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Dream Girls
– Put out by Archway in 1986 this series was written by Rosemary Joyce, whom were are told participated in pageants – if so, one wonders, what in the world was she thinking?! The books start out with sweet-natured and gullible Linda Ellis being talked into entering the Miss Crandalls beauty pageant, hosted by the posh Crandalls store. Instantly hooked on beauty pageants despite the back biting , the spaced out drugged, out contestants , Linda Ellis seems to ignore these horrors but none so especially as Arlene McVie who will do anything to win that includes whipping up a special facial complete with strawberries even though Linda’s deathly allergic to them , spreading a rumor that Linda and her attentive teacher are having an affair and rubbing Ben-Gay into her eyes for quick sudden tears to ensure instant forgiveness for her awful behavior of which , sweet, gullible, naive , stupid Linda is only to quick do. Steamy subjects like snorting cocaine while shoplifting are coupled with cliffhangers at the end of the books like the possibility of Megan’s suicide which turns out to be a false alarm , Linda’s bad boy’s d.u.i. , and Arlene who doesn’t have friends but rather manipulates the people around her with poisonous sweetness and or blackmail. Odd , odd batch of stories for teens that make the world of pageants seem tens times more vapid than I thought.
1. Anything To Win -1986
2. Love or Glory – 1986
3. Tarnished Victory – 1986
4. Bond of Love – 1986
5. Too Close for Comfort – 1986
6. Up To No Good – 1987

Don’t know much about this series – It has been doing it’s best
to elude me! A reader asked about it and said that the main
character Lexi Turner moves to New York to live with an aunt –
Possibly due to becoming an orphan or to escape her parents
messy divorce. Anyhow , there in New York she develops a hot new look
and starts a band called Electric High. Her band members are –
DeeDee the drummer , George on keyboards, bass player Sly
and Josh on guitar. With a hunky manager named Harrison
Hughes – who’s got his eye on Lexi, the stories revolve around;
romances between the band mates and newcomers , trying
to finance the band , battling egos as hot singers try to wedge
their way into the limelight and of course their attempts to hit
the big time. Cool covers (which could be Australian only )
featured models in totally hip threads and a shifting backdrop
that could be speckled or zebra striped! The series was written
by Jane Foster Thornton who, unlike some other series
authors seems to have written little else for preteens or
teens ( though I have been anticipating this read more
than any other series that has escaped my clutches –
Roots of Love , Dawn of Love , and Changes.) This cover is
Bantam’s publishing concept however on sellers
offer the series published by Warner. The series didn’t last
long the just the average of short lived series – under
six books. Which meant it was not necessarily bad – probably
just didn’t catch on.
1. Breakaway – 1984
2. Close Harmony – 1985
3. Heartbreaker – 1985
4. On the Edge – 1985
5. Starstruck – 1985

Elizabeth Gail
Released by Tyndale in the late 70’s and written by Hilda Stahl this is a charming series about a feisty foster girl – Elizabeth Gail who has finally found a loving family. Don’t let the Christian theme spook you the stories bounce along with a fresh, felicitous tone making family the center of the stories but is also in tune enough with young readers not to forget timely subjects such as bullies , boyfriends , first love , even mysteries. The stories carry Elizabeth from her arrival on the Johnson family farm when she is called Libby till she begins to blossom into an young woman who is then called Elizabeth, changing the plots to accommodate her age and interests. Above all the stories are believable and the characters are not just goody-goodies but battle real emotions. It also has one of the cutest family pets ever – a spunky goose called Goosey Poosy.
1. Elizabeth Gail and the Mystery at the Johnson Farm 1978
2. Elizabeth Gail and the Secret Box 1979
3. Elizabeth Gail and the Teddy Bear Mystery 1979
4. Elizabeth Gail and the Dangerous Double 1980
5. Elizabeth Gail and the Trouble at Sandhill Ranch 1980
6. Elizabeth Gail and the Strange Birthday Party 1980
7. Elizabeth Gail and the Terrifying News 1980
8. Elizabeth Gail and the Frightened Runaways 1981
9. Elizabeth Gail and Trouble From the Past 1981
10. Elizabeth Gail and the Silent Piano 1981
11. Elizabeth Gail and Double Trouble 1982
12. Elizabeth Gail and the Holiday Mystery 1982
13. Elizabeth Gail and the Missing Love Letters 1982
14. Elizabeth Gail and the Music Camp Romance 1983
15. Elizabeth Gail and the Handsome Stranger 1983
16. Elizabeth Gail and the Secret Love 1983
17. Elizabeth Gail and the Summer for Weddings 1983
18. Elizabeth Gail and the Time for Love 1983
19. Elizabeth Gail and the Great Canoe Conspiracy 1991
20. Elizabeth Gail and the Hidden Key Mystery 1992
21. Elizabeth Gail and the Secret of the Gold Charm 1992

Elsie Edwards
– Put out by Viking , and Apple , and Point , who offered reissues as new stories were added. This
non-numbered series was a big hit. Barthe DeClements is one of those writers that in tone, resembles Judy Blume but without half the cruelty or self absorbed characters , her stories throb along with laid back lingo like Awe Right! , and trimmed down sentences, sometimes just a one word neatly placed – Smooth. The characters revolved around a set of friends – likable popular Jenny Sawyer , brusk , bossy and abrasive Diane , tag-a-long Sharon who always puts her foot in her mouth , Jack the trouble making red head and the star Elsie Edwards who starts in the first book as a fat lonely girl , who steals the other kids lunch money when she is forced on a diet by her unsympathetic mother. The books shifted focus after the first book to focus on a more svelte but emotionally damaged Elsie while book four could be called a side-quel offering a backwards look at a tough girl named Helen, not in Elsie’s class, who battles dyslexia.
1. Nothing’s Fair in Fifth Grade – 1981
2. How Do You Lose Those Ninth Grade Blues? – 1983
3. Seventeen and In-Between – 1984
4. Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You – 1985

Endless Summer
– Released by Ivy and written by Linda Davidson who would go on to write some interesting teen horrors in the 90’s , Endless Summer featured a plot theme basically lifted from a Family Ties episode. While their parents are away Leslie’s brother gets into a car accident and to pay for the repairs they take boarders into their beach house. All of the boarders however are seemingly young and hip- Angelo DeFurie a.k.a Fury a wicked surfer , pretty but secretive Pamela Easton , talkative Jed , and aspiring country Western singer Tracy. Most of the action takes place on the beach with Leslie , proud to be the only girl lifeguard. Sunny little series captures the surf n’ turf atmosphere of the 80’s in California with surfer dudes , pink zinc , and silk screened muscle shirts.
1. Treading Water – 1988
2. Too Hot to Handle – 1988
3. On the Edge – 1988
4. Cool Breezes – 1988
5. Changing Gears – 1989
6. Fast Forward – 1989

The Fabulous Five
This series was put out by Bantam Skylark as a evolution from an ongoing successful series of non-numbered books at the time, dubbed the Taffy Books , about the same group of girls only one year older. Expanded and altered from first person point of view to omnipresent and written by Betsy Haynes, the series shows the most glowing report of school life outside of a Andy Hardy movie and even manages to one-up Sweet Valley High with their loyalty. It features a cast of characters that grows like the blob and yet still manages to keep such a balance , your head doesn’t spin by the sheer numbers, probably because each character manages to rise above the usual cliches. The series revolves around the head butting between two rival cliques in Wakeman – ahem Wacko Junior High – The Fabulous five – Jana Morgan – their sweet likable leader whose been going steady with sensitive hunk Randy Kirwin since sixth grade, Beth Barry – the theatrical show-off , Christie Winchell – the tennis loving brainiac , Melanie Edwards – the dreamy , boycrazy sweetheart and Katie Shannon – the ridged , opinionated feminist. The Fantastic Four ( thank god it’s not the Sensational Seven! ) Laura McCall – the beautiful calculating and spoiled leader who has her eye on Randy , Karen ‘Funny’ Hawthorne – a kind , self-proclaimed bubblehead , Tammy Lucero – gossip queen and Melissa McConnell – Perfectionist. Lets not forget – Keith Masterson , Tony Calcaterra , Jon Smith , Shane Arrington , Scott Daly , Garrett Boldt , Kim Baxter , Marcie Bee , Dekeisha Adams , Kaci Davis , Colby Graham , Curtis Trowbridge , Jon Smith , Lisa Snow , Sara Sawyer , Gloria Drexler , Mandy McDermot , Taffy Sinclair , Alexis Duvall ,Whitney Larkin , Ritchie Corrierro , Bill Soliday , Mona Vaughn , Matt Zeboski, Clarence Marshall, Joel Murphy , Daphne Alexandrou , Shawnie Pendergast whew! And the teachers Mrs. Abernathy , Miss Wolfe , Miss Dickinson and of course Mr. Dracovich a.k.a Dracula. The writing was vibrant and memorable , the plots lively and exciting. Who could forget a stepfather named Pink? a pregnant dog named Rainbow? a teacher who purposely dresses like Dracula and has students dissecting cow eye balls ? a hangout called Bumpers furnished with battered carnival rides ? and the unimitatable Igor – Shane’s pet lizard! Igor for President!
1. Seventh-Grade Rumors – 1988
2. The Trouble with Flirting – 1988
3. The Popularity Trap – 1988
4. Her Honor, Katie Shannon – 1988
5. The Bragging War – 1989
6. The Parent Game – 1989
7. The Kissing Disaster – 1989
8. The Runaway Crisis – 1989
9. The Boyfriend Dilemma – 1989
10. Playing the Part – 1989
11. Hit and Run – 1989
12. Katie’s Dating Tips – 1989
13. The Christmas Countdown – 1989
14. Seventh-Grade Menace – 1989
15. Melanie’s Identity Crisis – 1990
16. The Hot-Line Emergency – 1990
17. Celebrity Auction – 1990
18. Teen Taxi – 1990
19. The Boys-Only Club – 1990
20. The Witches of Wakeman – 1990
21. Jana to the Rescue – 1990
22. Melanie’s Valentine – 1991
23. Mall Mania – 1991
24. The Great TV Turnoff – 1991
25. Fabulous Five Minus One – 1991
26. Laura’s Secret
27. The Scapegoat
28. Breaking Up
29. Melanie Edwards , Super Kisser
30. Sibling Rivalry
31. The Fabulous Five Together Again
32. Class Trip Calamity
Super Special
1. The Fabulous Five in Trouble
2. Carribean Adventure
3. Breaking Up
4. Yearbook Memories

Fat Glenda
Offered by Seabury & Clarion & Archway and written by Lila Perl who really knows how to write! After creating a likable , relatable character with Glenda Waite , overweight but struggling
to lose it , Lila got so many letters from fans wanting to hear more about Glenda’s diets and success, she created three more books. The stories are fun , interesting and above all believable, even though Glenda works two hard years to lose weight and still isn’t what you’d call skinny she must battle, double hard, with a mother who is also overweight and at times not the most sympathetic especially when sending Glenda off to pick up a big cheesecake. A good non-numbered series.
1. Me and Fat Glenda – 1972
2. Hey Remember Fat Glenda? – 1981
3. Fat Glenda’s Summer Romance – 1986
4. Fat Glenda Turns Fourteen – 1991

Fifteen Series-
Peppy shortlived series put out by Signet Vista in the mid-80’s. A curio in that it
bore more likeness to a thematic series that a character driven
series. All the characters went to Hammond high but where unlinked by
friendship. Signet Vista also took this route with Hearts & Diamonds
where each story featured fresh characters at the same
boarding school. Being unencumbered by linking the stories
the authors had the freedom to be fresh and find their own tone.
The characters were lively and the action though typical , fun.
One story featured a popularity driven girl seeking to score
mythical Duran Duran tickets, another girl spending the week
at her ultra rich friends house for a week to see how the other
half lives , a class clown trying to cope with her parents divorce,
a girl who discovers her assigned ‘big sis’ might by only
using her , to best friends threatned when boys enter the
mix to a girl mortified that her social climbing might have
plummeted when she is banished to the nerdish West Wing
with the creepy computer whiz’s. Definitely worth a look.
1. Is there a Cure for Sophmore Year? – Barbara Steiner
2. Faking It – Betsy Haynes
3. So Who wants to be Popular Anyway? -Georgia Ann Ballack
4. What they Don’t Teach You in Jr. High – Susan Blake
5. My Little Big Sister – Marcia Leonard
6. All out of Grape Jelly -Susan Blake

Fifth Grade S.T.A.R.S.
– Bullesye a division of Knopf released this short lived series in 1989 after Sleepover Friends had been going for almost two years. ( I say this because Susan Saunders was borrowed for two of the books which have some similarities to her series the Sleepover Friends. ) The other main writer was Lisa Norby who had been writing for lots of teen series like Cheerleaders , Heart to Heart , Turning points and who knows what else. The series was finished off by Anna Jo Douglas. Fifth Grade Stars featured the sudden friendship of five girls who have one thing in common – they share the purposed stigma of riding the Sugar Tree Acres bus Route to and from the ex-boondocks-now-new subdivision. The girls are Jan Bateman the likeable average girl who longs at times for a taste of popularity , Karen Fisher who loves sci-fi but often feels put upon for her sensible, quiet nature , kooky Amy Danner who expresses herself with wild clothing and the twins Beth and Sara Greenfield. Beth is energetic and craves excitement while Sara the more introverted of the two continues a never ending project of writing her own romance novel. The girls battle the Clovers a bunch of snobby rich girls lead by Holly Hudnut who demands all of the Clovers wear side ponytails. The stories bounce along with a good deal of energy often ending in the Stars truimphing over some competition with the Clovers – unfortunately there were too many other series out there like this which is probably why it went belly-up after six books. It wasn’t bad it just wasn’t good enough to last in a market flooded with series that dealt with battling cliques , there were just too many to chose from – Sleeepover Friends , The Fabulous Five , Bad News Ballet , Best Friends , etc.
1. The Holly Hudnut Admiration Society – Lisa Norby – 1989
2. Rent-a-Star – Susan Saunders – 1989
3. Crazy Campout – Lisa Norby – 1989
4. Twin Trouble – Susan Saunders – 1989
5. Star Reporter – Lisa Norby – 1989
6. The Goofy Gamble – Anna Douglas – 1989

First Kiss
– Put out by Ivy in 1988 this series was rather ill-timed, with First Love repackaged as Keepsake and ready to turn in, along with Crosswinds and all of the other thematic romance series since long gone – Wildfire , Wishing Star , Windswept etc. It seemed only the strongest had survived – Sweet Dreams which wouldn’t last long into the 90’s and even Sunfire would end the next year in 1989. It seemed with the Babysitters club and Sweet Valley High swaggering along the shelves like pants-hitching bigwigs thematic romances had gone the way of yesterdays news. Too bad , this series idea was actually interesting- instead of featuring sixteen year-olds, the girls, would generally be freshman just entering high school and getting ready for the First Kiss of the series title. The stories were the usual blend of romance and light drama and the packaging was nice albeit the fuzzy soft focus close up shots were a tad unusual, all in all bad timing hampered this series more than anything.
1. Head over Heels – Susan Blake
2. Love Song – Suzanne Weyn
3. Falling For You – Carla Bracale
4. The Perfect Couple – Helen Santori
5. Right Boy , Wrong Girl- Janice Boies
6. Fair Weather Love – Carla Bracale

First love from Silhouette romances
First Love From Silhouette

– Put out by Silhouette the grand daddy of all romance publishing this series debuted in October of 1981. With a plethora of interesting , unique writers they offered up romance and adventure four times a month! And though it’s debatable as to wether this series or Sweet Dreams is better I’ll always have a bit of a sweet spot for First Love. They were without a doubt the most original offering up exotic locations – the amazon with parrot smuggling , soup kitchens for the homeless mixed up in a diamond heist, even daredevils in the Ozarks. Also exotic adventures – a girl living in an underwater vessel like a mermaid , a teen with telepathy , a girl whose compulsion to take a walk discovers it could all be just kismet for a certain boy , while another girl , after designing her own computer game, decides to buy her own house! First Love From Silhouette never just focused on romance but rather on a character’s adaption to a new environment , situation or boy , a situation usually already crackling with adventure and mystery. Loyal readers urged returning characters from Dorothy Francis who had a hit with Vonnie in Special Girl and even series with-in a series – Nicole Hart’s Hart mysteries , Becky Stewart’s ( a.k.a Stuart Buchan’s) Kellogg and Carey mysteries , Elaine Harpers 18 Blossom Valley books which took one character Janine through highschool romance to marriage , pregnancy , and child. Terrific thematic romances – never boring and always trying something new – be it a book put out with 9 short stories 105 – One for the Road , to taking it from a boys point of view or a character with a handicap ( 80’s term don’t freak out ) they managed that balance between something familiar with something exciting. Definitely worth reading.
1. New Boy in Town – Dorothy Francis – 1981
2. Girl In the Rough – Josephine Wunsch – 1981
3. Please Let Me In – Patti Beckman – 1981
4. Serenade – Adienne Marceau – 1981
5. Flowers for Lisa – Veronica Ladd – 1981
6. Kate Herself – Helen Erskine – 1981
7. Songbird – Carrie Enfield – 1981
8. Special Girl – Dorothy Francis – 1981
9. Love At First Sight – Elaine Harper – 1981
10. Please Love me Somebody – Maud Johnson – 1981
11. It’s my Turn – Eleni Carr – 1982
12. In my Sister’s shadow – Genell Dellin – 1982
13. Sometime my Love – Oneta Ryan – 1982
14. Promised Kiss – Veronica Ladd – 1982
15. Summer Romance – Rebecca Diamond – 1982
16. Someone to Love – Ann Bryan – 1982
17. Golden Girl – Helen Erskine – 1982
18. We Belong Together – Elaine Harper – 1982
19. Tomorrow’s Wish – Oneta Ryan – 1982
20. Say Please! – Dorothy Francis – 1982
21. Teach Me to Love – Wendi Davis – 1982
22. That Special Summer -Deborah Kent – 1982
23. When September Returns – Mcclure Jones – 1982
24. Dream Lover – Constance Treadwell – 1982
25. The Personal Touch – Caroline Cooney – 1982
26. A Time for Us -Oneta Ryan – 1982
27. A Secret Place – Dorothy Francis – 1982
29. A Boy to Dream About -Lisa Quinn – 1982
31. The First Act – Ann London – 1982
32. Dare To Love – Nancy Bush – 1982
33. You and Me – Maud Johnson – 1983
34. The Perfect Figure – Josie March – 1983
35. People Like Us – Barbara Haynes – 1983
36. One on One – Pam Ketter – 1983
37. Love-Note – Jessica Howell – 1983
38. All American Girl – Vanessa Payton – 1983
39. Be My Valentine – Elaine Harper – 1983
40. My Lucky Star – Becka Cassidy – 1983
41. Just Friends – Dorothy Francis – 1983
42. Promises to Come – Genell Dellin – 1983
43. A Knight to Remember – Pam Martin – 1983
44. Somebody like Jeremy Vaughn – Bea Alexander – 1983
45. A Touch of Love – Winifred Madison – 1983
46. Sealed with a Kiss – Wendi Davis – 1983
47. Three weeks of Love – Patricia Aks – 1983
48. Summer Illusion – Marilyn Manning – 1983
49. One of A Kind – Brady Brett – 1983
50. Stay Sweet Love – Fran Fisher – 1983
51. Prairie Girl – Barbara Coy – 1983
52. A Summer to Remember – Carol Robertson – 1983
53. Light of my Life – Elaine Harper – 1983
54. Picture Perfect – Carrie Enfield – 1983
55. Love on the Run – Leslie Graham – 1983
56. Romance in Store – Elaine Arthur – 1983
57. Some day my Prince – Veronica Ladd – 1983
58. Double Exposure -Laura Hawkins – 1983
59. A Rainbow for Allison – Maud Johnson – 1983
60. Alabama Moon – Brenda Cole – 1983
61. Here Comes Kary! – Mary Jo Dunne – 1983
62. Secret Admirer – Carrie Enfield – 1983
63. A New Beginning – Oneta Ryan – 1983
64. Mix and Match – Winifred Madison – 1983
65. The Mystery Kiss – Elaine Harper – 1983
66. Up to Date – Beverly Sommers – 1983
67. Puppy Love – Janice Harrell 1983
68. Change Partners – Sharon Wagner – 1983
69. Advice and Consent – Bea Alexander – 1983
70. More Than Friends – Becky Stuart – 1983
71. That Certain Boy – Doreen Owens Malek – 1983
72. Love and Honors – Oneta Ryan – 1983
73. Short Stop for Romance – Elaine Harper – 1983
74. A Passing Game – Beverly Sommers – 1984
75. Under The Mistletoe – Michele Mathews – 1984
76. Send in the Clowns – Marilyn Youngblood – 1984
77. Free as a Bird – Josephine Wunsch – 1984
78. Bittersweet Sixteen – Nancy Bush – 1984
79. Larger Than Life – Brenda Cole – 1984
80. Endless Summer – Rose Bayner – 1984
81. The Mockingbird – Becky Stuart – 1984
82. Kiss me Kit – Dorothy Francis – 1984
83. Where the Boys Are – Doreen Owens Malek – 1984
84. Sunny Side Up – Francis Hurley Grimes – 1984
85. In The Long Run – Bea Alexander – 1984
86. The Boy Next Door – Marilyn Youngblood – 1984
87. Enter , Laughing – Ellen Leroe – 1984
88. A Change of Heart – Roseanne McKenna – 1984
89. Bunny Hug – Elaine Harper – 1984
90. Surf’s up for Laney – Claire Caldwell – 1984
91. R , For Love – Leslie Graham – 1984
92. Just the Right Age – Louise Chatterton – 1984
93. South of the Border – SueEllen Holland – 1984
94. Lead on Love – Nicole Hart – 1984
95. Heaven’s to Bitsy – Janice Harrell – 1984
96. Research for Romance – Erin Phillips – 1984
97. Land’s End – Becky Stuart – 1984
98. One of the Guys – Kathryn Makris – 1984
99. Written in the Stars – Andrea Marshall – 1984
100. Head in the Clouds – Carrie Lewis – 1984
101. Fireworks – Elaine Harper – 1984
102. Side by Side – Martha Mason Humphreys – 1984
103. After Midnight – Marilyn Youngblood – 1984
104. The Frog Princess – Cheryl Zach – 1984
105. One for the Road – Caryl Hansen – 1984
106. The French Summer – Tessa Kay – 1984
107. Handle with Care – Andrea Marshall – 1984
108. The Look of Love – Veronica Ladd – 1984
109. Snap Judgement – Marilyn Youngblood – 1984
110. Call of the Wild – Carrie Lewis – 1984
111. The Girl Inside – Judy Baer – 1984
112. Once in California – Becky Stuart – 1984
113. Season of Mist – Doreen Owens Malek – 1984
114. Courting Trouble – Nicole Hart – 1984
115. Secrets – Judith Enderle – 1984
116. Wishful Thinking – Barbara Haynes – 1984
117. Turkey Trot – Elaine Harper – 1984
118. See you in July – Barbara Steiner – 1984
119. Don’t Fence me In – Brenda Cole – 1984
120. The Magic Circle – Dorothy Francis – 1984
121. Christmas Date – Elaine Harper – 1984
122. Lovetalk – Joyce McGill- 1984
123. Give and Take – Ellen Leroe – 1984
124. Sugarbush Spring – Virginia Smiley – 1984
125. Summer of my Independence – Rose Bayner – 1985
126. Between the Lines – Dorothy Fischer – 1985
127. A Patch of Black Satin – Jeanne Cheyney – 1985
128. Secrets in the Garden- Janice Harrell – 1985
129.The Ghost of Gamma Rho – Elaine Harper – 1985
130. Nightshade – Jesse Osborne – 1985
131. Waiting for Amanda – Cheryl Zach – 1985
132. The Candy Papers – Helen Cavanagh – 1985
133. Manhattan Melody – Marilyn Youngblood – 1985
134. Killebrew’s Daughter – Janice Harrell – 1985
135. Bid for Romance – Dorothy Francis – 1985
136. The Shadow Knows – Becky Stewart – 1985
137. Lover’s Lake – Elaine Harper – 1985
138. In the Money – Beverly Sommers – 1985
139. Breaking Away – Josephine Wunsch – 1985
140. What I know about Boys – McClure Jones – 1985
141. I love you more than Chocolate – Francis Hurley Grimes – 1985
142. The Wilder Special – Rose Bayner – 1985
143. Hungarian Rhapsody – Marilyn Youngblood – 1985
144. Country Boy – Joyce McGill – 1985
145. Janine – Elaine Harper – 1985
146. Call back yesterday – Doreen Owens Malek – 1985
147. Why Me – Beverly Sommers – 1985
148. Meadow Wind – Katrina West – 1985
149. Off the Hook – Rose Bayner – 1985
150. The Heartbreak of Haltom High – Dawn Kingsbury – 1985
151. Against the Odds – Andrea Marshall – 1985
152. On the Road Again – Miriam Morton – 1985
153.The Phantom Skateboard – Elaine Harper – 1985
154. One in a Million – Kathryn Makris – 1985
155. A Civil War – Beverly Sommers – 1985
156. Fortune’s Child – Cheryl Zach – 1985
157. Roar of the Crowd – Alan Thomas – 1985
158. Teach me to Love – Wendy Davis – 1985
159. Sugar and Spice – Janice Harrell – 1985
160. The Other Langley Girl – Joyce McGill – 1985
161. A Chance Hero – Ann Gabhart – 1985
162. Riding High – Marilyn Youngblood – 1985
163. Blue Ribbon Summer – Nancy Morgan – 1985
164. Secrets – Judith Enderle – 1985
165. Blue Skies and Lollipops – Janice Harrell – 1985
166. And Miles to Go – Beverly Sommers – 1985
167. Blossom into Love – Norma Jean Lutz – 1985
168. Birds of Passage – Miriam Morton – 1985
169. Orinoco Adventure – Elaine Harper – 1985
170. Video Fever – Kathleen Garvey – 1985
171. Write on! – Dorothy Francis – 1985
172. The New Man – Carrie Lewis – 1985
173. Someone Else – Becky Stuart – 1986
174. Adrienne and the Blob – Judith Enderle – 1986
175. Blackbird Keep – Candice Ransom – 1986
176. Daughter of the Moon – Lynn Carlock – 1986
177. A Day in September – Joyce Davies – 1986
178. A Broken Bow – Martha Humphreys – 1986
179. The Wild One – Tessa Kay – 1986
180. All at Sea – Miriam Morton – 1986
181. Homecoming – Elaine Harper – 1986
182. The Perfect Ten – Josephine Wunsch – 1986
183. Marigold Beach – Jesse Osburn – 1986
184. Here we Go Again – Joyce McGill – 1986
185. Stop Thief! – Francis Dorothy – 1986
186. Small Wonder – Caryl Hansen – 1986
187. Birds of a Feather – Janice Harrell – 1986
188. Tomorrow and Tomorrow – Brenda Cole – 1986
189. Ghost Ship – Becky Stuart – 1986
190. A Gathering Storm – Serita Stevens – 1986
191. Wheels – Rebecca Nunn- 1986
192. First Impressions – Kalindi Clare – 1986
193. Road to Romance – Nicole Hart – 1986
194. Promises – Tracy West – 1986
195. The Roar of The Crowd – Alan Thomas – 1986
196. None but The Brave – Hazel Krantz – 1986
197. Coral Island – Elaine Harper – 1986
198. A Touch of Genius – Jeffie Ross Gordon – 1986
199. Famous Last Words – Becky Stuart – 1986
200. Only Make Believe – Dawn Kingsbury – 1986
201. Mayhem and Magic – Nicole Hart – 1986
202. Soap Opera – Joyce McGill – 1986
203. Playing House – Jean Simon – 1986
204. Hunter’s Moon – Brenda Cole – 1986
205. With Love from Rome – Janice Harrell – 1986
206. A Wish too Soon – Lainey Campbell – 1986
207. Shadows on the Mountain – Miriam Morton – 1986
208. Double Dare – Laurien Berenson – 1986
209. Rachel’s Resistance – Nicole Hart – 1986
210. A Dash of Pepper – Katrina West – 1986
211. Parrots and Monkeys – Beverly Sommers -1986
212. Ask me no Questions – Lisa Swazey – 1986
213. Follow Your Heart – Dorothy Francis – 1986
214. Walk with Danger – Susan Rubin – 1986
215. Falling for You – Lisa Swazey – 1986
216. The Journal of Emily Rose – Jeffie Ross Gordon – 1986
217. Look of Eagles – Ann Gabhart – 1986
218. Days of Loving – Jean F. Capron – 1986
219. Behind the Mask – Glen Ebisch – 1986
220. Mind over Matter – Miriam Morton – 1986
221. A Touch of Magic – Jeffie Rose Gordon – 1986
222. Take A Walk – Beverly Sommers – 1987
223. Diamond in the Rough – Joyce McGill – 1987
224. Castles in Spain – Janice Harrell – 1987
225. Cat’s Cradle – Candice Ransom – 1987
226. Spoiled Rotten – Brenda Cole – 1987
227. Up in the Air – Carrie Lewis – 1987
228. Kiss of The Cobra – Miriam Morton – 1987
229. A Risky Business – Janice Harrell – 1987
230. Alley cat – Lee Wardlaw – 1987
231. Something to Treasure – Judi Cross – 1987
232. The Boy in White – Tessa Kay – 1987
233. Future Tense – Joan Hess – 1987
234. Treasure of the Hills – Mary Virginia Fox – 1987
235. Nights on the Bayou – Miriam Morton – 1987
236. King for Queen – Judy Mayer- 1987

First Love From Silhouette – Blossom Valley
– Put out by First Love from Silhouette this is a series within a series. Elaine Harper created the small town of Blossom Valley where love was always in bloom. Characters were sometimes intertwined with upcoming stories much like Sweet Valley High , sometimes not. Continuing characters reappeared and aged – Janine Anderson who goes from new kid in to to marrying her first love Craig Matthews , to having a baby. There are the triplets Amy , Arthur and Adam Norwood and Chrissie Quale younger sister of Janine’s good friend Stephanie who finally gets her turn at romance. The stories were such a hit they were released with ( instead of the First Love From Silhouette arch ) a Blossom Valley Book arch. Even as First Love was being turned into Keepsake , a few books were reprinted and two new Blossom Valley books were put out.
1. # 9. Love at First Sight – 1981
2. #18. We Belong Together – 1982
3. # 39. Be My Valentine – 1983
4. # 58. Light of My Life – 1983
5. # 65. The Mystery Kiss – 1983
6. # 73. Short Stop for Romance – 1983
7. # 99. Bunny Hug – 1984
8. # 101. Fireworks – 1984
9. # 117. Turkey Trot – 1984
10. # 129. The Ghost of Gamma Rho – 1985
11. # 137. Lovers’ Lane – 1985
12. # 145. Janine – 1985
13. #153. The Phantom Skateboard – 1985
14. # 169. Orinoco Adventure – 1986
15. # 181. Homecoming – 1986
16. # 197. Coral Island – 1986
17. Keepsake #15. The Bird of Paradise – 1988
18. Keepsake #19. No Easy Answers – 1988.

First Love From Silhouette
A Hart Mystery
– High on exotic locations as friends traveling in Europe for the summer tumble into mystery after mystery – The characters – intelligent Rachel , delightly beautiful Angelica , energetic Eustice , sophisticated city gal Hallie , handsome , reserved Peter , charismatic Jess , shy May.
1. # 114. Courting Trouble
2. # 193. Road To Romance
3. # 201. Mayhem and Magic
4. # 209. Rachel’s Resistance

First Love From Silhouette
Kellogg & Carey
– Sharp wit accents these mysteries as Kellogg Brown a small town boy and his best friend Carey Ashton sparked the kind of chemistry that t.v. sleuths like Moonlighting managed , to keep viewers tuned in and readers wanting more. They had a faithful home base and sturdy characters that cropped up , most beloved is fellow co-sleuth – Theodore the labrador retriever.
1. #157. Journey’s End
2. #173. Someone Else
3. # 189 Ghost Ship
4. #199 Famous Last Words
5. Keepsake # 25. The Last Summer

The Forever Friends Club
Put out by Willowisp Press which like Caprice or First Love From Silhouette or Crosswinds had
put out small little pbs of unnumbered romances and dramas with colorful photo covers , they were eventually broken down in sub categories – Willowisp Impressions & Willowisp Lifelines. Cindy Savage wrote other books for Willowisp and created & wrote this series whose theme about a group of girls who start their own party business wasn’t exactly original – Sleepover Friends started a party service in 1987 and The Party Line started in 1990. What made this series different was that there was dirrect involvement between the adults and kids particularily Abby , Joy’s mom who is a caterier and often helps out with the cooking. Adults were usually not present in most Ya fiction making this a bit of a rare surprise. The characters were your typical bunch – Linda Jean Jacobs an animal lover offering hamsters to young birthday guests , Kristina ‘Krissy’ Branch – down to earth , intelligent but struggles under the wee shadow of her younger sister who is already a successful model. Joy Marshall friendly & organized , and Aimee Lawrence an exuberant , talented singer whose father hosts Weekend Mag a local happening show , which has her meeting young gofer Grahame Moore. They had busy schedules like the Babysitters club often trying to juggle their school and social life with their business Party Time which lead to conflicts ala , story plots. Not bad , hampered more by dull covers and an uninspired logo.
1. Let’s Be Friends Forever 1989
2. Friends to the Rescue! 1989
3. Keeping Secrets, Keeping Friends 1989
4. That’s What Friends Are For 1989
5. Friends Save the Day 1989
6. New Friends Blues 1990
7. More than Just a Friend – 1990
8. Even Best Friends say Goodbye – 1991
9. Friendship Fever – 1991

Friends 4-Ever
Put out by Apple this was a pre-preteen series bridging the gap between the Babysitters Club and Little Sister. It seemed too young for readers of the Babysitter’s Club and yet too old for readers of Little Sister. The series was written by Deirdre Corey who had her thumb neatly on the pulse of that awkward age before girls become interested in clothes and make-up when rainbow stickers , your pet dog , head stand records , climbing trees and the cat’s cradle were your main interests, other than your friends. The series featured gentle Laura Ryder , cheerful Molly , tomboyish Stephanie ‘Stevie’ Ames and bubbly Meg who when their friendship is threatened, as Molly learns she is moving to Kansas for a year , band together to form a club – the Friends 4-ever club and become pen pals. Each book featured letters as they confided in Molly whatever snafu they were experiencing at home or school , with letters from Molly about how she was coping in Kansas. But oddly enough the gimmick was kaput after 5 books – Molly had returned and instead of rearranging the title they continued to write notes to each other and stuff them in a hallow tree.
1. P.S. We’ll Miss You 1990 –
2. Yours ‘Til the Meatball Bounces 1990
3. 2 Sweet 2 B 4 Gotten 1990
4. Remember Me, When This You See 1990
5. Sealed with a Hug 1990
6. Friends til the Ocean Waves 1990
7. Friends 4-Ever Minus One 1991
8. Mysteriously Yours 1991
9. C U When the Snow Falls – 1991
10. Yours ‘Till the Wedding Rings – 1992
11. Best Wishes Whoever You are – 1992
12. Friends ‘Till the Thunder Claps – 1992

Sharp , taunt little stories written by an usual duo – a father
daughter duo – Milton and Gloria Dank. This series featured
a group of teenagers all with slangy nicknames – Diggy,
Sphinx, Larry , Chessie and Bobbie the Galaxy gang of
the title who find themselves in the middle of one
adventure after another usually trying to solve the
usual stumbled upon mystery. Though the
kids were a little more sophisticated than the average
detective and weren’t above bugging offices!
Just over one hundred pages they were a quick ,
exciting read for a boy or a girl.
1. The Computer Caper – 1983
2. A UFO has landed – 1983
3. The 3-D Traitor – 1984
4. The Treasure Code – 1985
5. The Computer Game Murder – 1985

The Girls of Canby Hall
Put out by Scholastic this boarding school themed series is perhaps , if not , the most solid , believable teen 80’s series ever! It didn’t follow the given formula , or resort to cheap theatrics , pulpy sensationalistic topics , psychotic characters or mind-numbingly bad plots in fact it was intelligently paced and remarkably well written. The characters were genuine nice girls – Shelley Hyde a flighty , theatrical actress-wannabee from Iowa who convinces her roommates of 407 to paint their room pitch black , Dana Morrison a sophisticated , smart , stylish girl from Manhattan who drinks Tab soda and has been known to paint her toenail pale , pale green , and Faith Thompson , a pretty black girl who comes from Washington , loves photography but has not recovered from her policeman father’s sudden death. Allison Cavanaugh is their warmhearted , understanding , young , hip housemother who invites them up to her apartment for tea and sympathy. Canby Hall is as much a character as the girls themselves a building with a slightly romantic history and beautiful Boston seasons offering ice skating in Winter and fall colors in Autumn. Breaking with typical series tradition the girls leave and graduate and by book 18 a new set of girls moves into room 407. Stuffy Jane Barrett who is from a wealthy family in Boston, full of background and breeding , Andrea ‘Andy’ Cord a lively black girl from Chicago with a huge loving family and a passion for dancing , and October ‘Toby’ Houston a tough , loner tomboy who loves horses and the outdoors and naturally comes from a ranch in Texas. The plots focused on homesickness , fitting in , getting homework assignments done , flirting with boys at the Tutti Frutti ice cream shop or Pizza Pete’s and reinforcing their friendship through the loneliness of boarding school. The series wasn’t written by Emily Chase it’s only a pseudonym for a handful of talented writers some of whom went on to write best selling romances.
1. Roommates 1984
2. Our Roommate is Missing 1984
3. You’re No Friend of Mine 1984
4. Keeping Secrets 1984
5. Summer Blues 1984
6. Best Friends Forever 1984
7. Four Is a Crowd 1984
8. The Big Crush 1984
9. Boy Trouble 1984
10. Make Me a Star 1985
11. With Friends Like That 1985
12. Who’s the New Girl? 1985
13. Here Come the Boys 1985
14. What’s a Girl To Do? 1985
15. To Tell the Truth 1985
16. Three of a Kind 1985
17. Graduation Day 1986
18. Making Friends 1986
19. One Boy Too Many 1986
20. Friends Times Three 1987
21. Party Time! 1987
22. Troublemaker 1987
23. But She’s So Cute 1987
24. Princess Who? 1987
25. The Ghost of Canby Hall 1987
26. Help Wanted! 1988
27. The Roommate and the Cowboy 1988
28. Happy Birthday, Jane 1988
29. A Roommate Returns 1988
30. Surprise! 1988
31. Here Comes the Bridesmaid 1988
32. Who’s Got a Crush on Andy? 1989
33. Six Roommates and a Baby 1989
Super Editions 1. Something Old. Something New – 1986
2. The Almost Summer Carnival – 1987 –

Going For It
Gimmick-thematic romances burst from the publishers in the mid-80’s with happy plans of
becoming the next Sweet Dreams or First Love From Silhouette. They were the offspring of
two hopefully brilliant ideas – romance and the twist – be it mystery , gothic undertones or historical settings. Some caught on and became successful – like Sunfire others like Going For it
fizzled out after a few books. Released by Avon – Going For it had an interesting gimmick –
the Olympic aspirations of the protagonist who is trying to balance her goal and romance at the same time. Not a bad idea at all , but the effect is boiled down to ho-hum when you have other series whose roots are on a more level playing field ( 80’s girls it seemed wanted to hear more about terrific clothes , gorgeous boys , and snotty villains ) and only occasionally dip into the subjects of sports. Had one of the best cover designs though – ter-rific! White backdrop , contrasting colors , a brilliant bold star logo and playful looking couples.
1. Making Waves – A. C. Chandler – 1985
2. Balancing Act – Rebecca Larsen – 1985
3. Summer Dreams – Bill Gutman – 1985
4. Out of Control – Sam Bittman – 1985
5. Bareback – Merilee Steiner – 1986
6. Thin Ice – E. M. Rees – 1986

Going Places
Released by Laurel-leaf this is more of a mini-series than an actual ongoing series. It tells the story of four friends who land summer jobs in their future dream careers. Each title echos the atmosphere of
the job – Amanda’s is of course medicine , Jill’s journalism , Cameron’s modeling , and Tracie’s is television. I have to hand it to Barbara Girion she’s done her research and created believable settings for each adventure. The characters are the kind of likable , easy to relate to heroines that season every series , the kind you root for to do well and groan when they’re in a jam. Love the bright covers!
1. Prescription for Success: Amanda’s Story – 1987
2. Front Page Exclusive: Jill’s Story – 1987
3. Portfolio to Fame: Cameron’s Story – 1987
4. Prime Time Attraction: Tracie’s Story – 1987

Hooray or ho-hum this series is centered on Gymnastics with little else to interest anyone not keen on gymnastics , so if you’re sporty the series is perfect but if not all the detail about landing jumps and tumbles and techniques is going to sound boring to say a girl who reads Svh and skips over a sport themed plot. But if you can hang in there or this is just your thing , the books written by Elizabeth Levy have a certain charm. Lasting 18 books it was another minor hit for Apple pbs and featured the Pinecones – newcomers on a gymnastics team ranging in age from 10-13 yr olds. The girls are; little but bold Lauren Baca , Darlene Broderick tall , black , stylish and mature ( 2 years older than the girls and often passes for older we are told ). Jodi Sutton who has a hard time living under the shadow of her mother – an ex gymnast and is now one of their coaches – Jodi’s skill level is up and down like her temper , Cindi is laid back but friendly and Becky Dyson is the obnoxious older girl who usually sabotages the girls out of jealousy , rounding the circle of all teen series fiction of heroines battling snobby villains.
1. The Beginners – 1988
2. First Meet – 1988
3. Nobody’s Perfect – 1988
4. The Winner – 1989
5. Trouble in the Gym – 1989
6. Bad Break – 1989
7. Tumbling Ghosts – 1989
8. Captain of the Team – 1989
9. Crush on the Coach – 1990
10. Boys in the Gym – 1990
11. Mystery at the Meet – 1990
12. Out of Control – 1990
13. First Date – 1990
14. World-Class Gymnast- 1990
15. Nasty Competition – 1991
16. Fear of Falling – 1991
17. Gymnasts Commandos – 1991
18. The New Coach? – 1991

Don’t know much about this thematic romance series. It was put out
by Weekly Reader in the early 80’s. The romances appear to
be the usual subjects – girl chases boy till she gets him. Here’s a
small list which will bloom with the more information I find.
– Danger ! Lover Ahead – Kate Adair – 1982
– The Right One To Love – Eileen Van Den Hogen – 1983
– It’s Hard to Say No – E Ashley Rooney – 1983
– The Golden Locket – Eileen Van Den Hogen – 1983
– The Wrong Kind – Carol H Behrman – 1983
– Flowers For Sammy – Priscilla W Dundon – 1983
– Sweet Magic Moments – Priscilla W Dundon – 1983
– Old Enough to Dream – Carol H Behrman – 1983
– Stranger In My Heart – Carol H Behrman – 1983
– California Summer – ?

Heart To Heart
Truth be told I don’t know much about this series accept that it has a gimmick of breaking off midpoint in the story and flashing ahead to show the 14 yr old protagonist at a later age. It was put out by Ballantine and featured some sturdy authors whose work appeared in other teen thematic romances. Hard to find.
1. Summer to Summer – Carol Ellis -1985
2. Someday Soon – Vicki Tyler – 1985
3. Waiting in the Wings – Lisa Norby – 1985
4. Make a Wish – Carol Beach York – 1985
5. This Song Is for You – Sandy Miller – 1985
6. A Likely Story – Carol Beach York – 1985
7. Spring Fever – Abby Connell – 1986
8. Friendly Rivals – Lisa Norby – 1986

Heartbreak Cafe
Fawcett Girls Only put out this hilarious series written by the phenomenal Janet Quin-Harquin on the cusp of the eighties. It was bizarre by any teen series standard for not only did it break the omnipresent point-of-view it was first person narrative and the character was spunky , free- wheeling Deborah ‘Debbie’ Lesley who gets a culture shock when her parents sudden divorce drops her from wealthy to without. Quickly acquiring a job at the divey hamburger joint near the beach called the Heartbreak Café most of the escapades find her trying to juggle her new lifestyle which includes more battles with her mother who is also struggling for self sufficiency and attempting to go back to school , hiding her job from her friends and trying to resist the bosses arrogant , playboy son Joe Garbarini. Full of quips and zingers it reads more like a set of books rather than a series.
1. No Experience Required – 1989
2. The Main Attraction – 1989
3. At Your Service – 1989
4. Catch of the Day – 1990
5. Love To Go – 1990
6. Just Desserts – 1990

– Heartlines is a romance series published by Pan in London – which is evident once you start
reading the stories. Words like dressing-gown ( robe ) , jumble-sale ( garage-sale ) , holidaymaker ( traveler ) pepper the pages and might elicit a snicker from anyone not from Great Britain but the stories are good and worth a peek even for a bit of cultural comparison. The protagonist ages are more 16-18 but the stories are similar to the usual teen romance genre – vacations , crushes on teachers , jealousy , modeling , rock groups , etc. Well written with many sparkling writers in the bunch. On an interesting note the earlier editions are printed on cardboard covers so thin and flimsy you could roll the books into a tube and stuff them in a pocket. I could not find any numbers for the books so I’ll try and arrange them by date – unfortunately some may have been left out due to being hindered by only what is available.
Love Emma XXX – Mary Hooper – 1982
It could Never Be – Pam Lyons – 1983
Latchkey Girl – Pam Lyons – 1983
He Was Bad – Pam Lyons – 1983
Tug of Love – Anita Eires – 1983
Summer Awakening – Anita Eires – 1983
Spanish Exchange – Anita Eires – 1983
Star Dreamer – Anita Eires – 1983
Follow That Dream – Mary Hooper – 1984
Happily Ever After – Mary Hooper – 1984
Autumn Always Comes – Jane Pitt – 1984
My Cousin Angie – Mary Hooper – 1984
Loretta Rose – Jane Pitt – 1984
If Only – Anita Eires – 1984
Californian Summer – Anita Eyres – 1984
Two Times Two – Barbara Jacobs 1984
Dangerous Love – Anthea Cohen – 1984
Forgive and Forget – David S. Williams – 1985
Stony Limits – Jane Pitt – 1985
Rainbows for Sale – Jane Pitt – 1985
Odd Girl Out – Pam Lyons – 1985
Ms. Perfect – Pam Lyons – 1985
Teacher’s Pet – Anita Eires – 1985
Hand’s Off – Ann De Gale – 1985
Friends for Keeps – Ann Ruffell – 1985
Secret Passion -Ann Ruffell – 1985
Island Encounter – Ann De Gale – 1986
Stepsisters – Anita Davies – 1986
Opposites Attract – Mary Hooper – 1986
A Love Like Yours – Mary Hooper – 1986
Pia – Jane Pitt – 1986
The Boy Who Was Magic – Jane Pitt – 1986
Secret Hearts – Jane Pitt – 1986
A boy Called Simon – Pam Lyons – 1986
Danny’s Girl – Pam Lyons – 1986
Spotlight on Sam – Jane Butterworth – 1986
Wild in the Country – Jane Butterworth – ?
Wild Love – John Harvey – 1986
Last Summer , First Love – John Harvey – 1986
Stolen Kisses -Barbara Jacobs – 1986
The Name is Zero – Lorna Read – 1986
Baby Face – Ann Ruffell – 1986
Change of Heart – Jill Young – 1986
Wish you were Here – Pam Lyons – 1987
Blondes Have More Fun and other stories- Mary Hooper – 1987
One of the Boys – Pam Lyons – 1987
Headlines – Jane Pitt – 1987
Love around the Corner – Pam Lyons – 1987
On Wheels of Love – Lorna Read – 1987
A Taste of Fame – Lorna Read – 1987
Images – Lorna Read – ?
Leaving Home – Ann Ruffell – 1987
Kiss of Life – Gale Read – 1987
No Place to Hide – Ann Ruffell – 1987
Substance and Shadow – Anthea Cohen – 1987
Search for A Stranger – Margaret West- 1987
No Time for Regrets – David S. Williams – 1987
Just Matty’s Luck – Jill Young – 1987
Born to be Wild – Jane Butterworth – 1988
Girl Overboard – Pam Lyons – 1988
Listen to my Heartbeat – Barbara Jacobs – 1988
Danny and the Real Me – Vicki Tyler – 1988
Drumbeat – Ann Ruffell – 1988
Home Before Dark – Margaret West – 1988
Remembering Melanie – Mary Hooper – 1989
Dangerous Secret – Ann De Gale – 1989
A Chance to Dream – Anita Davies – 1989
I Love you , I think – Jane Pitt – 1989
Love Games – Janet McLeod Trotter – 1989
Falling For Jay – Sam White – 1989
Goodbye my Love – Barbara Jacobs – 1989
Valentine’s Night – Jill Young – 1989
Hold on to Love – Claire Allen – 1989
Date With Danger – Margaret West – 1989

Hearts and Diamonds
Hearts and Diamonds was a unique series targeted for the older teen , it’s not a wonder why Signet Vista put it out in 1986 since their stories often targeted an older audience. The series was written by Leonore Fleischer whose name mostly cropped up on movie-turned book adaptions like Ice Castles , Staying Alive , and The Rose but she writes with a crispness and manages to hone gems that capture the era – like Soho shopping trips, amid pushy venders and glittery thrift shops. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you saw it was the series did not feature the same cast of characters instead in a unique twist a new batch entered their freshman year in the prestigious Holly Hills boarding school for each story. The Hearts & Diamonds stand for the exclusive ball , held each year that the protagonists attend. Most of the girls fall hard for the wrong kind of guy and spend the span of the book trying to work out that he is the wrong guy all the while mulling the issues of sex. Interesting little treasure of a series. For once friends are friends not competition , and realistic worries and decisions play on the these girls minds. Too bad it couldn’t have lasted a little longer.
1. Hearts and Diamonds – 1986
2. The Four Jessicas – 1986
3. Wrong Name for Angela – 1986
4. A Boy of Her Own – 1986

Heavenly Romances
To be perfectly honest I don’t know much about this series , it was an early thematic release ,around 1982, which featured dazzling gimmick covers with the unfortunate pairing of rather glum kids who looked like candidates for Eight is Enough often paired in those dull early 80’s oatmeal hues. The photos were cut out as a star on a blue cover – the star sat askew one point cut off by the page edge and little white stardust shimmered around the stellar cut out giving the effect of celestial travel. Charming but above all original , definitely one of the stand out designs for all of the teen romance covers. I have no idea if the celestial inspired name revealed some sort of gimmick to the stories but from what I have found they look to be your average teen romances featuring – twins , campaigns , make overs and of course romance.
– Two of a Kind – Suzanne Zuckerman – 1982
– Candidate for Love – Gloria Tortora – 1982
– It’s Your move , Lori! – Jane Peart – 1982
– Music in my Heart – Bernice Selden – 1982
– Love Song – Christina Wainright – 1982
– Candles in the Window – Carol Beach York – 1982
– Just Between Us – Margaret Garland – 1982
– Love: Lost and Found – Nancy Robinson – 1982
– Just Between Us – Margaret Garland – 1982
– Two in a Million – Jayne Palmer – 1982
– The Winning Heart – Stephanie Gordon Tessler
– The Change in Monica – Kathyrn Makris – 1983
– With Love , Lark – Judith Enderle – 1983
– Fitting In – Rosemary Tucker – 1983
– Trying Harder – Suzanne Zuckerman – 1983
– A Year ago Tomorrow – Daniel Francis – 1983
– Old Friend , New Love – Jayne Palmer – 1983
– With all my Heart – Margaret Garland – 1983
– Designs on You – Christina Wainright – 1983

Written by Nancy Norton and put out by Point Scholastic this odd series?! Is the strangest I’ve ever come across. First, to call it a series is something of a generous title though clearly , boldly numbered it’s only ammounts to three , that’s right , three books long/short. Sometimes I believe the book titles might have been to blame – how far could they have gone? – Wild times at Fairwood High , The new Boy at Fairwood High , A fire at Fairwood high and the covers usually a trio of students flirting , preening or fighting in the school hallway before the said title’s door couldn’t have shown much more action taking place besides just that – it’s as if their packaging and execution had boxed them in like a coffin. If only the oddities stopped there – the stories seemed to hinge on some dilemma the characters were facing – Piper spunky main girl forbidden to date ex-rebel Judd but when she gets her parents to soften towards him there is a feeling of now what? Then there is the tacky gimmick character of Tamara err-Princess Tamara that’s right a real Princess going to Junior high fun huh? With the authors ability to have her make puns out of typical American slang , wear rubies to school under the nose of teens wearing junk jewelry and being able to buy
oodles of outfits in every imaginable color it isfunny but the novelty wears off fast and as she begins to Americanize once again as a reader we’re thinking now what? Lastly there are the villains twins – Cathy and Casey Conner ( double ugh ) who skulk around the school like the siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp. Bizarre , Bizarre , Bizarre.
1. Strange Times at Fairwood High – 1988
2. The Princess of Fairwood High – 1988
3. Triple Trouble at Fairwood High – 1988

Interactive Series
Interactive Romances
The dippiest of all story gimmicks – for romances mind you, I will not cast an quill at Choose your own adventures like a dart board for they are quite good – but what’s good for an adventure story or Encyclopedia Brown is not necessarily good for a romance. Many of you may not
know how these things go so I’ll give you an example.
The story starts like any other until a decition must be made by the protagonist ( and reader ) you get to pick from a selection of choices – each directing you to a certain page , skipping over all other pages you get to see how the story evolves depending on what choice you’ve made. The trouble with this gimmick is that there was generally not a rich enough story to care which decision the girl chose or what outcome it might reach. With the exception of Make Your Dreams Come True – most of the other books were slender and short not much more than an inflated back blurb. It’s amazing that four publishing houses however tried to make this gimmick work and one by one each series fizzled a flash-in-the-pan death. Though some stories were more successful and enjoyable than others the gimmick didn’t seem to resurface after 1985.

Interactive – Dream Your Own Romances
-Put out by Wanderer it was the most short lived of all the series a mere three book hop-skip-and-jump into the fire. Pity I thought it had one of the cleverest series titles.
1. Summer Love 1983 – Elizabeth Carroll
2. Holiday Romance 1983 – Julie Cahn
3. Spotlight on Love 1984 Julie Cahn

Interactive – Follow Your Heart Romances
– Put out by Archway it’s cover declared a multiple choice romance and didn’t lie. It was pretty complicated – there wasn’t just two choices to make, the choices kept coming and coming! , in Racing to Love book 7 – I lost count , depending on what choices you make you’re zig zagging back and forth at least seven times but the book appears to be able to be read oodles of different ways I counted 19 endings! Interesting but not a complete success probably lasted the seven books due to the talents of Caroline Cooney.
1. Summer in the Sun 1983 – Jan Gelman
2. Boys! Boys! Boys! 1983 – Jan Gelman
3. A Stage Set for Love 1983 – Caroline Cooney
4. Sun, Sea and Boys 1984 – Caroline Cooney
5. Far Away Loves 1984 – Jan Gelman
6. Take a Chance on Love 1984 – Jan Gelman
7. Racing to Love 1985 – Caroline Cooney
8. Lots of Boys – 1985 – Jan Gelman
9. Suntanned Days – 1985 – Caroline Cooney
10. Seven-Boy Vaction – 1985 – Jan Gelman

Interactive – Make Your Dreams Come True
– The bulkiest , most cleverly packaged of the interactive romances it featured a neckless outlining the photo art picture of the protagonist on the cover, all in embossed gold with a dangling lavalier
decorated with a rose. The stories were more fleshed out usually offering four endings and more exciting choices. Strangely enough it didn’t last as long as the slimmer interactives. The series was offered by Warner who also had another gimmick series under their belt Two-by-Two.
1. Angie’s Choice – Mary Ellen Bradford – 1984
2. Winning at Love – Amanda McNicol – 1984
3. Worthy Opponents – Nicole Carr – 1984
4. Dream Date – Amanda McNicol – 1984
5. What Money Can’t Buy – Kristi Russell 1984

Interactive – Turning Points
-Put out by Signet it was the most successful of the interactive romances and featured authors
that went on to other series -Sweet Dreams , Cheerleaders , Wildfire. The format wasn’t as complicated as the others you simply read up to the next to last chapter and were given a choice
between two endings depending on what you had the character decide.
1. Friends Forever – Lisa Norby – 1984
2. Kerry’s Dance – M. L. Kennedy – 1984
3. A Valentine for Betsy – Kaye Dobkin- 1984
4. See You in September – Carol Ellis- 1984
5. Forget Me Not – Diana Gregory- 1984
6. Keep Tomorrow For Me – Terry Hunter- 1984
7. A Winner’s Smile – M. L. Kennedy- 1984
8. A Wish for Tonight – Jennie Abbott- 1984
9. Somebody’s Girl – Rebecca Rieffe -1985
10. Honey and Spice – Deborah Kent – 1985
11. Nobody’s Perfect – Carol Ellis -1985
12. Only You – Janet Emerson – 1985

John Benton Books ( Living Hope Series )
Girls robbing pizza places , panhandling , drug dealing,
prostituting – heavy topics for a teen series – yet John Benton
pulls it off with great panache. Why not most of the stories are
true to life confessions switching back n’ forth from in-the-
moment action to looking- back-at-it-all-with- humiliation
and disgust. The central tie-in for the series was the Walter
Hoving House a real life girls home that took in last ditch
offenders offering them a chance at rehabilitation through
a Christ centered program headed by Mr. And Mrs. Benton.
The girls came from diverse backgrounds with diverse
problems all sending them spinning off into the ugly underworld
of drugs ,prostitution and crime – the scenes evolve with
at times humor – one girl robs a drug store with her sister ,
by streaking through it to distract the druggist! Another girl
involved with a drug pusher is horrified when her mother
catches them smoking up , doesn’t punish them she joins
them. The lingo is fun because the books are a replica of
the past , one girl has the typically 80’s image that all the
groovy people take coke – ( and I don’t mean the soft drink )
and is lured by gifts of Calvin Klien jeans bought at Saks Fifth Avenue.
Though the morals could be described by some as heavy
handed , these are message books – the goal is to bring
the girls to Jesus Christ and get them saved. The only flaw
I found was that this aspect of the book was condensed
into the last chapter – too neat a package. I would’ve
liked more depth into their reentry into the world in their
newfound Christian walk. But the last send off paragraph
is good , summing up the series sweet message by offering
any reader to accept Jesus. And offering more interaction
into the reality behind the series is a synopsis at the back
of the real Walter Hoving house
allowing any interested readers into sending donations.
A very cool idea indeed! The books were under two logos-
Spire and Newhope both of which stem from Fleming h. Revell
and were published from 1970 up until the 90s. I’m unsure
about the list since they are unnumbered – but this is what
I’ve found. If you know of anymore please let me know.

Carmen – 1970
Teenage Runaway – 1976
Crazy Mary – 1977
Cindy – 1978
Patti – 1978
Suzy – 1979
Marji and the Kidnap Plot – 1980
Sherri – 1980
Lori – 1980
Marji and the Gangland Wars – 1981
Debbie – 1981
Julie -1981
Lefty -1981
Jackie -1981
Terri – 1981
Vicki – 1981
Connie – 1982
Sheila – 1982
Valarie – 1982
Denise – 1983
Candi – 1983
Stephanie – 1983
Augie – 1984
Kari – 1984
Sandi – 1984
Tracy ?
Tasha ?
Renee – 1986
Lisa – 1986
Lorene – 1986

Junior High
– Released by Scholastic this series featured an assortment of authors writing about the anything-but-typical adventures of the students of Cedar Groves Junior High. The characters were familiar – Jennifer Mann a saves-the-whales type , Nora Ryan nurse wannabee and health food pusher , Denise Hendrix gorgeous rich girl who has a make-up brand named after her – jabot ( just kidding – that’s a Young and the Restless joke) , Susan Hillard the stone faced, sarcastic girl , Spacey Tracey Douglas , Lucy Armstrong a stylish black girl , Jason Anthony twerp on a skateboard , Steve Crowley who thinks ever girl is in love with him , Mia Stevens the resident punk who wears neon hair , and things like dresses made out of plastic raincoats with the sleeves ripped off , and her boyfriend and co-punk Andy Warwick who embraced his punk status by wearing a dog collar. The crowded cast was always featured in every book since the unusual format usually centered on a school event that effected each and every character rather than personal stories. Quirky , offbeat , and fun but most of all memorable, it was more fantasy than believable but then who wouldn’t want to try out book 3 and actually run their school for a day. Written by a handful of writers under the collective pseudonym of Kate Kenyon.
1. Junior High Jitters 1986
2. Class Crush 1987
3. The Day the Eighth Grade Ran the School 1987
4. How Dumb Can You Get? 1987
5. The Eighth Grade to the Rescue 1987
6. Eighth Grade Hero? 1987
7. Those Crazy Class Pictures 1987
8. Starring the Eighth Grade 1988
9. Who’s the Junior High Hunk? 1988
10. The Big Date 1988
11. The Great Eighth Grade Switch 1988
12. The Revolt of the Eighth Grade 1988
13. Who’s Haunting the Eighth Grade? 1988
14. Junior High Private Eyes 1988
15. The Night the Eighth Grade ran the Mall 1988

Keepsake Romances
This series was not so much a stand-alone, thematic series as it was, rather, the
evolving update of the First Love From Silhouette series, under the division of
Crosswinds. Dumping their staged photo covers, with at times hokey but real
backdrops – Keepsake took on the look of the times – model-cute teens in bright
colors with contrasting backdrops all angled like Polaroids glued to a school
folder. The stories themselves kept up the First Love standard featuring an
interesting mix of character , action and place even carrying on favorite
authors from the former thematic series who returned with beloved characters
like Vonnie and the Blossom Valley gang – though some were reprinted under
different titles. All in all a good attempt to keep thematic series afloat – but
by 1989 when the series fizzled out with the last book the only thematic
romance series left going was Sweet Dreams.
1. The Right Kind of Girl – Dorothy Francis – 1987
2. Starring Suzy – Janice Harrell – 1987
3. Starting Over – Beverly Sommers – 1987
4. Love at First Sight – Elaine Harper – Reprint – 1987
5. Lucky in Love – Josephine Wunsch – 1987
6. Campfire Dreams – Ofelia Lachtman – 1987
7. Vonnie and Monique – Dorothy Francis – 1987
8. Be My Valentine – Elaine Harper – Reprint – 1987
9. They’re rioting In Room 32 – Janice Harrell – 1987
10. Three’s a Crowd – Brenda Cole – 1987
11. Love and Pizza to Go – Janice Harrell – 1987
12. The Mystery Kiss – Elaine Harper – Reprint – 1987
13. Robin’s Reward – Nicole Hart – 1987
14. Merry Christmas Marcie – Sydell Voeller – 1987
15. The Bird of Paradise – Elaine Harper – 1987
16. Special Girl – Dorothy Francis – Reprint – 1988
17. My Funny Valentine – Tessa Kay – 1988
18. Nobody Knows Me – Jeffie Ross Gordon – 1988
19. No Easy Answers – Elaine Harper – 1988
20. The Most Popular Girl – Sheila Schwartz – 1988
21. Wanted: Tony Roston – Emily Hallin – 1988
22. Playing Games – Barbara Cummings – 1988
23. B.J. on her Own – Janice Harrell – 1988
24. Practice Makes Perfert – Ann Herrick – 1988
25. The Last Summer – Becky Stuart – 1988
26. Love Song – Joyce McGill – 1988
27. Boy Crazy – Bebe Faas Rice – 1988
28. Getting it Together – Anne Ferguson – 1988
29. Masquerade – Janice Harrell – 1988
30. Spring Break – Bebe Faas Rice – 1988
31. Foreign Exchange – Brenda Cole – 1988
32. The Gang’s All Here – Janice Harrell – Incrowd miniseries 1 – 1988
33. A Dark Horse – Emily Hallin – 1988
34. Dear Dr. Heartbreak – Janice Harrell – Incrowd miniseries 2 – 1988
35. Just Like Jessica – Judith Blackwell – 1988
36. Your Daily Horoscope – Janice Harrell – Incrowd miniseries 3 – 1988
37. Alabama Nights – Brenda Cole – 1988
38. So Long Senior Year – Janice Harrell – Incrowd miniseries 4 -last – 1988
39. Queen Bee – Emily Hallin – 1988
40. Confessions of Abby Winslade – Tessa Kay – 1989
41. The Edge of a Dream – Elizabeth Stanley – 1989
42. Between Us – Josephine Wunsch – 1989

Kelly Blake:Teen Model
Yvonne Green wrote several books for Sweet Dreams , one of which was #9 -Cover Girl and returns to a familiar theme of modeling with this series published , natch, by Bantam. The title character Kelly Blake is a nice, likable teen who sky-rockets to fame when she starts modeling for a company called Flash! The series was well written -but then modeling was Yvonne’s territory ( the little bio in the back of the books tells us readers , Yvonne had once modeled and had been featured in popular American & European fashion magazines -I would love to get my hands on one of these magazines! ) Chock full of romance , exotic locals , and pretty clothes and I love the fact that one of the fellow models was named Paisley!
1. Discovered! 1986
2. Rising Star 1986
3. Hard To Get 1986
4. Headliners 1986
5. Double Trouble 1986
6. Paris Nights 1986

Scholastic released this hysterically funny series about the antics of the unintentionally wonky and wacky Kobie
Roberts and her patient and enduring best friend Gretchen. The series was a real stand out for the main
fact that the backdrop wasn’t the 80’s but the 60’s. Though there was no hint of this in the artwork or back blurb
description, writer Candice F Ransom is clearly giving the reader careful hints. Wether it’s Kobie coveting
Yardley corpse-white lipstick, circle pins, mini skirts and purple carpeting. The real giveaway is the fact that
Kobie is transformed by a top ten song under the boardwalk during the last days of her summer vacation –
Mr. Tambourine Man by the Byrds. Written in the first person the stories are told from Kobie’s point of
veiw and what a madcap veiw that is – from throwing literal temper-tantrums in a store to get her
mother to buy her a poorboy sweater , to stalking a hunky school teacher, to her attempts at
making a grilled cheese sandwhich in home ec by cramming all the ingredients in a toaster. A real hoot!
But , oh, How I wished I’d seen Kobie at sixteen!

1. Thirteen – 1986
2. Fourteen and Holding – 1987
3. Fifteen at Last – 1987
4. Going on Twelve – 1988
5. Ten-and-a-half – 1990

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  1. heather says:

    Great website! I had so much fun looking thru it that I had to drag out an old box of books – it is amazing the things that are hiding in the backs of closets!

    I think I have discovered another series for you – I have looked but couldn’t find it on here, but maybe it is listed under a different name?
    Fifteen – published by Signet (says Signet Vista inside) in 1985/86.

    I have #2 Faking It by Betsy Haynes and #5 My Little Big Sister by Marcia Leonard.
    Looking at the advertisements in the books there was also #1 Is There a Cure for Sophomore Year? by Barbara Steiner, #3 So Who Wants to be Popular Anyway? by Georgia Ann Ballack, #4 What They Don’t Teach You in Jr. High by Susan Blake, and #6 All Out of Grape Jelly by Susan Blake.

    • peacharino says:

      Thanks! I was thinking of posting this series, I found one photo on Ebay – but I was unsure about it – Is there a connection between the stories – or are they thematic? ( meaning no connection just under an umbrella title of Fifteen.) I should probably just buy a batch and find out yet I’m not one for paying for shipping and oddly enough in three years of scouring thrift stores and used book stores and garage sales I haven’t come across one yet!

  2. heather says:

    I didn’t think there was a connection between the books, beyond them being about fifteen year old girls. Then I saw a review on amazon for Faking It that mentioned that the series were all meant to be at the same high school. I’ve flipped thru them and they both mention “Fairview” as their school although I don’t think there are any of the same characters.
    I think this detail was probably added later to try to unite the stories. The back cover of Little Big Sister actually says “Monroe High” but in the story the school is called “Fairview High School” and the town is Cedarhurst. I don’t see a town name in Faking It, but it is meant to be somewhere outside of Denver (that’s where the big Duran Duran concert will be).

    If you would like these books, I would be happy to send them to you.

    • peacharino says:

      Hi , you’re so generous! unfortunately I can’t pay for shipping costs right now , it’s so out of my budget. but thanks for the info, I have also come across some ad in one of my books listing the series Fifteen. I should start working on it but I’m so behind on my Cliquey Pizza 3 non 80’s series sight already and I wanted to get the authors list up by Nov.

  3. Karyna Ross says:

    Hey there, I am desperately searching for a book from the 80’s to early 90’s about twin girls who swap lives (without their parents permission) for the summer (I think). One is sophisticated and lives in San Francisco and the other is more down to earth and lives rurally if I remember correctly. Unfortunately I cannot remember the title or the names of the girls – but it is definitely not about the Sweet Valley High Twins or The Parent Trap. Can anyone remember this book or any info on this book?

  4. Karyna Ross says:

    Hey there, I am desperately searching for a book from the 80′s to early 90′s about twin girls who swap lives (without their parents permission) for the summer (I think). One is sophisticated and lives in San Francisco and the other is more down to earth and lives rurally if I remember correctly. Unfortunately I cannot remember the title or the names of the girls – but it is definitely not about the Sweet Valley High Twins or The Parent Trap. Can anyone remember this book or any info on this book?

    • peacharino says:

      Hi , I think your book could be a Windswept book called Mirror Mirror by Virginia Nielson here’s a link to the cover on Amazon. The description is from abe – Gilly and Gerry are identical twins, separated at birth. They meet for the first time when they’re sixteen and find that they’re so alike, even their boyfriends can’t tell them apart! Then Gilly visits Gerry’s home, and when the vacation is over; Gerry convinces Gilly to switch places secretly. It’s fun at first, but soon strange accidents begin and Gilly receives frighten ing phone calls meant for Gerry. More confusing, Gilly is falling in love w ith Gerry’s boyfriend.

  5. Alex says:

    I love this site! The titles and covers bring back so many memories. I had been dying to know if I could hunt down the Mirrors series-I think that I originally purchased them from a book sale in elementary school. The series are a great resource- I plan to recommend it to other teen librarians in my system. Just a thought-do you think that the cover model from the Heartlines book shown is Amber Valetta? I will definitely keep reading!

    • peacharino says:

      Hi , you could be right about Amber her bio says she was a model – however the Heartlines series was published in London – but that
      doesn’t mean all the pics have to be of London models. As for the Mirror’s series depending on where you live – if there’s lots of thrift stores and
      used book stores around I’d check them out first before trying on line –
      Ebay has book #1 for 2.99 and Amazon has some of the other books
      for cheaper and Abe has lots of copies ( although some of their shipping
      is a bit steep ). I really should make a page specifically for people who want to trade or swap series books or for that matter any 80’s books- if anyone likes this idea please
      drop me a line. And thanks!

  6. 10clubs says:

    Do you remember a series called Hart and Soul with Amanda Hart and Mickey Soul? That is one of my favorite series.

    • peacharino says:

      Wow , I have never come across this series. Okay even if it is on the line of 1990 still , I would’ve been interested because of the fact
      that it was written by Jahnna N. Malcolm ( who wrote the fab , funny – Bad News Ballet ) thanks! I will definitely be on the look out –
      seen the cover on Amazon and it looks good. If I can find some information – I’ll add it to the a-z guide.

  7. Karyna Ross says:

    Hey there peacharino, I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! Mirror Mirror is exactly the book I remember and I recognised the book cover on your Amazon link. I really appreciate your help – the year long search is finally over! This is a great site and brings back so many memories. Thanks again peacharino xoxoxoxo

  8. Tabitha says:

    Thank you again for helping me find the name of the book. It came a few a weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. It meant a lot to me

  9. This list is amazing – thank you so much!! Brought back sooo many memories, especially of the fabulous five. Was a thrill!!

  10. Suzanne says:

    Oh my gosh! Thank you for posting these. I have such fond memories of these books!

  11. Carmel says:

    Hi Peacherino,
    I hope you had a great Christmas & New Year. Best wishes to all your readers as well. It’s supposed to be summer here in Australia, wouldn’t know it from the weather at the moment, I’m wearing a jacket, lol.

    I’m listing some books on the website & have one from a series called First Romance. I was wondering if you knew anything about it as all I can find is one on Amazon UK for a way too high price and a list of 4 titles from google books. It’s piqued my curiosity that I can’t find any more about the series or the author Mollie Marshall. One of the other authors now writes romantic suspense for Harlequin (Cassie Edwards) & the other also wrote for Sweet Dreams (Stephanie Foster).
    My book is a UK & Aussie edition from Stoneshire Books published 1983, the US edition was from Nordon Publications in 1982. I’m curious to see if you can do better than me at the book detective work. If google fails me then I am lost. 🙂

    • peacharino says:

      Hi , and thanks! I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year’s too! The weather here is unbelievabley warm – fifty degrees! My brother is still wearing shorts. I think you did brilliant in your research , I didn’t come up with anything else to add only an extra cover from Library thing – but it wasn’t even listed as a series. I’d love to ad it to my list – maybe one of my readers knows more about it. So far it looks to be another thematic romance in the same vein as all the others. I’ve summed up Heavenly Romances the same way, though I’ve never read them – just their descriptions. And there was nothing odd or gimmicky about them. They might have stopped publishing First Romance because the company Stoneshire or division of Ace seems to have stopped somewhere in 1984. Or maybe Heartlines was crushing them.

  12. Much says:

    Oh, there are so many on here that I remember! The Fabulous Five, Junior High, and of course the Girls of Canby Hall which one day I’ll finish recapping. I also really liked the Kobie books, and was so surprised when I moved to Virginia and realized so many of the places Candice F. Ransom talked about were real.

    • peacharino says:

      I can’t wait to do the Kobie books – they are hilarious! – but I want to do some special 60’s pop culture to mesh with them – or maybe some 80’s version of the 60’s which could be harder to find.

      Unfortunately I haven’t really come across a book that I can say hey, I know those locations having mainly stayed in southern Ontario, that doesn’t give me a lot of options, so it must be exciting to see locations you’ve read about and then visit.

      If you like all 80’s books not just series check out CLIQUEY PIZZA 3 my sister site dedicated to non series books – right now I working , slowly on an a-z author list. I also have a Cliquey Pizza page on Face book which I occasionally put up 80’s pop culture or book covers in between my reviews!

  13. Miss Adena says:

    Thank you for the memories and laughs! Do you have the cover or know the author of an 80s book about a girl whose parents divorce, the mom goes on a wacky tofu diet, the girl is embarrassed and eats her yucky lunches under the bleachers. I think they moved and she didn’t know anyone, but she gets a boyfriend. Anyway, then Mom invites a man over and makes a normal dinner: meat and potatoes! I really loved that book,don’t know why. I remember reading it around the same time as Jelly Belly, another long lost favorite.

  14. I was one of the fans of ‘Electric High’ I was really upset when they stopped being published. I now have the first two volumes that I bought used. Lexi kept going back and fourth between a fellow musician and a preppy boyfriend. Plus, her High School had an option for Vegetarian meals!

  15. I just want to thank you for this blog! I googled some key terms searching for a book that I loved in 8th grade and hadn’t been able to recall the title. BOOM! Brought me right to your site, and low and behold there it was! Thanks so much!

  16. Paula Askren says:

    I’m looking for a name of a book I thought it was Three’s a Crowd, but it was about these two girls who were friends then the one girl starts dating her friends brother and the friend stops talking to the friend because she is dating her brother. Something along those lines. It was an 80’s book like these just a different title I guess.

  17. Maria says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a book, possibly a series of them not sure. Would be from the 80’s about a fat girl who’s about 17 and falling in love with an older man, I think he was a foreigner, possibly named Alfred or Albert. I remember her having issues about her weight and questioning how anyone could love her as she was fat etc sorry that’s all i Can remember. It’s doing my head in

  18. Amy says:

    I read every TRIXIE BELDEN mystery I could get my hand on! Tomboy TRIXIE, he best friend the beautiful Honey and brother Jim plus friend make up the BOBWHITES solving mysteries complete with clubhouse and special bird call to each other ! 🙂

  19. What a great site and trip down memory lane. One series you should add: Cheerleaders. I think the pictures on the covers intrigued me more than the actual stories!

  20. Whoops, nevermind! I didn’t see the previous page . Thank you for including Chrystal Falls, the name of that one had been eluding me.

  21. I can’t thank you enough!! I have been racking my brains trying to remember an absolutely life-changing series of books for me and lo and behold the very LAST book in this post is it!!! An absolutely incredible series, the Candace F Ransom books changed my life. I sought out Mr. Tambourine man when I was a kid and played it on repeat. Wished I had Gretchen’s hair. Completely related to awkward Kobie. I am off to find these and re-read them 25 years later. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Karen says:

    when I was a kid (thirty-five years ago) there was a YA series written. The author (in real life possibly) was a pastor and he told the stories of kids in foster care with some really trying experiences, but of course, found a HEA at the end. In one story, the girl has been through many homes and gets sent to juvie. In there she has group therapy and befriends a boy. She constantly has a razor prepared to cut anyone who attacks her, but one night he sneaks into her room, or something like that, and she gives in to being with him.
    Any ideas?

  23. Becca says:

    THANK YOU!!! I’ve been looking for the Forever Friends Club series for YEARS trying to find the 8th book, with no memory of the title, series name, or author name. Searching for what I could remember of the plot turned up no relevant results. Finally I found your very thorough list and decided to just plow through. Thank you again. I’m ordering the book right now

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