Copy of 80's a-z

Oh no , you may groan another A-Z website on pop culture – what more could be said. I’m not sure myself but I intend to find out. This is just as much a journey for me , because I myself do not know everything about the 80’s , instead photos , film and
books are jogging my memory – causing little grey cells to cry out I remember that! Of course there will be repeated info, any dimwit that starts one of these things knows the basics – acid washed jeans , Converse All-stars , Smurf-aghetti – no duh. But I am going to hown out the oddities – hangy-ball pom-pom trim on your deck umbrella’s , temp you with thought provoking questions like which flavor was Dino in the Flintstones vitamins , and did your mother have a Kool-aid man jug or one of those Golden Harvest plastic jugs with the super-duper groovy petal decals on them? I will not forsake the roots of this website – 80’s teen series in fact , they’ll have their own spots within the A-Z lists – could I really do an 80’s Vixens without Jessica Wakefield! I’m not sure how this will all work out – seeing as how I don’t have one of those really terrific websites with the super-organized tabs at the top of the screen – I’ll do my best with categories and keep you informed when new stuff is added. Hope you enjoy!

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