflings – young smurfs one of
which offered the second female – Sassette a tomboy with braids and pink overalls.

The Snorks – 1984 – 1986 – a bit of a Smurfs rip-off though this one was interesting in it’s own right. It too featured
tiny creatures this time with bubbleheads sprouting snorkles from the top. They lived in an
underwater village in an assortment of seashell homes and had all the modern convienances – such as soda shops , drive in
theaters and twists on pop culture – like when they go to the movies they see Snorkbusters instead of Ghostbusters. They
ride seahorses and drive Jetson sounding steam cars that look a little like futuristic missile shaped hovercrafts. The
characters focused on a group of teenage snorks – leader nice guy Allstar , his girlfriend the pink pigtailed Casey ,
their friends Tooter – who only speaks in honks, Dimmy and Daffney and Allstar’s pet – a equally tiny octopus called
Occy. Their nemesis was mayor Wentworth a pompous dictator and his nasty son Junior who loved calling Allstar ‘Allwet.’

Space Stars – 1981-1982 – Interesting idea featured segements one of which involved a humorous spin-off with the Jetson’s
dog Astro called – Astro and the space mutts where he and his other friends – Dipper and Cosmo were part of a intergallatic
police force lead by Space Ace. Other segments included the return of Space Ghost , and Herculoids and Teen Force which
featured teen age intergallatic crime fighters – Elektra , Moleclaud , and Kid Comet who battled among cosmically powerful
villians a beaut named Uglor. The intro was trying to capture some of the same feel as Star Wars hoping kids would tune in
– they didn’t.

Speed buggy – 1973-1983 – a complete ripoff of scooby doo with only the Velma clone missing instead their was Fred-like
Mark , Shaggy-like Tinker , and Daphne-like Debbie. The scooby role was taken to extremes by making the kids dune buggy
a talking creature with the token headlights for eyes , grille for mouth the whole bit. His name was Speed Buggy
and was essential for the chasing down of criminals when there was a mystery to be solved. Though it only had a season
of episodes it was such a hit they kept it going on re-runs. Not as bad as you might think – this was after all the era
that continued to crank out Herbie the love bug.

Spiderman and His Amazing Friends – 1981 – Pretty simple plot featuring some Marvel comic characters Peter Parker ( a.k.a. Spider
man ,) the new Angelica Jones ( a.k.a. Firestar -a kinda female Human Torch ) , and Bobby Drake ( the Iceman ) decide to live
together after befriending each other in University. Situated at Peter’s Aunt May’s house with the token pet a lhasa apso
Mrs. Lion the trio become crime fighters and with a flick of a switch they could tranform their humble abode into a computer
command center. Interesting with some good animation.

Sport Billy – 1982 – Strange cartoon probably produced to accomadate the sudden fitness fad. It featured an alien – Sport
Billy sent to eart to ensure everyone was a good sport and not enticed by the evil Queen Vanda and her cronies into
foul play. His friends and helpers were galpal Sport Lillie and a dog Willie. Being an alien Sport Billy had special powers
to help get his task done which came via a sport bag filled with minature items – tiny helicopter , bow and arrow that
when he took them out would become lifesize but seeing as how I don’t even recall it in repeats it must have been a pretty big flop.

Sports Cartoons – 1985 – cute little cartoons that ran usually under a few minutes and usually had no dialog. I don’t recall
where these actuall were aired on Imdb they say Nickleodeon. I recall them inbetween movies on Movietime in the late 80’s
early 90’s. They featured simply drawn animals – a Hippo , a dog as the ‘good guys’ and the snickering cats as the bad guys.
There was some hidden morals as one could tell that the cats were usually up to know good and would always be foiled in their
schemes but very little story – just slight gags. It usually featured the fat hippo as a happy-go-lucky type he’d have a
blast no matter what he did and always tried his best at every sport , his patient friend the dog and the bad cats. I can
recall one cartoon vividly in which the hippo excited about a hot air balloon ride gets into the balloon the dog stays behind
, the hippo cranks the flame and both wave good bye only the balloon doesn’t move , the hippo removes some junk from the
balloon ( which of course couldn’t fit with him in it ) and tries again , they wave goodbye the dog snaps a picture , the
balloon trembling violently inches off the ground and we can see the hippo’s feet deforming the outline of the basket but the
hippo’s mouth it open with excitement. Riiiip , the hippo falls out and the balloon sails away. That’s it that’s one cartoon.
Cute stuff. By the way they were called sports cartoons because all of the cartoons centered around some sport – be it hockey ,
tennis , golf , or football.

Starcom U.S. Spaceforce – 1987 – 13 -episodes – Shortlived cartoon but had all the trappings for a long lasting cartoon , some
impressive artwork , a Star Wars look with intergalatic space battles and protecting space colonies. The heros are –
Col. John Derringer( a.k.a Dash ) , John Griffin ( a.k.a Slim ) and Paul Corbin ( a.k.a Crowbar ) it’s up to them with their
impressive battle ships ( that look like t fighters in star wars ) to keep the peace though a mysterious unprising from Emperor
Dark who has at his command robot drones among other unpleasants. Despite the ongoing battle the troupe has come across some
mysterious obelisks on Mars – ( sounds like another sci-fi hit 2001 ) and believe they once belonged to aliens and could be a source
of unfathomable power.

Super Friends – 1973-1986 – Long running segment show that ran through a number of name changes but for the most part the
cartoon lineup was usually the same – It was a lineup of superheros joining forces to become the Justice league of America –
Wonder Woman , Batman & Robin , Aquaman and Superman – they teamed up with a handful of junior wannabees – Wendy , Marvin and Superdog who formed the Junior Justic League later on twins Zan and Jayna were added whose power was to form any shape neccessary in assisting the team they also had a mischevious pet purple monkey called Gleek. Apache Chief was also added plus a cyborg teen named – whatelse Cyborg. It was danger , adventure , monsters , battles pretty thrilling stuff for Saturday Mornings and the fact that comic books also helped stoke interest it wasn’t a surprise that it lasted so long.

The Super Globetrotters – 1979-1980 – The Globetrotters became a hit with kids – they were a touring basketball team specializing
in tricks and fancy foot work , they even had their own theme song. It wasn’t a surprise that anyone would try to
capitalize on that fame by turning them into animated characters the trouble was – a lot of what made them special
couldn’t be captured by cartoons so instead we were left with a tired entry about the globetrotters fighting crime and
a goofy added special powers touch. In fact that were like a goofy ripoff of superheros – With each characters Nate – became
Fluid man , Secret Lou – Gizmo Man , Geese – became – multiman , Curly – Sphere man or rather basketball head , and
Twiggy became spaghetti man. Probably played more for laughs but I guess nobody found it that funny cause it pretty much

SuperTed – 1983 – & The Further Adventures of Super Ted – 1989 – a Welch cartoon that was such a hit it was immediately demmanded viewing in other countries. It told the adventures of Superted who started out as a defective Teddy who wasn’t so super. In fact he was basically thrown out. Rescued by a spotty man ( err alien ) who sprinkled cosmic dust on him and brought him to life. As if that wasn’t special enough he took him to Mother Nature and she gave him special powers that could only be unlocked by whispering a secret word which was unknown even to the viewers. SuperTed was a pintsized superbear with a red suit and cape, rocket boots that enabled him to fly. Spotty became his best friend and helper in keeping the world and solar system safe from the bumbling bad guys – Texas Pete who wants to rule the world or make some money which ever comes first. Bulk his bulky dumb sidekick and Skeleton who like the name suggests is just a talking skeleton – but unlike the 80’s other skeletal figure Skeletor
Skeleton was rather meek , rather cowardly ( when he spotted SuperTed comeing to stop them he’d bemoan ala C3P0 style ) oh here comes that awful Teddy. Offbeat but likeable cartoon due to the unforgettable characters.

The Tarzan / Lone Ranger / Zorro Adventure hour – 1980- Don’t know much abotu these shows but they basically follow the idea
behind them , Tarzan was a loincloth beefy hunk who spoke in halted english and flipped through the trees solving crimes
according to whomever was tramping through his jungle at the time and not to mention rescuing perfumed damsels in distress
he had a tiny pet monkey – Nikita. The Lone Ranger was another crime fighter that hadn’t changed much neither did Zorro all were
drawn in that classic superfriends / Spiderman , dusky colors look.

The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin – 1987 – Toy tie-in cartoon featured the first believeable robot of the 80’s an animatronic bear
whose muzzle moved as he read accompanying stories to children. The cartoon picked up on some of the fantasy stories Teddy Ruxpin had read in his books and included new stuff too. What was probably the most stand out feature of this cartoon was that it
was a serial rather than episodic – meaning unlike say the Popples who could distroy a room & clean it up in one episode and in
the next go treasure hunting on a beach with no mention of the previous incidents Teddy Ruxpin had an ongoing storyline. Pretty
ambitious for a children’s cartoon. It did last 65 episodes however and started off with Teddy Ruxpin , Grubby – a kind of pale
orange grub/caterpillar , and Newton Gimmick called a perloon ( looks like a human ) is an absent minded professor whose inventions
always surprise him. They start on on the hunt for a hidden treasure using an anchient map and it’s the adventures they have
along the way through the three worlds meeting new friends and battling enemies that make up the episodes.

Teen Wolf – 1986-1989 – Another movie gets animated – this time Teen Wolf based on the Michael J. Fox movie about a teen who
discovers his families lupine secret. The animated series was basically the same Scott turned into a werewolf whenever the
moon was full or whenever he got mad which was easy to do when his chief enemy Mick the basketball champ was around. Only his
good friends Styles and gal-pal Boof knew about his secret. Though snoopy neighbor Mrs. Sesslick and her reporter son were
always trying to figure out what was going on next door.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – 1987 – Who would’ve thought that turtles would’ve been the action toy of the late 80’s! But
when this cartoon came out kids flipped for it – mind you it had a bit of an audience already due to the comic book line. But
this was something else. The storyline had the anthromorphic turtles as four wisecracking , pizza loving superheros with cool painter
names – Leonardo , Raphael , Donatello , Michaelangelo. The foursome reside under the city among the winding sewers with their
mentor and accidental creator , a rat named Splinter who was once a human named Yoshi who came into some contact with some mutagen goo that not only made the turtles humanoid but because Yoshi had come into contact with a rat turned into one. As the turtles become involved with a reporter named April. The villain is the evil Shredder who has a host of robotic ninja’s. The episodes
were often linked with on going action. There was some controversy over this cartoon and the live action movie that came out –
1. due to the violence – the turtles were often seen with weapons but when it came to battle usually used the usual
ninja moves. But swords & numchucks were enough to make anyone a little antsy. 2. Was that the movie was so realistically
done with human actors in believable masks that this disconect with fantasy resulted in the death of some children.
They’d been run over trying to lift sewer lids.

Thomas the Tank Engine – 1984 – a cute gentle t.v. show featuring stop animation about the anthropomorphic steam engine Thomas and all his anthropomorphic friends – Gordon , Henry , Edward , Bertie , James. The episodes were narrated by Ringo Starr giving voice to all the characters whose mouths generally did not alter when they were said to be speaking – but their eyes would shift and roll. Half of the novelty of the cartoons was the distintive music , and the tiny sets – with figures that looked a little
like lego men. Not just a great show for kids but one of those shows you find yourself tuning into later on just to see what
Thomas is up to.

Three Robotic Stooges – 1978-1981 – The famous trio is turned into robots ala 3PO style but looking more like clones with
inspector gadget like modifications in this goofy twist on a classic. Though the cartoon did pretty well – it featured the theme
at the time of superhero crime solving ( with a lot of slapstick ) it probably couldn’t compete with the originals on reruns.

Thundarr the Barbarian – 1980-1984 – In 1994 so the story goes a planted hurtled to earth and cast civilization in ruin. 2,000
years later a new rebirth of savagery begins and fighting it is Thundarr who is given to aid him the sun sword – it’s starting
to soung like He-Man. The sword was given to him by Ariel whose stepfather is a wizard. Ookla the Mok , his sidekick was something
that resembled Chewbacca from Star Wars. Most of Thundarr’s foes were of the typical Saturday Morning fantasy mold – cackling witches , weird creature/monsters.

ThunderCats – 1985 – from the same producers as Tigersharks and Silverhawks ( no-guff.) This cartoon featured the same idea as the other too , humanoid intergalatic crime fighters. This time the thundercats escape their dying planet Thundera on a space ships only to come under attack by their enemy the Mutants of Plun-Dar who are hoping to get ahold of the Thundercats sorce of power – a sword that hold the Eye of Thundera. In the process one of the thundercats is killed while the others trapped in suspended animation till they reach their journey’s end at Third Earth awaken to discover that Lion-o their new leader has turned into a man in body only but still remains a child. Meanwhile the Mutants have followed the Thundercats to the third Earth to continue their battle
aided by a demonic sorceror named Mumm-Ra ( who as his name suggests looks a little like a Mummy.)

Tom and Jerry -1966-1982 – the beloved cat and mouse duo were a real hit on Saturday mornings. They survived year after
year with segements including the Barney Bear , Droopy dog and his foe Spike. Their 70’s intro was a great favorite. Introducing
that world famous cat Tom and that magnificent mouse jerry!

Transformers – 1984 – huge sci-fi giant that not only changed toymaking but also had the catch phrase More than meets the eye! drilled even into none-veiwers heads! Interesting cartoon whose main characters were basically robots. As the story goes millions of years ago on the planet of Cybertron there was a rift between the two races of sentient robots – The valiant Autobots headed by the majestic Optimus Prime and the Decepticons lead by the dangerous Megatron. Their ongoing battle has just about drained the planet of energy and they send out to find a new source boarding an autobot shuttle. Megatron follows and board the Autobots space shuttle after a meteor shower. After a battle the shuttle is dragged to earth where it crashlands and leaves them locked in a volcano deactivated for millions of years – until 1984 when the ships computer reactivates the Decepticons who plan on ditching the Autobots and sucking earth’s energy dry. Of course that can’t happen. Optimus Prime is awakened and the fight is on. Exciting stuff!

Trollkins – 1981-1982 – A smurf rip-off based I thought on the gimmick line of troll dolls – ugly/cute plastic bodies and faces with a tuff of neon brite fur hair. In the cartoon however instead of the basic putty colored bodies the trolls had pale different colored bodies and didn’t really look like the troll dolls. They lived in a land called Trolltown which was in a tree-trunk. And like the Smurfs they used the word Troll as both an adjective and a verb. Of course though they were tiny could still speed around in hot rods and dirt bikes. Some of the characters were Sheriff Pudge Trollsom, Pixilee Trollsom , Top Troll and Mayor Lumpkin , the villain was Aphid I think. With it’s hillbilly sounding music and riproaring attempt at chase scenes it seemed to be passing itself off as a kinda Dukes of Hazzard troll-style.

Turbo Teen – 1984-1985 – Ode to Tron meets Transformers this cartoon was about a teen crime fighter whose powers -caused of
course by a laboratory accident – could turn him into a car whenever his body heat rose which included whenever
he ate something spicy hot! His secret was only known to his closest friends who cruised around in his newly transformed
bod- a red hot sports car-to chase down bad guys and solve mysteries. And they were love interest Pattie and best friend – Alex.
Turbo teen himself was Brett Matthews. Also aired some 3-d eisodes.

Ulysse 31 – 1981 – Heavily influenced by greek mythology this was a sci-fi cartoon. Ulysses piloting a huge spaceship called the
Odessesy winds up killing Cyclops in order to save a group of enslaved children one of them happening to be his own son. This
angers the greek gods and Zeus sentenses him to find the Kingdom of Hades and that until he does his crew will remain as lifeless
as dolls and he willnot be able to return to earth. Two of the other children rescued is Yumi and Noumaios who are blue skinned
humanoids with telepathic powers and as for the cute pet factor there is Nono a little red robot who is strong but timid.

Visionaries : Knights of the Magical Light – 1987 – toy-tie in that oddly enough kinda bummed out. The toys were not popular and
the cartoon was scrapped after thirteen episodes. The cartoon featured sci-fi mixed with days of old knights era. An interesting
twist since the sci-fi western had been done to death. As usual the knights were divided , there were the Spectral Knights – the
good guys lead by the intelligent Leoric whose gift of wisdom is actually a result of his Power Staff. The Darkling Lords are lead
by the evil Darkstorm whose henchmen have been blackmailed into his allegeance and he holds the Power of Decay staff able to
turn anything to rot. The cartoon was saturated with magic already hinted at in the cartoon’s opening – The Age of Magic
begins which meant that all episodes dealt with spells , magic articles , potions and the usual places like dungeons , castles
and a mystic place called Iron Mountain. Probably would’ve done better about 3 years earlier by the era of sword and scorcery
wasn’t really all that open for new contenders.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe – 1984 – another transformer type cartoon – this one featured five space explorers – Lance ,
Keith , Hunk , Pidge , Sven which come upon the planet Arus overrun by the evil ( but aren’t they all ) badguy King Zarkon
and his army of henchmen , captured and taken to the planet Doom they escape and make their way to planet Arus to settle the
score and convince the beautiful princess Allura & her right hand man Conan to let them seek out the five lions of Voltron ,
they do and manage to drive back King Zarkon’s forces. – Another version reads as A fleet of men looking for new planets to
colonize makes the mistake of running into the evil Drule , with no Voltron close enough to help the men fight the battle a
new one is contructed – The Voltron team consisted of fifteen with men broken down into groups in charge of certain
– the land , sea and air teams. When the fight became too much all the vehicles and machinery bound together to make the
one big battling Voltron.

Vytor – 1989 – Another sci-fi cartoon about space warriors this one featured – title character Vytor whose magical weapons aid
him in the fight to return peace to his planet after scuzzball tyrant Myzor steals a Saturn Orb giving him all conquering power.
Vytor’s battle companion is the fierce but pretty Skyla. Came and went.

Wildfire – 1986-1987 – Mythical cartoon headed by a the title character of a horse! Wildfire saved the baby Princess Sara
from the evil witch Diabolyn who has control of the princess’s planet Dar-shan. Now 12 Sara her friend Dorin , his bumbling horse
Brutus , a farmer and Wildfire , band together to battle Diabolyn and her goofy henchman Dweedle.

The Wind in the Willows – 1984 – A cool stop motion ‘cartoon’ series of the classic wind in the willows characters. Exasperating
Toad ( pompous and in love with the modern world ) , Bashful Mole , Friendly Ratty , Solemn leader Badger. The adventures were
fueled with excitment – be it Toad getting kidnapped by the scheming weasels , a search for a lost ‘child’ mouse ,
a burglry at Toad Hall or Toad being tricked by the weasels. Good fun , good humor.
Wolf Rock T.v. – 1984 – With the popularity of Amercian Graffiti and 50’s nostalgia still lingering in the 80’s they
tried bringing a rock legend – Wolfman Jack to animation unsuccessfully. Wolfman Jack played of course a radio
disc jockey – but more often playing music videos. His manager was the unhip Mr. Morris , and he was the friend and
sort of guru to a bunch of teens – Sunny , Ricky , Sara who hung around with a big bird named Bopper. Real videos
were cut in giving it a Kidd Video feel.

The Wuzzles – 1985-1987 – though not a lot of cartoons were produced a mere thirteen episodes they ran in reruns for another
season. The toys were more of a novelty than the actual cartoon which was based on the fantastical creatures the Wuzzles
– basically two crazily combined species – their was Bumblelion – a bumblebee & lion – he was into sports and very gung ho.
Eleroo – a part elephant & kangaroo , Hoppopotamus who was part hippo part bunny – and one of the two girls , the other
was butterbear – part bear and butterfly. Other characters filled out the plots – Rhinokey a rino/monkey who was into
jokes and slapstick , Moosel a seal and a moose and they lived in an assortment of houses on their island of Wuz.
They battled Flizard – a fly/lizard and did the typical human things that also eeked into every cartoon no matter
how bizarre – though these guys were constantly using items that didn’t much make sense – a combination hoe with a
watering can , a clock toaster etc.

Yogi’s Treasure Hunt – 1985 – Odd kind of Wacky Races meets It’s a mad mad mad mad world cartoon featuring the Hanna Barbera
gang aboard a ship called the S.S. Jelly Roger off in search of dozens of treasure hunts. The burgeoning cast featured
Yogi , Boo Boo , Huckleberry Hound , Ranger Smith , Snagglepuss , Quick Draw McGraw , Snooper and Blabber and Augie Doggie and
Doggie Dandy. Oodles of ‘guest stars’ ahem cartoon characters appeared and the villains were the wacky race villains – Dick
Dasterdly and Muttley.

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96 Responses to 80’s Cartoons Part 3 – M-Z – My Pet Monster – to Yogi’s Treasure Hunt

  1. Hillary says:

    You have done very comprehensive job of scrambling my brain with your nostalgery.

  2. Wow, Yogi’s Treasure Hunt…..i remember that as well.

    Every morning before going to school, I watched it on tv.

    Exit: stage right 🙂

    • peacharino says:

      Oddly enough I don’t recall ever watching this show — I’m so grateful for you tube
      for bringing back at least some of the old intros!

  3. jackandjill says:

    I remember watching an animated series (not a cartoon) with humans, spheres and cubes. the spheres were actually faces who used to move around by rolling and were fighting the cubes alongside humans. The cubes were off-whitish while the spheres were silver in color. It used to be on TV in mid 1980s in my area so I am guessing it could have been made around early 1980s or late 1970s. The series was sci-fi futuristic battle between good and evil themed. Can you help me in finding out the name of this series. As it has been 25 years since its same slipped my mind. All i can remember is its theme music and the details i have given you. Please Please Please!!!

    • peacharino says:

      The only cartoon that comes to mind is the Amazing Rubik’s Cube – check out You Tube for the intro to jog your memory – If not maybe someone else has an idea.

      • jackandjill says:

        No, It was NOT a cartoon. it was an animated series. Rubik cube is a cartoon. The one i am talking about was a futuristic sci-fi battle scenario based between spheres and cubes.

        • ToJack'n'Jill says:

          I remember 5sec from 1 scene from this sphere vs cube sci fi drama (these 12inch tall white/grey cuboids – spoke and somehow did battle supported by humans – I thought some kind of mind control was also involved – and weren’t spheres good and cubes evil?) from early 1980s, In particular I remember it being like Battlestar Galatica, but I can’t find the title either. I always thought it was called dreadnaughts. But no luck in finding the real name so far – sorry. I’ll keep searching if you do! between us we’ll find it for sure *smiles*

          • peacharino says:

            I think someone asked about this series before, I thought it was rubiks cube they were emphatic about it not being Rubiks- Do you know if it was a regular series cartoon or a special? or a miniseries?

          • jackandjill says:

            You are definitely thinking about that series i believe. Yes the spheres were good and the cubes were evil. I cant remember now whether mind control was involved but yeah the cubes were around the same height as you mentioned. Thanks for replying and for looking out for it.

          • jackandjill says:

            I found mine. Its called Terrahawks!

  4. corey6sic6 says:

    man awesome work but i have a question about a cartoon that i am remember and there is not at your list…im not remember the name of it but i am searching that cartoon for years and still not find it.it’s about a guy in space that he has a circle on his heand and this circle it gives power to him…..he also has a friend as ally…a green monster with a tale (the monster looks like cell on dragonball). have you any idea about the name of this cartoon….thnx…

    • peacharino says:

      Doesn’t sound familiar – unfortunately it could be anime , there was a few anime shows in the 80’s and I didn’t include them on my list because I was never too sure when and where these shows airred and who watched them.

  5. Bob S says:

    Hey, great collection, but I too have vague images of a cartoon from my youth. The one detail I can remember is that the ‘evil badguy’ lived inside a cave or volcanoe and he had a science type underling who had a long nose and lots of little pairs of glasses down it, ring any bells with anyone? Thanks

  6. Gina says:

    I have a memory from about 1986 or so of a “cartoon” with an alien in a space ship that would ask space or trivia questions… You don’t happen to remember the name of that one do you?


  7. jcarlos says:

    que recuerdos de juventud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • peacharino says:

      Thank you – ( I had to go to the free translation site to figure this one out! ) I never took Spanish and even though I scraped through French the only thing I could possibly translate would be Crayola colors! ) – The comment was Those or That memories of Youth!

  8. Crystal says:

    Sorry, but the image used for The Puppy’s Further Adventures is actually taken from the animated feature called ‘Scruffy’. Distributed by Kids Klassics, the 1988 film portrayed the life of a stray puppy named Scruffy, born to an abandoned dog named Dutchess. She struggles to survive and find a home in a world filled with dangers. “She is tragically orphaned, adopted, lost, almost drowned, saved and then deceived into being an accomplice in crime. Luckily, Scruffy is freed by her new friend, Butch, a stray dog who fights heroically for her freedom. Next, the pair are betrayed, caught by dog catchers and thrown in the pound to face their doom. Happily however, they’re saved just in the nick of time to live happily ever after.” The film had good animation for the time, though the subject matter was a bit strong for small children as it subtly depicted animal cruelty, issues of animal abandonment, conveys the life of stray/feral dogs, and deals with death. The ending, however, encourages the positive outcome of adopting a pet from a shelter.

    • peacharino says:

      Thanks for the heads up and the good description! I’m not sure how I messed that up. I’d found the pictures ages months before I compiled my a-z list and must have marked it wrong. I hope I can find a better pic.

  9. Crystal says:

    Just found the film Scruffy on youtube!

  10. S.V. says:

    Stumbled onto this website looking for an 80’s Show that involved a boy and his robot,almost twice the size of him i remember, and he would turn it on and watch cartoons on a screen on the robots chest..? Any idea? It’s seemingly the only show from my childhood I can remember watching all the time and cant remember the name.I think I also recall watching Punky Brewster either before or after the show. HELP!

  11. CatGirlAlena says:

    I’m looking for a cartoon that was on in the 80’s or 90’s about a little boy who could travel to a world of monsters I think by entering a closet or something like that. He and this big monster were best friends. I can only remember this one scene from an episode the big monster and his girlfriend were fighting about something then all of a sudden someone comes swinging down from a tree on a vine and kidnaps her.

  12. Winnie Ou says:


    I remember that there was a cartoon (movie I think) about a boy and how he became best friends with a hippo who escaped from a circus/zoo.

    Any idea what cartoon was that?

    I (slightly) remember a part where the boy was singing a song with the hippo and they were both dancing in bubbles. LOL

  13. CanzetYote says:

    So, I’m doing this as a favor for someone on TVtropes, there’s this show he described and I found it to be very interesting:

    It’s a cartoon show about a team of animal people in a spaceship. One of them is a kangaroo with, if I remember correctly, a hat and goggles, who’s the leader of the team. Another character is an eagle, who I think was named Edgar or something. The show was probably made in the 80s or early nineties. I tried Google, but couldn’t find it. The animation is similar to Thundercats or He-Man. They were around human sized, walked on two legs, and used their arms. They may have been using lasers and such, but I can’t remember anything plot-wise. They were definitely in some kind of flying ship though.

    -It is not Captain Bucky O Hare
    -It is not Danger Rangers
    -It is not Dinosaucers
    -It is not the webcomic Inhuman
    -I seriusly doubt it’s Skippy Adventures In Bushtown either.
    -It’s not Tank Girl.

    I found a second description on Yahoo answers on what may be the same cartoon. It sounds very consistent with the previous description:

    ok so there was this VHS tape I remember having that no one has ever heard of. It was about a bunch of Australian animals that lived on the moon or something. An echidna scientist, a kangaroo, and a troublesome cockatoo go on an adventure in a spaceship/blimp shaped like a boomerang which takes them to a planet where a bunch of monkeys live and they have to save them from a volcano and the jealous shaman. The shaman convinces the monkey king that the boomerang is actually a banana (“they think they are a bigger banana than you!”). What else? Um… there was a wombat who mined the moon for diamonds and a platypus who lived with an octopus and was featured prominently on the VHS box despite not actually doing anything in the movie. I get the feeling it was one of those weird Japanese or European TV shows that got smooshed into one movie for VHS release in the 80s. You know the kind I mean. But you’d think something like that would be more memorable to everyone.

    Any ideas what this mystery cartoon is? I haven’t seen it yet but it’s desciption made me curious to seek it out and watch it for myself. The eagle and cockatoo are most likely the same character, the descriptions appear to be by two different people. I’m not sure what type of bird it is cause I’ve never seen the show but the whole idea of a Kangaroo in a spaceship made me interested.

  14. tahirijade says:

    does anyone remember a cartoon that had a man with a trench coat, hat (kinda Indiana Jones-ish) and a scarf that would cover his mouth and nose.. he had a squirrel (possibly a flying squirrel) friend. …. the only episode i can remember was when the man had a cold and the squirrel thought he was mad and didn’t want to be friends anymore…

    • peacharino says:

      Are you sure it’s not Pitfall?

      • Mitzi says:

        My 10 yr old remembers a cartoon movie where a guy makes a girl out of several different people’s body parts, kind of like frankenstein, she puts a red wig on at the end of the movie and a red dress like Annie. She asks me to help her figure out what movie it was all the time. I have no idea. We owned it on DVD because she watched it in the car when she was little and she remembers watching it over and over. Any ideas?

  15. Kurt says:

    Hi there, when I was a kid a watched a cartoon about an evil force of (I think they were) pink monsters…they looked like pigs walking like humans, and they had armor on their whole bodies, and big weapons on one arm, and they had shields showing a “Z”, and they came with spaceships to earth and they tried to steal water from lakes. There was also a group (maybe just 2, a boy and a girl) of humans who tried to foil their plan and always succeeded, and they were supported by a group of small colored dinosaurs walking on 2 feet and they also came with a spaceship. Can’t find this on the net, does anybody have any idea?? Would be great! Thank you!

  16. Damien Girvan says:

    hey great site……..well dun……how about doctor snuggles?……the moomins?…….conan the adventurer?……..the dream stone?…………potsworth an company?………..i remember another 1 very 80s lookin………all i remember is people on a spaceship……..they wore orange or light blue spacesuits?

  17. Damien Girvan says:

    oh and the ledgendry city of gold?

  18. Jared says:

    Hi Guys, wonderin’ if you could help – I remember an obscure show about a little yellow and blue monster guy – I think he had suction cups on his feet and he could inflate his trunk to float around – I think there was some sort of prehistoric aspect involved and he was searching for his family or something.- I think it was pretty obscure and his name sounded like “Bungee” or something. Any ideas?

  19. Zannanza says:

    Hi, I am looking for a cartoon in the 80s or 90s and its plot is about a team of treasure hunter exploring ancient ruins. Before each of their mission the team receives a disc (old Phonograph disc) which specify where should they go and the disc explodes after playing once. The background is somehow similar to a 19th century setting. I watched it long ago (probably late 90s) and have long forgotten its name. Any idea what cartoon is this? Thanks.

  20. cammie says:

    Excuse I was hoping anybody who passes this could help me.

    I’m a 14 year old teenage who used to watch this cartoon when she was younger. But it’s been so long and I’ve forgotten the name and everything. I know that plot though.

    It’s a cartoon about a teenage boy in search for his monster? (I think) He has a best friend who always tags along (he wears classes and is usually hunched over)
    Our main character has a sister(I think blonde), a mother, and a cheap grumpy father( i think)

    I believe in this show monsters aren’t something to be scared of. They’re like pets. The adults don’t like them but the kids do? I don’t know.

    Someone usually featured monsters are dracula and frankinstein. In one ep his father rubbed a genie lamp. But it wasn’t a genie and they ended up having to give the monster 3 wishes.
    In another ep dracula fell in love with a day vampire. But they got the time mixed up. She thought they meant 3 pm but he meant 3 am

    That’s as much as I remember.
    I think there was a girl as well and she was originally a monster. But they shaved her? I dont know.

    So ya, if any adult here remembers their child watching it and was able to catch the name, it would be highly appreciated. Like seriously, I loved that show.
    Okay thank you

  21. Christine says:

    Was wondering if you know much about Jem. I’ve looked it up and just purchased the series, but as I’m watching it, I seem to remember that her hair used to be a girly mullet type. Permed top, long and straight in the back. I’m positive it was Jem. But I don’t see the image of Jem changing from the “80s big hair band” type in the show to the mullet type that I have nagging at the back of my brain. Can you help me out and get this mystery solved?? I’m looking all over the internet for this.

    • peacharino says:

      Hmmm. That sounds like the cover of Barbie and the rockers – if you check out the vhs tapes you’ll see what I mean. But in the cartoon her hair is actually curly.

  22. marla says:

    I remember a show possibly on PBS, where there was animated/stop action dancing of circles wearing hats. There were no words only music. Can you help me find The show name?

  23. Max Izrin says:

    This is a longshot but I’m desperate. I went through the whole list… nothing.
    I vaguely remember a cartoon (could be movie) set in the far future.
    I only remember some of the plot:
    The protagonist, a punk woman (mohawk hair?), is fighting off an evil ink-like black goop that transforms everything it touches to pitch black evil versions of themselves.
    There was definitely a dopey t-rex with robot bits (who turns evil at some point, by the goop), who I think is the woman’s sidekick. There was also an ink-like alien/mutant who is trying to help, but he’s kinda weak, like an inky 3PO.
    The woman protagonist also owns a spaceship, I think, where the whole thing takes place. I remember holding cells, but don’t remember if it was a spaceship cargo hold, or a futuristic prison.
    NOT AN ANIME. I distinctly remember the animation being western, like mighty max.

    • peacharino says:

      Could be Romie-o and Julie-8 but I’m not sure – I don’t think she has a mohawk her hair is in pigtails. If it isn’t let me know I’ll keep looking.

      • Max Izrin says:

        Thanks for helping me out, but it’s not Romie-o and Julie-8.
        The animation style was more mature, and darker, like “Heavy Metal” or “X-Men”
        and the protagonist was definitely a woman, not a girl.
        Couldn’t be younger than Jubilee from “X-Men”.

        • CatGirlAlena says:

          Maybe Project G.e.e.K.e.R.

          • Max Izrin says:

            YES! You. Are. Amazing!
            Thank you so much!
            I found the episode too! “In space, no one can hear you sneeze.”
            I thought about giving up looking for it, thinking it could have been a dream. I did get a few things mixed up, Got most of it right though. Black goop only turned their eyes black.
            Again, You are awesome! thank you!

  24. Lynsey says:

    If anyone remembers this cartoon I will be amazed as I’m starting to think I imagined it! The animation was very Hanna-Barbera I thought but I can’t find it anywhere! There was a human/earth boy with either red or brown hair transported to a strange world where he meets a blonde girl(princess) who has a dog-like creature whose nose can jump off and sniff things out?! One of the baddies was a mexican looking cork thing with a hat and moustache who always seems to be chasing them! I saw it in the eighties though it may be older. Anyone?!?!!!

  25. Mikala says:

    Hello, I’m wondering if anyone could help, I’m trying to find a cartoon I used to watch, all I can rember from it though is its a boy who when he jumps off the side of a boat he changes and he has a sorta black and white pattern on him (I think) and he can breath underwater, have looked at soo many different sites and tried so many different search phrases but still cannot find it, if anyone has any ideas I would be grateful

    • Max Izrin says:

      Could be “tiger sharks”?
      but on second thought… did he have magic powers or something? like a blue light… thing.
      did he have some human friends that help him out once in a while in an underwater research station? because there may be more than one cartoon like that.

  26. Heather says:

    Dear Cartoon Helper’s~
    I think the crime-solver’s were Canadian, they were in the snow alot. They were a copy of ScoobyDoo, they had a dog who wore a knit hat, and scarf, and he would get scared at everything, saying , “Ridicul-lickle-lickle-liculous” then disappear, leaving only the hat and scarf seen. His name was GhostDoggie. Nothing came up for it on you-tube that I saw, could you help? Thank you!

  27. Gregg Gilden says:

    For 8 months (not the entire 8 months…it was a lunch conversation at work with another 40 year old computer geek) I’ve been trying to locate the name of a cartoon from about the same time as Drak Pack and Jason of Star Command. It involved 3 main characters. The leader was a pumpkin head, then there was a ghost and a shape shifting skeleton. I’m pretty sure it predated Bigfoot and Jem. I think it predated Ice Man and Firestar in Spiderman. As I recall Bugs Bunney was till running the 90 minute show right before Superfriends, but it was after Wendy and Marvin left and the Wonder Twins came on. I think Smurfs was still in first run.

    I remember two quotes from this show “Where’d you learn to drive, the Pennsylvania Turnpike” which as a kid not yet in 3rd grade I didn’t quite get, and the other was when they built a faulty robot. “Ok, we want you to wash the floor, mow the lawn, and take out the garbage” and the robot spits back “Wash the lawn, mow the garbage, take out the floor.” and then does that. Jog any memories?

  28. Frans Kornet says:

    Really nice lineup! thumbs up,

    i wonder if you could help me with this:

    i remember this cartoon movie of the 80s that involved fighting 3 dragons, a fire dragon, ice dragon and another one… it might be a wind dragon.
    for some reason this knight character has to fight those three dragons to get something, i do not recall what it was or if he/she had to slay the dragons in order to get it. what i vividly remember is that when it is time to go to the fire dragon is that there is this corridor with 2 burning stakes on either side, the shot then darkens except for the 2 flames emitting from the stakes, slowly moving to each other and becoming the eyes of the dragon… maybe this happened backwards but this is what i remembered. also the ice dragon was with some kind of frozen lake. if i am correctly the place of the fire dragon is inside or surrounded by mountains and almost impossible to get there, in its lair there is this walkway spiraling to the top. i thought it was a episode of choppy and the princess but i already found all of them and it is not in there, it could be a japanese cartoon translated.

    thank you

  29. cherry says:

    Hi there, i’ve been trying to find my childhood tv shows for sooo long but had lost a bit of hope. I remember this cartoon show that was set in a rainbow cubic world and has about 4 cartoon cubes as main characters blue,orange,yellow and pink? They’ll always go on a mission then the ending would end with a talking chalkboard telling a story or a moral.

  30. Becca Mann says:

    I was seaeching for a cartoon about a mouse i believe he wore a hat that had secenes with a barn owl anywhere from the 50s up through the 80s. the mouse had big ears. is it possible show all the mice in cartoons through those years? thank you Becca Mann

  31. Bethany M says:

    I don’t see Alf on this list. It was one of our favorites and there was another one that I remember about an 80’s punk band. And I can’t remember the one where this girl’s bedroom is a mess and she magically cleans it. Thanks for the help

  32. Pingback: Activity 3 - Name that Hound - Ruckus Dog Giveaway - Page 2

  33. suzaki says:

    hey um…i used to watch this tv series, im not to sure if it was an anime or not but i remember two boys and a girl and in one of the eps one of the boys fell into this cave or something and he finds some sort of pendent or necklace and i can remember it being about some sort of power, then in another episode someone kidnapped a harpy for this wierd potion i think, the three i think find the harpy and return it to its friends becuse the harpys were attacking them, trying to get their freind back, and in another episdoe i think the three(i font know if it was all three of them) let out these strange little creatures, those creatures later kidnape one of the male companions, and in another ep the female companion and the two male companions are on a boat and the boat is flipped by these fishpeople who have been taking people down underwater to offer to this monster, i think its a monster im not to sure is there is a monster, anyway, the two males a locked up but the female is chose to be a bride for the prince wich is a fish person(theres like an underwater kingom) or whatnot, its all kinda fuzzy but the fishperson or the “prince” offers up the sword of one of the male companions to his father, the famale manages to get the sword from him but is later captured and sent back to the room she was being held captive in, there was also, beside the princes father a woman that was once human wich was he princes mother, thats all i remember oh wait i also remember a kind of sensie i also believe it was based in ancient china or japan or even asia, im not to sure

  34. DeQuan Brown says:

    I remember an old cartoon series similar to the original Scooby-Doo. I remember one episode the kids were in a swamp. I think Johnny Depp was a main character but I can’t find anything online. If you could find anything, I would appreciate it.

  35. Jenna says:

    I am looking for a cartoon show from the mid 80s. It was about a group of Rich Girls. The theme song was the Hall and Oates song ” Rich Girl”. I remember there was a limo with a hot tub and also a helicopter in the intro. Anyone have any ideas what it could be?

  36. Eilonwy says:

    Hi I need some help, I remember as a child making my mom rent a Video that had a old dog? with a magic bone. I believe it was a puppet and there was like a song/ dance to make the magic work. For some reason I always associated the pound puppies with this old movie… dose anyone out there know what movie I am talking about. I don’t think I have the imagination required to make this whole thing up….. I think the dog came out at night and he told stories. Please if anything sound remotely familiar let me know

  37. Mehr says:

    Okay so I’ve spent forever trying to find this one show and all I remember is this:

    There’s this kid who lives on an island and him and some train driver guy go on adventures with his locomotive. There’s an East Asian (I think Chinese?) emperor and someone trying to take him out as well as chasing the kid and train guy. I remember one episode pretty well, where they find a castle in which the people give them food and nice things to forget to leave but the have some deadline of where they need to be and get out of there.

    Sorry if that made no sense, haha. I don’t remember much and it’s been impossible to find.

  38. cleo says:

    There is a cartoon that was a blue mosquito that wore a 3piece suit and long hat and had a round green bug sidekick, i cant remember the name could u help me please.

  39. Sandy says:

    In what cartoon did someone wear a BLUE HAT and put on a RRD NOSE.?? THANK YOU

  40. Jay says:


    This has been bugging me for 8 years now PLEASE help me get of this.

    So what i remember is a 70s-80s cartoon where there is a planet with a good side and evil side.. the good side has fluroecent green grass with these green furry dog looking aliens that are protecting a pink bubble in a tower guarded by a wizard or female wizard from the bad side which contains lots of rocky terrain along with a cave and in the cave is this massive chair where this mega evil monster in a robe sits and orders these pig like minions that follow those orders of retrieving the bubble.

    PLEASE HELP !!!!

  41. Cheyenne says:

    Does anyone remember a movie (I believe) where there are these big brown bears that get captured (or could possibly already been captured) wearing pink costumes and wearing make up, and they are in some type of show or circus, and from what I recall they try and get out of there and I think there’s a few humans, idk why when it comes to my head, I think of Russian or German people holding them, then the rest is a blur, and at the end they are in some type of Asian place and there’s a panda and he sounds Asian also. Im stumped and would love to see if there’s anyone out there that can help me figure what movie this is.

  42. Reachingforthe12th says:

    Does anyone remember an eighties, maybe earlier, animated movie where at the end, a prince must fight a dragon’s shadow in or on a castle? It is possibly the hero’s shadow fighting the shadow of the dragon. I think the woods are surrounding the castle and overgrowing it. Help!

  43. Nivo says:

    Hey everyone, so I need help, there’s this cartoon I’m looking for where the main character was humanoid lion prince where he would go look for a female character I’m not sure if she was actually human or humanoid, but she was taken and put to sleep by some evil lady who’s a humanoid snake. And the whole thing was set an an era where medieval meets the future as in people dressed like medieval era but still had cool technologies, and the end credit song had this cool midieval sound with a hominous chorus to it. Please HELP!!!

  44. Kross says:

    Been looking for an old cartoon from the 80s (I believe) that I used to watch with my little brother (back in the early 90s). The show centered around a boy and his sports-playing robots, and was definitely an old cartoon, made well before the 90s probably (despite the reruns appearing in the 90s). I can distinctly remember one of the robots kinda resembled R2-D2 from StarWars, yet he wore a long basketball jersey and dribbled a basketball, he might have also worn a sweatband on his head? The other robots played various sports including baseball, tennis and hockey. Can’t remember if they fought “bad guys” or not, just remember the boy hanging out and chillin’ with all the sports-playing robots in a large yellowish arena-type room. Any help locating the name of this cartoon or the actual TV show intro would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance. Peace.

  45. Tyler Mitchell says:

    I remember watching an anime with this orange cat and this machine which a girl rode around and it stored her cards of power or some sort of magical creature cards one episode the orange cat ate a tomatoe or cherry and it exploded inside him and he turned back into a card…. ring a bell???

    If anybody knows can you contact me on facebook its been driving me nuts for months

    Tylermitchell22@hotmail.co.uk type that in you will fond me straight away

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