80’s blast to the Past!

Mandatory stack for any Sears , French Provential hutchHi there , Peacherino here , once again ( if you’ve caught Cliquey Pizza – there I was called Peachalulu – and have been wondering where in the blazes I went – the land of gobbledygook struggling to learn HTML which is a little harder than Penny’s Urdu). I decided it would be much easier to open another website –

Ta da! For those of you who have just clicked on I’ll give you a little rehash of why Cliquey Pizza of all bizarre names. Well for me nothing sums up the 80’s like a clique – Heathers , the Breakfast Club , that pigeon hole way kids had of slapping a label on you ( Geek , Brain , Princess ) very much like the ones on the fanny side of their jeans – Chic , Jordache , Sasson. And nothing said the 80’s like junk food. Was Pizza ever more popular? Tombstone , Pizza Hut , Dominos , Chuck E Cheese , Show Biz Pizza , Pizza Pizza , Little Caesars , McDonalds Pizza – I should probably stop or I’ll be ordering one in a minute. You might be asking yourself okay then , but what does pizza have to do with Sweet Valley High , or Couples for that matter. Let’s face it neither series strove to be anything above their pulpy roots , they were junk food for the brain , mere Cliquey Pizza.

I love all kinds of 80’s book series and started collecting them about 10 years ago after I spotted a cover in a flea market and did a double take – Had Jennifer ( the fictional triplet from Sweet Valley Twins #6 ) miraculously become real and developed a spin off series?! Don’t laugh it’s not unheard of on t.v. Alas , it was only a eerily similar cover to Sweet Valley High- seeing as how the artist James Matheuse moonlighted between the two series ( and Roommates) , causing the vixen on the cover of Dream Girls to bare an uncanny resemblance to Jessica. Since then I’ve combed flea markets , garage sales , lots of used book stores collecting and adding to my old boxed away books which I took out for recherished reads.

So hold onto your high tops  , here we go – again!

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4 Responses to 80’s blast to the Past!

  1. Tiffany says:

    Hi! I think your site is great. Your recent entries with the lists of old books are amazing. It makes me wish I still had all my old ones so I could read them again!
    I never got to read the last book in the Cheerleaders series. Did it just end mid-stream or did they actually plan an ending? I feel like they just disappeared one day.

    • peacharino says:

      Thanks for the feedback! I’ve dug out my Cheerleader books but unfortunately I don’t have the very last book Dating but I have Overboard which is the next to last book and in typical series fashion has the old tie in lure – ‘A computer dating project has the cheerleaders’ romances all mixed up! Read Cheerleaders #47 Dating’ but the very tone of that lightweight promise gives the presumption that the series does end abruptly without so much as a swan song or bid adieu. They weren’t the only ones the most shocking series ender was Dream Girls who left their nail biting ( ala who shot J.R. ) cliffhanger with a plane crash. The most kick in the teeth however was the Fabulous Five – though they ended the series with the kids graduating grade seven and the school Wacko junior high about to be turned into a middle school , vaulting the teens from bottom of the barrell to top of the heap next year they could’ve left it at that but no they didn’t just hint at this promise of future plots there was an ad in the back of the book screaming – ‘The Fabulous Five is Changing!’ and ‘Don’t miss Fab 5 Forever , a brand new series about the Fabulous Five’s adventures in eighth grade , when Wakeman Junior High becomes Wakeman Middle School. Fab 5 Forever is coming to a bookstore near you!’ Yeah right. I waited , watched – nothing , nada. It’s kindof a rotten hoax to pull on their fans when you think about it but then I guess in some ways you get kindof used to it because that’s the way most series ended abruptly.

  2. Pam P says:

    I love that this blog exists!! I was searching for all of the titles of the Sweet dreams and Wildfire books and here they all are.

    wonderful memories and I can’t wait to find some of these to read 🙂

    thank you for being here!

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