80’s Cartoon’s Part 1 – A – G – ABC Weekend Specials – To – The Adventures of the Gummi Bears

abc weekend special - book
ABC Weekend Special – 1977-1987 – from 1977 to 1985 the emphasis was on some live action shows featuring second rate actors however they switched in 1985 over to animated specials featuring the host – Captain O.G Readmore. Read more at Retro Land Here or watch the intro Here


Adventures of Super Mario Bros. – a.k.a. – Captain N and the adventures of Super Mario Brothers 3 – Capitalizing on the fame of Nintendo games NBC put out this cartoon late 80’s. It started out as as Captain N and the Adventures of Super Mario Bros and had a set of characters lead by a boy called Kevin Keene who became Captain N when he and his dog Duke jumped through a video screen into the animated world powered by a sun-stone. His team included Dr. Wiley , Simon , Kid Icarus , and Megaman the robot. Their job was to protect Princess Lana against the evil Motherbrain and her henchmen King Hippo – In 1990 it was retooled featuring actual Super Mario brothers as the main character – Mario & Luigi both plumbers who cruise around the Mushroom Kingdom in a bathtub-mobile. They were always helping Princess Toadstool whose pet was called Toad – an actual little mushroom. Their nemesis was a bulging reptile called King Koopa. It didn’t last long either and folded in 1991.

Alf cooking up trouble
Alf Tales- 1987 – 1990 – after his success on primetime this cartoon was developed featuring Alf’s adventures back on his never-before-seen planet Melmac which resembled a kindof retro – fifties / 80’s version of futuristic living – hovercars , space ships , topheavy housing. He was only a teenager – a mere 193 years old and lived with his mother and father – Bob and Flo , sister Augie and brother Curtis. Most of the action took place with his best buds Skip and Sloop at a local diner or playing their version of baseball. The theme song was extremely clever. Lasted only a couple of months after it’s papa show primetime Alf ended.
Here’s a LINK for Alf links. Here’s a link to the You Tube Alf intro – the song is
a hoot!

The Adventures of Raggedy Ann and Andy – given a retro reboost by it’s 70th anniversary this cartoon debuted in 1988. The title dolls with their famous yarn hair came to life and left the bedroom of their owner Marcella ( seen only Muppet Babies style – from the shoulders down ) , and journeyed to a fantasyland called of course Raggedyland. Other stuffed dolls joined them Raggedy Cat and Dog ang Grouchy Bear. Interestingly Dana Hill voiced Raggedy Dog.

All new Popeye hour – 1978 – 1983 – Popeye goes way back that retro sailer man with the bulging biceps , pencil thin body , squinty eye , cheeky grin who can swallow spinch through his corncob pipe! He was fitted for the seventies and 80’s often retooled , though familiar characters were always around – Brutus the bearded villain , squawky Olive Oyl , and hamburge chomping Wimpy. In the 80’s the violence was scaled down – and Popeye even gave out safety tips. In 1987 the character was brought back for Popeye and Son a short lived series markedly so because of it’s theme perhaps of Popeye goes to the suburbs – he was married to Olive Oyl had a son named Popeye jr. ( who did not like Spinach! go figure ) , and like most suburbs had some jerky
neighboors guess who? Brutus who as well is married to a gal named Lizzie and they too have a son named wouldn’t you know it – Tank.

Alvin and the Chipmunks – 1983 – 1991 – though the chipmunks have been around since 1962 in the 80’s they changed a bit of their format for the better. Bright colors , great animation , great songs. The formula pretty much stayed the same – Dave was the chipmunks music producer younger here and othen exasperated by all the drama Alvin caused. They all lived together in a large house in between traveling and gigs. Alvin was a bit of a show-off , a robust , energetic preteen who loved the limelight , while Theodore loved to eat was a little shy and Simon was the smart one. You could tell all smart kids or cartoons in the 80’s wore glasses. In 1988 the arrival of three preteen girl chipmunks livened up the formula – They were called the Chippettes and featured Brittany the vampy pretty one , Jeanette the tall smart one , and Eleanor the plump one. The cartoons often featured music montages featuring the chipmunks singing popular rock songs like Madonna’s Material Girl or even old Beatles songs. Though the characters couldn’t have been more than 12 their attitudes & interests seemed to channel more teenager things – Even Brittany dressed of the times in Madonna clothes featuring lace up crop tops , fingerless gloves , ruffle dresses slitted to furry thigh! Cute and lasting cartoon. Here’s the Chipmunk intro
at You tube.

archie comic book 2
archie - veronica
The New Archies – after some success in the 70’s the show made a comeback in 1987 as The New Archies featuring the gang from Riverdale only pint sized preteens. It was basically taking a cue from The Flinstone Kids & Punky Brewster. Everything was pretty much the same – hijinx abounded but the music was missing even though Pop’s Chok’lit shoppe became Pop’s Video cafe. And Archie’s jalopy now became a skateboard.

Barbapapa - hugging

Barbapapas – 1973 – Super sweet cartoon based on the smash hit books by Annette Tison and Talus Taylor about a
family of blobby creatures – The Barbapapa’s of the title who are able to shape-shift into anything to accommadate
whatever it is they are doing , be it a wheelbarrow for gardening or an animal for fun , and even furniture. They
lived in a house they built by pouring cement over their balloon shapes making a fabulous connection of globe-like rooms
for each of the seven kids and one for Barbapapa and Barbamama. The kids were all different colors and had different
personalities reflected in their rooms – Barbazoo – was yellow and he loved animals. Barbalib – was orange a girl and
loved to read ( in the books she often wore glasses but I don’t think she did in the cartoon ) , Barbabright – was blue and loved science and astrology , Barbalala – was green and loved music – so much so she was always turning herself or siblings into musical intruments. Barbabelle – was purple and loved making herself beautiful , she always wore a string of pearls. Barbabravo was reddish orange and the athlete , he loved showing off his strength and Barbabeau was the only furry Barbapapa – he was black and loved art. As for Mama and Papa Barbapapa , the mama was black with a little bun shaped bump atop her head usually wreathed in flowers while Barbapapa was huge pink and pear shaped. The Barbapapas interected with humans usually children helping them in their unique – shape shifting way.The cartoons like the books showed gentle humor , a loving family always working together to get something done. I think most of the cartoons are in French I recall watching them in French even though I didn’t understand it just cause I loved the books. They were still sweet no matter what language they spoke!

Barbie and the Rockers – only two videos released to correspond with the dolls that were taking note of the popularity of
Jem and descided to turn Barbie into a rock star. The video’s were okay certainly not anything in the Jem calibre but
definitely taking a note from the series focus was of course on friendship , fashion and music.

Beany and Cecil – a bit of a revival for this old nostalia piece was tried out in 1988 it featured Beany the grinny little boy
who had many adventures with his Uncle Huffenpuff on his boat the Leaking Lena – and Cecil was Beany’s pet the only kind you can have when your on a boat and your a cartoon – a sea serpent. Cute stuff.

Beetlejuice – capitalizing on the fame from the hit-movie this cartoon debuted only a year after the movie. It featured Lydia
Deetz a waif eye’d goth girl who lived in a typical surburban home with her parents Charles and Delia ( oddly enough it does not continue with Lydia living with the ghosts like at the end of the movie ). Into this mix she conjures Beetlejuice an impish creature from the afterlife with a mouthful of leaning tombstone teeth and a devilishly prankish nature. Most of the episodes
found Lydia being dragged into the Neitherworld by Beetlejuice to meet more crazy characters or him getting her
into more trouble than she intitially had called on him to help her out of. Lasted from 1989-1992.

Benji ,Zax and the Alien Prince – not a cartoon but a children’s show – it debuted in 1983 and ran to 1984 – Benji was
a staple celebrity in the late 70’s early 80’s a dog that was part cocker, poodle and schnauzer. With his distinct
look a tawny color he was easily recognisable and his image and likeness were everywhere. A fantasy live action show it
was about an alien Prince called Yubi who comes to earth with a floating robot named Zax and befriends Benji who becomes
their protector when evil aliens come to earth and are constantly trying to kidnap the Prince. Cheesy but fun. BENJI ZAX AND THE ALIEN PRINCE INTRO

The Berenstain Bears – a mild outting based on the popular book series by Jan and Stan Berenstain. The characters
were Mamma , Papa , Brother and Sister bear and other typical bears whose name delegated – like the smurfs their
status – Mayor Bear. Raffish Ralph was the local villain who was always trying to put over some money making scheme. BERENSTAIN BEARS OPENING

Beverly Hills Teens – Hugely terrific cartoon featuring the exploits of the extremely rich students at Beverly
Hills High – The hero and Heroine all-American nice-types- Troy and Larke , vixenish , schemeing Bianca , arrogant Pierce ,
pushover Wilshire , southern belle Tara , rockers – Gig and Jet , surfer dude Radley , funloving Nikki , confident Shannelle ,
equestarian Blaze , and gossip-mad Switchboard. It was like the Archies goes to Rodeo drive. Combined with the
usual teen interests surfing in Malibu , shopping , schoolwork , and flirting was pumped up by some of the outrageous
things these kids could do – . Awesomely drawn – with rad 80’s touches of cool clothes , hilarious 80’s lingo ,
and girls with hair down to their knees! <

bigfoot and the muscle machines
big foot and the -
big foot and the muscle machines - girls
Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines – A segmented cartoon that aired on Super Saturday but was eventually assembled
into a movie. It’s about Hank Justice driver of Big Foot the top truck at the Monster truck rally who along with his
friends – Red and Redder twins who drive Black Gold , Close McCall driver of War Lord and Professer Dee driver of
the Orange Blossom Special get involved with a girl named Jennifer who has stolen a map from a band of baddies lead
by Mr. Big leading to a fountain of Youth. As they attempt to hunt down the fountain of youth they are chased by Mr. Big’s
hench men.

Bionic Six – 1987 – Well down animated series about a crime fighting family with super powers! Bionic 1 in order to
save his family after an avalance nearly distroys them takes them to Professor Sharpe who fixes the entire family
up with Bionic power ala six million dollar man. Though not the perfect family they do manage to pull together by
fighting crime most notably Dr. Scarab ( the brother of Professor Sharpe. ) Mother 1’s new power was the ability
to create holograms. Sport 1 was the eldest son of the Bennets ( the real names of the Bionic six ) and was into
sports his powers was connected by magnetics. Rock-1 was the daughter , a bit of a valley-girl type ditz who
made new cool expressions from their scientic elements like Solar! as in cool. Her super power was fast running.
and some kindof laser beams. The family also had two adopted children rounding out the six- African-American I.Q.
who as his name implied recived super intelligence and Karate-1 who was Asian-American and as his name
implies deft at Karate. Most of the episode included battles – robots came into play and it was one of the
more interesting fantasy / sci-fi series of the late 80’s. A kindof percurer to the Invinsibles. JAZZY BIONIC SIX INTRO

the biskitts - coloring book cover
The Biskitts – in the same vien as Smurfs and Gummi Bears – it was about wee creatures that are helpful – this one
was about teeny-tiny dogs who lived on Biskitt island and were trying to protect the king’s jewels from the
king’s evil brother Max – king of another district called can you believe – Lower Suburbia! Set in the good-ole Robin Hood
days the dogs were dressed for the part in colorful tunics and jaunty feathered hats , they often used
other animals for transportation – birds as planes , frogs like hoppity cars , while their nemesis King Max
with his grim henchdogs and dimwitted court jester Shecky ( named after Shecky Greene? ) always tried to
find the jewels. From 1983 – 1985

blackstar - flying dragon
Blackstar – odd mixture of themes most notabley Star Wars & even Snow White and the Seven dwarfs meets He-man.
It’s a fantasy about an astronaut John Blackstar traveling through a blackhole and landing on a distant planet
called Sagar. Before Blackstar’s arrival an evil tyrant named Overlord ruled but since Blackstar’s arrival
a mystical sword called PowerStar was split in two divying up the power. Now Overlord owned the Powerstar
sword while Blackstar owned the Star sword. He would ride a beast called Warlock ( sounds like a version of He-Man’s
orange and green Battlecat – but’s it’s really a kinda dragon ) into battle with the Overload and his helpers were
seven tiny humanoid/dwarf like creatures and Mara a sorceress. Didn’t last too long but interestingly came before
and could’ve inspired parts of He-man. 1981-1982. BLACKSTARR INTRO

the bluffers - title

The Bluffers – an Unsual cartoon that takes place in a magical land called Bluffonia where the bluffers live in one of
the few remaining forests because all others have been distroyed by their nemesis – the evil Clandestino. The cartoon
had elements from a lot of other cartoons – Gummi Bears , The Raccoons , and the Get-a-long gang. When I first heard
about this I was expecting a percurer to the Purrtenders with a name like Bluffers but they are only called bluffers because
of Bluffonia – actually they’re just animals though whimiscally colored – no different from Foofur as a blue hound dog. The characters included Zock – wise owl wearing a toga and a head wreath who was their elderly leader ( shades of papa smurf ) , Zipper a sporty blue squirrell , Blossom a pink mouse with a heart shape on the end of her tail whose often sweet on
Zipper. Honey Boy a dimwitted bulky bear who always seems to have a few bees buzzing around his head. Prickly Pine –
a hyper porcupine always geared for a fight , Psycho a lisping snake who is a tad mystical , Oscar Ostrich the little one ,
Ginseng – an oriental goose , Sharpy a wily fox and though he is part of the bluffers is rather like a villain in their midst –
lying and conniving to get his own way. Clandestino as the grotesque villain – was any man drawn so disgustingly – he was
round , bulging with a head that sat on his stomach with his shoulders hovering above! , he had the typical sidekick who
often wanted out ( like Toady in the Gummi Bears ) he was a mistreated dog with chomp mark taken out of one of his ears. Clandestino also had a loyal robot butler called Sillycone. Cartoon proceeded with the usual raids on Clandestines
castle which looked more like a Cabinet of Dr. Caligari battlement , or foiling his attempts to plow down their forests. Usual
because it featured bits of narrations. I’m unsure of the dates – a Wickpedia article says 1984 , Imdb says 1986. It was
featured in the Netherlands but must have been offered over here cause I ran into a few vhs tapes back in the 90’s
when video stores were staring to switch to dvd. THE BLUFFERS GOOFY INTRO

BraveStarr – 1987 – 1988 – Space Western. Sci-fi cartoon about Marshall BraveStarr an intergalactic police force on the
Planet New Texas where other colorful spacey sci-fi twists on the Western theme are portrayed – for instance –
Marshall BraveStarr’s horse Thirty/Thirty who can turn into a walking talking biped who carries an energy rifle which
he calls Sarah Jane. As for the villain he’s an ominous one – Tex Hex a mauve mutated man with the power to unleash

The Bullwinkle Show – Like Bugs Bunny , there were shows that hung on from previous decades – The Bullwinkle show was
one of them. A bizarre cartoon part satire part biting spoof – it featured a flying squirrel – Rocky who always wore an
aviator cap playing straight man to Bullwinkle a dimwitted moose. The villains were Coldwar characters Russian Natasha
a sexy femme fatale and Boris who were always trying to kill Rocky and Bullwinkle. Other characters were added for different segments – namely Mr. Peabody a bespeckled dog who had a Waybac time machine that he would often cruise through
history with his pet boy Sherman. There is nothing quite like The Bullwinkle Show. The character’s distintive voice has
often been imitated most notabley by Dave Coulier as Joey in FullHouse. ROCKY AND BULLWINKLES SUBLIME INTRO

o g readmore on book
og readmore and vincent price
CBS Storybreak – 1985 – anthology series featured animated adaptations of children’s books it was hosted by Bob Keeshan
a.k.a Captain Kangaroo. CBS STORYBREAK INTRO

california raisins book
California Raisins – 1989-1990 – It’s hard to believe that a commercial advertising raisins could have produced such an
instanteous pop culture character. They were originally grape-purple claymation figures jiving and singing to the
groovy beat of ‘I heard it through the grapevine’ but for the cartoon they were animated and given new names like A.C.
Red , Bebop , Stretch. I think but I’m not sure that the villains were other fruits or vegetables – Leroy Lima Bean?
It continued with the raisins as a music group singing sensation ( sort of like Alvin and the chipmunks ) who lived in
a penthouse above their recording studio.On an interesting note because they were so bluesy you could almost think of the California raisins as African-American Raisins! which would be the second cartoon ever to feature such a cast – All black
characters even if they were actually purple raisins! Fat Albert would be the first. CALIFORNIA RAISINS CARTOON

Camp candy
Camp candy comic book psd
Camp Candy – 1989-1990 – John Candy was turned viola into a cartoon and played a camp councelor at a summer camp.
Pretty much playing his character from the Great Outdoors – enthusiatic but a bit of a klutz for trouble. His
nemesis ( every cartoon had one it’s a must ) was Rex DeForest – not too subtle – and the episodes revolved around
John Candy trying to foil Rex’s evil plans of transforming the camp into condos. Helping him out were the usual
assortment of characters pretty Nurse Molly , the campers which included the stock lot of the party-hardy cool-kid , the
normal one , a little princess , and the nerd. John Candy helped develop the show and actually sang the theme song
which is a hoot has to be herd to be believed. CAMP CANDY’S BIZARRE INTRO

Captain Cave-Man and the Teen Angels – dismissed as junk by the experts and it was pretty silly. And though it may
have not been a memorable cartoon it had certainly one of the most memorable cartoons in 80’s history! Who didn’t love that
hairy pickles cry of Captain Caaaavvvee man! It was a bit of Charles Angels mixed with Encino Man. Kinda a scooby doo thing too.The teen angels are a trio of mystery loving girls with typical beach bunny names – Taffy , DeeDee , And Brenda – they
found the cave man suspended in a block of ice and thawed him out. He helps solves the mysteries with the help of his
superpower club which can even give him momentary flying abilities. Goofy huh! but it was fun. I loved how certain
cartoons like Scooby Doo & Captain Cave man & Spiderman always seemed to take place at night – which was great
when you were a kid considering that seemed like such a mysterious , forbidden time.

Captain Kangaroo – a terrific series for children it featured Bob Keeshan as Captain Kangaroo named because of the jacket
that he wore had large pockets. It featured skits , stories , songs , games , vaudeville , jokes and educational
things that would entertain children of all ages. Friends of the Captain included Mr. Green Jeans a farmer type character ,
who often brought live animals to the show , Dennis an apprentice handyman , and the puppets – Mr. Moose and Bunny.
Mr. Moose was fond of tricking the Captain into standing under a shower of colored pingpong balls. Like Sesame Street
the show got to be so liked tons of celebrities appeared as guest stars. New segements were added most notabley – Bill
Cosby’s Picture Pages. The Canadian version of the show is the beloved Mr. Dressup.
The Care Bears – Pastel colored bears who live among the clouds and rainbows in a fantasyland called Care-a-lot were the
subject of this cartoon. They were based on the popular cuddly toys that had parents steamrolling customers at Christmas
much like the Cabbage patch rush. The characters like Smurfs were merely one dementional – whatever the emblem on their
tummy suggested – Birthday Bear whose tummy was embroidered with a cupcake and flaming candle loved Birthday's Cheerbear was full of upbeat cheer to match the rainbow on her tummy – Grumpy bear with the raincloud – and you can guess. They chugged down to earth on cloud cars spreading good cheer and helping youngsters with moral delimmas. Their arch enemy was a faceless sorceress with glowing yellow eyes aptly called No Heart who had a neice called Shreeky, an obnoxious little girl who cropped up occationally by his henchman was the typical goofball – a warthog like creature called Beastly around for comic relief. Later on in the Forest of Feelings new characters were added – the care bear cousins – most notabley Brave Heart Lion. Ran for quite a while – well for a cartoon – 1986 – 1988.

The Centurions – 1986 – An adventure sci-fi cartoon about a team of Centurions – men who can upon a certain call suit up
with machinery / weapons to help them battle the cyborg Dr. Terror and his army of Doom Drones. Helping the Centurians along
was the sole good girl Crystal Kane who helps with the attacks staying at their home base an orbiting space station. Each
man is equipted to specialize in a certain terrain – sea – Max , land – Jake , air – Ace , energy – Rex , and infiltration – John.
Plenty of futuristic sci-fi action with a slant towards battle and technology. As was required in Saturday Morning cartoons their
was a cute sidekick – a dog named Shadow – armed to the teeth with harness rockets!

Challenge of the Gobots- 1984-1985 – Started as a miniseries – turned into a regular cartoon and was very similar to the Transformers. Thousands of years ago on the planet Gobotron a meteor pratically distroys the warring race of Gobings and Renagades. With the prior being the peaceful bunch. However the Last Engineer manages to save his people and himself by replacing his body parts with machinery and putting the peoples brains into machines called of course – the Gobots. Further adapted to not only be robots but have the ability to transform into other vehicles. With the last engineer frozen beneath the earth's surface due to a plot device and some shady behavior among the Renagades – The lead Go-bot sought to find him
so that he could fix his friend. Exciting stuff if you loved a good robot theme.

Charlie Brown and the Snoopy Show – 1983 – 1985 – after holding out for years Charlie Brown finally made it to Saturday Morning
Cartoons. The usual characters abounded – Charlie Brown the baldheaded little loser who nonetheless always looks for the
good in others. His playful dog Snoopy who had his own daydreaming world with his patient pal Woodstock. His adversary the
brittle conniving Lucy who couldn't stand Snoopy. Llinos with blankie in toe , and plenty of sound advice. Schroder the piano
playing blond boy who ignored Lucy's advances. Peppermint Patty a spunky tomboy who cheekily calls Charlie 'Chuck' her best pal Marcie. Sally Charlie's little sister and Rerun – Llinos and Lucy's baby brother who often saw life from the back bike seat he rode in. As in the specials all grown up's talked in that unintelligible wah-wa-wah-wa horn noise.

Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos – 1986 – a five episode miniseries that took it's cue from Mr. T with Chuck introducing
episodes and ending them with a reminder to the moral that was usual woven into the story ( sometimes not ). Chuck animated
form played a goverment opperative with a team that traveled around usually trying to nab a devious fellow named the Claw who
like most villains was trying to take over. His team was Pepper and her brother Kimo , Tabe and the requiset kid – Too Much.
Not bad but then again not much either. Unless you were a Chuck Norris or Karate fan then this probably would've been your

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers – 1989 – The too cute duo is back with a retro-fit for the late 80's and they have become
detectives the rescue rangers of the title with the similar odd couple pairing as other crime solving teams – Chip , strait-laced
serious minded and dressed like a real adventurer in his fedora and bomber jacket while Dale in his Hawaiian shirt is often
laid back and goofy. Their friends and team-mates in solving mysteries is the Austrailian big mouse – Monterey Jack who
loves cheese , is gung ho and has a best friend who is a wee fly named Zipper which despite his size he comes in helpful when they need it. Gadget was the crackerjack all around girl who kept the team's airplane running smoothly. She was the pilot and
also an inventor. Their main villain was a purple suited mobster named Fat Cat and his team of hench men. Cute and well
designed it was after all a Disney show.
the comic strip title

The Comic Strip – 1987 – A four cartoon segment show offering up – The mini monsters – about the tyke versions of the
popular monsters of yesteryear – Frankenstein , Mummy , Werewolf etc going to a camp for monsters with two lone
human kids attending. Street Frogs were about some music rapping well frogs of course hip hop frogs – featuring original
music and Karate Kat featured just that a karate chopping cat with a slick attitude he said believe it or not Meow Baby!
and battled other cats some looking fairly oriental – one was a fat sumo cat! , Tigersharks had something to do with
humanoids mixed up with all kinds of underwater creatures from the looks of the intro even a pudgey walrus man and a
sexy purple octi-girl with an octopus head drapping dreadlock like tentacles and a sexy bod. This was in the same vein as Silverhawks and Thundercats though not nearly as popular.
The completely mental misadventures of ed grimley
The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley – I was never a fan of Ed Grimley Martin Short’s character on Saturday Night
Live so I never saw much of the cartoon – It was probably put out due to the enormous appeal of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. Ed
Grimley is an oddball with a huge cow-lick who dresses like the prototype nerd – highwater pants etc. Ed lived in an apartment
with his pets a rat named Sheldon and a sharkish goldfish – Moby. His love interest was a blonde goofball Miss Malone , and his somewhat nemesis was landlord – Mr. Freebus & his proper wife Deirdre. It was a bit like a cartoon version of SCTV because
they’d pulled a lot stock characters and & actors/actresses from the night show which is probably why it didn’t do too well – as some of the jokes were aimed over the heads of children , taking pot-shots at pop culture.

C.O.P.S.- 1988-1989 – Central Organization of Police Specialists. A take off robocop – it was set in the future – 2020 in a
place called empire city where Baldwin P. Vess is given a metal plate in his chest after sustaining life threatening wounds
from the crime boss he was supposed to take down a mobster named Big Boss. Now Vess is nicknamed Bulletproof but fits
in for he soon assembles a team of crime fighters called C.O.P.S to try and take out Big Boss who frequently is up to no good wether it is messing with Bulletproof’s team or pulling some sort of robbery. The animation was always slickly done and the
crime fighting team became a hit lasting for many original episodes unlike certain shows that survived on repeats. Perhaps
one of the most noteworthy item is that the hero is black – although Fat Albert is noteworthy it was an almost all black ‘cast’.
count duckula - title

Count Duckula – 1988-1993 – Bizarre offbeat cartoon – about a vegeterain vampire duck – after Howard the Duck you’d
think people would’ve stayed away. But it was a noteworthy spinoff of the British hit DangerMouse and probably already
had an audience before it got started. What made the show so unusual was not just it’s unlikely hero but the supporting
characters a hulking dimwitted Nanny with her arm in a sling , and Igor the evil butler whose always trying to change
Duckula’s tastes. A Vampire hunter , a twist on the old Van Helsing – called in here – Von Goosewing was always lurking
about adding to the mayhem. Count Duckula was always trying to become rich and famous and used the castles teleporter
to try and accomplish this usually unsuccessfully.

Curious George – 1980 – Cute series from the early 80’s based on the famous books by Hans Augusto & Margaret Rey –
Which were engineered to help kids learn math , and science but was most fun when showing how George’s curiosty often
lead him into one of his many sticky situations fortunately the Man with the Yellow hat was always around to bail him out and George learned a small lesson. Not enough to keep him out of mischief for the next episode.

Danger Mouse – 1981 – A british hit that spawned Count Duckula – a parody of British spy series this was about
a secret agent Danger Mouse – who wore an un needed eyepatch , the letters dm emblazoned on his chest and
was supersmart – his sidekick was the cowardly hamster Penfold who wore thick glasses and was always getting himself
captured. DangerMouse’s arch enemy was the Terrible Toad though others appeared most notabley Count Duckula
which had his own spin-off series.
Dennis the Menace title
Dennis the menace - comic title

Dennis the Menace – 1985 – 1994 – Dennis was a a lovable troublemaker and appeared everywhere in the 80’s newspapers and
the spokesman for Dairy Queen , old reruns of the 60’s sitcom why not a cartoon. The characters remained the same – tow-headed
Dennis his harried parents Alice and Henry his nemesis and neighboor Mr. Wilson and know-it-all Margaret. Not to mention his pals
Joey and Tommy and his faithful dog Ruff who in this version could talk.

Defenders of the Earth – 1986 – a cartoon featuring three comic book heros and their children – Flash Gordon & son Rick ,
The Phantom & daughter Jedda , Mandrake the Magician & Kshin ( adopted son ) , Mandrake’s assistant Lothar and his son – L.J. They become a team bent on defeating the power-mad villains namely Ming the Merciless. The Defenders home base
features a computer fueled by the essence/spirit of Flash Gordon’s dead wife. Well produced cartoon though similar to some
of the other stuff out there.

Denver the Last Dinosaur – 1988 – another dinosaur cartoon that followed the popularity of the Land Before time and Alf. This
one was about a dinosaur hatchling well an egg first found by a group of California teens at the Labrea tar pits who decide to keep him as their pet. Like Alf this little green dinosaur knows English and must be hidden from others especially from grown ups who might exploit him. As usualy the kids were multi-racial – Wally the lead guy , Jeremy the smart guy who knows a lot about dinosaurs , an arrogant boy named Mario , Shades who of course wears shades. Heather , Wally’s older sister and Casey who simpers over Mario. Unfortunately the cartoons were mainly about turning Denver into a cool dude – like teaching him to skateboard & rock out. My Pet Monster was better.
Dink the little dinosaur - title
Dink the little dinosaur - whole gang

Dink the little Dinosaur – sparked by a sudden interest in all things dinosaur – The Land before Time had come out – this
shortlived series featured a batch of tiny preteen like dinosaurs and their adventures in the jurassic period in a place called
Dinosaur Valley. Their nemesis was Scar a T Rex. Along for their adventures was Crusty a crotchety old sea turtle.

Dino Riders – 1988 – a Mere thirteen episode cartoon perhaps to help sell the line of toys that came out it featured a fantasy
with as par the usual complicated backstory. It was about the peaceable Valorians who escape the brutal Emperor Krulos and
his race of Rulons , via time travel to prehistoric earth. Of course the Rulon’s follow. Questar is the leader of the Valorians
who fit the dinosaurs with a metal cap that they are then able to tame them with telelpathy. The series followed the
battles between the Rulons and the newly dubbed Dino-riders.

Dinosaucers – 1987 – One of the strangest dinosaur themed cartoons ever released – It featured a race of dinosaurs The Dinosaucers that were intelligent , spoke and dressed in rad warrior like vest things – they came from some parralel earth
planet called Reptilon along with their foes – the terrible Tyrannos. The two species battled each other – the villains have
ray guns that could de-evolve the Dinosaucers into reptiles that could no longer speak or have much intelligence but this was
never used much accept as a backfire weapon. The Dinosaucers as the title implies had flying ships which they could fly
around in and do battle and they came to befriend some human teens when they arrive on earth – The teens are dubbed the
Secret Scouts – Ryan , Spencer , Paul and David and the usual band of athletic , intelligent , kind and unintentionally
troublemaking band of kids. Really bizarre.

Dragon’s Lair – 1984-1985 – following Dungeon’s and Dragons this similar show was based on the video game by the same
game. The hero was Dirk the Daring who with his trusty horse Bertram ( Bert ) would help King Ethelred which
usually included rescuing Princess Daphne from the typical bad guys and or Cinge the dragon. It had a gimmick that made
it stand out which it would suggest the viewer choose two different paths that the hero would take just before the commerical
break and when it would return – would show the consequences to each choise. Part video game – part choose your own adventure.
Drak Pack title
Drak Pack frankenstien
Drak Pack - Igor
Drak pack - mummy
Drak Pack - snake woman

Drak Pack – 1980-1981 – In 1976 The Monster Squad was a goofy live action show but in the 80’s they decided to switch it
up with a cartoon featuring offspring from the previous show. Drak jr , Howler , and Frankie were the main characters and
became crime fighters by putting their right hands together and crying out Wacko – that’s certainly right – their main villain
was Dr. Dred leader of O.G.R.E ( Organization of generally rotten endeavors ) , other inmates of the headquarters on Skull Island included – Vampira, Mummy Man , Fly and Toad.

Droids title

The Droids – The comic relief robotic duo from Star Wars go their own cartoon. 1985-1986 it was paired with the Ewoks
cartoon but somehow the Ewoks lasted out the Droids – possibly because the Ewok Adventure and Return of the Jedi boosted
the appeal of the Ewoks. Perhaps the funky 80’s pop tune theme ‘Trouble again’ didn’t help considering it didn’t quite match the otherly worldly feel of the heros. Might have done better if they were actually paired with recognizable masters – Luke or Leia.

DuckTales – 1987 – Disney was always capiable in the late 80’s of producing delightful cartoons. They finally got their act together
after some dud-movies and decitions. Ducktales was like Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers a new twist on old characters. They took
uncle Scrooge and his nephews – Huey , Dewy and Louey out of mothballs and had them fighting the usual villains his old
arch nemesis the Beagle Boys – who were always out to get Uncle Scrooge’s loot. Luckily he had his nephews around to help foil
their schemes not to mention Launchpad McDuck a slightly goofy pilot. Other characters rounded out Scrooge’s estate most notably
Mrs. Beakley the nanny , and her granddaughter Webigail. Most of their adventures featured the gang off to hunt treasure
in exotic locations or runins with other villain the deadly Magica DeSpell who resembled Greta Garbo! Well produced and dynamite animation made this a popular Disney cartoon.

The dukes - cartoon
The dukes - 2
The Dukes - 3
The Dukes – 1983 – The wildly popular live action hit series Dukes of Hazzard spawned this flop of a cartoon basically showing
you that sometimes you can’t make magic happen twice. It featured all the same elements – Bo and Luke Duke , Boss Hogg and
Roscoe P. Coltrane. Of course their were the usual cartoon elements – talking pet dog , and the ability of getting the Dukes and
their car the General Lee to cruise anyway – Rome , Scotland – not just Hazzard County.

Dungeon's and Dragon's - title
Dungeon's and Dragon's roller coaster
Dungeon's and dragons gang
Dungeon's and Dragon's group
Dungeon's and dragon's unicorns

Dungeons and Dragons – 1983-1990 – Long running adaptation of the popular sword & socrery role playing game featuring wizards and whatnot. It was about a group of six teenagers who ride a magical roller coaster into a medival world where they each recieve new identities – Bobby becomes Barbarian – with a club , Presto a magician -with the typical cloak and hat , Diana an acrobat with a glittering staff , Sheila a cloak that that made her invisible , and Hank became the archer. Eric became cavalier with a shield but he was often a character that self sabotaged the groups missions against Venger their winged nemesis. Their guide was a wized dwarfish man called the Dungeon Master. Their token pet was Uni a small white unicorn. It was attacked for it’s violence
but that was often scoffed because it was paired up with the Bugs Bunny Show. Though their is some truth in the series violent
and fantasyworld themes – kids were often getting too absorbed in the game. And one thing people who always bring up Bugs Bunny as overly violent most of it was acted out animal against animal , the characters were barely relatedable – unfortunately Dungeons and Dragons characters were teens -very relatable.

The Ewoks – 1985 – 1987 – Serious Star War fans either loved or hated the Ewoks finding them too cute and cuddly a cutesy diversion in a film that was supposed to feature the last ultimate fight between good and evil. I loved the Ewoks they were like sassy , savage teddy bears and I found Wicket especially cute when featured in his one two feature length films the Ewok Adventure and the Battle for Endor. In the cartoon version they were still on the moon of Endor living in their ewok village only Wicket now seemed to be younger a preteen ( resembling something like the Chimpmunks ) he had many adventures with his brother Widdle and sister Weechee , and lots of friends too numerous to count. Their was plenty of magic and tribal order with elders trying to instill morals into the ewok broad. Their was even a witchy villain creature Morag voiced by the amazing Jackie Burroughs. The best insult an Ewok could give is Leerdo!

fantastic max
fantastic max - max and alien toy
fantastic max - the toys
Fantastic Max – 1988 – 1991 – Bizarre cartoon about a space traveling baby – The Max of the title , who wears diapers a red mohawk and takes along his travels a pull string doll called FX and an adroid doll made out of blocks called Ad Sitter. FX has the typical green slender elegant alien look with the horn like nose. Max had the power of speech and his imagination which lead to a lot of high falutin adventures trying to be teen but having of course the baby thing going on. Cute but well I don’t know strange.

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids – Hey Hey Hey! this is a great cartoon. Cool show about a hefty hero named Albert – but dubbed affectionately Fat Albert laid back and easy going he had an ineresting set of friends – Rudy a bit of a shyster , Weird Harold who not only lived up to his name but was a gangly beanpole , Russell a nasally youngster , incoherent Mushmouth and the unforgettable Dumb Donald whose trademark was to wear ( what I always thought was a pink lampshade on his head ) but is actually a pink hat that hangs over his face with two eye cut outs.The series took place mainly in some inner city where the kids hung out at their ‘playground’ a junkyard. Terrific learning show featuring lots of topical issues that needed addressing and Bill Cosby himself would make an appearance to discuss what the Cosby kids were learning. Cartoons were often slammed for being too moral or message-y a daft sort of idea when you think about it – what were kids supposed to watch? Animated versions of Dynasty only for the junior set , unremorseful boy-stealing , murder attempts and sabotage. I think us grown ups could use a reality
check in between commercials! Well done cartoon with jazzy intro. They just don’t make ’em like this anymore.

The Flinstone Kids – 1986 – 1990 – Perhaps the marketing jingle for Flinstone Vitamins – We are Flinstone kids – stuck
in someone’s mind. After it’s papa show had done so well – not just when it first aired but even in reruns why not do
a spawn. This cartoon featured the characters as ten year olds – with Fred or rather Freddy the same sort of scheming
character he was as an adult – hilariously his mother looks like a grown up Fred in drag! The same gadgetry was present
like the old show – only now keeping up with the times remote control t.v.s had little birds fly out of them and crocodiles
who doubled as skateboards. The villain was a bully named Rocky Ratrock who looked like an escape from a hairband. Other characters besides junior versions of Wilma , Fred , Barney and Betty and Dino included Dreamchip Gemstone , Nate Slate and a detective wannabe Philo Quartz. Cute with most of the action taking place in school. The junior versions of the Flintstones were excrutiatingly cute / drawn not the show – the stories were just your typical topics that mirrored what was going on in most shows featuring preteens ( be they human or humanoid ) – trying out for sports , mysteries , school activies etc.

The Fonz cartoon - title
Fonz and the happy day gang - hair combing
Fonz and the happy days gang - cupcake
Fonz and the Happy Days Gang – 1980- 1982 – Rather than stick with a pint size animated version of the show – the Fonz goes Battlestar Galatica – meets Back to the Future! With the stars sticking around to give their cartoon versions of themselves their voices The Fonz , Ritchie , Ralph and Mr. Cool the Fonz’s dog take a spacey trip through time when they meet a dazzling girl from the future named Cupcake. Most of the voice cast abandoned the project with the exception of the Fonz and Ralph.

Foofur – 1986-1988 – ran for 2 seasons – cute cartoon about a blue hound dog named Foofur whose late owner left him a
mansion in his will. Foofur rescued a rag-taggle group of mutts from the Bowser Buster dog pound truck to live in the mansion with him. The group included – Hazel a plump dog with blonde curly hair , her husband Fritz-Carlos a froo-froo french dog with a handlebar mustache who always called everyone dah-ling.Louis a gruff bulldog with Brooklyn accent , and Annabelle a squinty sheepdog who was always in love with Louis. Foofur’s neice Rocki , and Fencer a scraggly black alley cat who loved karate and wore a samari headband also joined the group. Most of their adventures included the typical things that would interest
kids – movie stars – err rather dog stars ( in commercials ) , make-overs , romance and competition. The nemesis’s were a
couple of bumbling dog catchers and Mrs. Escrow who came to check up on things – only her villainous chihuahua Pepe knew
of the other dogs staying in the house and was always trying to reveal this to his owner. Of course he always failed. Catchy
title theme song declaring Foofur to be the – Coolest dog I ever knew.

fraggle rock comic
fraggle rock comics 2
Fraggle Rock – 1987-1988 – Like the Muppet Show the live-action puppetry of Fraggle Rock was a smash hit and like the
muppets why not do an animated version. The formula and characters were virtually the same – the freespirited creatures
Fraggles live in an underground society which had two other species – the Doozers little creatures who like busy worker ants
love to built and the Gorges huge cumbersome giants. Above them all lived an elderly scientist named Doc who always seemed
to miss the Fraggles though his faithful dog Sprocket frustratingly was unable to communicate their sudden appearances.
When Fraggle Rock the muppet version ended so did the cartoon.

Galaxy high -
Galaxy high gang
Galaxy High – Terrific late 80’s cartoon – 1986-1988 – featured topnotch animation and an interesting idea. Two high school students from earth – the arrogant football hero – Doyle Cleverlobe and shy brain Aimee Brighttower are chosen to be exchange students at an intergalatic high school on an aestroid called Flutor. They will be the only humans in a huge school consisting off alien students from all over the galaxy. While Doyle gets off to a rocky start with his over confidence he is forced to work at the Luigi Pizza Palor for his tuition while Aimee is fawned over by the local girls and makes instant friends – not only that but the school generously gives her a hot-pink spaceship to shuttle her to her classes. Characters were always usuall – Milo DeVenus is a sturdy likable guy with six arms. Gilda Gossip has numerous extra lips extending from tubular sprouts on her head and Booey Bubblehead looks like a pink lightbulb and is extremely forgetful. The villain was a hothead named Beef Bonk who looked somewhat like a rooster and wore a t shirt reading Earth Stinks. Lockers were robots that talked , the Gymnasium could get up and walk away and
a flying blobby creatured dubbed the creep tries to chain himself to Aimee in slavish adoration. Original and fun. It’s short life is probably due to the fact that it was probably over most of the small kids head – probably would’ve lasted if it would’ve scrapped the Saturday Morning schedule and gone Jem and the Holograms route – I seem to recall they had an afterschool schedule.

Galaxy Rangers – 1986 – like Star Wars this is kindof an intergalatic western set in the future with a pretty interesting storyline.
After aliens in the year 2086 travel to earth in search for help against the stellar space-dictator known as Queen of the Crown acting for her group the Crown Empire. In exchange the aliens give the humans the hyper drive technology and suddenly space
is flooded with humans traveling , colonizing and as some are creating trouble. This causes the need for a team of men and
woman to start protecting space – thus the Galaxy rangers! The characters included Goose ( touch of Top Gun ) , Niko , Doc , Zachary. And in an interesting twist they all had some ‘secret’ weapon / ability to help them fight the evil Queen of the Crown who looked like one of Disney’s wicked witches.

galtar and the golden lance
Galtar and the Golden Lance – 1985 – Another Sword & Sorcery cartoon about a young good looking ( buff and blonde ) man who with the help of his golden lance fights against the impending tryancy of Tormack who is taking over their mythical land of Bandisar. Aided by Princess Goleeta and her younger brother Zorn who has mind controlling abilities they while Tormack tries to get his hands on Galtar’s golden lance so that he can pair it with the sacred shield – rightfully belonging to the royal family of Princess Goleeta and Zorn. Galtar himself tries to take back the shield. Lots of of the typical Saturday morning magic.

Garbage Pail kids title
Garbage pail kids opening metaphor - bad egg
Garbage pail kids
Garbage Pail Kids – created in 1987- was supposed to be released in 1988 or 1989 but letters protesting the possiblity of the
show shelved this one till it was released in the year 2006 on dvd. I’m not too sure what the executives were thinking about – despite the fact that the cards had been a hit with kids – why not do a cartoon of the originals that they spoofed – The Cabbage Patch Kids. Anyway nobody missed much and considering they had let a lot slide – a villain who was virtually a skeleton , animated teens who carried weapons this was a good place to draw the line. The stickers were pretty gross but as an animated series
there is something creepy about rooting for this gruesome bunch – Split Kit – a half-punk / half-normal looking boy with an attitude , Patty Putty whose dropping features and off kilter eyes made her look at times like a burn victim , then their was Elliot Mess whose
limbs were all on wrong – his foot sprotted out from his neck causing him to carry his head around in his hand. Perhaps a step
up from the vileness of the Garbage Pail movie but not much.

Garfield and Friends
Garfield and Friends – 1988 – 1995 – Everybody’s favorite gluttonous cat became a cartoon after some animated specials
probably boosted confidence in the networks that Garfield was definitely a show worth doing. The cartoons were hilarous
and easy to like – Garfield was a bit of a cynic barely tolerating his nerdy owner Jon Arbuckle who was constantly dressed in
loud outfits and fruitlessly attemptED to attract the opposite sex. Garfield could also barely tolerate Odie Jon’s other
pet , a goony yellow dog who forever smiled and slobbered with tongue hanging out of his mouth. His nemesis of sorts was the
adorable kitten Nermal whom everyone including Jon’s hicky relatives fawned over. U.S. Acres was the ‘friends’ part of the
series and was also based on a comic strip by Jim Davis. The characters were eccletic to say the least – Wade was a nervous
duck who constantly wore an inflated ring-tube around his waist , Sheldon a chick who refused to come out of his shell – he
was drawn as an egg with legs. Booker another chick , Lanolin a rather in-your-face lamb and Orson a pig the most normal of
the bunch and the hero. Almost every episode had a song in it. Really well done series.

The gary coleman show - title
Gary coleman show - angel  best psd
Gary coleman tossing his magical halo up
The Gary Coleman show – In the early 80’s lots of cartoons were spawned off real shows , real people perhaps hoping for their
own Fat Albert like hit – not realising the creativity involved in that. The Gary Coleman show was an animated version of the hit
t.v. movie – the Kid with the Broken Halo featuring Gary Coleman as Andy Lebeau who was sent back to earth to help people out
in order to satisfy Angelica the angel that decides wether he’ll move on into heaven or not. He was able in the series to
work some celestial magic and along the way as an villain was Hornswoggle a worker sent from Hell to tempt him or thwart his
helpful attempts.

George of the Jungle – a hanger-over from the vintage 60’s who couldn’t love this show – even just for it’s theme. A slight
spoof on Tarzan this king of the jungle was more klutz of the jungle. Forever crashing into trees , treating his elephant Shep
like a dog , patient wife the buxom Ursula and intelligent ape called Ape. Since it was done by Jay Ward the same creator
of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Dudley Do-Right it had the same familiar tone of puns , and that rakish
vintage humor remniscent of old silent films where women were tied to train tracks. Cool and memorable.

The Get-Along Gang – 1984-1986 – Based on characters created for American Greeting Corporation cards , they were turned
into books a special and this series. A sweet theme song basically ran through the characters as Montgomery the leader –
a good sport , Woolma and Dotty with the spirit – Woolma was the fashion girl er lamb and Dotty was a bouncy cheerleader ,
Bingo who doesn’t ruin it ( he was often getting himself into mischief ) , logical Portia the smart young one and Zipper the lean
machine ( the sporty one ) they were in order – a moose , a lamb , a dog , a beaver , a porcupine. Most of the action focused
on preteen interests sports , competition and the like while the ‘kids’ hung out at their clubhouse an old red caboose – or
Hoofnagles – a soda shop run by Mr. Hoofnagle an old goat. The focus was on friendship with Montgomery always
trying to keep the others from fighting and always having a kind word for everyone. The villains were a couple of crocodile

Gilligans planet title
Gilligan's planet - whole gang
Gilligan's Planet 1
Gilligan's pet
Gilligans Planet – 1982 – 1983 – Despite strange specials Gilligan meets the Harlam globetrotters – nobody could supress the
need for more gilligan and he arrived in animated form in the early 80’s and went truely bizarre this time. Rather then subject
the seven castaways to a southseas island – which had already been done previously in an animated show in the 70’s
called The Further Adventures of Gilligan – they were lost in space! Gilligan had a pet alien named Thumper and a robot! But this isn’t the most bizarre thing , this is – this was their second attempt to turn Gilligan’s Island into a cartoon!

G.I. Joe – One of the most popular boys cartoons in the 80’s mainly because it featured some great themes – loyalty , heroism ,
and toys that were actually based on interesting characters. The plot centered on the G.I. JOE military special task force
fighting against the exploits of terrorist unit Cobra whose main goal is a global takeover. Duke , Shipwreck , Flint , Roadblock ,
Lady Jaye plus more- The villains – lead by the Cobra Commander , The Baroness , Destro ,Tomax , Zartanand more. Inventions and twisted technology are often used by the villains who scout all over the world for scientists to kidnap and exploit.
Interestingly girls though featured in the cartoon were not your typical 80’s girlie girls , feminine yet still
strong and confident and not ridiculous bending to fashion as in pink khakis.

The Glo Friends – Sparked by the hit toy – the Glow Worm which came out in 1982 I think , glo friends were produced as
kindof collectables for those that had the glo worm but wanted more – glo bugs , beetles and ants appeared and seeing the popularity of other cartoons stemmed from toys the glo friends were produced and airred. The cartoon featured the cute
little bugs with the lightup faces in the magical forest of Glo Land. Their ability to glo and basically their lifeforce depends on stocking the glo pond with Moondrops. Of course a cartoon would not be complete without an opposition and he came in
the form of Starnose leader of the Moligans – Moles I think ( cause Moles like darkness ) and want to harness the glo worms
as slaves to help them find gold. The Glo Worms

Goldie Gold and Action Jack – 1981 – 1982 – Interesting sortof grownup type cartoon or at least the theme – it sounds
more like a twist on Moonlighting! It’s about Goldie Gold the richest girl in the world – whose drawn like an early 80’s
Barbie , and seeking some thrills she hooks up with Action Jack a topnotch reporter who works on a paper she owns the
Goldstreet Journal. They had high flying action fueled adventures which they reported back to the editor
gruff Sam Gritt. And wouldn’t you know it she has a labrador named Nugget!

Great Space Coaster – 1980 – 1986 – Not really a cartoon but a children’s show featuring three teenagers – Danny ,
Francine and Roy in a hodgepodge of animated segments , skits and of course puppets. Goriddle Gorilla and Knock Knock
a woodpecker and Edison the Elephant. celebrities showed up for skits which included the usual educational twists.

Gumby Adventures – 1988 – everyone’s favorite claymation thingamagig returns in the 80’s with more adventures.
Returning in fine form are Pokey his best pal and horse who can talk , a blue dog named Nopey ( who as his
name implies uses the word Nope alot – he’s kinda like Eeyore ) , Prickle a yellow dinosaur who
fancies himself Sherlock Holmes complete with hat and pipe. Goo an odd blue shape-shifting, flying mermaid
, Gumby’s mother and father – Gumba and Gumbo , and sister Minga. Villains were called the blockheads – red
blockheaded shaped creatures who were always making mischief. Others appeared especially Professor Kapp whose
inventions caused some mayhem. Interesting to say the least one low point was the sing song intro.

Gummi Bears – The Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears – well they’d made cartoon spin-offs of shows , of toys ,
of movies , of commercial gimmicks why not after candy. Gummi bears was a popular candy – rubbery little fruit
flavored bears in translucent colors a little like eating fingertip sized balloon animals. Thank goodness they
put some more thought into making a storyline behind it for a cartoon or else we would’ve wound up with an
eeriely similar cartoon to the Care Bears – pastel colored bears uniform in design. The Gummi Bears did have an
interesting storyline and theme – they were pint sized bears – ( another smurf vein ) that lived in a big hallowed
oak in a place called Gummi Glen during the anchient times of castles and wizards and kings. There were six gummi bears –
Grammi Gummi a tart grandmotherly gummi, who could never seem to get the hang of cooking and who always sparred
with Gruffi Gummi -a snappish Mr. Fixit who seemed to carry the weight of keeping the small tribe
organized. Zummi Gummi a scatterbrained gummi who was the oldest and after finding the great book of Gummi
decided to try his hand at magic – though he was always backfiring his spells.Tummi Gummi was -like his name implies a major food-lover , he was also an older teen who was pretty laid back and easy going. Irronically he shared the same voice as Garfield the cat.
Sunni Gummi a twelve year old
valley-girl gummi who would rather spend the day hanging out at the castle with human Princess
Calla also around twelve or thirteen, rather than picking Gummi bears. Cubbi Gummi the youngest a freespirited boy
who longs for action and adventure – he always carries a tiny wooden sword with him. Most of their time was
spent avoiding humans as ages ago the humans had driven all their kind in great ships across the water to a place
called – Gummidoon. However they begin to relax their isolation to help a young page called Cavin & his friend
Princess Calla as these youngsters try to help King Gregor keep their kingdom from falling into the clutches
of King Gregor’s nasty foe Duke Igthorn and his henchmen of huge bumbling Orgres. The Gummi’s were able to escape
the orgres clutches by the use of their magical gummiberry juice which made them bounce. However Duke Igthorn
was always trying to get his hands on it for it made human’s have super human strength , clever and often
hilarious – Toady as Duke Igthorn’s runty worshipping sidekick ogre could generate a lot of laughs as could the
interaction between the bears who were not merely as sweet as their successors.

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  1. Caitlin says:

    I think this is a awsome site it is telling everyone about the old shows and I even remember most of them.

    • peacharino says:

      Thanks, I’d like to do a a-z guide on t.v. series – hopefully my computer will stop acting up!

  2. shauna says:

    I really liked this site, i liked the show comic strip i used to watch it all the time.

    • peacharino says:

      I’ve never seen it but it sounds good. Most of my info is word of mouth , old articles , t.v. guides and books! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. John says:

    Awesome Post. Yeah that brought me right back… One thing though… There were six gummis. The sixth you did not mention was Tummi Gummi….

    Just thought I’d let you know.

    • peacharino says:

      Hi , thanks for the heads up , I’ve already gotten word that my write up for Mario bros. sucks and after watching an episode the guy was right! I’ll have to re-write it. Unfortunately I get some of my information from shady sources and it’s hard to write about things that are and have been extinct for years but how I missed Tummi gummi is beyond me, considering The gummi bears was one of my favorites!

  4. tipp dixon! says:

    you missed the Snorks!! and what the one with his dog name Dollar? he was really rich…

    • peacharino says:

      The cartoon a-z guide is on three separate pages the Snorks and Richie Rich are on the same page – here’s the link you can also click the cartoon guide on the tab cloud and
      if it’s not the page you want scroll down to find earlier posts.

  5. Guy P says:

    Hi, love the site, lots of memorys and I thought maybe you could help me locate the cartoon for this image please? Been searching all over. http://www.thebuzzmedia.com/30-minuntes-of-80s-cartoon-opening-sequences/

    • peacharino says:

      If you mean The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin it’s in my a-z guide part 3. You can also find it on You Tube. I couldn’t find any other cartoon images
      on your link.

  6. Sim Bad B says:

    Hi , does anyone know / remember a cartoon where 2 animals which im not sure was a bear and or a tiger or something , used to go to the woods and collect food to bring it back to a house in the woods and cook it up for dinner! ???
    I cant remember if it was 70’s or 80s but i remember watching it in the 80s!

    • peacharino says:

      Doesn’t ring any bells with me , maybe someone else will know it – the only cartoon I recall being situated in a forest that wasn’t a rip off of the smurfs ( little creatures in forest + magic ) is Fables of the Green forest a 70’s Japanese dubbed cartoon which I loved watching and I think were based on the Thornton Burgess books.

  7. Yikes says:

    werent “Around the World with Willy Fog” and “dogtanian and the three muskehounds” 80ies too? although maybe it wasnt as wellknown in the USA and all…

    oh hey the intros here:

    great list btw its making you feel all nostalgic!

  8. TheBox says:

    its quite a nice list 8D but im just wondering if anyone here could help me to find a old cartoon serie o.o it was about a lion knight whos lover was attacked by a evil snake woman/witch who made her sleep and then the knight was hit by a lightning and sent to the future where he found some new friends and they started to gather ingredients but that witch who now rules the futre city wants to stop them….please help D:

  9. Hey TheBox, I remember it. Actually Im searching for it right now, that’s how I found your post. Unfortunately I don’t remember much. I remember a detective on the good guy’s crew named Barnaby.

    There was an episode called “The White Lady”. And I think the lion’s name started with an A. amos, artos or something.

    Best regards

  10. FOUND IT!

    After like 30 search combinations, finally – using “ingredients barnaby detective cartoon”, I found it as the second suggestion from google.

    Argai, there you go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argai:_The_Prophecy

  11. AndFis says:

    Hi there. Love the site.

    I’m looking for the name of a particular 80’s cartoon set in the future on a white starship or space station but can’t remember what the name was. I had it on VHS back in the 80’s.

    I think the spaceship/space station had something to do with a future human space navy which was either repelling and alien invasion or attacks from rebel human factions or both but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called as it was such a long time ago.

    It was more grounded in reality and not too far fetched like most of the other cartoons of the time if I remember right. Any guesses on the name of the show would be appreciated, thanks.

  12. AndFis says:

    Thanks Peacharino. What I do remember from one episode is where they had to go outside the spaceship and do some repair work before an attack force arrived.

    I don’t think you ever got to see the actual aliens themselves, just their spaceships etc but I might be mistaken.

  13. Feathers15 says:

    Does anyone know about a show with little mushroom people, and their houses glowed in the dark. It wasn’t the smurfs but a different shoow. I watched it as a little kid and I want to remember it but I cant. Anyone know?

  14. c. harron says:

    im looking for the name of the bear that wore overalls with the strap on only one shoulder. He always had some bees flying around his head. Real goofy looking

  15. Tellybug says:

    Wow you’ve got Cartoons on your site that others would never have. This is really impressive.

  16. dinah says:

    im looking for a classic cartoon of a desperate girl who had a cupcake as a part of her dress so she could attend a party..

  17. estre de lara says:

    Hello , my name is estre, I wonder if someone knows , a cartoon with sweet creatures that lived underground ,by the garbage, and they are funny looking and they could talk, i used to watch them in canada ,around 1995. please thank you .

  18. Kami says:

    There was a cartoon which i watched at school about a boy and his sister and they have to stay at an evil magicians house, where they have to work for their keep i think. The magician goes out and tells the boy not to mess with his magical things especially a book of spells, he does, and the magician returns and they begin a war of spells… the boy turns into some small insect and the magician turns into a spider and the boy regains his human form and closes the book to kill the magician! Any chance that you know the name… great anime affectionado Peacharino???

  19. Noona says:

    hello ı cant remember name but there is one cartoon that ım looking for months too x’D there was one boy and his old book or somethıng 😮 he was friend with some dog-dragon like something and he ride him while flying they go his world etr but ı totaly cant remember name :/ ı even remember tone of beginning soundtrack but not name ..

  20. toonsforme says:

    Does anyone remember a cartoon where I believe it was the narrator who would draw objects with a pencil as the cartoon progressed? It was about a teenage girl who would babysit and say she wanted to go out, the pencil would draw a car!

  21. Looking For Cartoons Tiny Tree and Christmas Tree Train From Around The 1980’s

  22. Michael says:

    For the creators. Do you guys remember a cartoon in which a tall guy “turns into a tree” slowly and painfully. He is trying to walk but the roots keep coming into a ground from his feet. And ultimately he became a Tree?

    Can’t google it at all and I know I didn’t dream about it >__<

    • peacharino says:

      Are you sure it’s a cartoon and not a movie? – Troll 2 has a boy turn into a tree.

      • Michael says:

        Yea I am sure. I even written with a marker “tree” on my forehead for Maskenball, It had similar style to “The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys” – the cartoon part. And the green guy in that movie sorta looks like one I am looking for.

        • WarrioroftheWind says:

          I remember this cartoon, but like you, its name escapes me. At the end the heroes are fleeing from the villain and his henchman. They pass into a crystal forest of some sort, and the henchman brings the evil car to a stop, adamantly refusing to go further, stating his “mother taught him never to go in there”. The villain ignores him and proceeds inside, but before he can go further, a voice talks to him, chastising him for his arrogance. His feet turn into roots and he can no longer move. The voice talks again, mocking him, and his legs turn into a trunk. His hands, one gripping a sword, turn into forked branches, and ultimately he screams as his face vanishes, being replaced by the gaping maw of a tree trunk, and he’s reduced to a twisted tree. It’s been so long I can’t remember who the heroes were, only that they were making haste in a good guy cart of some sort.

  23. Bongo says:

    Does anyone remember that cartoon about 3 crazy bears that love to eat Liquid Pizza and escaped from the zoo then came back to their cave after doing all kinds of mischief. It was great!

  24. tarjei says:

    I’ve been looking for a cartoon about a lion thats a knight and i have no idea what it’s about because i think i watched it when i was 6 or something and he was in a cave and there was a rose i think and he did something to the rose and he weakened some evil snake or whatever she was….. i know this is very thin and all but if someone knows what show/cartoon i mean i would be really grateful if i could get the name:)

  25. jay Jay says:

    I’m trying to figure out the name of the cartoon with the guy with long blonde hair and him his wife and son turns into jets can sum1 help me!!!

  26. tigergirl5733 says:

    https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/558141_508752252515887_317640936_n.jpg . can someone click this link or copy it and tell me who this is. its killing me because i know but can’t remember his name. thanks!

  27. emanda says:

    been looking for animal alphabet song from around this time cant seem to find it maybe u can help all i remember is that it had a crazy guy dancing around with kids before singing song looked like farmer or scarecrow and then did song but not like regular song kind of its own twist please help me find it if u can

  28. BlaiseStirling says:

    Anyone remember (I think it’s called) “the crunch note show”? About a bunch of rats who made music by chomping thief teeth together? I’m sure it existed, just can’t find it anywhere!

  29. BlaiseStirling says:

    Anyone remember (I think it’s called) “the crunch-note show”? About a bunch of rats who made music by chomping thier teeth together? I’m sure it existed, just can’t find it anywhere!

  30. Elaine tipping says:

    What a trip down memory lane. I loved ducktales, dungeons n dragons. I’m trying to find out the name of a character. He had his own cartoon in the 80s-90s, he’s a squirrel and he would wear a cape, a bit like supermans. I can’t think of his name for the life of me and it’s driving me mad. It was either on CITV or CBBC. Can anyone think of his name? Please let me know.

  31. JayRae says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a show that’s from the 80’s or 90’s about little mushroom people (or they lived in mushrooms) that were lost in a forest and in one episode they were in a cave making music with the stalagmites. It’s like a cross between the smurfs, Fern Gully and Once Upon a Forest. Also, it sounds a lot like what Feathers 15 is looking for.

  32. keifer says:

    great site!
    i was wondering if anyone remembers a cartoon that was a mix of bionic six and gi joe. i remember 1 character rode a motorcycle that instead of 2 wheels it was just 1 big wheel and he sat inside of the wheel. but each member has a different vehicle…thanx!

  33. Veronica says:

    Does anyone know of a character who is a blonde, white boy. its a claymation character and thats all i can remember.. he had kind of a big nose..there is a kid in my class who looks like him and I am trying to figure out what show it is from..please help!

  34. Criss says:

    Hi I’m looking for a cartoon I watched on a VHS as a kid, I think it’s from the 80’s, maybe early 90’s. I think the main character was a little robot, (like the size of a boy), and he had a team that of humans, and I think they used to have big animal robots they they would travel around in with the robot boy to fight the bad guys. I think one of the animal ship things was a frog, I dunno about the others. And I think the bad guys were a man and a woman kind of like in pokemon but without the cat. I remember that In one of the episodes the bad guys had a gun called the Happy Ray which they can shoot you and make you go really happy and out of control but at the end they somehow get shot themselves. DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THIS CARTOON??…..

  35. This list is awesome!
    Coming from South Africa, I was wondering if anyone knows of a show where a blonde kid that plays baseballs befriends these like insect superhero dude’s and the kid eventually becomes one himself???

  36. Oskar says:

    FIrst off, kudos. This is incredible. Cartoons just aren’t what they use to be and I’m so happy to have found this site and had so many vivid memories of so many shows I thought I forgot about!
    So here goes nothing… .. There was a shoe about 4 guys, who each had a special coloured suit (like green, yellow, blue, and red I think) and the green guy could go underwater with it and it was a cartoon and the toys came out and were AWESOME. I can’t remember it for the life of me, mid 80’s I Think..

    Also, this is a LONG shot. There was an animated short movie I had on tape when I was a kid (early 80’s, although this short could have been from the 70’s). There were NO words, it was a crude kind of animation and it was a boy who enjoyed the sun and then something evil came and stole the sun and hid it in a chest and ran away. The boy then had to find the chest to let the sun back out, there was weird music, no words, could have been foreign, and like I mentioned a crude animation. It has been HAUNTING me and I Can’t remember it or find anything about it online because I only remember those bits and pieces. ANY help would be great, it’s a tough one…
    You rock!

  37. Kristina Gilman says:

    Anyone remember a coloring book from the 80’s that was about a family of jellybeans or beans?

  38. Chris says:

    Looking for a animated movie or cartoon where a man cuts a magical tree down and builds a building on it, he then uses its powers to become rich and powerful until fairies stop him

  39. escarei says:

    Hello! This list is awesome, and yeah, I found it because I’m searching for a cartoon. It was a series, but I only watched a few episodes on VHS.
    There was a boy, who was a prince, but after his father the king died his evil uncle expelled him to get the throne. The boy ran away and met with a wizard who lived in a tree trunk with some monsters. These monsters (or at least some of them) could turn into furniture and other things so bad people wouldn’t find them. When they turned, there was some bubble effects, and the wizard also had a one wheeled motocycle. He was a typical old wizard and the price looked a lot like the boy from gummy bears but he had black hair. The whole animation reminded me of gummy bears a lot. The main story was about the boy now working for the wizard and having adventures with these monsters, but the story when his uncle expelled him and he met with the others was shown in the opening every time, that’s why I remember it. Please help, this drives me crazy!

  40. Rob says:

    Looking for an anime cartoon movie where a hamster/chinchilla or some kind of pet rodent escapes a high rise apartment and adventures through the city to get to the wilderness, i think there were tow of them at the apartment but not sure if they both ventured off, I know he did, he’s/they’re chased by city rats in an ally, that’s all i remember. Not really sure how it ended. Any information really appreciated, thanks!!

  41. jjoseph maples says:

    looking for a cartoon that had robot lions and scorpions t-rex flying whale fortress and they would battle each other tournament style with human operators(1985-1987where they would go around battling each other and the lion has a specialty move he can use his claw to tear the others armor until he meet red eyes black t-rex

    • George C. Hicks says:

      Sounds like ZOIDS, which has all kinds of animal themed mecha pilotes by humans.

      Okay, now I have one. Definitely a cartoon from the early 90’s/80’s, kind of a ‘My Little Pony’ deal, can’t remember if it had ponies or dragons. But the critters get captured by an evil wizard and their friend, a larger dragon and some others go looking for them. They defeat the wizard and when they do, he turns into a tree.

  42. Ivan says:

    I’m desperately trying to remember an OLD animated movie. It has a blonde kid in it and a talking spaceship. He also had an invisible sword blade (the handle was always visible) which would materialise. I think I remember something about pirates being involved or them chasing a treasure. Really old movie around the 80’s.

    Another movie that was not animated that I’m looking for is about these guys that built robots and they would fight in an arena.

    If anyone can remember either of these two I’d be greatly appreciative.

    Love the list, Remember a lot of them from my childhood – keep it up.

  43. alisha says:

    Everyones looking for a cartoon. So the one I’m trying to find is a little animated man drawn by an artist with a big red A on his t-shirt. He would slide down a big red letter A in the intro and it was a live action show with the little animated man as the only cartoon…..thanks.

  44. tito4433ever says:

    i am struggling to remember an old show i liked a lot, it was about a team of five i think , each one has his own unique armor vehicle “car , ship , submarine , …” and they attach their vehicles together to for a large ship or a rocket i don’t recall.

    can u get me the name please ?

  45. Mike says:

    Does anyone remember an old cartoon where 2 animals went off collecting food, and brought it back to their house in the woods to cook it which was the theme. They cooked the food in a pot? I really cant remember!?

  46. Faye leadbetter says:

    Hi I’m trying to find an old cartoon maybe 80s/90s I don’t know much about it at all except there was an old man with white hair called fuzzywinkle?? And maybe he traveled around in a rocket?
    Not much to go on but it’s driving me crazy any help would be great!!

  47. Zen says:

    What’s the name of the little fuzzy beige benji looking dog that stares into the screen

  48. Ron says:

    Looking for a cartoon figure of a guy round, pencil drawing type figure that was shown mostly from the rounded waist up, and his chubby head would change shapes as he moved up and down..

  49. Royal Wind says:

    Can i ask for permission to translate your this article of your blog into Vietnamese (with credit). Hope to receive reply from you, i really love it and thank for writing such awesome topic.

  50. matt mapels says:

    Looking for a cartoon I have seen in like 00s ish? But the animation style is oldder as far as i can remember.
    I am not sure whats about but I remember like the last episode. There is a race of elves living in a mother tree and it gets attacked by human loggers. The queen, who has been on this team of scientists, flys out to take down the humans with her army. Meanwhile her friend tries to stop the machine. It cuts deeper into the tree and that kills the elves. There are like christals in the tree top that represents the lives of these women.
    The male protagonist finds a way to stop the killing and the elven army.

    This scene is so vibrant in my memory but nothing else, and I cant find it in newer lists

  51. Shelley says:

    Hello! I wonder if anyone can help me locate or find pictures of a short animation cartoon set on a farm I think and there was a baby tortoise/turtle who’s mummy opened up the shell on his back and underneath was a nappy and she changed it. My husband thinks I am going crazy as I’ve talked about this for years without finding the proof it wasn’t in my mind! I’m sure there were chickens and possibly a pond in the same cartoon. Any help would be amazing!! Thanks in advance.

  52. Marlene Sanchez says:

    I don’t remember the name of the cartoon but it was a girl I don’t remember if she had a star or a heart on her cheek I think she had blue hair or maybe yellow she has her little sidekick and he was white and had antennas can someone please help me

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