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– While boys collected bubble gum cards , girls collected and traded Sweet Dreams novels – they were everywhere! You could spin any wire book rack in any library , you could go into any shop , browse any girlie white hutch over a desk and find at least two or three selections to add to your cache. They were the Grand-daddy of all teen romance, more popular than First Love From Silhouette , certainly longer lasting but the fad of thematic romances didn’t stem from them – they were following the likes of Wishing Star and Wildfire. Similarily they featured covers with pretty teens posing like fashion models in colorful colors , most often alone but on a few rare covers a boy or another girl would pair up to add some visual interest. The stories ran from 1981 – 1995 and featured a bevy of wonderful reoccurring authors. The romances were lightweight , usually featuring – dances , picnic’s , first kisses and nothing more problematic than the heroine trying to get a boy ( she admired ) to notice her and or keep him interested. The stories featured average girls heroines – in interesting settings and themes – a wilderness camp , Australia , Hawaii , a luxury cruise ship , England , dude ranch , an exclusive Country club , a hospital , a hockey arena. Mock marriages for school , computer pen pals , sharing a locker with a dream boy , posing as a fake twin for popularity ,
and a whole wack of 80’s working girl themes -girls – starting their own thrift store , becoming a construction worker , starting a catering business etc. There were also the timeless themes which included – the quest for popularity , the heroine trying to choose between two very different boys , and wether to throw a game , contest or competition for her man. Above all the series offered vibrant , predicable , but often fun romances. Never mean spirited the authors maintained a tone that was always upbeat and often funny. Well worth reading. Put out by Bantam in 1981 and folded by 1995.
1. P.S. I Love You – Barbara Conklin – 1981
2. The Popularity Plan – Rosemary Vernon – 1981
3. Laurie’s Song – Suzanne Rand – 1981
4. Princess Amy – Melinda Pollowitz – 1981
5. Little Sister – Yvonne Greene – 1981
6. California Girl – Janet Quin-Harkin – 1981
7. Green Eyes – Suzanne Rand – 1981
8. The Thoroughbred – Joanna Campbell – 1981
9. Cover Girl – Yvonne Green- 1982
10. Love Match – Janet Quin-Harkin – 1982
11. The Problem with Love – Rosemary Vernon- 1982
12. The Night of the Prom – Debra Spector – 1982
13. The Summer Jenny Fell in Love – Barbara Conklin – 1982
14. Dance of Love – Jocelyn Saal- 1982
15. Thinking of You – Jeanette Noble- 1982
16. How Do You Say Goodbye – Margaret Burman- 1982
17. Ask Annie – Suzanne Rand- 1982
18. Ten-Boy Summer – Janet Quin-Harkin – 1982
19. Love Song – Anne Park – 1982
20. The Popularity Summer – Rosemary Harkin – 1982
21. All’s Fair in Love – Jeanne Andrews – 1982
22. Secret Identity – Joanna Campbell – 1982
23. Falling in Love Again – Barbara Conklin – 1982
24. The Trouble with Charlie – Jaye Ellen- 1982
25. Her Secret Self – Rhondi Vilott- 1982
26. It Must Be Magic – Marian Woodruff – 1982
27. Too Young for Love – Gailanne Maravel- 1982
28. Trusting Hearts – Jocelyn Saal- 1982
29. Never Love a Cowboy – Jesse DuKore- 1982
30. Little White Lies – Lois I. Fisher – 1982
31. Too Close for Comfort – Debra Spector – 1982
32. Daydreamer – Janet Quin-Harkin – 1983
33. Dear Amanda – Rosemary Vernon – 1983
34. Country Girl – Melinda Pollowitz – 1983
35. Forbidden Love – Marian Woodruff – 1983
36. Summer Dreams – Barbara Conklin – 1983
37. Portrait of Love – Jeanette Noble – 1983
38. Running Mates – Jocelyn Saal – 1983
39. First Love – Debra Spector – 1983
40. Secrets – Anna Aaron – 1983
41. The Truth about Me and Bobby V. – Janetta Johnson – 1983
42. The Perfect Match – Marian Woodruff – 1983
43. Tender Loving Care – Anne Park – 1983
44. Long Distance Love – Jesse DuKore – 1983
45. Dream Prom – Margaret Burman – 1983
46. On Thin Ice – Jocelyn Saal -1983
47. Te Amo Means I Love You – Deborah Kent – 1983
48. Dial L for Love – Marian Woodruff – 1983
49. Too Much to Lose – Suzanne Rand – 1983
50. Lights, Camera, Love – Gailanne Maravel – 1983
51. Magic Moments – Debra Spector – 1983
52. Love Notes – Joanna Campbell- 1984
53. Ghost of a Chance – Janet Quin-Harkin – 1984
54. I Can’t Forget You – Lois I. Fisher – 1984
55. Spotlight on Love – Nancy Pines – 1984
56. Campfire Nights – Dale Cowan – 1984
57. On Her Own – Suzanne Rand – 1984
58. Rhythm of Love – Stephanie Foster – 1984
59. Please Say Yes – Alice Owen Crawford – 1984
60. Summer Breezes – Susan Blake – 1984
61. Exchange of Hearts – Janet Quin-Harkin – 1984
62. Just Like the Movies – Suzanne Rand – 1984
63. Kiss Me, Creep – Marian Woodruff – 1984
64. Love in the Fast Lane – Rosemary Vernon – 1984
65. The Two of Us – Janet Quin-Harkin – 1984
66. Love Times Two – Stephanie Foster – 1984
67. I Believe in You – Barbara Conklin – 1984
68. Lovebirds – Janet Quin-Harkin – 1984
69. Call Me Beautiful – Shannon Blair – 1984
70. Special Someone – Terri Fields – 1984
71. Too Many Boys – Celia Dickenson – 1984
72. Goodbye Forever – Barbara Conklin – 1984
73. Language of Love – Rosemary Vernon – 1984
74. Don’t Forget Me – Diana Gregory – 1984
75. First Summer Love – Stephanie Foster – 1984
76. Three Cheers for Love – Suzanne Rand – 1984
77. Ten-Speed Summer – Deborah Kent – 1984
78. Never Say No – Jean Capron – 1984
79. Star Struck! – Shannon Blair – 1985
80. A Shot at Love – Jill Jarnow – 1985
81. Secret Admireer – Debra Spector- 1985
82. Hey, Good Looking! – Jane Polcovar- 1985
83. Love By the Book – Anne Park – 1985
84. The Last Word – Susan Blake- 1985
85. The Boy She Left Behind – Suzanne Rand- 1985
86. Questions of Love – Rosemany Vernon- 1985
87. Programmed for Love – Marion Crane – 1985
88. Wrong Kind of Boy – Shannon Blair- 1985
89. 101 Ways to Meet Mr. Right – Janet Quin-Harkin- 1985
90. Two’s a Crowd – Diana Gregory- 1985
91. The Love Hunt – Yvonne Green – 1985
92. Kiss and Tell – Shannon Blair – 1985
93. The Great Boy Chase – Janet Quin-Harkin – 1985
94. Second Chances – Nancy Levinson -1985
95. No Strings Attached – Eileen Hehl- 1985
96. First, Last, and Always – Barbara P. Conklin – 1985
97. Dancing in the Dark – Carolyn Ross -1985
98. Love Is in the Air – Diana Gregory – 1985
99. One Boy Too Many – Marian Caudell – 1985
100. Follow That Boy – Janet Quin-Harkin – 1985
101. Wrong for Each Other – Debra Spector – 1985
102. Hearts Don’t Lie – Terri Fields- 1985
103. Cross My Heart – Diana Gregory – 1986
104. Playing for Keeps – Janice Stevens – 1986
105. The Perfect Boy – Elizabeth Reynolds – 1986
106. Mission: Love – Kathryn Makris – 1986
107. If You Love Me – Barbara Steiner – 1986
108. One of the Boys – Jill Jarnow – 1986
109. No More Boys – Charlotte White – 1986
110. Playing Games – Eileen Hehl – 1986
111. Stolen Kisses – Elizabeth Reynolds – 1986
112. Listen to Your Heart – Marian Caudell – 1986
113. Private Eyes – Julia Winfield – 1986
114. Just the Way You Are – Janice Boies – 1986
115. Promise Me Love – Jane Redish – 1986
116. Heartbreak Hill – Carol MacBain – 1987
117. The Other Me – Terri Fields -1987
118. Heart to Heart – Stephanie Curtis – 1987
119. Star-Crossed Love – Sharon Cadwallader – 1987
120. Mr. Wonderful – Fran Michaels – 1987
121. Only Make-Believe – Julia Winfield – 1987
122. Stars in her Eyes – Dee Dailey – 1987
123. Love in the Wings – Virginia Smiley – 1987
124. More than Friends – Janice Boies – 1987
125. Parade of Hearts – Jahanna Beecham – 1987
126. Here’s My Heart – Stephanie Curtis – 1987
127. My Best Enemy – Janet Quin-Harkin – 1987
128. One Boy at a Time – Diana Gregory – 1987
129. A Vote for Love – Terri Fields – 1987
130. Dance with Me – Jahanna Beecham – 1987
131. Hand-Me-Down Heart – Mary Schultz – 1987
132. Winner Takes All – Laurie Lykken – 1987
133. Playing the Field – Eileen Hehl – 1987
134. Past Perfect – Fran Michaels – 1987
135. Geared for Romance – Shan Finney – 1987
136. Stand by for Love – Carol MacBain – 1987
137. Rocky Romance – Sharon D. Wyeth – 1988
138. Heart and Soul – Janice Boies – 1988
139. The Right Combination – Jahanna Beecham – 1988
140. Love Detour – Stephanie Curtis – 1988
141. Winter Dreams – Barbara Conklin – 1988
142. Lifeguard Summer – Jill Jarnow -1988
143. Crazy for You – Judy Baer – 1988
144. Priceless Love – Laurie Lykken – 1988
145. This Time for Real – Susan Gorman – 1988
146. Gifts from the Heart – Joanne Simbal – 1988
147. Trust in Love – Shan Finney – 1988
148. Riddles of Love – Judy Baer – 1988
149. Practice Makes Perfect – Jahanna Beecham – 1988
150. Summer Secrets – Susan Blake – 1988
151. Fortunes of Love – Mary Schultz – 1988
152. Cross-Country Match – Ann Richards -1988
153. The Perfect Catch – Laurie Lykken – 1988
154. Love Lines – Frances Hurley Grimes – 1988
155. The Game of Love – Susan Gorman – 1988
156. Two Boys Too Many – Janet Adele Bloss – 1988
157. Mr. Perfect – Stephanie Curtis – 1988
158. Crossed Signals – Janice Boies – 1988
159. Long Shot – Joanne Simbal – 1988
160. Blue Ribbon Romance- Virginia Smiley – 1988
161. My Perfect Valentine – Judy Baer- 1988
162. Trading Hearts – Susan Blake – 1989
163. My Dream Guy – Carla Bracale – 1989
164. Playing to Win – Janice Boies – 1989
165. A Brush with Love – Stephanie St. Pierre – 1989
166. Three’s a Crowd – Alison Dale – 1989
167. Working at Love – Judy Baer – 1989
168. Dream Date – Carla Bracale – 1989
169. Golden Girl – Jane Ballard – 1989
170. Rock ‘N Roll Sweetheart – Laurie Lykken – 1990
171. Acting on Impulse – Susan Jo Wallach – 1990
172. Sun Kissed – Stephanie St. Pierre – 1990
173. Music from the Heart – Pamela Laskin – 1990
174. Love on Strike – Janice Boies – 1990
175. Puppy Love – Carla Bracale – 1990
176. Wrong-Way Romance – Sherri Cobb Smith – 1991
177. The Truth about Love – Laurie Lykken – 1991
178. Project Boyfriend – Stephanie St. Pierre – 1991
179. Racing Hearts – Susan Sloate – 1991
180. Opposites Attract – Linda Joy Singleton – 1991
181. Time Out for Love – June O’Connell – 1991
182. Down With Love – Carla Bracale – 1991
183. The Real Thing – Elisabet McHugh – 1991
184. Too Good To Be True – Susan E. Kirby – 1991
185. Focus On Love – Mandy Anson – 1991
186. That Certain Feeling – Sheri Cobb South – 1991
187. Fair- Weather Love – Carla Brascale – 1991
188. Play Me A Love Song – Bette R. Headapohl – 1992
189. Cheating Heart – Laurie Lykken – 1992
190. Almost Perfect – Linda Joy Singleton – 1992
191. Backstage Romance – Kelly Kroeger – 1992
192. The Cinderella Game – Sheri Cobb South – 1992
193. Love on the Upbeat – June O’Connell – 1992
194. Lucky in Love – Eileen Hehl – 1992
195. Comedy of Errors – Diane Michele Crawford – 1992
196. Clashing Hearts – Caryn Jenner – 1992
197. The News is Love – Lauren M. Phelps – 1992
198. Partners in Love – Susan Kirby – 1993
199.Wings of Love – Anne Herron Wolfe – 1993
200. Love to Spare – Linda Joy Singleton – 1993
201. His and Hers – June O’Connell – 1993
202. Love on Wheels – Sandy Jones – 1993
203. Lessons in Love – Bette Headapohl – 1993
204. Picture Perfect Romance – J.B. Cooper – 1993
205. Cowboy Kisses – Diane Michelle – 1993
206. Moonlight Melody – Alicyn Watts – 1993
207. My Secret Heart – Susan Kirby – 1993
208. Romance on the Run – Catt Hastings – 1993
209. Weekend Romance – Peggy Teeters – 1993
210. Oh , Promise Me – Laurie Lykken – 1994
211. Dreamskate – Angela Cash – 1994
212. Highland Hearts – Maggie Mayes – 1994
213. Finders Keepers – Jan Washburn – 1994
214. Don’t Bet on Love – Sheri Cobb – 1994
215. Deep in My Heart – Linda Joy Singleton – 1994
216. Careless Whispers – Sydell Voelier – 1994
217. Head Over Heels – Susan Sloate – 1994
218. Face up to Love – Nikki Danner – 1994
219. Heartstrings – Barbara Wilson – 1994
220. My Funny Guy – Helen Santori – 1994
221. A Little More to Love – Arlene Erlbach – 1995
222. Fool For Love – Sandy Jones – 1995
223. Heartthrob – Betty Jo Schuler – 1995
224. Boyfriend Blues – Lauren Phelps – 1995
225. Recipe For Love – Kate Emberg – 1995
226. Aloha Love – Marcie Kremer – 1995
227. Dreamboat – Linda Joy Singleton – 1995
228. Blame It on Love – Sheri Cobb – 1995
229. Rich in Romance – Angela Cash – 1995
230. Happily Ever After – Eileen Hehl – 1995
231. Love Notes – Janet Maxwell – 1995
232. The Love Line – Kelly Kroeger – 1995
1. My Secret Love – Janet Quin-Harkin – 1986
2. A Change of Heart – Susan Blake – 1986
3. Searching for Love – Andre Warren – 1987
4. Taking the Lead – Deborah Kent – 1987
5. Never Say Goodbye – Janet Quin-Harkin – 1987
6. A Chance to Love – Stephanie Foster – 1988

SWEET DREAMS NON FICTION BOOKS                                                                       

    ( Note – This list may be inaccurate as they were never numbered , nor were they authored by anyone from the series. If I find more I will add them to the list. ) The Sweet Dreams logo offered these self help books for their readers, the boon of them appears to be the series high point 1983 and were kinda like those self help articles in teen magazines , showing you how to style your hair , mix and match your wardrobe and exude confidence. Light advice in breezy lingo.
*Sweet Dreams beautiful hair book: a Guide to hair Care , cuts and Styles -1983 – Courtney Dewitt
* The Sweet Dreams Body Book – 1983 – Julie Davis
* Sweet Dreams How to Talk To Boys and other Important People – 1983 – Catherine Winters
* Sweet Dreams fashion book – looking hot without spending a lot – 1983 – Patricia Bozic                                                                                                                                         * The Sweet Dreams Love Book – 1983 – Alan J Schneider , Deirdre Laiken
* Sweet Dreams Makeup Work book – 1983 – Patricia Bozic
* The Sweet Dreams Personality Quiz book: answer the questions and meet the real you – 1985 – Fran Manushkin

– The Big Khauna , one of , if not the most known , popular , spoofed , remembered teen 80’s series ever. Created by Francine Pascal written by a collage of writers under the collective pseudonym of Kate William it stands as both worthy leader and groan worthy clown. The series revolved around the mythical dream town of Sweet Valley California in which there is no McDonalds but a typical teen hangout called the Dairi Burger , and the main characters are identical twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield. Blonde , white , beautiful , zit-free – totally relatable to about 3% percent of the masses but the ideal kind of fantasy surging in the same likable vein as Barbie. Elizabeth was all good , trustworthy , kindhearted , considerate , loyal , hardworking and striving to be an investigative reporter. She was also devoted to her handsome basketball star boyfriend Todd. Her twin was her inward-opposite – envious , flighty , conniving , manipulative , destructive , totally self centered and only saved by being a complete sociopath by her ability to laugh , finally , at herself when her goofy attempts to once again garnish some spark of limelight , a mere two-second throb of fame, backfires. They helped springboard the ingredients of plot formation , linking books , character ahem lack-of-development and such which became the basic formula for many following series. Part Colorforms ( remember those things – little rubber place matt scenes with little rubber figures a basic graduation from paper dolls ) and part megalomania the series patted itself on the back even though knowing it was pretty standard stuff – and their love for ceaseless continuity which was not rejected but, actually became a source of comfort to their fans. As their popularity rose to super-heights they branched off – spin-offs spawned spinoffs , boardgames were released , Fan clubs offered Sweet Valley High memorabilia , a lackluster t.v. series sprang up ,summoning the clumsy ghosts of Clueless and Saved By the Bell (but lacking either’s charm) , contests and promotional events like Reader of the Month with your very own picture on an inside cover of a SVH pb prompted even advertisers to reconsider and then dub items – The World of Sweet Valley ( suggesting that indeed things had gotten out of hand. ) But are the books any good? They sure are – hapless , shlocky pleasures! Written with a sure hand – the sensationalistic plots ( echoing night soap themes ) coma’s , death by cocaine , kidnaping , paralyzing accidents , always have a page-turning quality but the series owes it’s heart to forties – Archie comics , Andy Hardy , sixties Gidget and The Patty Duke show. Family hearth is a sturdy backdrop – their ranch style home with copper fridge and attractive parents -Alice an interior designer ( whom we are told as token – she resembles the girls older sister ) and Ned ( nod to Nancy Drew ) is their lawyer father always on hand for often tossed out advice over breakfast eggs. Steven their handsome older brother , though in his first year at college spends a lot of time at home entangled in his sisters plots. But the core setting – is the school of course – a character all it’s own complete with supportive teacher ( Robert Redford look-a-like ) Roger Collins , a principal who gives a nod to Archie comics by nick name – Chrome Dome and a whirlwind of activities sprouting up as though each book hovered near a date requiring some major event. Liz is a reporter for the Eyes and Ears gossip column at school but often longs to do feature reports and editing , while Jessica is a cheerleader and active member of the sorority Phi Beta Kappa. Liz has a loyal but vague best friend Enid , while Jess’s best friend/enemy/competitor is the more interesting Lila Fowler a rich egotistic haughty girl whose ambitions for glory belly those of Jessica’s. Familiar characters when not featured in their own story breeze by in following pages like walk-on’s giving the reader a hello wave though most have that cut-out cardboard quality – Ken – the football player , Winston – the clown , Bill – the surfer , Caroline – the gossip , Cara – the cheerleader and the perfect foil the Reggie incarnate – arrogant , rich , Porsche driving creep – the insufferable Bruce Patman. While plots focus on typical events like a greatest-party-ever-that-happens every -weekend at Lila’s , Jessica’s scramble to catch the recent hunk , switching places sometimes without Liz’s knowledge or permission all with the typical romantic snafu’s that plague most teen series – it’s Liz & her doppelganger Jess that make the series worthwhile and such a hit P.S. – The series got especially tedious towards the end as the writers pull out all the stops and start scrambling to resemble popular themes of the moment ( like Buffy the Vampire Slayer ) and have Jessica dating of all things – a vampire.
1. Double Love – 1983
2. Secrets – 1983
3. Playing with Fire – 1983
4. Power Play – 1983
5. All Night Long – 1984
6. Dangerous Love – 1984
7. Dear Sister – 1984
8. Heartbreaker – 198
9. Racing Hearts – 1984
10. Wrong Kind of Girl – 1984
11. Too Good To Be True – 1984
12. When Love Dies – 1984
13. Kidnapped! – 1984
14. Deceptions – 1984
15. Promises – 1984
16. Rags To Riches – 1985
17. Love Letters – 1985
18. Head over Heels – 1985
19. Showdown – 1985
20. Crash Landing! – 1985
21. Runaway – 1985
22. Too Much in Love – 1985
23. Say Goodbye – 1985
24. Memories – 1985
25. Nowhere To Run – 1985
26. Hostage! – 1986
27. Lovestruck- 1986
28. Alone in the Crowd – 1986
29. Bitter Rivals – 1986
30. Jealous Lies – 1986
31. Taking Sides – 1986
32. The New Jessica – 1986
33. Starting Over – 1986
34. Forbidden Love – 1986
35. Out of Control – 1987
36. Last Chance – 1987
37. Rumors – 1987
38. Leaving Home- 1987
39. Secret Admirer – 1987
40. On the Edge- 1987
41. Outcast – 1987
42. Caught in the Middle – 1987
43. Hard Choices – 1988
44. Pretenses – 1988
45. Family Secrets- 1988
46. Decisions – 1988
47. Troublemaker – 1988
48. Slambook Fever – 1988
49. Playing for Keeps – 1988
50. Out of Reach – 1988
51. Against the Odds – 1988
52. White Lies – 1989
53. Second Chance – 1989
54. Two-Boy Weekend- 1989
55. Perfect Shot – 1989
56. Lost at Sea – 1989
57. Teacher Crush – 1989
58. Brokenhearted – 1989
59. In Love Again – 1989
60. That Fatal Night – 1989
61. Boy Trouble- 1990
62. Who’s Who – 1990
63. The New Elizabeth -1990
64. The Ghost of Tricia Martin – 1990
65. Trouble at Home – 1990
66. Who’s to Blame – 1990
67. The Parent Plot – 1990
68. The Love Bet – 1990
69. Friend Against Friend – 1990
70. Ms. Quarterback – 1990
71. Starring Jessica! – 1990
72. Rock Star’s Girl – 1991
73. Regina’s Legacy – 1991
74. The Perfect Girl – 1991
75. Amy’s True Love- 1991
76. Miss Teen Sweet Valley – 1991
77. Cheating to Win – 1991
78. The Dating Game – 1991
79. The Long Lost Brother – 1991
80. The Girl They Both Loved – 1991
81. Rosa’s Lie – 1991
82. Kidnaped by the Cult – 1991
83. Steven’s Bride – 1992
84. The Stolen Diary – 1992
85. Soap Star – 1992
86. Jessica Against Bruce – 1992
87. My Best Friends Boyfriend – 1992
88. Love Letters for Sale – 1992
89. Elizabeth Betrayed – 1992
90. Don’t Go Home with John – 1992
91. In Love with a Prince – 1992
92. She’s Not What She Seems – 1992
93. Stepsisters – 1992
94. Are We in Love – 1993
95. The Morning After – 1993
96. The Arrest – 1993
97. The Verdict – 1993
98. The Wedding – 1993
99. Beware the Babysitter – 1993
100. The Evil Twin – 1993
101. The Boyfriend War – 1993
102. Almost Married – 1994
103. Operation Love Match – 1994
104. Love and Death in London – 1994
105. A Date with a Werewolf – 1994
106. Beware the Wolfman – 1994
107. Jessica’s Secret Love – 1994
108. Left at the Alter – 1994
109. Double Crossed – 1994
110. Death Threat – 1994
111. A Deadly Christmas – 1994
112. Jessica Quits the Squad – 1995
113. The Pom Pom Wars – 1995
114. ‘V’ for Victory – 1995
115. The Treasure of Death Valley – 1995
116. Nightmare in Death Valley – 1995
117. Jessica the Genius – 1995
118.College Weekend – 1995
119. Jessica’s Older Guy – 1995
120. In Love with the Enemy – 1995
121. The High School War – 1996
122. A Kiss Before Dying – 1996
123. Elizabeth’s Rival – 1996
124. Meet Me at Midnight – 1996
125. Camp Killer – 1996
126. Tall , Dark and Deadly – 1996
127. Dance of Death – 1996
128. Kiss of a Killer – 1996
129. Cover Girls – 1997
130.A Model Flirt – 1997
131. Fashion Victim- 1997
132. Once Upon a Time – 1997
133. To Catch A Thief – 1997
134. Happily Ever After – 1997
135. Lila’s New Flame – 1997
136. Too Hot to Handle – 1998
137. Fight Fire With Fire – 1998
138. What Jessica Wants – 1998
139. Elizabeth is Mine – 1998
140. Please Forgive Me – 1998
141. A Picture- Perfect Prom? – 1999
142. The Big Night – 1999
143. Party Weekend – 1999
Super Editions
1. Perfect Summer 1985
2. Special Christmas 1985
3. Spring Break 1986
4. Malibu Summer 1986
5. Winter Carnival 1986
6. Spring Fever 1987
7. Falling For Lucas
8. Jessica Takes Manhattan
9. Last Wish
10. Mystery Date
11. Earthquake
12. Aftershock
Super Thrillers
1. Double Jeopardy 1987
2. On the Run 1988
3. No Place to Hide 1988
4. Deadly Summer 1989
5. Murder on the Line
6. Beware the Wolfman
7. A Deadly Christmas
8. Murder in Paradise
9. A Stranger in the House
10. A Killer on Board
11. ‘R’ for Revenge

Super Stars
1. Lila’s Story 1989
2. Bruce’s Story 1990
3. Enid’s Story 1990
4. Olivia’s Story
5. Todd’s Story

1. The Wakefield’s of Sweet Valley
2. The Wakefield Legacy : the Untold Story
3. A Night to Remember
4. The Evil Twin ( book 100 )
5. Elizabeth’s Secret Diary
6. Jessica’s Secret Diary
7. Return of the Evil Twin
8. Elizabeth’s Secret Diary 2
9. Jessica’s Secret Diary 2
10. Elizabeth’s Secret Diary 3
11. Jessica’s Secret Diary 3
12. The Fowler’s of Sweet Valley
13. The Patman’s of Sweet Valley

– For more Spin off series check out the Sweet Valley High Website.

– Spin off of Sweet Valley High for the teen pin-up magazine set – those of us pouring over centerfolds of Johnny Depp showing off his tattoo in the Big Bopper & Tiger Beat & etc. Jessica & Elizabeth are now twelve years old and just weeks into sixth grade. Much of what made Sweet Valley a hit remains in tact , Elizabeth is still the understanding pushover who loves to write , Jessica is still manipulative and selfish. The scene has moved from high school to middle school with a not so understanding teacher Mrs. Arnette dubbed the Hairnet , and the twins growing apart as their interests change – Elizabeth wants to start a sixth grade newspaper which she does – called the Sixers , while Jessica thinks bo-ring! And instead manages to pledge herself into an exclusive club called the Unicorns. The Unicorns is a welcome and much needed addition to the series allowing Jessica to revel in her madcap humor : The club though merely social takes itself so seriously! and is full of vain , self-centered , fame-obsessed girls who have decided to drape themselves in purple ( the color of royalty ) and adorn themselves with unicorns ( cause they’re special) they even take over a table in the cafeteria which they dub get this – the Unicorner! Old characters such as Todd , Winston , Maria , Lila , Bruce remain in tact – others such as Amy Sutton , Ken Matthews , Aaron Dallas are given slightly new images – Amy is tomboyish and clumsy – Elizabeth’s new best friend ( gone is the silly vain , manipulative girl from SVH , and Enid – as we are told in Sweet Valley High didn’t meet Liz until eighth grade) , Aaron becomes Jessica’s main squeeze and dubbed the most handsome boy in sixth grade while Ken Matthews is demoted to shrimp. New characters arrive to flesh out the series such as Janet the reigning, bossy leader of the Unicorns , Ellen a slightly dim Unicorn , not to mention Johnny Buck Jessica’s favorite rock star. The plots bounce along at a zesty pace full of the typical preteen angst – sneaking out to a rock concert , joining ballet , taking riding lessons , giving make-overs , dealing with prejudice teachers , babysitting , school assignments , sabotaging irritating new kids and even puberty. Likable spawn of Sweet Valley High with many well written books. Put out of course by Bantam. *However towards the end of the series the books became congested with characters and repeated themes , and then like it’s papa Sweet Valley High tried to take inspiration from Buffy the Vampire slayer offering up violence and horror.
1. Best Friends – 1986
2. Teacher’s Pet – 1986
3. The Haunted House – 1986
4. Choosing Sides – 1986
5. Sneaking Out – 1986
6. The New Girl – 1987
7. Three’s a Crowd – 1987
8. First Place – 1987
9. Against the Rules – 1987
10. One of the Gang – 1987
11. Buried Treasure – 1987
12. Keeping Secrets – 1987
13. Stretching the Truth – 1987
14. Tug of War – 1987
15. The Older Boy – 1987
16. Second Best – 1988
17. Boys Against Girls – 1988
18. Center of Attention – 1988
19. The Bully – 1988
20. Playing Hooky – 1988
21. Left Behind – 1988
22. Out of Place – 1988
23. Claim to Fame – 1988
24. Jumping to Conclusions – 1988
25. Standing Out – 1988
26. Taking Charge – 1989
27. Teamwork – 1989
28. April Fool! – 1989
29. Jessica and the Brat Attack – 1989
30. Princess Elizabeth – 1989
31. Jessica’s Bad Idea – 1989
32. Jessica on Stage – 1989
33. Elizabeth’s New Hero – 1989
34. Jessica, the Rock Star – 1989
35. Amy’s Pen Pal – 1990
36. Mary Is Missing – 1990
37. The War Between the Twins – 1990
38. Lois Strikes Back – 1990
39. Jessica and the Money Mix-Up – 1990
40. Danny Means Trouble – 1990
41. The Twins Get Caught – 1990
42. Jessica’s Secret – 1990
43. Elizabeth’s First Kiss – 1990
44. Amy Moves In – 1990
45. Lucy Takes the Reins – 1991
46. Mademoiselle Jessica – 1991
47. Jessica’s New Look – 1991
48. Mandy Miller Fights Back – 1991
49. Twins’ Little Sister – 1991
50. Jessica and the Secret Star- 1991
51. Elizabeth the impossible – 1991
52. Booster boycott – 1991
53. The Slime that Ate Sweet Valley – 1991
54. The Big Party Weekend – 1991
55. Brooke and her Rock Star Mom – 1991
56. The Wakefield’s Strike it Rich – 1992
57. Big Brother’s in Love – 1992
58. Elizabeth and the Orphans – 1992
59. Barnyard Battle – 1992
60. Ciao ‘ Sweet Valley – 1992
61. Jessica the Nerd – 1992
62. Sarah’s Dad and Sophia’s Mom – 1992
63. Poor Lila! – 1992
64. The Charm School Mystery – 1992
65. Patti’s Last dance – 1992
66. The Great Boyfriend Switch – 1993
67. Jessica the Thief – 1993
68. The Middle School Gets Married – 1993
69. Won’t someone Help Anna – 1993
70. Psychic Sisters – 1993
72. The Love Potion – 1993
73. Lila’s Music Video – 1993
74. Elizabeth the Hero – 1993
75. Jessica and the Earthquake – 1994
76. Your’s for a Day – 1994
77. Todd Runs away – 1994
78. Steven The Zombie – 1994
79. Jessica’s Blind Date – 1994
80. The Gossip War – 1994
81. Robbery at the mall – 1994
82. Steven’s enemy – 1994
83. Amy’s Secret Sister – 1995
84. Romeo and 2 Juliet’s – 1995
85. Elizabeth the Seventh Grader – 1995
86. It Can’t Happen Here – 1995
87. The Mother Daughter Switch – 1995
88. Steven Gets Even – 1995
89. Jessica’s Cookie Disaster – 1995
90. The Cousin War – 1995
91. Deadly Voyage – 1995
92. Escape from Terror Island – 1995
93. The Incredible Madame Jessica – 1995
94. Don’t Talk to Brian – 1996
95. The Battle of the Cheerleaders – 1996
96. Elizabeth the Spy – 1996
97. Too Scared too Sleep – 1996
98. The Beast is Watching You – 1996
99. The Beast must die – 1996
100. If I die before I Wake – 1996
101. Twins in Love – 1996
102. The Mysterious Dr. Q – 1996
103. Elizabeth Solves in All – 1996
104. Big Brother in Love Again – 1997
105. Jessica’s Lucky Millions – 1997
106. Breakfast of Enemies – 1997
107. The Twins Hit Hollywood – 1997
108. Cammi’s Crush – 1997
109. Don’t Go in the Basement – 1997
110. Pumpkin Fever – 1997
111. Sisters at War – 1997
112. If Looks could Kill – 1998
113. The Boyfriend Game – 1998
114. The Boyfriend Mess – 1998
115. Happy Mother’s Day , Lila – 1998
116. Jessica Takes Charge – 1998
117. Down With Queen Janet – 1998
118. No Escape – 1998

1. The Christmas Ghost 1989
2. The Ghost in the Graveyard 1990
3. The Carnival Ghost 1990
4. The Ghost in the Belltower
5. The Curse of the Ruby Necklace
6. The Curse of the Golden Heart
7. The Haunted Burial Ground
8. The Secret of the Magic Pen
9. Evil Elizabeth
1. The Class Trip 1988
2. Holiday Mischief 1988
3. The Big Camp Secret 1989
4. The Unicorn’s Go Hawaiian
5. Lila’s Secret Valentine
6. The Twins Take Paris
7. Jessica’s Animal Instincts
8. Jessica’s First Kiss
9. The Twins Go to College
10. The Year without Christmas
11. Jessica’s No Angel
12. Good-Bye , Middle School: Countdown to Junior High
13. Jessica : Next Stop Junior High
14. Elizabeth: Next Stop Junior High
Magna Editions
1. The Magic Christmas
2. A Christmas without Elizabeth
3. BIG for Christmas
4. If I die before I Wake

– Avon Flare offered up this spunky series created by Eileen Goudge that was part Sunfire , part Back to the Future. Taking a nod from historical romances who dipped into the fun-fantasy realm of time-travel with 80’s women thrust back in time to face pirates , swordsmen and the wild west all armed with the knowledge and savvy of woman’s lib , pantyhose and contraceptives to butt heads with the stubborn, sexy men of yesteryear. Swept Away did just that – each heroine is a girl at a fictional highschool – O Henry High who mutually meet or are friends with Ashley Calhoun a wizard with computers ( obviously ) who has created a computer program that has allowed her to travel back in time. While taking amazing jaunts herself ( she has even meet Cleopatra! ) She allows her friends to dart back for an adventure. Fortunately – time does a little bending for Ashley – 2 minutes our time equals two days of the past. Too bad this series couldn’t have lasted it was fun and had absolutely terrific covers!
1. Gone with the Wish – Eileen Goudge – 1986
2. Woodstock Magic – Fran Lantz – 1986
3. Love on the Range – Louise E. Powers – 1986
4. Star Struck – Fran Lantz – 1987
5. Spellbound – Jennifer Rabin -1987
6. Once Upon a Kiss – Mar Garrido – 1987
7. Pirate Moon – Merrilee Steiner- 1987
8. All Shook Up – Fran Lantz – 1987

– Betsy Haynes had a hit with The Against Taffy Sinclair Club – it was controversial , hilarious and lively. Not to mention popular. After an eight year hiatus the characters returned for a sequel that echoed out new stories almost every year till it eventually spawned an evolution – The Fabulous Five. Put out at first by Nelson before switching to Skylark this non-numbered series featured a lot of exuberant ideas that were rather like Judy Blume – puberty , hostility towards a fellow classmate and less than perfect friends. The difference between the Fabulous Five and The Taffy books is the tone. The Taffy Books are told in the first person point of view. Jana is the I of the story and it’s her thoughts , opinions , and worries we see the most. As the protagonist Jana is borderline neurotic – self-pejorative , fault-finding , excitable – over all a worry-wart. Her nemesis is Taffy Sinclair who in the first book only seems to be total victim – they hate her cause she’s beautiful – she is all luscious butterscotch locks and candy-blue eyes. But as if to lessen some of the evil tidings of Jana and her friends, Taffy is eventually exposed as a worthy villain – snobby , snide , who encourages bulimia and eventually takes opportunity to blackmail Jana into becoming her personal slave. Jana’s friends eventually disband the Against Taffy Sinclair club and form the Fabulous Five in an effort to improve themselves – for Melanie it means giving up her mom’s delectable fudge brownies. The plots centered around Jana and her friends – Beth , Katie , Christie and Melanie’s attempts to stay center of attention in their sixth grade class and usurp Taffy every chance they got. Meanwhile Jana had to battle with the fact that her alcoholic father was probably out of her life for good, something she was never quite willing to accept. Well written series with interesting tid-bits like Jana having made a poster of her dream-boy – class mate Randy Kirwin with his 1000 watt smile and kept it hidden under her Miss Piggy poster.
1. The Against Taffy Sinclair Club – 1976
2. Taffy Sinclair Strikes Again – 1984
3. Taffy Sinclair, Queen of the Soaps – 1985
4. Taffy Sinclair and the Romance Machine Disaster – 1987
5. Blackmailed by Taffy Sinclair – 1987
6. Taffy Sinclair, Baby Ashley, and Me – 1987
7. Taffy Sinclair and the Secret Admirer Epidemic – 1988
8. Taffy Sinclair and the Melanie Make-Over – 1988
9. The Truth about Taffy Sinclair – 1988
10. Taffy Sinclair Goes to Hollywood – 1990
11. Nobody Likes Taffy Sinclair – 1991

Put out by Scholastic in 88 & written by Megan Barnes this series was extremely short lived – just four books and was of a genre that always struggled. Inappropriate themes often kick-started by movies seeped into teen fiction and were usually short lived but not always – this series was followed by college shenanigans , and later on the more successful Goosebumps and Point Horrors – serving up vampires and ghouls for the junior set. As usual the authors attempt to whitewash black magic and witchcraft by making it basically a footnote (if mentioned at all )with the darkness lightened into something that’s easier to swallow even if sacrificing a readers believability-see also Abracadabra. Taking in every dream-fantasy of who wouldn’t want to snap their fingers and make their worst enemy disappear and the writer’s got a reader hooked for at least one novel but that’s the problem – what keeps them reading? There are plenty of moments for humorous mayhem as 13 yr old Sarah Collins eager to try out her powers – which mainly are used to -get her own way , achieve popularity and help her friends, often finds herself in plot forming predicaments – such as being able to see only in black and white – right before a basketball game and is unable to discern her opponents. Or seeing how it would feel to walk in her older sister shoes for the weekend – literally. We are told she is a descendent of witches and that her beloved Aunt Pam is a witch to , who is often trying to get Sarah to curb her rash decisions but mostly bailing her out of her many disasters. The books start off better than they continue with little character development and more focus on the calamity that Sarah inadvertently sparks than anything else.
1. Lucky 13 – 1988
2. Be Careful What You Wish For – 1988
3. Gone With the Witch – 1989
4. Witch Switch – 1989

Put out by Avon Camelot in 1989 along with Camp Sunnyside Friends. Both of which had the most audaciously brilliant covers, jampacked in a frame of dayglo-bright symbols. The series was written by Page McBrier and centered around a group of twelve year olds who decide to start their own neighborhood paper which they dub The Treehouse Times, after setting up shop in their treehouse. Amy Evans is their intelligent , creative , kind and unusually-responsible leader. Robin Ryan is plump , pretty but flaky with a penchant for munching and getting the easy assignment. Erin Valdez is the energetic one , sporty and friendly while Leah Fox is tall , pretty and artistic and though she doesn’t like drawing attention to herself her creative ways often do. A cut above the usual series mainly because the heroine has a good head on her shoulders and is determined to put out a good product ( she makes Liz from Sweet Valley Twins and her newspaper seem downright amateurish! ) The stories are lively and often funny with solutions that are believable not necessarily the happily ever after , winner take all endings that plague most series novels. Plots include drumming up stories , restaurant reviewing and wrangling for sponsors. Definitely worth a read.
1. Under Twelve Not Allowed – 1989
2. The Kickball Crisis – 1989
3. Spaghetti Breath – 1989
4. First Course: Trouble – 1990
5. Daphne Takes Charge – 1990
6. The Press Mess – 1990
7. Rats! – 1990
8. The Great Rip Off – 1990
9. Stinky Business – 1991

– Harper fiction put out this short lived series on the cusp of a new decade , the 90’s and with a big star splash on the cover declaring – From the best selling author of Camp Sunnyside Friends and it should have been something of a hit. Unfortunately the timing was all wrong – Girls fiction was beginning to decay like bright fallen leaves , cold autumn had crept in and swept all but the strongest away , surging in the new indomitable genre – teen horror. Three of a kind however , had a good premise for preteens – three 13 year old girls in Willoughby Orphanage who don’t get along, suddenly find themselves adopted by the same couple. This happens after a rather backfiring scheme to stay within the ‘safe’ confines of the orphanage after they hear some horrorifying adoption stories. Thinking the couple won’t adopt all of them they declare that they will not be parted. They get their wish. The girls are the typical set of round Robin opposites. Cat is arrogant and fashion obsessed , Becka is brainy but goofy and Josie is gruff and tomboyish. Their new parents weren’t the typical homebodies but ex New Yorkers who decide to pack it in for the quiet town of Green Falls , Vermont to open a health food store. Annie Morgan can’t cook , and Ben Morgan is trying to keep their modest store afloat. The stories revolve around the three girls adapting to rules , their new family , seeing each other as sisters and trying to fit in at their new school. The books were fresh and funny and had believable characters. However , at thirteen Cat was already a contender for a night soap queen as she battles with fellow school narcissist the popular Heather Beaumont and makes a tug-o-war pawn out of dim quarter back Todd accelerating the level of bad-girl to not your typical series eighth graders. Written by Marilyn Kaye who also wrote a non numbered series called Sisters ( not to be mistaken with Sisters by Jennifer Cole ).
1. With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies – 1990
2. Home’s a Nice Place to Visit, But I Wouldn’t Want To Live There – 1990
3. Will the Real Becka Morgan Please Stand Up – 1991
4. Two’s Company , Four’s a Crowd – 1991
5. Cat Morgan , Working Girl – 1991
6. 101 Way’s to Win Homecoming Queen – 1991

– Put out by Warner pb. This gimmicky thematic series was short lived but had an interesting twist. One half of the paperback gave the girls side of the romance then you could flip the book over and read the boys side of the romance. A kindof he-said / she-said. To keep them separate the boys side was usually printed upside down requiring the flip. Photo covers of the hero and heroine graced both front and back covers so that other than a bar code it was hard to tell which was the front and which was the back. There was no real book description just a short, sassy blurb the kind usually printed in ads in the back of the books to list whats up and coming. Not a bad series in fact it’s neat the way they can show you the two sides to every romance – it would’ve been a terrific gimmick if say the other series had adopted it for one of their Super Specials. The stories were the typical romances with lots of terrific 80’s moments like a girl missing her families fireplace Christmas fondue dinners , to a boy worrying that a girl is looking at him like he was a baboon on the loose!
1. Cassie & Chris – Sara Casey – 1983
2. Jed and Jesse – Abby Connell – 1983
3. Change of Heart – Patricia Aks – 1983
4. Only a Dream Away – Kathryn Makris – 1983
5. One Special Summer – Janice Harrell – 1984
6. Handle with Care – Lucy Malone – 1984
7. In-Between Love – Kim Kennedy – 1984
8. Falling in Love again – Peter Filichia – 1984
9. Weekend for Us – Kathryn Makris – 1984
10. Just the Way you Are – Lisa Norby – 1984
11. A Kiss for Good Luck – Carol Ellis – 1984

I was unsure wether or not to put this small thematic series by Pacer on my list
simply because I’m still not sure if this is a thematic series or rather, just an
elaborate heading , a division seperating certain books from others. For
instance if you’re an 80’s book aficionado like me, you’ll reall Dell publishing
a ‘series’ of books under a locket logo called Young Love ( but were they series
books? Even thematic series books? That, therein is the question ) Two Hearts
by Pacer fiction has an elaborate logo – two gold hearts linked by a ribbon ,
over which the series title scrawls. And in the back of their books, it’s
advertised rather like a series with the blurb – We can’t promise you a
date on Saturday Night,but we can promise you a good time when
you curl up with a Two Hearts romance! However, it only published
to my knowledge, only four titles under this logo. The stories were
good, typical romances , one of which was written by the terrific
C.S. Adler, and the others were no slouches to 80’s teen fiction either.
1. In the Middle of A Rainbow – Barbara Girion
2. Lover’s Games – Barbara Cohen
3. Roadside Valentine – C.S. Adler
4. Vacation Fever – Wendy Andrews

– Actually written by Francine Pascal before her overwelming success with creating Sweet Valley High. These were written mostly in the seventies and reprinted after her fame forced them back onto the market. The books give a better character portrait than Sweet Valley High with a trouble making protagonist , the self-absorbed Victoria who is age – 13 , 15 , and 16 in the books. The first book is a clever fantasy about Victoria, who has driven her mother to the end of her rope when she is caught passing a joint at her cousins birthday party. Sent home early , Victoria hits her head on the train and is thrust back via -daydreaming- time -travel to the year 1944 and meets up with her mother then age 13 and discovers her mother had even more outrageous schemes than her! The second book has Victoria as a mother’s helper on Fire Island and turning a blissfully blind eye to the fact that her vacation , job and romance are less than perfect while in the last book Victoria is tricked into a grueling job as a waitress at a sleep away camp with her best friend Steffi whose boyfriend she has gone ga-ga for. The books are bold , brash , tart and hilarious with dialogue that fairly smacks of teen lingo – Everything to Victoria – is grungy , gross , fabulous , terrific , excellent , horrendous -and all that blah blah blah. Put out by Viking and later Dell.
1. Hanging Out with Cici – 1977
2. My First Love , and Other Disasters – 1979
3. Love and Betrayal and Hold the Mayo! – 1985

Totally fun , heartwarming series or rather trio, put out all in the same month of May in the new decade of 1990 by Avon Flare. Written by Jean Thesman who creates three very different but lovable characters Amelia , Heather & Erin. Heather is outgoing , out spoken and in her story moves into her new stepfather’s house and must adapt to their kind but stiff and humorless atmosphere along with a smug , irritable housekeeper. Fortunately, Heather manages to find her zany outlet by driving the cafeteria cooks up the wall with her & Paige’s constant pranks which take digs at their inedible cooking. Amelia is feisty and likeable but denies her inner warnings about a new boy who tries to attack her setting off a horrible game of he said / she said. Erin is a ferociously aloof orphan who after driving her grandparents up the wall moves in with cousin Amelia and her wild , burgeonous family. But will her offbeat and abrasive manor keep her from finding happiness? Love the thrift store descriptions in Erin’s story – lots of glowing visions – earrings made from nail-polish painted macaroni , black satin slippers , an oversized jacket with Kip’s Karate Klub stenciled on the back. Overall- Memorable.
1. Heather
2. Amelia
3. Erin
4. Triple Trouble

One of the major competitors for Sweet Dreams! This was a terrific thematic romance series specializing in stories that had no timeline boundaries – whereas Sweet Dreams usually stayed within the confines of a one to two month timespan – like Sweet Valley High their stories usually hinged on an event , a special dance or school activity. Wildfire romances could actually span years filling in backgrounds of characters -for example in Beautiful Girl the protagonist’s crucial event with a classmate , back in first grade , kicks off their hostilities that carry on into high school. With this freedom the stories took their time , built on events , symbolism and tended to have some maturity in a genre that often overlooked the art of simplicity. They were well written and engrossing but featured the same typical storylines as all the other series make-overs , friendship , yearning for the popular boy or maybe just popularity. And like their other contender First Love From Silhouette they had a series within a series – the Christy books which featured four books- volumes – 7 , 36 , 58 and 60. Wildfire also featured bright photo covers with some of the most dazzling lettering ever for series titles , from blocky letters to swirly to the very gothic lettering for the masquerade themed Once Upon a Time. Lots of great authors.
1. Sixteen Can Be Sweet – Maud Johnson – 1978
2. Love Comes to Anne – Lucille S. Warner – 1979
3. Take Care of My Girl – Carol Stanley – 1979
4. The Voices of Julie – Joan Oppenheimer- 1979
6. That’s My Girl – Jill Ross Klevin – 1980
7. I’m Christy – Maud Johnson – 1980
8. Beautiful Girl – Elisabeth Ogilvie – 1980
9. Superflirt – Helen Cavanagh – 1980
10. Just Sixteen – Terry Morris – 1980
11. Wildfire Diary – 1980
12. A Funny Girl Like Me – Jan O’Donnell – 1980
13. I’ve Got a Crush on You – Carol Stanley – 1981
14. Dreams Can Come True – Jane Claypool Miner – 1981
15. An April Love Story – Caroline B. Cooney – 1981
16. Yours Truly, Love, Janie – Ann Reit – 1981
17. The Summer of the Sky-Blue Bikini – Jill Ross Klevin – 1981
18. The Best of Friends – Jill Ross Klevin – 1981
19. Second Best – Helen Cavanagh- 1981
20. A Kiss for Tomorrow – Maud Johnson – 1981
21. A Place for Me – Helen Cavanagh – 1981
22. Dance with Me – Winifred Madison – 1981
23. Suzy Who? – Winifred Madison – 1981
24. One Day You’ll Go – Sheila Schwartz – 1981
25. Lisa – Arlene Hale – 1981
26. Make a Wish – Nancy Smiler Levinson – 1982
27. Secret Love – Barbara Steiner – 1982
28. Nancy & Nick – Caroline B. Cooney – 1982
29. Senior Class – Jane Claypool Miner – 1982
30. Too Young to Know – Elisabeth Ogilvie – 1982
31. Junior Prom – Patricia Aks – 1982
32. He Loves Me Not – Caroline B. Cooney – 1982
33. Good-bye, Pretty One – Lucille S. Warner – 1982
34. Just a Summer Girl – Helen Cavanagh – 1982
35. Write Every Day – Janet Quin-Harkin – 1982
36. Christy’s Choice – Maud Johnson – 1982
37. The Wrong Boy – Carol Stanley – 1982
38. Just You and Me – Ann Martin – 1982
39. The Searching Heart – Barbara Steiner – 1982
40. Sing about Us – Winifred Madison – 1982
41. Saturday Night Date – Maud Johnson – 1982
42. Cindy – Deborah Kent – 1982
43. The Impossible Love – Arlene Hale – 1982
44. The Boy For Me – Jane Claypool Miner – 1983
45. Class Ring – Josephine Wunsch – 1983
46. Phone Calls – Ann Reit – 1983
47. Homecoming Queen – Winifred Madison – 1983
48. Holly in Love – Caroline B. Cooney – 1983
49. Spring Love – Jennifer Sarasin – 1983
50. No Boys? – McClure Jones – 1983
51. Blind Date – Priscilla Maynard – 1983
52. That Other Girl – Conrad Nowels – 1983
53. Little Lies – Audrey Johnson – 1984
54. Broken Dreams – Susan Mendonca – 1984
55. Love Games – Deborah Aydt – 1984
56. On Your Toes – Terry Morris – 1984
57. Miss Perfect – Jill Ross Klevin – 1984
58. Christy’s Love – Maud Johnson – 1984
59. Nice Girls Don’t Tell – Caroline B. Cooney – 1984
60. Christy’s Senior Year – Maud Johnson – 1984
61. Kiss and Tell – Helen Cavanagh – 1984
62. The Boy Next Door – Vicky Martin – 1984
63. Angel – Helen Cavanagh – 1984
64. Call Me – Jane Claypool Miner – 1984
65. Senior Dreams Can Come True – Jane Claypool Miner – 1985
66. Loving that O’Connor Boy – Diane Hoh – 1985
67. Love Signs – M. L. Kennedy – 1985
68. My Summer Love – Elisabeth Ogilvie – 1985
69. Once Upon a Kiss – Susan Mendonca- 1985
70. Kisses for Sale – Judith Enderle- 1985
71. Crazy Crush – Stephanie Gordon Tessler – 1985
72. Breaking the Boy Barrier – Jesse DuKore – 1985
73. The Boy Barrier – Jesse DuKore- 1985
74. The Yes Girl – Kathryn Makris – 1985
75. Love to the Rescue – Deborah Kent – 1985
76. A Girl Named Summer – Julie Garwood – 1986
77. Dating Blues – Maud Johnson – 1986
78. The Wrong Love – Kathryn Makris – 1986
79. I Want To Be Me – Dorothy Bastien – 1986
80. Wildfire Double Romance – McClure Jones – 1986
81. Out of Bounds – Eileen Hehl – 1986

While all the other thematic romances dealt with love struck school girls in plots that usually hinged
on a school dance this series offered a refreshing alternate – like Swept Away , Windswept had
a gimmick – it too mimicked the varied offerings of woman’s romance by going goth – Part spooky
mystery , part romance it tapped into that 70’s fad of gothic fiction whose covers featured eerily drawn woman in flowing gowns, sprinting away on a moor with a crumbling mansion looming behind them. With
a handful of writers who would go on to write mystery and horror fiction for young adults, they created some wonderfully creepy romances to cuddle up with on a stormy, Windswept night. They included the typical gothic trappings of murder , ghostly apparitions , fog wrapped manors in Maine , atmospheric tension , hauntings from the past and mysterious suspects. Short lived but by no means boring.
1. Don’t Walk Alone – Mary Bringle – 1981
2. Someone Is Out There – Carole Standish – 1982
3. Girl in the Shadows – Miriam Lynch – 1982
4. The House of Three Sisters – Virginia Nielsen – 1982
5. Yesterday’s Girl – Madeleine Sunshine – 1982
6. The Snow’s Secret – Carole Standish – 1982
7. The Red Room – Kaye Dobkin – 1982
8. The Silvery Past – Candice F. Ransom – 1982
9. Dreams and Memories – Lavinia Harris – 1982
10. The Ghost of Graydon Place – Dorothy Francis – 1982
11. A Forgotten Girl – Elisabeth Ogilvie – 1982
12. The Silent Witness – Meredith Hill – 1983
13. The Empty Attic – Jean Francis Webb – 1983
14. Murder by Moonlight – Dorothy Woolfolk – 1983
15. The Girl Cried Murder – Dorothy Woolfolk – 1974
[Note: Originally published as Murder. My Dear!l
16. House of Fear – Willo Davis Roberts – 1983
17. Mirror, Mirror – Virginia Nielson – 1983
18. The Missing Sunrise – Joan Oppenheimer – 1983
19. Dark Magic – Miriam Lynch – 1983
20. Mysterious Summer – Marion Schultz – 1983
21. Phantom Light – Susan Dix – 1983
22. The Lost Holiday – Elizabeth Olsen – 1983
23. A Date with Danger – Edward Hunsberger – 1983
24. The Burned Letter – Conrad Nowels – 1984
25. The Secret – Carol Beach York -1984
26. The Castle Murder – Vivian Schurfranz – 1984
27. Mystery Cruise – Carole Standish – 1984
28. Girl in the Shadows – Miriam Lynch – 1982
29. The Disappearing Teacher – Conrad Nowels – 1984
30. Weekend of Fear – Virginia Nielson – 1984
31. Secret of the Dark – Barbara Steiner – 1984
32. The Accident – Jesse Osburn – 1984
33. The Hidden Room – Jennifer Sarasin – 1984
34. The Warning – Dorothy Brenner Francis – 1984

Put out by Scholastic – this is the oldest of the thematic series – by only a whisper. Though it fell into place with the same typical teen romances with subjects like jealousy , moving to a new place , battling stepsisters , making over a drab girl only to do , too good a job and dealing with a parents impending divorce , the series also rised above the usual to deal with slightly controversial topics that other series like Sweet Dreams and Wildfire wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. Wishing Star kicks off with The Lost Summer ( nod to the vintage classic movie – the Lost Weekend ) about a young girl whose life of the party attitude suddenly topples into alcoholism as she begins carrying a thermos of vodka and orange juice everywhere she goes. Other books have a girl dealing with an alcoholic mother , while another has a headstrong heroine whomust face up to the fact that drugs are everywhere in her school and what , as someone running for student body president, is she gonna do about it – even when the subject hits close to home as her best friend starts dating one of the biggest drug dealers around. Edgy well written stories , too bad they couldn’t have lasted a little longer but by the time they folded too many thematic romances were probably cannibalizing one another. Wishing Star was probably sacrificed to ensure Wildfire lasted. * On an interesting note – some of these books were published by Scholastic prior to being under the heading of the Wishing Star symbol.
1. The Lost Summer – Joan Oppenheimer
2. The Girl who wanted Out – Bianca Bradbury
3. Blind Sunday – Jessica Evans
4. The Two Worlds of Jill – Patricia Aks
5. Francesca Baby – Joan Oppenheimer
6. Too Much in Love – Patti Brisco
7. Don’t Look Back – Audrey P. Johnson
8. Katie – Deborah Aydt
9. I Don’t Want to Be your Shadow – Deborah Aydt
10. Remember To Love – Dorothy Bastien
11.Honey – Helen Cavanagh
12. The Great Lakeside High Experiment – Neil R. Seldon
13. The Night Skiers – Dorothy Bastien
14. Jealousy – Sheila Schwartz
15. The Loving Year – Bianca Bradbury
16. Walk Beside me , Be my Friend – Joan Oppenheimer
17. A Summer to Remember – Priscilla Maynard
18. Secrets – Patricia Aks
19. Sisters – Audrey Johnson
20. Why did you leave me? Jane Claypool Miner
21. But this Girl is different – Arnold Madison
22. Second Chance – Joan Oppenheimer
23. What about me – Pat Lawler
24. Who needs a Stepsister – Patricia Aks
25. Far From Home – Jill Ross Klevin

To stop the summer doldrums Abby Martin , headstrong , untamed and armed with her newfound interest in astrology, creates the Zodiac club with a group of girls hoping to beat the love game by finding themselves their perfect match. Each character is the series is created to be totally in sync with the expectation of the Zodiac symbol’s personality chart. Abby is Aries and therefore whimsical , Mara Bennett is charming & tender but longs to be more outspoken. Jocelyn – ‘J.L.’ Ritcher an aloof tomboy is a Scorpio , Elizabeth Leonard is beautiful but gullible and of course a Pisces. Cathy Rosen a Leo is a charismatic , go-getter. Jessica Holly is a friendly outgoing , redhead a Virgo and Penny Ross is a Sagittarius , unpredictable but engaging. The books are often well written having an assortment of interesting writers but the theme may give the reader a headache – every decision , be it school , romance , job , or daydream is waterlogged by it’s own theme of astrology and the stories are often spliced with horoscopes just when you didn’t think you had enough of – what-sign-are-you. Put out by Pacer fiction.
1. The Stars Unite – Gail Daniels – 1984
2. Aries Rising – Sarah Godfrey – 1984
3. Taurus Trouble – Lynn J. Nichols – 1984
4. Libra’s Dilemma – E. M. Rees – 1984
5. Capricorn & Co. – Margie Palatini – 1984
6. Sagittarius Serving – Joanna Kroll – 1984
7. Aquarius Ahoy! – S. J. Lawrence – 1985
8. Gemini Solo – E. M. Rees – 1985
9. Cancer, the Moonchild – Gail Daniels – 1985
10. Pisces Times Two – E. M. Rees – 1985
11. Scorpio’s Class Act – Margie Palatini – 1985
12. Leo on the Loose – E. M. Rees – 1985
13. Virgo’s Love Scheme – Margie Palatini – 1985

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    Hey there,

    I’m trying to find a book which I think might have been a book out of one of those teenage girl book series from the 80’s & 90’s.

    The book is about Lori/Laurie who used to be the “fat” girl at her old school and who used to drive to all the takeaway food places and bought a little from each one so she wouldn’t be ridiculed for buying lots of food from one place. Over the summer she loses all the extra weight. She then transfers to a new school and is now a slim and a quietly popular girl at her new school, but is terrified of anyone finding out her past identity. Only her best friend knows who she used to be. Lori has no confidence as she still feels and thinks like a “fat” girl.

    If anyone remembers this book and can help me find out the title, I’d really appreciate it 🙂 Thanks.

    • peacharino says:

      Tough one , I can’t seem to find it. Was it a Sweet Dreams? or a Wildfire? If not it might have been an Avon flare book those ones are tricky! They look like series books but are actually just like Apple paperbacks , free floating. Maybe someone else will know.

    • balefan says:

      I’m also looking for a similar book about an overweight girl, but I don’t recall if the girl moved to a new school in the one I’m thinking of. I do remember that she takes up either squash or racquetball at a local gym and starts riding her bike everywhere and loses the weight.

      Does that one sound familiar to anyone?

      • Emm says:

        That one (about racquetball) was called “The Girl Inside,” and the heroine was named Becca. She was 15, chubby and un-selfconfident until she took a job at SportSpot Health Club (or something like that).

    • Deborah says:

      the book is from the seniors book novels of th eeighties her name was lori.I am trying to locate the full title for you think its between book 2 and 6 of the seniors series……….deb

    • Jess says:

      I actually still own that book. It’s called “Afraid to Love” by Eileen Goudge. It’s part of the Seniors series

  3. Michelle says:

    There was also a series called Storm something…they were usually teen romance paired with spooky/paranormal occurrences….I loved those things.

    And thank you SO much for that side-by-side of the SVH/Beautiful Girl. I’ve been trying to remember the title of BG for ages! I guess it was far too simple to remember!

    But there are two other books I distinctly remember reading back in the day. One was about a girl who lived on an Apple farm/orchard in MN. A city boy shows up and starts working there–and then inadvertantly ends up setting the place on fire (because of those nasty smokes).

    The other is about two families who move somewhere to live off the land–making their own soap and growing their own vegees. The teen daughter hates the teen son of the other family but alas….they end up falling in LURVE.

    Any clue as to what the titles are?


    • peacharino says:

      Sorry I’m taking so long to reply! I was really struggling to sort through my junk and before I knew it I realised I hadn’t put nothing on my blogs in over a month! I’ll have to search that Storm series maybe you could give me a date on it? I don’t think I’ve ever come across something like that but who knows I was trying to narrow my search down to strickly 80’s series boarderline 90’s. As for the apple farm book I found it! It’s a Wildfire and it’s called One Day I’ll Go by Sheila Schwartz sounds good – the fire reminds me of the one in Caroline B. Cooney’s dance books – Last Dance , Speaking of Caroline B. Cooney she is the author of your other mystery story – Another Wildfire – An April Love Story – I will definately have to post this one up soon it reminds me of Molly Ringwald’s rarely seen movie Roughin It. I flipped through it and one scene caught my eye – Marnie – that’s the main character crying after Joel buys her a candy bar from a vending machine and she realizes she may never see a vending machine again – ‘”You are mourning for a vending machine?” yelled my father. “Marnie, weep for children starving in Cambodia, weep for Jews persecuted in Russia, but for God’s sake, don’t weep over a vending machine.” Sounds like a hoot!

      • Michelle says:

        My god, I can’t believe you found those books! Is it wrong that I really want to read them again, just for nostalgia?

        And I found the ‘storm’ books. They’re actually a series called Twilight (before the current vampire Twilight extravaganza). http://wapedia.mobi/en/Twilight:_Where_Darkness_Begins_-_Teen_Horror_Book_Series

        I have two 12 year old nieces who are all into the horror stuff, so I’m scouring the intartubes trying to find them all–who knew it would be so hard to find cheezy 80s books!

        • peacharino says:

          Hi , definately not wrong! I’ve heard of the Twilight series – before the Twilight series – and even ran into a few books – I might eventually expand my 80’s series to include some paranormal – if you want to try looking for the books to see how many were done you can try Bookfinder and type in twilight under the title category ( this is easier than abe because it eliminates doubles ). And if you like old 80’s horror series check out Private School by Steven Charles ( a pen name for horror master Charles S. Grant ). I think it was about a boarding school with spooky students ( but I’m not completely sure. ) The books came out around 1986 but only lasted for about six book probably ahead of their time.

    • Olga says:

      I am so enjoying reminiscing! Thanks!

  4. I think the “storm” series you’re thinking of if the WIndswept series of mysterious teen romances. I found one in my collection (I have more and can look) and here are the titles with authors. They were published around 1980:

    Don’t Walk Alone by Mary Bringle
    Someone Is Out There by Carole Standish
    Girl in the Shadows by Miriam Lynch
    The House of Three Sisters by Virginia Nielson (I knew her–she passed away in the 90’s)
    Yesterday’s Girl by Madeline Sunshine
    The Snow’s Secret by Carole Standish
    The Red Room by Kaye Dobkin
    The Silvery Past by Candice Ransom (she’s still writing and had a Time Travel chapter book series)
    Dreama and Memories by Lavinia Harris (1982)
    A Forgotton Girl by Elisabeth Ogilvie
    The Ghost of Graydon Place by Dorothy Francis (she’s writing mysteries in adult market)
    The Silent Witness by Meredith Hill
    The Empty Attic by Jean Francis Webb
    Murder by Moonlight by Dorothy Woolfolk
    The Girl Cried Murder by Dorothy Woolfolk
    House of Fear by Willo Davis Roberts (loved her books, she passed away about 6-7 years ago)
    Mysterious Summer by Marian Schultz

    Hope this answers your question!

    Linda Joy Singleton
    author of THE SEER & DEAD GIRL mysteries/Flux (plus 5 Sweet Dreams)

  5. Cat says:

    You just made my day. Not only did you help me realize I wasn’t just making this up, you even listed all the Windswept titles! I just posted on my book blog asking if anyone could remember this series and/or could let me know if it was called Windswept or not.

    And now I know. Thank you so much! I shall link this post to my original one and forever be grateful!

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  7. Schatzi says:

    No Sunfires?

    • peacharino says:

      I’m glad someone called me on my mess -up! Until just recently I hadn’t thought anything was wrong with my A-Z guide and then noticed several items were missing. I had pre-written everything and copy and pasted the pages in long , very looooong strips , for some reason bits are missing mainly the tail ends and I’m trying to piece them back on. I’m working on several right now like Kelly Blake and so forth. I’ll try and put Sunfire up by the end of the upcoming week. Thanks for the heads up!

      • The Sunfires are really popular still from what I hear from collectors who sell online. I don’t have them all, about maybe 10 of them. My agent recently mentioned loving ROXANNE as a teen so I pulled it out from curiosity and after just reading the first page I was hooked and read the whole book. Enjoyable! And slightly different than most of the career-type romances because she doesn’t give up the career for marriage/engagement.

        My own new book, DEAD GIRL IN LOVE, just came out, completing a trilogy.

        • peacharino says:

          You are so right about their popularity! Every time I see a batch on Ebay they have like six bidders battling it out for them. Even though I scour my local used book shops , thrift shops and garage sales I have only come across three! I know , I should just cave and buy some on Abe.com but I love the hunt of searching them out. I think Sunfire’s appeal lay in the fact that a reader could feel quite grown up with their pint sized version of the bosom-heaving historical romance.

  8. Imoen says:

    I am looking for the title of an 80s teen romance novel. I’m not sure if it’s from Sweet Dreams, Silhouette, First Love…. The main characters of the story are Janine Anderson and Craig something. Janine is the beautiful but not so populare girl; Craig is the most popular jock…They both end up working after school for the same family. Janine babysits, Craig does the yard work. They start to fall in love… Janine works at an ice cream shop to save money for a beautiful dress…. Does anyone know this book? It was my favorite teen romance novel when I was a girl. Would love to read it again just for kicks..

    • peacharino says:

      Hi , the book you’re looking for is a First Love From Silhouette – #9 Love at First Sight by Elaine Harper , if you want more stories about Janine & Craig – I know for sure they are in more First Love From Silhouette -( but it will say a Blossom Valley book across the cover) – # 137 – Lover’s Lake in which Janine & Craig are now married and Janine is pregnant & #145 Janine – in which Janine & Craig try to balance their jobs a new baby and married life. If you want to buy – Love at First Sight at Amazon

  9. RENA GARRISON says:

    I am looking for a book I had read as a teenager called Christie and Kristy it was iI am pretty sure its with a C .about a girl who fell for a boy and I know he drove a tractor because there is one part of the book where she is sitting between his legs riding with him and I know that there is an accident and the boy dies . I want this book and dont know anything else about it .

    • peacharino says:

      Hi , the series you are looking for is called the Christy books within the Wildfire romance series – there are four books in the series – I’m Christy , Christy’s Choice , Christy’s Love and Christy’s Senior Year. You must have read several of them because Mike, her boyfriend, doesn’t die until the third book. If you want to buy the books Amazon has some good deals Right Here
      Thanks for looking!

  10. RDCadwell says:

    I am looking for a book that I must have read back in the 80s. It was a teen romance about a girl that went to spend the summer at a dude ranch in Arizona, I think. Of course, she met a boy and didn’t like him, but then some friends were coming to visit her, so she asked him to pretend he was her boyfriend. Of course, she then realized she loved him, and the rest is history. Not sure why, but this one sticks with me, and I’d love to find it again. I swore the title was “Don’t Fence Me In”, which I found on this site, but when I look at the description of that book on Amazon, it doesn’t fit. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance for the help!

    • peacharino says:

      Hi , I see what you mean! I clicked on to Amazon and it sent me to a Lael Lee Miller
      page! But you are absolutely right , the book is Don’t Fence me in By Brenda Cole and it is one of my favorite First Love From Silhouettes ( But I’m kinda generous , I’ve allowed a favorite for every author – sometimes two.) Here’s the back blurb – Amy was Furious! A horrendous idea , that’s what it was! A new stepfather! Life on an out-of-the-way ranch! An unknown stepsister, probably a drip! Demeaning chores! And now this totally tiresome boy who did nothing but fight with her! As soon as possible she would dump the whole operation and go back to the city to live like a civilized person with her grandmother. But Derek had other plans , and Derek was a pretty stubborn guy…He also happened to be tall , dark and surprisingly persuasive – especially when he intended to lasso a pretty girl. – She does talk him into pretending to be her boyfriend for the sake of her visiting friend Shannon. Oh and remember Derek’s run in with a skunk and Amy gets the delightful chore of pouring tomatoe juice over his head! Hysterical – well worth a reread!

  11. Carmel says:

    Hi everyone. Not sure if this is the right spot to post this, but here goes anyway. 🙂
    I recently started a website selling teen romance books, mainly 80s series but also some 90s series. I found this blog when doing research & find it a great source of information about some of the series I will be listing. So thank you peacharino. You’ve made my job easier.
    I have not quite 300 books listed at the moment, with many more to go. Who knows, I may have one someone is looking for. 🙂 I am in Australia so most of the books will be either Australian or UK editions, so you Americans with your funny spelling might find them a bit strange, lol. I have sold teen romances on eBay here in Oz & the idea to have a website for them grew from how popular they were & all the changes that ebay have gone through, making it difficult to warrant listing lower priced niche market books. Plus my friends who have romance book websites assuring me there was nothing specifically for the old teen romances that they knew about. So here I am posting on your blog & hoping I won’t be in the norti corner for it. 🙂

    • peacharino says:

      Sounds great! If you don’t mind I added a link so if my visitors are interested in buying , I’ll recommend your place – I think I’ve seen you on Ebay before , I’m
      notorious for searching every Ebay – even Ebay U.k. And Ebay Australia. I’ve just dropped by and your site is terrific , very well organised! Keep up the good

      • Carmel says:

        Thank you! Both for the welcome and the praise. I have no problem with you adding a link, go for it. I’m happy to be another option as a source for these books. After I had the idea for the website it took another 18 months to accumulate enough books of various series to stock the site. Basically if I think any teen fiction I find has a hint of unrequited love or a hint of a snog (kissing scene to those who don’t know Aussie slang) it will go on the website. Some of it will be from Aussie authors that people from overseas may not be familiar with, but I will have enough of a blurb on the listings for you to work out the story line. 🙂

  12. Jennifer says:

    Thank you so much for posting this guide! I used to get Sweet Dreams, Wildfire, and Two By Two romances every week at the library. I’ve kept my Caroline B. Cooney and Barbara Conklin books, plus a few others.

    There was one book that I kept checking out, over and over, and now I can’t remember the title. I think it was a Wildfire and it was about a popular girl who couldn’t live without things like her hair dryer and curling iron who went camping/rafting with her brother (nicknamed Ranger Rick, I think) and her best friend. The camping/rafting guide picks on her because she hates roughing it, but of course they end up falling in love. Toward the end of the book, he hits his head while they are rafting and she has to keep him awake all night in case he has a concussion.

    All I’ve been able to find about this book is someone else who is searching for it too. This is from whatsthatbook.com: “a preppy girly-girl goes to a summer camp with her brother, much to her chagrin as she does not enjoy “roughing it”. she fights constantly with
    her brother’s friend (and guide)as he keeps calling her princess. she ends up falling for him but he thinks because he is poor and outdoorsy that he is not good enough for her. The cover of the book is a photo of a blonde girl, laying on a bed of pink satin with a white phone twirled
    around her finger. she is wearing white trouser pants and a hot pink/white striped sweater.”

    If I ever find the title of this book, I plan on buying it. It’s driving me crazy that I can’t remember the title. Thanks.

    • Jennifer says:

      I found my book, just in case anyone else is looking for it too, it’s called Princess Routine by Tonya Wood.

      • peacharino says:

        Glad you found your book! I had been searching over the weekend and am grateful you posted that you found it – I was about to think I didn’t have it among my series books nothing really sounded like it. I did the same thing too thinking a book was with a series
        but it turned out to be a stand alone – I was so glad to have run across it by chance in a bookstore!

  13. MrBarns says:

    I dont usually reply to posts but I will in this case, great info…I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

  14. Sheri says:

    Thank you so much for compiling this list! It is amazing!! I was just working on my own Windswept list when I came across it! Lol

    • peacharino says:

      Hi, thanks for the feedback! I just updated my Windswept list after having come
      across some new titles. It’s always hard to know just when a series ends, especially
      a thematic series. I’ll keep looking.

  15. Michelle says:

    On the SVH front:

    Pascal has admitted that new book(s) are in the works for 2011 focusing on the Wakefields and friends as 20-somethings.


    Supposedly Diablo Cody is penning a SVH movie for 2012. She tweeted it would be set in the 80s *michelle wipes brow*

    25+ years after I read a book in this series and I got all teen squirrely about both of these thing!

    • peacharino says:

      Yes I heard about the movie! I hope they try and keep it 80’s cool with guys in tight
      jeans, Jessica & Liz and their original Fiat and a Robert Redford lookalike ( or
      maybe the real deal ) Roger Collins. If they try and update it I think it could
      look like any other teen comedy – I could probably start a debate about this – the pros and cons of keeping it circa 80’s. I thought the new Wakefield twin books were just rumors and I heard they were supposed to be middle-aged, married and living in a suburb. It would’ve been cool to have a kindof second generation thing going on ( kinda like the t.v. show Hope & Faith, I always thought Kelly Ripa had kindof a Jessica vibe going on ) can you imagine Jess as an irresponsible Aunt? Looking forward to the books, got my fingers crossed for the movie and thanks for the info!

  16. LORIE says:

    Cheers.. Still a typical fantastic piece of content, undoubtedly why My spouse and I return for your blogging site time and again!

  17. SCK says:

    This website is awesome and I am hoping you can help me. I read and re-read a teen historical romance from the 80’s about a Civil War belle named Serena McLaren (sp?) and her nemesis/love interest Dr. Joe. I think it was part of a series… I’d love to get my hands on it again!

    • peacharino says:

      Hi, and thanks!
      I’m not sure about your book – there are several historical romance series for teens in the 80’s: one is Dawn of Love and #5 – Defiant Dreams by Cheri Michaels is about the civil war though I’m not sure about the characters, the heroine’s name is Savannah. You can also browse my list of Sunfire titles ( in the A-Z GUIDE PART 3 L-S ) they were also historical romances. ( I don’t have all of them so I’m sorry to say I’m not sure which ones took place during the civil war. )There is also a series in the early 90’s called Wild Rose Inn series by Jennifer Armstrong that had a period setting. Hope it helps!

      • book chick says:

        Actually, although the “preview” book description (in the list of blurbs in the front or back of all the books in the series) refers to her as Savannah, the character’s name is actually Serena (the love interest actually tells her he doesn’t know why she’s named Serena since she’s one of the least serene people he’s ever met). I read that book a million times – there was a great scene when she was afraid of getting her pocket picked on the train, so she wore every single piece of jewelry she had with her (and her family had sent her away to keep her from the war, so she had a ton of heirloom jewelry as well!) The logic being that she was a gorgeous women men fell all over themselves for, so if anyone tried to steal anything off of her person, no one would let them get away with it! I believe she actually meets the love interest while looking ridiculous (but of course, still gorgeous!) draped in 15 necklaces and 4 or 5 rings on each finger!

    • E Randall says:

      You definitely want Defiant Dreams from the Dawn of Love series. I practically stole that book from the library I had it checked out so often.

  18. Sarah says:

    Hi, I’m looking for the name of a set of books in a diary format of a group of friends who I think lived in Maine? One of the girls was called Nina who I think had a sister called Jessica??? They were around in the 80’s i think and would really like some help with this.

    Thanks in anticipation


    • peacharino says:

      My computer’s been down for a while but I’ll check it out and get back to you –
      check out my guide it might be Dear Diary – if not if you have any more information such as cover description or how old the girls would be.

      • Sarah says:

        I think they were around 16-18 years of age and I can’t remember the front cover at all sorry. Just looked at the Dear Diary and unfortunately it’s not those. The books could be from the 90’s not too sure to be honest.

        • peacharino says:

          Hi , I’m definately thinking your set is in the 90’s at the least early 90’s I’ll keep looking. I really haven’t collected a lot of 90’s series they can be hard to find – since the 90’s boom of horror made a lot of them flash in the pan items. I’ll try though. You might want to check out Marilyn Kaye’s – Video series , or Sunset Island – anything by that author
          might bring about something.

    • Jan says:

      Hi, this might not be the book you are looking for, but could you be looking for the Babysitter’s Club? They were a group of friends who lived in Connecticut, not Maine. Claudia had a sister named Janine. I know, they don’t exactly match what you’re looking for, but who knows. 🙂

      they did write in diary format. They had a journal to jot down their experiences after babysitting kids in their neighbourhood.

    • Lisa says:

      Could it be the mid-90s series “Boyfriends/Girlfriends” by Katherine Applegate? (It was later renamed when the series was reprinted and continued in the 2000s; originally it was called “Making Out.”) Nina has a sister named Claire. All the characters live on an island off the Pacific NW coast of the US.

  19. 10clubs says:

    I have read most of the books on here.You are doing a great job.
    By the way you forgot to put a series called The Roots of Love. Have you read any of those?

    • peacharino says:

      I had been updating my guide weeks ago adding Overnight Sensation and a few others and dabbling with the Ultimate guides, when I came across an add for Roots of Love by
      Stuart Buchman I had know about it but had never come across even one paperback. I’ll be adding it soon to my list as soon as I get my computer going. If you have input
      on the series I’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

      • There are at least 5 titles in THE ROOTS OF LOVE series. I have #1 Tender Beginnings; #2 Restless Night and #3 Forbidden Longings.
        published in 1985
        Listed on the back are:
        #4 Bitter Promises
        #5 Flames from the Ashes (never sure all titles were released).

        (By the way if you’re a fan of my THE SEER series, a 6th book comes out in October after a 3 year wait).

        • peacharino says:

          Thanks for the info! I was sure their were four books but I’m not sure if I had the last title!

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    • 10clubs says:

      The last Roots of Love book exsists but it’s extremely hard to find. I’m still looking for it. There were only five books before it ended.

  22. jennifer says:

    hi i am looking for a book that was in the 80’s teen romance scene it is about a girl who goes to live in mexico and meets two boys(brother) one who is a player and the other shy and quiet they go on a hike and see thousands of monarch butterflys any ideas on the title or any information
    thank you

    • peacharino says:

      I’m so glad someone asked me about this book! It was one of my favorites! It was
      put out by Wildfire and is called Cindy by Deborah Kent who really knows how to write.
      Her descriptions of Mexico go beyond the usual cliches of series fiction with vivid imagery that smacks of genre busting prose. The two boys Cindy was involved with
      are Tony and Alejandro. If you want to read the backcover go to my Wildfire Ultimate page and if your in the mood to purchase – Check out my link for Sweet Hearts Romance books she’s got them for sale.

  23. Robin says:

    I’m looking for a book series that was in the late 80s early 90s. It was about 3 friends who lived I believe in New York together and they were in their early 20’s. I remember one of the characters was overweight (pudgy) and hang ups about guys thinking she was unattractive. I know it was advertised very heavily in Sassy magazine before they folded.

    • peacharino says:

      Hi , I think the series you are looking for is the Freshman series by Linda A. Cooney. The characters were Faith , K.C. and Winnie and titles usually included Freshman in it – Freshman Dorm , Freshman affair ect. I think the magazine they were most advertised in was Teen who offered full page ads for book
      series. If not maybe someone else knows check out one of the covers Here

      • Kamesa says:

        Hi Peacharino:

        Love your website! Brought back a lot of memories. The series that Robin was asking about was NOT Freshman Dorm. It was called The Loop and she was right; they were heavily advertised in Sassy Magazine before they folded.

        The Loop was a series of books from Silhouette that focused on 20-somethings living in Chicago in the mid-90’s. Kinda like Melrose Place, only with snow and El Trains. The overweight character Robin mentioned was named CJ (short for Clara Joy) and she lived in the shadow of her brother Kyle who was the golden child in her family. The series pretty much revolved around CJ and her adventures at work and in love, all while establishing her own identity. Other characters had their own stories too. I do remember that a character was gay, which was a big deal at the time. I also remember a character had drug problems, and another one was HIV-positive. The series ended with CJ getting married, if I remember correctly. The books were a little more adult in nature, meaning that subjects like sex and drugs were not hinted at like most young adult books of the time.

        • peacharino says:

          Thanks! I didn’t have a lot of Sassy mags – my main ones were from 1989-1991 so I was totally out of it. I was stuck on Freshman Dorm. Great info on the series – how weird that Silhouette actually returned to teen books with it’s own logo after ditching it for Crosswinds! oh, heres a link to the cover which point blank tells you it’s advertised in Sassy.

  24. Christa says:

    Hi! I found your website last night and have been working my way through it. I love your recaps of all the YA books – takes me back to my childhood/middle school years (I was, and still am, a voracious bookworm)!

    I have a few book series that I noticed were not on your list. If you’re interested in adding them, let me know – I have info on these series and would be more than happy to share it with you!

    Sunset Island
    The Birthday Girls
    The Practically Popular Crowd
    Not For Blondes Only
    Girl Talk

    Great website! Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • peacharino says:

      Hi , good list! I was going to include early 90’s series, I don’t know why I haven’t probably because at the start of this I got so focused on just trying to find the others. I’d like to expand eventually but like my non-series-80’s book website, which I’m still working on, it takes quite a bit of time. Thanks for the input!

  25. 10clubs says:

    Hi Another one of my favorite series is Scrambled Eggs by Suzanne Allen.

    • peacharino says:

      Seen that one, but was unsure wether or not to include it cause it seemed aimed for younger readers but seeing as how I let Peanut Butter and Jelly
      slip I could probably ad some younger ones like Patricia Reilly Giff’s Polka dot street kids , Scrambled Eggs , not to mention some ones I’ve probably snubbed for being genre related – Dark Forces ( which seems like total boy-fiction ) Dagmar Schultz by Lynn Hall which I haven’t come across yet , Flee Jan and Clarice Saylor mysteries by Carol Farley , Fourth Floor Twins by David A Adler , Girl Talk by L.e. Blair , Jenny Archer by Ellen Conford , Kid T-V , The American Girl Series , The kids of New Eden – Stephen Roos – well as you can see the list is quite full. If I can stick to a better schedule my goal is to enlarge the A-Z list – slowly but surely.

  26. 10clubs says:

    There is also a series of books by John Benton with names in the titles.One of them is Carmen.I could help you with those.

    • peacharino says:

      Yes! The John Benton books, I found a stack of those, though I was never sure if they were actually a teen series. It was a neat Christian thematic series that featured runaways , drug addicts , prostitutes all reaching the
      end of their rope and finally finding God and or rather Jesus and starting
      to clean up. If you recall teens reading it in the 80’s let me know I’ll definitely include it – plus if you have a list please include it – so I can check with what I have. All the titles were girls names – Carmen , Cindy , Sherrie from what I’ve found.

  27. SLB says:

    I came across this googling. I’m looking for a series about two cousins. They were both 16 and one’s father was rich but unlike her rich friends had her on a budget. The other one was working to save money for a car. And I guess was poor. I think one of them was named Lori. I don’t remember the name of the series but I thought it was something Mall. And it was largely set at the mall where the one cousin worked and the other one spent most of her time with her rich friends. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

    • peacharino says:

      The series is the ultra-fab Merivale Mall! it’s in my A guide to 80’s teen series L-S , you can best find it in the drop down categories.Thanks for checking out the site.

  28. 10clubs says:

    You should add the Sebastian Sisters by Susan Beth Pfeffer.The girls are named Evvie, Thea,Claire, and Sybil.

  29. Velvet says:

    I’m trying to find the name of a book series, I don’t know if anyone on here can help, but hopefully someone can! I’ll tell you what I can remember:
    The book series is about four best friends, I think they play in a band (or at least one of them does). One of the girls gets a makeover in one of the books and later talks to and starts dating a guy who plays in a band. In another one of the books one of the girls babysits some kids but lives with the family. The book covers had letters on the back for the little blurb, and they were addressed to and signed with character names. For some reason I’m thinking the words “Wild” and “Hearts” are used either in the book title or in the band’s title – but I haven’t been able to find anything. Please help!

    • peacharino says:

      You’ve got me stumped. It could be the Makeover Club series -3 books long , although the letters blurbs sounds like Crosswinds ( however none that I know of in Crosswinds sounds like what you’re looking for ). It could also be Cranberry Cousins. Maybe someone has some ideas – don’t be shy… post some.

  30. 10clubs says:

    You might be looking for Wild Hearts series by Cherie Bennett or Sunset Island seriesby Cherie Bennett.

    • Velvet says:

      Yes! That’s them! Thank you so much, I’ve been wrecking my brain for months trying to figure out the name of the series/author.

  31. Carmijar says:

    I have a book cover stuck in my head and cannot remember the title-from the late 80’s. It’s an illustrated cover set, I think, in a diner, a girl with short purple hair sitting across from a boy wearing jeans/white t-shirt/black boots, he has black hair. The story takes place in Soho I believe. Anyone?
    ps…Great site!

  32. Beth says:

    Hi, I don’t have much to go on, but I’m trying to remember a book that featured a girl who was a serious ballet dancer. She may have had an eating disorder, and I want to say the main guy drove a motorcycle. Ring any bells??

    • peacharino says:

      Hi , it could be Maggie Adams , Dancer by Karen Strickler Dean here is an AmazonLINK so you can check out the cover and read the write ups – I have this book , somewhere, but haven’t gotten aound to reading it yet.

    • oksoimobsessed says:

      It WAS part of a series, and it’s the same series I’m trying to figure out. The series only made it to about a dozen books before it died out. It was about a group of friends who all seemed very different – one was called Roxy (Rowena) and was the “tough girl” (she had a boyfriend who ended up having some drug-related incident with a friend overdosing in one book), a girl named Janis who was the free spirit and named for Janis Joplin (she lived in a hospice for HIV patients with her parents), a girl who I think was named Jessie who was a ballerina with an eating disorder, and one other girl I can’t recall. The series was aimed toward older teens, with lots of sex/drug content. I have been dying to figure out what the series was called if anyone else remembers it. I read it around 1993-1994 if I had to guess, and it was a brand new series at the time.

  33. Beth says:

    I should add, I don’t *think* it was part of a series (eg, the satin slippers). I want to say it had a burgundy, dramatic looking cover. I seem to recall a scene at a shopping mall. I also seem to remember a rather serious tone to the box. The girl may have slept with someone for the first time. Maybe a book directed at older girls?

  34. carrie says:

    I am looking for a series of four books from the late 80’s early 90’s. it follows four girl friends that in every book one of them finds some sort of love. I remember a couple of snipits one was where one of the girls fell for this artsy guy who she didn’t know was a lifeguard whom she did not like. I also remember one other friend who was going to be in some swimsuit competition and she accidently fell asleep out side and got completely sunburned and the other three girls covered her in body makeup to cover it for her competition. that is all I can remember I miss them please help if u can!

    • peacharino says:

      Hi , this is a tough one – unless anyone else has some ideas – here are mine – Class of 88 or 89 books – I don’t have all of them but I searched the ones I do have – Freshman 88 , Sophmore , Junior and Senior 89 and didn’t
      find any matching scenes – yet Class of 89 features four friends – also
      The Makeover club which is three books , and there is also Endless Summer which is six books long but features a summer theme – lifeguards etc. unfortunately I only have one book from this series. These are all on my A-Z guide check them out and see if the covers jog your memory.

  35. Emma says:

    Please help me find the title of the book
    from early to mid 80’s in which a character named Cristina from Illinois chooses a recent transfer to her HS, Stephen, over her controlling preppy BF Kip. She pursues her interest in photography and the arts in her senior year of HS…..Thank you so much!!

  36. gazde says:

    I just found your website and i think this is great. i have been looking for a book for 5 years. It came out between 1981 to 1986. I believe it is by First Love but i could be wrong. on the cover it shows a boy with blonde hair and a girl with brown hair and both are wearing binoculars. The story is about a girl who moves into a town and writes for the school paper. she is against killing animals and she meets a boy that is out hunting with his best friend Red. The boy has a reputation for breaking up with girls after a specific number of weeks.

  37. Deborah says:

    I happened upon this site searching for what I believe to be a sweet dreams book but now not so sure i thought it was too hot too handle the cover has a girl in a red one piece on it she was shy girl who gets made over I think and then meets a rich guy who invites her over for a hot tub session he turns otu to be a jerk and she falls for someone who si right for her….and didnt want her to change…..can someone please help me its killing me……..deb

  38. Catherine Wolfe says:

    Hi! I’m looking for a book that I think was written in the 80’s. It’s about four kids who end up having to work on the yearbook together. I think one girl and boy were “popular”, then you had a kind of nerdy girl, and a boy who was the rebel and rode a motorcycle. I loved this book, and I think it had a second book. Ring any bells? Thanks! :0 )

  39. Jermaine Turner says:

    I was very much into Sweet Dreams and V.C. Andrews. I remember reading a book that I don’t think had anything to do with any of the more popular series. It seems like it was a little more adult. It was about a woman that was separated from her husband for several years. She in danger of losing her house, and her husband comes back into her life and pays the bank. He is a business man and he needs her to be his wife again to help land a business deal. They fall back in love at the end. I hope someone else came across this book too. It sticks out in my mind and want to find it.

  40. gazde says:

    Hi I am looking for a book that has a girl who meets a boy while out bird watching. the boy was hunting and he hides from his friends that he also likes to bird watch. he has a reputation for dumping his girlfriends after a month

    • peacharino says:

      Hi , I’ll start the search – do you know if it’s a series book? like First Love or Sweet Dreams or are you leaning more towards a non series publisher like Avon flare , laurel leaf etc. The difference would be the story would be more predictable if it’s a series book following the usual pattern- or less predictable if it wasn’t – side stories , more fleshed out characters , spunkier prose.

    • peacharino says:

      Hi , I think I found your book – I was going through my computer , trying to organise my pictures and found an obscure folder with some
      pics I saved of Silhouette covers from years ago. I’ve posted it in my ultimate First love page– it features a boy
      and a girl , with the girl resting her foot up on what looks like a wooden fence , she is holding a pair of binnoculars and has a red sweater
      tied around her shoulders. The pic is small. It’s book #207 Shadows on the Mountain by Miriam Morton. Because I don’t have the book the
      description is rather obscure but could include the plot you’re looking for of hunting and bird watching – the blurbs were often sketchy
      never revealing was really going on in the story.

  41. gazde says:

    I believe it was First Love. It had that kind of cover. On the cover was a blonde headed boy hugging a dark haired girl and they both had binoculars around their necks. Also the story followed the typical pattern you would find in the Blossom high series. the story takes place in Chico I believe and the boy’s family owns a rice farm. A side character is a football player named Red who is best friends with the boy character and does not like the girl because she is against hunting. it did not appear to be a series as the characters never appear in any other book. I know that it had to come out no later than 1986

    • peacharino says:

      I think you’re right about it being a first love book which was my initial thought, unfortunately I’m missing some book descriptions aprox 25 , and
      some book covers aprox 30, which means it could be one of them. I’m not
      sure if it’s a Blossom Valley though, most of those I have or have seen and none of the covers suggests a boy and girl with binnoculars. I’ll keep my eye out though. Thanks1

    • peacharino says:

      I think it’s book #207 Shadows on the mountain by Miriam Morton. I just came across a pic of the cover which was playing hide n’ seek in an obscure file on my computer – I’ve posted it in my First Love ultimate page. But I can’t do much better with the description, other than the blurb which is sketchy to say the least – but they were always a little bare never quite revealing the intricacies of a story.

  42. Jennifer says:

    you forgot Surf City by Lee Daniels.It had 6 books.

    • peacharino says:

      Never heard of that one, but I’ll look into it, thanks!

    • sabrina says:

      hi jennifer! i love the surf city series and am desperately seeking the last book (radical waves) in the surf city series- do you happen to have it and want to sell it??? i need to know what happens!! ❤

  43. 10clubs says:

    There was also a series called Brides of Wildcat County and one called the Wild Rose Inn.

  44. I only have one of the BRIDES OF WILDCAT COUNTY in my collection by Jude Watson (who I tink is Judy Blundell). There are 3 titled listed in the back: SCANDALOUS: Eden’s Story; AUDACIOUS: Ivy’s Story and IMPETUOUS: Mattie’s Story from Aladdin Paperbacks 1995

    • peacharino says:

      Hi, thanks for the info! I would love to do an interview with you some
      time – only I’m unsure how to go about it. I don’t have any forums
      hooked up and my blog is basically stripped of any upgrades. It could
      be through the comments on a separate page I could create – if this
      interests you let me know. I think readers would love it!

  45. gazde says:

    I checked out First Love 207 and I am positive it is not the cover. After looking over your list for the entire series, I am starting to think that the book is not First Love. Thanks for all your help. I think the only way to find the book is by the content. Is there any other series that was similar to first love and come out between 1982 to 1985?

    • peacharino says:

      I’m sorry the book turned out not to be the one – I was so sure! The only series’ I know of that featured books between those dates and featured
      unlinking stories – would be Sweet Dreams , Wishing Star , Wildfire ,
      Heartsong , Caprice , Heartlines , Heavenly Romance , Couples ( was 85 to 88 but I don’t recall a cover like you’re describing ) , Magic Moments , Two Hearts , and the gimmicky books – Two by Two – which was a romance taken from the boys side on one half of the book and the girls on the other. The interactives which were the choose your own adventure romance style – I don’t have every cover to these books and the ones I do have don’t feature a couple with binnoculars. Are you sure it was connected with a series and not a stand alone romance?

  46. I’d be happy to be interviewed. You can email me at ljscheer@inreach.com .

    Also for the month of January only my book, THE SEER #1. Don’t Die Dragonfly, is a free download from Amazon for Kindle aps. Just a week left to get the book free.

  47. gazde says:

    At this point i am open to any suggestions anyone may have. The unique part of the cover was the clarity of the two people. Many covers are corny or have a copy look. the cover was definitely clear in the way first love did their books. I feel that it will be a long process but it is important so I will keep looking and also keep up on your site in case you find anything. Thank you for your help.

  48. 10clubs says:

    when will you add more great books?

    • peacharino says:

      I’m working on it. I know that sounds vague but I’m having trouble with my wordpress offline, which I’d downloaded in the hopes of starting daily posts. Hopefully, I can figure out whats wrong and start posting with a more regular schedule.

  49. Rach G. says:

    Don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but I need help! Looking for a book I read about 10 years ago. The book was already old then, so it may have been from the 70’s, but I’m leaning more towards the 80’s. It’s about a girl who returns home to a harbor or fishing town via ferry. She is trying to decide on leaving for school or staying. Meanwhile, two love interests vie for her attention. There is a mysterious man who she befriends who wins a quilt at a dance of some sort that the women in town made. It’s a scenic town, lots of boats. There is a scene where she goes to a friend’s house and the baby is crying so she takes him outside and the mother says how just 15 minutes alone is so wonderful. Another scene where she is asked to take one love interest around the harbor (island?) to see everything. She ends up leaving on the ferry to go to the city to further school. Any ideas?? It’s driving me crazy. It wasn’t a series book.

    • peacharino says:

      Hi , feel free to ask questions anywhere! This book doesn’t ring any bells with me , though maybe someone else has the right answer – if you do – don’t be shy! I’ll look around though. I’ve been going through a lot of books for the Cliquey Pizza 3 site however – right now it’s still just listing – I’m trying to compile descriptions for the books but it’s hard to do both things at once, it makes thing go ever so sloooow. But I may just bump into your book so check back from time to time.

  50. Sofia says:

    Awesome website! It definitely brought back some fond memories! I wanted to know if you remember a mystery series about a high school/college girl who would solve mysteries with the help of a guy from the wrong side of the tracks.Her parents were off travelling the world as journalists so she llived with her aunt and uncle(I think). The series was short lived, I think 3-5 books were published. The girl and the guy would solve mysteries together and there was some romance as well. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated! Again, well done on your website…

    • peacharino says:

      Thanks! I’ve been working on including some early 90’s series and I think your series is one of them called Hart and Soul by Jahnna N. Malcolm – here’s a link to AMAZON so you can check out the description. There were 8 books starting in 1990 and were published by starfire.
      1. Kill the story
      2. Play Dead
      3. Speak no Evil
      4. Get the Picture
      5. Too Hot to Handle
      6. Signed Sealed Delivered
      7. The House of Fear
      8. Run for Your Life
      If this isn’t the right series let me know.

  51. i just purchased the entire Whitney Cousins series. thank you so very much i have been seeking this series too.

  52. I was wondering id anyone on here knows about a book series ( 80’s of course) that had a commercial. The commercial showed girls at gymnastics practice, reading on exercise bikes, and at the end a girl won the meet.

  53. Do you remember a series where there were 2 girls, best friends, one edgy while the other tried to be popular, whose friendship is strained when a beautiful new girl who’s been away at a Swiss (French?) boarding school begins attending their school and becomes friends with the pop girl while not being as close with the other? I remember bits of the books were a French braid left in way past its fresh appearance, an amusing gym dressing-out, and the rich girl defacing her own Halloween costume (from the musical Cats) so the other girl had a tail on her costume. I don’t think there were a lot of books in the series, at least not at the point I read it.

  54. Brenda says:

    Hi I can’t remember if this book was in a series or not and I can’t even remember the characters’ names, but it’s about two girls who are best friends and one is fairly nerdy while the other is starting to gain in popularity. I remember the nerdy one using the phrase “la dee da”. Maybe something with friends in the title? Thanks!!

    • peacharino says:

      Hi , unfortunatly you’ve described a very basic plot. I’m going to take a guess and say it could be Friends are Like that by Patricia Hermes. The friends are Kelly and Tracy. Tracy is the upcoming cool one. Kelly is the ‘nerd’ who has a habit of wearing long skirts and a hockey jerseys ( her nickname is costume girl ) – you can see a cover on my Cliquey Pizza 3 website under H authors. If it’s not the right one let me know and I’ll keep looking.

      • Brenda says:

        No sorry that wasn’t it. I do remember on the cover the “nerdy” girl reminded me of the character that Martha Plimpton played in the Goonies. Short blond hair and glasses. I am also pretty sure that the final confrontation between the “nerdy” girl and the popular ones took place in the cafeteria. Hope that helps a little bit more. Thanks so much for looking!!

  55. stacey hightower says:

    Hi! Great website! I was looking for a book from the 80s about a girl named dee and she like a preppy guy and changed her whole look and started going by Denise. She started dating him but found out that her brothers friend had a crush on her and liked her just the way she was. I think the title is just the was you are. But when I look for it I get a Christabel book by Barbara freely. And that’s not it. Any help would be great. I really want my daughters to read it.

  56. Sim says:

    I so hope you can help me. I have been searching for one of my favorite books from the 80s but I can’t remember the title. The illustration on the cover was of a girl looking at herself in the mirror where she is a prettier version of herself. In the story, she wants to become more popular so she finds a self-help book that teaches her how to give herself a makeover, etc. I think she ends up dating the popular boy. :ol

    • peacharino says:

      Hi , I think you’re book is Seven Days to a Brand New Me by Ellen Conford. There are several covers for this – so just search google images – and they’re show you a few. If it’s not the right one, let me know and I’ll keep looking.

  57. Christine says:

    Hey, sorry to bother you, I know you are busy, but didn’t you have a series called Private School or something like that and it was weird horror? I can’t seem to find it now! I loved those books, lol!

    • peacharino says:

      That is supposed to go on the new list of lost 80’s series I’ve got one page up. Hope I can get my butt in gear for the New Year to post the rest! Yes Private School by Steven Charles. I think there was 6 books but I’m not sure.

      • Christine says:

        Thanks! I saw it up before, and I couldn’t believe I ever forgot about that series! I loved it! Anyways, thanks for this list… I come back here very often! Hope you have a wonderful holiday and happy new year!

  58. popartheart says:

    Hi! do you know any site that may have all the Sweet Dreams book covers?

    • peacharino says:

      There was one a few years ago, I was going to add a link instead of doing an Ultimate Sweet Dreams page – but I can’t find the site. I think it switched servers and then disappeared. But if anyone knows where it went please speak up. If you like I can work on an ultimate Sweet Dreams page posting all the covers and discriptions. I don’t have all the covers but I can search them down.

  59. Teriann says:

    I am still trying to find a book….it is about a girl who becomes a mothers helper/babysitter and stays with the family. The mother of the child is a painter and lost her other child to SIDS. Any ideas?

  60. becky says:

    I am looking for a book I think was called Sisters and it was about two sisters who go on a ski trip to a cabin, one sister has a limp. I think the name of the girl with a limp is Rae. I know it was from around 1983-1985

    • peacharino says:

      This could be a Wishing Star book – if you go to the link and find the Wishing Star Ultimate descriptions page it should be there. I’ll see if I can dig out my copy and see if there is a ski trip in the book.

  61. Sandra says:

    Wow, what a great website! Brings back so many memories! I am actually looking for a book (-I’m pretty sure it was a “Sweet Dreams” book) about a girl whose parents decide to embrace a more organic way of life and end up buying a farm with the parents of one of the girls school friends (I think the friends name was Lucas?). At first they two of them don’t get on, but gradually a relationship develops. It was lovely and funny, and I would so love to find it again. Any ideas? Thanks so much.

  62. Jessie Gray says:

    I am trying to find a teen series called Lifeline. These teen books were based on stuff like eating disorders, drugs, etc. Two of the book titles that I remember are “I Want To Live” and “Dead Wrong”. I can’t find anything on them anywhere. The books were published in the 80’s and early 90’s.

  63. Cat says:

    I have been trying to find a book about a girl and I believe her name was Stephanie and she went to go stay with her grandmother in Nyc possibly?? She dyed her hair blonde, full makeover and changed her name to Stormy. She met a guy in a band and sang with him. Details are foggy, but I remember reading this so many times!

  64. jesshaigh says:

    This blog is amazing. I found it whilst trying to remember who wrote the Three of a Kind series. Might have to get my 80s teen fiction read on! Thanks again xxx

  65. Karen says:

    I’m looking for two books, I believe they were in the Sweet Dreams series and it’s driving me nuts that I can’t remember them. The first one is about a girl on a white water rafting trip with her school and the teacher fall over board and she’s alone with her crush and they have to get down the rapids together. They end up at a camp where another girl plots to take him away from her.

    The second one is about a girl in Italy and meets up with a boy they ride on a moped. He’s taking care of his family and works in a Italian restaurant that belongs to her family. They fight a lot but end up falling in love. I read these back in the late 80’s and any help would be great.


  66. Nona says:

    I was trying to find book series that was set on the beach. These teenagers that worked a diner, I think. THe boy’s name was Joe and he was kind of a bad boy. The girl was a “good girl”. Joe was a surfer. I’m pretty sure it was around the early to mid 90’s that I saw these books when I was in high school. It’s bugging me that I can’t think of the name. Help!!!

  67. AS says:

    Hi, this is an amazing site! I have been going crazy trying to remember the name of a paperback book I bought at a school book fair in the mid to late 80’s. I believe a blonde girl by a motorcycle or scooter is the cover picture. She is popular, and wears sock charms and everyone copies her. Also I remember a part in the book where she eats at a restaurant called EggAH!rolls. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you SOOO much!!

    • peacharino says:

      Okay – this could be it – Breaking all the rules by Karle Dickerson? I don’t have the book so I couldn’t say -But I did find the cover. It’s on Cliquey pizza 3. Just type it into Google images it should come up. Let me know if it’s the one. Sock charms very cool! I remember Heather on Mr. Belvedere wore them in one episode.

      • AS says:

        That’s it!:) Thank you SO much! I have a good memory and can recall most things, but this stumped me! Thanks Again!:)

      • Ashley says:

        Hi, I was just wondering if you could help me find the name of a book series. I know its older but I dont know how old. And the info I have is basic so Im sorry. Its a series about high school kids and it jumps around from all of their perspectives. I know one of the main characters names is Jojo, and thats all I can remember. There is another kid who does a lot with the schools radio station. Im hoping maybe you have read it before. If not thank you anyway!!

        • steelmag9 says:

          I think the series she’s asking about was called Totally Hot! Jojo was short for Jo Ann. The covers came in very bright, almost blinding neon colors. I do remember a character who was “perfect” and she was sneaking around with a boy her parents didn’t approve of.

          • peacharino says:

            Hey, thanks steelmag! I love when people jump in cause I was totally blanking on this one! I knew it was an early 90’s series but just couldn’t come up with the name.

  68. Tah says:

    Hi, this is a great list! I am trying to remember a book from the 80s. I don’t remember the title but do recall that each book in the series had food in the title, typically a dessert. Do you have any clues?

    • What about the Pratt twin series by Cynthia Blair with titles:
      THE BANANA SPLIT AFFAIR (1985/Fawcett Juniper)

  69. Oh wow, this was an amazing list and helped me remember some of my favorite’s from childhood, especially Heartbreak Cafe one’s I’ve been scouring the internet for a few months trying to find them before discovering this article!!

    I do have a question, if anyone can remember what the name of a book is, all i can remember about it was that the main boy character was deaf, he falls in love with a hearing girl, they’re both in high school and I remember that the season was winter, and that there is a dance, (although I dont know if it was a school dance or a party at someone’s home) but it definelty featured “Smooth Operator” by Sade.

    If anyone can remember what this book is I would be eternally grateful, I’ve been searching for it for several years without any luck.

    • peacharino says:

      Sounds like a good one. I’ve come across a lot of hearing impaired characters that were girls but the only one I’ve come across that was a guy was The Popularity Plan – he was working on props for the school play. But I don’t recall them dancing to
      Smooth Operator. I’m keep looking.

  70. Amber says:

    I’m looking for these series of books. I’m not sure when they were written.Guessing sometime in the 80’s since in one of them Joan Jett is referenced. Its about a group of girls who become friends while they are all attending a boarding school. They put a ad in the paper for boyfriends. After getting replies. One of them sends a picture of her sister when she is to afraid to send her own. One of the girls was a rock and roll type with a “Joan Jett” hairstyle. Another was the typical pretty rich girl, and a smart bookish girl, Im sure im forgetting something here that would help. I’m making a list of books I loved when I was younger for my daughter. Who reads inleast two books a day! (Just like I did)

    • peacharino says:

      Is this Pen Pals? I’m not sure if they reference Joan Jett but Amy in it does have punk hair.
      They were later 80’s books though. If this isn’t the one let me know I’ll keep looking.

  71. Carrie says:

    hi i’m looking for a book I can’t remember the title just that it was about a girl who went to spend the summer with her father in Australia, I think he was a photographer. does this sound familiar to any one. please help me remember the title. thanks.

  72. rmcswain says:

    Great website! I bought a book at a school book fair in ’85. The book was about a girl that came to stay the summer with her cousin. The girl was more physically mature and beautiful and the cousin was jealous. It was a coming of age type book. I’m sorry I can’t remember more. I remember one part about them being at the pool and the cousin having a bikini on and the other feeling inferior because she was getting attention from the boy she liked.

    • peacharino says:

      Could be Why doesn’t she go Home by Bonnie Towne – this is a Willowisp book it’s very thin. The cousin was a year older ( I think and she didn’t wear a bikini but a bathing suit that she looked good in. The younger girl who was jealous was a swimmer. And the
      flashy cousin didn’t know how to swim. There are a few books with this theme though – there are two covers which are posted on Cliquey Pizza 3

    • Crystal says:

      Did you find your book? I think it’s the same book I’m looking for. I got mine at the school book fair too. Cousin was thinner and wore her hair in a high pony tail at the pool and the main character wished she’d thought of that. Her cousin was given more money to spend on a bathing suit.

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  74. Eina says:

    Hi I’m looking for a book that I read in the 80’s that had a mom and daughter on the cover I think the daughter was in her moms arms and I think the book was about dying and the title was something like is not fair or too young to die. Please help!!! also I’m looking for a book about a boy and girl where there was an accident I think legs were crushed in a tractor or there was a death from it not quite sure.

  75. michelle sutton says:

    looks for a book in either late 80s or early 90s about a girl who is fighting with her 2 friends her neighbor down the streets house is said to be haunted she has mom and dad and younger brother . during christmas break she befriends the old lady in the ”haunted house” and end up making her a tape of her reading robert frost poems to the lady as a christmas present . i think the title is something like the truth about mrs haggerty but i havent found nothing under that name please find this book for me ty

  76. Stacey goldman says:

    Hello I’m looking for a book I read around 1981-1983 it was about a girl who had a sister named chicago. Chicago drove a motorcycle and started going to her younger sisters high school. She ended up dating a black sports player. She was jumped and had her hair cut and ran off. She was not heard from the end of story. No one knew if she left with the guy or not they both left town. I thought the title had the word love in it. I would love to read this again.

  77. Meredith says:

    I have been looking for a set of books for years! They were about a group of friends and each one went back in time to a different era. One book was on a wagon train, another book went to the 60’s and another to 1800’s as her great great grandmother. In this book every time she came back to the present a photo of her family began to fade because she was changing her history. In the 60’s era the girl actually met her future boyfriend as a baby. I loved these booked as a teen but can’t remember the names, can anyone help?

    • While I don’t know what time travel series you’re talking about (it sounds cool with the photo fading) it reminded me of another time travel series I really enjoyed. Anyone else collect the SWEPT AWAY books by Eileen Goudge (ghostwriters credited). Description is: A girl turned her computer into a time machine and she and her friends travel back to the past. The titles are really fun: GONE WITH THE WISH (1986), WOODSTOCK MAGIC, LOVE ON THE RANGE, STAR STRUCK, SPELL BOUND, ONCE UPON A KISS, PIRATE MOON and ALL SHOOK UP.

      • Meredith says:

        These are the books!!!! Thank you so much!! Have been looking for this series for years, now my teen daughters can read them. You have made my year!!!

  78. Book Worm says:

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for a book about a new girl who goes to a high school where her mom is a counselor which she keeps it a secret and befriends a girl who is popular but also kind of bad news. Her mom is also attacked by a troubled teen in the middle of the book?

  79. Laura Quiett says:

    Hi. I’m looking for a book about an overweight teengirl that starts getting healthy by running to the mailbox everyday to mail a letter to her best friend. She also crushes on a guy named Seymore, I think, and loses weight and he takes an interest in her. I think her mom thin. Not sure if this rings a bell. Also, a book about a teenage girl embarrassed by her mom to the point she lies to the popular kids that she’s the babysitter or another family member. They have no car and ride the bus all around and she never sits with her because she dresses like a hippie.

    Hope you can help me with these. I think they would be awesome books for my tween to read.

    Thank you.

    • propagatrix says:


  80. lookingforthisbook says:

    Hello. I am looking for a YA book I read in the late 80’s. It is about a girl who moves with her mom to a small town. She is very trendy for the town. I remember she had multiple piercings on her ears, and wore clothes that her classmates didn’t wear. She becomes the popular girl who starts dating the popular boy in school. There is a back story that I don’t recall, but I remember a new girl comes to town and becomes the popular girl. Thanks for your help.

  81. SSee says:

    Love this list! I love the Girlfriends Series by Nicole Grey. I also found the diversity refreshing after reading other popular series of the day (Vampire Diaries, Ocean City series, Freshman Dorm series, Sunset Island series, etc). I also enjoyed the fact that the girls in the series are friends who support each other and that they tackled realistic subjects (drugs, alcohol, teenage pregnancy, racism, etc). Years later I still reread the books and they are still very good. You can get the books at a very low price on Amazon. There are 10 books in the series and the 10th book leaves on a cliffhanger. For those who haven’t read…happy reading!

  82. These three posts brought me so much joy. I read — I’m guesstimating – 70% of the books across these three posts. I am thrilled to see them again. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  83. kch1981 says:

    Hi , I really like your post. I love reading and am looking for the Wild Hearts series by Cherrie Bennett, I wondered if this and the Making Out series by Katherine Applegate are out as ebooks anywhere or FREE ebook downloads for kindle and iBooks. I am also looking for Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley University by Francine Pascal. I had some of these books years ago but not all of them and see they are very hard to find.

    • peacharino says:

      If you check out Openlibrary they might have them available for you to read over your computer for free. It’s an online library and it is great!

    • Carmel says:

      Both Cherie Bennett & Katherine Applegate books series were from the 1990s. Probably the only ebook versions would be pirate ones through a torrent downloader of some sort. I found one Wild Hearts book torrent on a blog after a quick google search, not sure how reliable it would be though. I do have all the series you’re looking for on my website although the Sweet Valleys need restocking, but I am in Australia so shipping would be rather expensive unless you only buy 2 or 3 books at a time. Not asking for business though, I just know there aren’t any other sites exclusively selling the older teen romance books. I’ve had American buyers in the past wish I lived over there, lol.

  84. Sandy says:

    Boy these bring back memories. I remember loving a book about a girl who decides to play football and of course is torn between the popular player and another player. Any ideas?

  85. Tonia says:

    Do you remember the Sorority Girls series by Anne Hunter Lowell? I read it back in the 80s, but no one ever mentions it. I believe there was at least 12 books.

    I am so glad I found this site! I’m 12 again!!

  86. Jeannette molina says:

    Hi everyone i was looking for an old 80’s or 90’s ya horror book i forget the name but on the cover it has a picture of a locket with a girls picture and her eyes have been scratched out and all u see is red behind the scratched out eyes and the story was about two girls who met on a bus and one is good the other bad and the bad one i think kills the good one n takes over her identity its all i remember if any one can help me i would be very grateful 🙂 thanx

  87. Rachelle says:

    I am looking for a copy of Wrong Way Romance and can never find one. By any chance, would you be able to direct me to where I can get a copy (ideally PDF or epub)? I saw there were several paperback copies being sold in amazon, but just way too expensive for me. 😦

  88. Anna cimino says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a book about twin sisters…One went to work at a hospital pharmacy For a work program at school. She then had her twin go to work for her when she thought serving was up. They ending up at her bosses house and discovered he had been stealing from the pharmacy. I read it when I really young and can’t remember the name. Please help?? Thanks!!

  89. NP says:

    I’m looking for a book about a girl who was very short for her age; she may have been a midget. She was spoiled rotten and kept a globe filled with dimes in her car. She started dating a guy who was a mascot or played in some type of commercial and he wore a cockroach costume.

    I’m also looking for a book about a junior high girl who wore big glasses. I don’t remember much except she had a date one night and she wore purple everything and cooked dinner for him

  90. Amy McFall says:

    I’m looking for a book about a teen girl who wants to model but has no luck until she French braids her hair.

  91. Trish says:

    I’m trying to find a book I haven’t read since I was a kid. It would’ve been ’80s or ’90s. A girl moves into a house and meets this other girl. New girl ends up getting kidnapped by a guy thinking she’s his dead sister. He keeps her tied up in a barn and the girl’s friend gets run over by the guy and breaks her leg. He’s obviously mentally disturbed. I can’t for the life of me think of the author or title. It was a fictional story. Help!!

  92. Hi there. What an amazing site! I came across it while fruitlessly searching for a forgotten book from my teenhood… I think it’s one of the Sweet Dreams Romances. I can only remember a scene, in which the main character is babsitting. The kid(s) have gone to bed, and it’s quiet, and she’s having an apple and there’s this lovely reflective moment with either the sound of a fog horn or street lights out the window or something like that. I know, lame lack of any description of plot… but thought I’d put it out here in case anyone else remembers the babysitter eating an apple at night. LOL. I’ve always wanted to go back and read that book to see what I liked about it so much. The scene’s stuck with me for years.

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