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Cheerleaders #15 & #17 – three cheers for 80’s action – avalanches & kidnaping and soda secret weapons!

The 80’s throbbed with action – survival true stories revealed harrowing brushes with death, P.I.’s tore up every avenue on land , sea and even air! ( who could forget the bright pink Screaming Mimi in Riptide ) and even … Continue reading

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Sweet Dreams – Lovebirds & First Love from Silhouette – Lover’s Lake – World without make-up an 80’s nightmare!

As the hike began , Charles said to Vi, “My you’re traveling light, Violet. No perfume? No nail-polish remover?” Violet, wanting to set an example for her girls, stayed calm and peaceable and said, “We’re only staying out one night.” … Continue reading

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